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Petitions 2013
2 years ago
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Make strong EPA leadership a top priority

Right now, President Obama is considering who will step into Lisa Jackson's shoes as head of EPA. This choice is a big one, as the quality of leadership at EPA very much matters to all of us who want a healthier future.

We’re sending a letter to Mr. Obama urging him to keep in mind how important this position is, and outlining the qualities we’d like to see in the next person at the EPA helm.

EPA’s next leader will make decisions directly affecting the health and well-being of families across the country. From tackling pesticides in our air, water and food to what we do about today’s energy and climate change challenges, the President’s choice will matter. Hugely. Please sign on today.

Make strong EPA leadership a top priority
IKEA: Stop destroying Russia’s remaining ancient forests
2 years ago

The roar of a chainsaw shatters the peaceful calm of the Karelia forest in Northwestern Russia. A logger carves into an exquisite giant — a 600-year-old tree — with expert precision. Within minutes, he has masterfully sliced through tree rings, added the felled tree to a growing pile, and moved on to the next.

These trees — part of Russia’s last remaining old-growth forests — will be chopped up to make cutting boards, wooden spoons and other items for IKEA. IKEA has built a reputation around sustainability and tells its customers, literally, “We Love Wood”, and that the furniture they buy will not contain wood from old-growth forests. But a new report shows that IKEA is clear-cutting Russia’s remaining ancient forests and destroying hundreds of thousands of unique animal species for profit. If it doesn’t stop now, there may be no trees left.

Use the form on the right to send a message to IKEA CEO Mikael Ohlsson telling IKEA to stop clear-cutting Russia’s ancient old-growth forests.

IKEA is the third-largest purchaser of wood in the world, behind Home Depot and Lowe’s, and roughly 60 percent of the products stocked in IKEA’s 300 department stores across the globe contain wood of some form. IKEA already decimates 1,400 acres of forest a year – that’s why it purchased this enormous swath of over 740,000 acres of Russia’s Karelia lush boreal forests — for expansion.

IKEA is trying to convince customers that it adheres to the strictest environmental standards, and only uses wood sourced in economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable ways. But a Swedish conservation group discovered that IKEA’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Swedwood, is clear-cutting the last of Karelia’s old-growth forests from areas of high conservation and devastating invaluable forest ecosystems in the process. This directly violates the minimum requirements IKEA has set for its timber.

IKEA truly cares about its sustainable image and internationally-known brand and is especially vulnerable to public pressure from members. That’s why it is important we send a strong message now.

As a world leader in the furniture industry and one of the world’s largest companies, with over $30 billion in profits between 2000 and 2008, IKEA has the means to make its forestry practices more ecologically friendly and needs to stop misleading its customers.

Help save endangered blue whales!
2 years ago

The world's largest animal is at risk and we need your help to save them. Every year, majestic blue whales are accidentally killed by commercial ships that pass through the whales' feeding ground off the coast of California.

We can give blue whales a fighting chance by changing the route that these ships pass through. But the waters are controlled by the US Navy, who is refusing to open up the area to commercial ships.

Urge the Obama administration to establish a commercial shipping lane in the naval waters off the coast of California before it's too late for these special creatures.

2 years ago

signed,the first one now

got the other a few days ago

thanks Pamylle

The Blue Whales have the plight of their lives ahead if they are to survive,they need all the help they can get, and seismic sonar blasts are killing all our whales.

2 years ago

The cards are heavily stacked against the Blue whales because of the HUGE naval base in Southern Calif. Especially San Diego, even Sea World is a terrible place.

San Diego,between the zoo and the aquarium is a sad place for wild animals of any kind!!!

Protect Northwest Orcas
2 years ago

The critically endangered population of Pacific Northwest orcas has been reduced to only 84 individuals. Now, they face a new threat from anti-environmental groups seeking to strip away their Endangered Species Act protections.

Tell the National Marine Fisheries Service that this unique population deserves full protection under the law.

Recovering the North Pacific Right Whale
2 years ago

North Pacific right whales are the most endangered whales in the world, devastated by whaling in the 1800s.

Today only about 30 animals swim Alaska's waters, with a few hundred more remaining in Russia. With such a small population, the species is at high risk of extinction.

While whaling may have largely ceased, other threats to the species remain. The risk of ship strikes grows each year as the Arctic sea ice melts from global warming, opening new shipping lanes in right whale habitat. Oil and gas drilling also threatens their waters, and right whales can be entangled in fishing gear.

Oil showdown in the Amazon
2 years ago

Ecuador’s Sani Isla Kichwa people have asked for our help to stop the government turning their forest home into an oil field.

A massive scandal in the global media challenging President Correa to act on his environmental principles could persuade him to pull back and stop the Amazon oil rush.

Sign the petition now

2 years ago

Signed what I could & shared to help save Russia's remaining forests .. the news about the whales is very sad!  I signed to help protect the Sani Isla Kichwa people.

Agent Orange Corn Deregulation Delayed. For Now.
2 years ago

Agent Orange corn won’t be coming to a field near you. This year. But its maker, Dow AgriSciences, has its sights set on the 2014 planting season.

Dow’s Enlist corn, soy and cotton, all awaiting deregulation by the USDA, are genetically engineered to be immune to the biotech giant’s Enlist herbicide. Enlist herbicide combines the weed-killers 2,4-D, a key ingredient in Agent Orange, and glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer. Studies link 2,4-D exposure to cancer, lowered sperm counts, liver toxicity and Parkinson's disease. Lab studies show that 2,4-D causes endocrine disruption, reproductive problems, neurotoxicity and immunosuppression.

Last year, advocacy groups and medical and health professionals lobbed more than 400,000 complaints about Agent Orange corn at U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. The National Resources Defense Council has sued the EPA in federal court over the use of 2,4 D in weed killers and other lawn products.

Who will win in the end? Clearly, Dow believes it will. The biotech bully is already gearing up for the 2014 planting season by opening five new “technology centers” in the Midwest and South to train farmers on how to plant Agent Orange corn, and to help to set up over 100 field plots at seed company and retail locations.

Learn more about the dangers of 2,4-D

TAKE ACTION: Tell the USDA: No Agent Orange Corn!

Save Kodagu or Coorg - Petitions
2 years ago
(Have moved this post here in the petitions thread for Syed)



Its initial Signature Goal is 50 and is yet to be signed by the petition creator with his comprehensive / detailed personal views. Unlike the other two petitions (02 and 03), the petition creator's been unable to update the petition number 01 on his own. He's to unfortunately depend on the site staff to belatedly update it for him (if possible) each and every time. So, there's an apprehension of the petition content getting misaligned when/while/if it is being/getting updated by the site staff. But unlike the earlier / previous years from/between 2010 to 2013, the petition 01 fortunately seems to accept more than 925 characters as views / opinion / comments (if any) by/of/from the potential petition signers.




(Fully featured and comprehensive with 03 captioned photos of Kodagu/Coorg from India's National Newspaper - The Hindu. Its initial Signature Goal is 10 and is yet to be signed by the petition creator with his comprehensive / detailed personal views.)




(Its initial Signature Goal is 10. The petition creator is yet to assign / give his comprehensive / detailed reasons for signing the petition 03 as the petition 03 got signed in his name automatically by default.)



(Syed Tanveeruddin)

2 years ago

all signed Pamylle

wow Pamylle
2 years ago

You are the best!

Just what this group needed

Very impressed.

All signed. Wakantanka praise thee.

Better than kudos. Spiritual karmic gratitude is yours.

Thank you for being so dedicated. 

Stop Old-Growth Logging Near Crater Lake National Park
2 years ago

Stop Old-Growth Logging Near Crater Lake National Park !

The Park administration is poised to shift gears and return to the bad old days of ancient forest logging and massive road construction in the remote wildlands adjacent to the western boundary of Crater Lake National Park.

Help hunger strikers facing eviction in Mexico over GMOs
2 years ago
Help hunger strikers facing eviction in Mexico

On Wednesday, January 23 Mexican farmers took their struggle against genetically modified (GM) corn to the plaza, embarking on a hunger strike and sit-in in Mexico City. And they need your support before they are arrested.

According to members of the Via Campesina, city officials agreed prior to the demonstration to allow the protestors peaceful demonstration in front of the Angel of Independence statue. However, when hundreds of farmers from 20 states in Mexico took their place on the plaza, they were quickly surrounded by armed forces threatening to evict them.

Please raise your voice in support at this urgent moment:

2 years ago

The petitions are great Pamylle!!  signed what I could.

Sign this petition to tell the Obama administration to enact an immediate national moratorium on hig
2 years ago

Sign this petition to tell the Obama administration to enact an immediate national moratorium on high-volume, horizontal hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) while the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and independent scientific studies are completed on the impacts of fracking to the environment, climate and human health.

Signing this petition automatically sends an email calling for a moratorium on fracking to the U.S. EPA, Department of Energy and Bureau of Land Management.

This petition unites the voices of Americans who demand a moratorium on fracking until the risks to water and air quality, climate and human health can be be thoroughly evaluated, successfully mitigated or eliminated, or until it is determined that HVHF technology cannot be performed without unacceptable risk and is banned.

Tell Congress to Expedite Renewable Energy
2 years ago

Sign this petition to tell Congress to expedite renewable energy. We can transition to a cleaner, renewable energy future, but Congress needs to pass the legislation to get us there.

Signing this petition sends an email to U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), chair of the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources, U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

This petition unites the voices of Americans who demand our leaders take seriously the energy and climate crisis and immediately work to implement the policies to move our country toward a sustainable future.

Tell BP: It's Time to Pay !
2 years ago

More than two years after the disastrous Gulf oil spill, BP still has not paid a single penny in Clean Water Act fines.

Instead, BP is using litigation to stall this process and abandon its obligations to clean up the Gulf.

While we wait, people in the gulf are breathing in toxic chemicals from the spill, and it's showing up in their blood.

TAKE ACTION: Tell BP to stop stalling, take responsibility, and pay the maximum Clean Water Act fines for which they are liable — now.

Tell the BLM to Establish Strong Rules for Fracking on Public Lands
2 years ago

Sign this petition to tell the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to issue strong rules for federal fracking leases on public lands.

Signing this petition sends an email to Mike Pool, acting director of the BLM, and the Department of Interior. The BLM’s draft rule on fracking is a start and long overdue, but as long as fracking is occurring on public, Indian or split estate lands, the oil and gas industry should be held to the highest standards. The BLM’s rules should be a model for the nation that protects communities and the environment.

This petition unites the voices of Americans who demand our leaders take seriously the threats posed by fracking by establishing rules that protect our communities, water, air, wildlife and biodiversity.

Save Whales, Seals and Dolphins From Deadly Sonar
2 years ago

Whales and other marine mammals already struggling for survival desperately need your help. Newly proposed rules would allow the Navy to harm or harass marine mammals, including endangered species like Hawaiian monk seals, more than 30 million times during its training exercises off the Atlantic, Hawaiian and Southern Californian coasts over the next five years.

The Navy uses underwater detonations, sinking of ships, gunnery exercises and active sonar so loud and intense that it can seriously harm or kill marine mammals.

Whales and other marine mammals use sound for communication, locating food and reproduction. Sonar interferes with these basic functions and can also injure and kill the animals. The Navy's mid-frequency sonar has previously resulted in mass strandings of marine mammals in the Bahamas, Puget Sound and Hanalei Bay, Hawaii.

The effects of sonar on these animals aren't pretty. Exposure to sonar can lead to trauma, bleeding around the brain and ears, and the formation of large bubbles in the animals' organs.

2 years ago

up 2 d8,lol

I get a lot of these in my email

thanks Pamylle

Tell Bayer to withdraw its neonicotinoid pesticide from the market
2 years ago

Bayer, the global chemical company, is manufacturing a chemical that new evidence shows is killing off bees. The global die-off of bees represents an enormous danger to the planet. 30% of our crops -- and 90% of wild plants -- rely on bees to thrive. Without bees, our entire global food supply is in serious trouble.

Bayer has gone so far as to fund biased studies that it claims "prove" its chemical isn't a problem, but scientists at the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have just this month discovered that Bayer's chemical, part of a class of toxins known as neonicotinoids, is a high risk to bees.

Bayer is a public-facing company that sells everything from aspirin to vitamins to flea and tick medicine for our pets, and it cares what we think. If Bayer senses that its global customer base is up in arms about this EFSA report directly tying Bayer to the global die-off of bees that threatens our food supply, then it will have to pull its chemical from the market.

Tell Bayer it needs to pull its bee-poisoning pesticide off the market now.


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2 years ago

So happy to sign these & shared the Save Whales, Seals & Dolphins. Seems the Navy should be able to modify its proposed rules, if aware.

Thanks Pamylle.

Stop the Coyote Killing Contest
2 years ago

"Coyote Drive 2013" is a competition to see which team of hunters can kill the most coyotes. In Modoc County, California, the contest pits hunters against each other to see how many coyotes they can slaughter.

The "hunt" is set to take place February 8 - 10, 2013 with the support of the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) and the state Fish & Game Commission.

Click here to sign our petition

2 years ago

got the coyote's back

even  though they terrorize my neighborhood

they still deserve to live

thanks Pamylle

2 years ago

all signed

Protect Appalachian Streams from Mountaintop Removal
2 years ago

Later this month Administrator Lisa Jackson will retire as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. During her term, the EPA took several important steps to encourage coal companies to do more to protect the water in Appalachia from destructive coal mining practices. Unfortunately it was not enough: a key guidance that EPA issued to protect Appalachian streams and communities is not legally binding.

Half-measures like these are unacceptable when the health of entire communities are on the line.

Mining companies and state agencies — who have made it clear that they will do everything they can to avoid these kinds of recommendations — need to be held accountable. We need real protections. The EPA must issue legally binding water quality standards for conductivity under the Clean Water Act to to protect streams and communities in Appalachia from mountaintop removal mining pollution.

Tell EPA and President Obama that everyone deserves clean water. Urge them to act now to permanently protect Appalachia from mountaintop removal mining!

Protect the Wild and Scenic Chetco River from Mining
2 years ago
The Wild and Scenic Chetco River is renowned for its world-class salmon and steelhead runs, and crystal clear water. But it is still vulnerable to mining thanks to the General Mining Law of 1872 -- which gives mining precedence over all other uses.

The good news is that the U.S. Forest Service is urging the Interior Department to protect about 17 miles of the river by withdrawing it from mining for the next five years to give Congress time to pass more lasting protection via the Chetco River Protection Act. This is a unique opportunity to protect almost the entire length of the river. 

The clock is ticking! If the Interior Secretary and Congress don't act soon the river will be open to mining once again.

TAKE ACTION: Please click here and tell the Interior Secretary and Congress to protect the Chetco Wild and Scenic River from mining.

2 years ago

Signed all, thanks Pamylle, Mamabear.

The coyote drive sounds terrible. I hope certified hunters attend, not people practising their aim for a good shot as that is terribly cruel.

2 years ago

Malaysia sacrifices its elephants for palm oil


take action

2 years ago

all signed..thanks Pamylle + Mamabear

2 years ago

Signed it.  Appalling.

globalpost - "Substances left out by workers at nearby plantations to deter them from eating the palm fruit may have been to blame, they believe.

Police were conducting "a very thorough investigation involving all possible parties, including plantations and logging companies within the vicinity where the dead elephants were found".

Officials are still trying to save the calf found with the dead animals, now staying in a wildlife park in Sabah.

Tell President Obama to stop Keystone XL
2 years ago

Sign this petition to tell President Obama to stop Keystone XL in its entirety. This means not only denying TransCanada a presidential permit to build the northern leg of their tar sands pipeline, but using his presidential powers to immediately halt construction of the southern leg of Keystone XL in Texas and Oklahoma.

If the southern leg of TransCanada’s pipeline is allowed to be completed, the fuse to the tar sands “carbon bomb” will be lit.

Urge Secretary Salazar to Protect Izembek National Wildlife Refuge
2 years ago

Last week, the Department of the Interior indicated that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided to reject a request to build a road through remote wilderness areas of Alaska’s Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. 

The matter now goes up to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar who has 30 days to make the final determination that the road is not in the public interest.

Take action today – tell Secretary Salazar to finalize and adopt the the Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to protect the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge!

Cambodia: Our rainforest needs protection
2 years ago

Cambodia has an extraordinary natural treasure: Prey Lang, the largest lowland rainforest on mainland Southeast Asia, and its wealth of animal and plant species, many of which are endangered.

Nevertheless, Prey Lang is being destroyed – for plantations and the export of precious woods. Local residents have established a network to protect it and ask for your support. Please sign their petition to the Cambodian government:

Protect Seal Birthing Grounds
2 years ago
San Diego boasts over 70 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline. So much of this area is populated by sunbathing Californians that harbor seals are forced to rely largely on small, protected areas to rear their young. Help these seals maintain the modest foothold they so deserve. Sign this petition and Urge Mary K. Shallenberger to stand strong and keep Child’s Pool Beach protected year round. Protect Seal Birthing Grounds
2 years ago

should there be a link to go sign?

2 years ago

So sorry - link is not underlined. Click on "Protect Seal Birthing Grounds".

Save Cameroon Rainforest from Palm Oil Plantation
2 years ago

Industrial scale palm oil production is coming to Africa and it’s bad news for the rainforest of Cameroon.

Palm oil is the world’s cheapest edible oil and global demand is booming. That’s why a U.S. corporation called Herakles Farms is pushing ahead with plans to plow down an area of primate rainforest ten times larger than Manhattan to create a palm oil plantation in Cameroon.

Cameroon holds part of the world’s second largest rainforest. And the proposed plantation site is home to wildlife species like the African elephant and endangered chimpanzee. It also provides for the livelihoods of more than 14,000 Cameroonians who rely on the forest for small subsistence farming.

Yet Herakles Farms’ CEO Bruce Wrobel refuses to acknowledge these facts, instead claiming that the company is aiming to help the community through economic development. But the facts on the ground tell a different story. The Herakles Farms project is simply the wrong project in the wrong place.

Rainforest from the proposed site has already been cleared. We have to act before the large scale destruction starts.

Send a message right now to Bruce Wrobel, the CEO of Herakles Farms, demanding his company drop plans to destroy rainforests for palm oil in Cameroon and commit to a ‘zero-deforestation’ policy.

Greenland Could Soon Become a Rogue Whaling Nation
2 years ago

Greenland, a territory of Denmark, recently announced that it will set its own whaling quotas for 2013 and 2014. The plan would lead to the hunting of more humpback and fin whales than in previous years. Commercial whaling has been banned by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) since 1986, but some nations, including Greenland, are allowed a catch limit for aboriginal subsistence use. Last year, the IWC denied Greenland's request to increase its whaling quota due, in part, to concerns about the extensive commercial use of whale meat in that country. A move by Greenland to set its own quota would defy the IWC and be a setback for whale conservation. Send a message urging Denmark -- on behalf of its territory, Greenland -- not to set its own whaling limits.

Take Action !

been getting most of
2 years ago

these in email,signed.

thanks have gone to great lengths to post about each individual



2 years ago

some I hadn't signed.They're signed now...up to date.

2 years ago

thanks for all you do.......keep sharing and signing....

2 years ago

all done Pamylle

End Prairie Dog Shooting on Our Public Lands
2 years ago

People are using prairie dogs for target practice. It’s sad. It’s an outrage. And it’s happening on your public lands!

A single shooter can kill scores of these cute and ecologically powerful animals in a single session.

With few exceptions, the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service defer to state regulations on prairie dog shooting. Therefore there are few limits on this cruel practice on public lands.

Recreational shooters have reported killing more than two million black-tailed prairie dogs in recent years—and that’s in just three states.

Prairie dogs are already suffering. Entire colonies are decimated by plague, a non-native disease. Vast swathes of their once-enormous range have disappeared beneath tilled fields and housing developments.

Send an email to public land officials asking them to put an end to this devastation to prairie dog communities.

2 years ago

signed for the prairie dogs, have seen them while riding horseback in Wyoming

thanks Pamylle ,and for the star as well

Tell Canada: Stop the Baby Seal Slaughter
2 years ago

On average, sealers make less than 5 percent of their income from killing seals. So what brings in the other 95 percent? Seafood.

Here is how your boycott of Canadian seafood can help: Canada's

Department of Fisheries and Oceans says it will shut down the commercial seal slaughter when Canada's fishing industry asks it to do so. Since more than 60 percent of the fishing industry's seafood exports is to the United States, this gives us a lever.

Through the boycott of Canadian seafood we can send a clear message: If Canada's fishing industry would like open access to our U.S. market, it needs to stop the commercial seal slaughter for good.

Help us be a million strong for seals! Take the pledge today.

Tell Canada: Stop the Baby Seal Slaughter

No Tax Deductions for BP's Oil Spill
2 years ago

BP may get a gift from the governmentfor spilling oil in the Gulf of Mexico and we need your help to cut the deal off at the pass.

BP is finally in court with the federal government and a number of affected states in order to determine the fines and penalties they will have to pay as a result of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf of Mexico oil spill in 2010. Great news, right?

Well, unfortunately, word has come out that the Department of Justice may be offering BP a sweetheart settlement deal that could include billions in tax-deductible penalties.

Yes, you read that right: if this settlement goes through BP would be able to take tax breaks as a result of the penalties they are required to pay.

We need to stand up now, before the deal is finalized, to tell President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder that we won’t let this back-room deal be pushed through quietly. Stand with us now to say no, this is not okay.

Tell Attorney General Holder, no tax deductions for spilling oil.

2 years ago

got them,thanks Pamylle

Stop Monsanto from endangering our health and safety!
2 years ago

Last year, Monsanto lobbyists attached riders to the Farm Bill and other legislation to  prevent its GMO products from being regulated. Monsanto wants full immunity from any federal laws that are placed on genetically modified crops while communities wait for results from environmental impact studies, and it wants to block the USDA’s ability to regulate the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Help keep Monsanto in check! Corporate Accountability International is partnering with the Organic Consumers Association on this campaign to build grassroots pressure on Congress to counter the corporate lobbyists.

Take action now to stop Monsanto from squashing our  protections.

Tell Congress to Dump the Monsanto Rider
2 years ago

The biotech industry has quietly inserted a dangerous policy rider into the Continuing Resolution (CR) now being debated on the Senate floor. This dangerous rider was not included in the House-passed CR, and we are extremely disappointed to see that the Senate has included it. Though wrapped in a “farmer-friendly” package, this Monsanto-driven rider is simply a biotech industry ploy to continue to plant GE crops even when a court of law has found they were approved illegally.

Tell Congress to dump this dangerous provision

Protect Alaska's Wild Places
2 years ago

Alaska possesses some of the most remote wild places remaining in the United States. In the Eastern Interior of Alaska, three areas have achieved national management designations for their unique characteristics for recreation, wildlife, habitat and subsistence:

  • The Steese National Conservation Area was set aside to restore the Birch Creek National Wild and Scenic River, and protect caribou and Dall sheep habitat;
  • The White Mountains National Recreation Area was specifically set aside for recreation;
  • The Fortymile Wild and Scenic River corridor was established to maintain and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Now the American public has a chance to weigh in on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) draft Resource Management Plan, which proposes to open the area to hardrock mineral leasing.

TAKE ACTION: Tell BLM to maintain existing protections, and not to allow hardrock mineral leasing in conservation and recreation areas.

Chinese Dam Threatens Cambodia's Cardamon Rainforests
2 years ago

The Areng Valley in the Cardamom Mountains of south-west Cambodia is threatened with flooding by a Chinese hydropower dam. This biodiversity gem - home of the Siamese crocodile and indigenous Khmer Daeum - is to be destroyed for a relatively small amount of electricity. Standing large, connected, and ecologically intact old-growth forests are required for local and global ecological sustainability and well-being.

Stop the Expansion of Drift Gillnets !
2 years ago

Endangered leatherback turtles migrate 6,000 miles across the Pacific each year, and at the end of their journey looms a deadly threat.

Drift gillnets, known as “walls of death,” float just off the California coast. While their purpose is to catch swordfish, these nets ensnare and drown more than a hundred marine mammals a year. Rare sharks and endangered sea turtles are also among the casualties.

Leatherback turtles can currently take refuge in a small conservation area, but not for much longer. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMF is working to shrink this safe space—a move that threatens the survival of their species.

NMFS has tried to rollback conservation areas before, and has only backed down when facing fierce public opposition. Together, we can stop NMFS again, and help leatherback turtles stave off extinction.

Send a message to NMFS to tell them that conservation areas for endangered leatherback turtles should be expanded, not put in jeopardy.

2 years ago

caught up Pamylle

Stop the exploitation in the mountains of Tanzania
2 years ago

Ample natural resources in poor countries can more often be a curse than a blessing. Ruthless companies are coming and taking away these resources regardless of the environment and the local residents. A devastated piece of land is left behind. At the moment, this is also happening in the northern mountains of Tanzania. Now however, you can still decide how this story will end. Help the people in and around the mountain village of Chome to stop the destruction of their habitat. 

In these mountains, a dubious company with changing names is illegally mining for bauxite, a raw material for aluminum and cement. This is not only destroying the forest, but also the water source of the entire region. If nobody stops them, the whole area with more than 250,000 inhabitants will dry up.
Call upon the government of Tanzania to put an end to the exploitation:

Don't Let ConocoPhillips' Reckless Drilling Threaten Arctic Wildlife
1 year ago

When ConocoPhillips was involved in a recent oil spill in China, China Daily reported that, a joint investigation by seven government departments found ConocoPhillips China had "seriously violated operating rules." And, "Not only is the oil spill worse than the company reported but, despite its assurances to the contrary, it has failed to bring the situation under full control and find and stop the sources of the spills" months after it happened.

And now, ConocoPhillips is also pushing to drill in America's Arctic waters.

A spill or blowout in Arctic Ocean waters would be catastrophic, with polar bears, whales and other endangered species at risk.

President Obama can stop it. He has the authority.

Tell him to order an immediate and indefinite halt to offshore Arctic drilling.

Stop the Branding of Sea Lions
1 year ago

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is reportedly branding (i.e., burning!) sea lions so that officials can tell which animals are eating protected salmon. Once identified, the sea lions will be gunned down!

Nearby residents have reportedly observed men herding these gentle animals into traps only to burn their flesh repeatedly with a blazing-hot iron. Billows of smoke have allegedly been seen rising into the air during these assaults, and victims have been described as "[lying] on the docks trembling"—an indication of extreme stress or pain.


1 year ago


Tell President Obama to Stop America's Most Devastating Dirty Energy Projects Waterkeeper Alliance

Join the movement to protect the planet and our communities from the devastating impacts of climate change. Please sign this petition to tell President Obama to stop America’s most devastating dirty energy....

Bashing Babies’ Skulls for Fashion
1 year ago

Every year, the Canadian government allows sealers to shoot and bash in the heads of baby seals. Sealers then hook the seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth and drag them across the ice in order to avoid damaging their delicate fur.

Many of the seals have not even eaten their first solid
meal or taken their first swim before they are killed.

1 year ago

signed...they need my birthday?

IFWA Petition for Marine Mammals / U.S.
1 year ago

President Obama's proposed budget for 2014 eliminates the only federal grant support for marine mammal stranding response.

The John H. Prescott Stranding Grant Program is a very small part of the overall U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) budget -- but it has a HUGE impact on the ability of the many stranding response organizations - like IFAW -- to do their lifesaving work.

Our team of six biologists and a veterinarian, as well as over 200 trained volunteers, work tirelessly to respond to stranded dolphins, whales, porpoises and seals.

Please contact your congressional representative today to ask them to reinstate this crucial grant.

Help Save Columbia River Sea Lions
1 year ago

For the second time in less than two years, Congressman Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) has introduced legislation to amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The bill, H.R. 1308: Endangered Salmon and Fisheries Predation Prevention Act, would allow the states of Washington and Oregon to increase the killing of protected sea lions on the Columbia River.

Sea lions have historically been a part of the Columbia River ecosystem, but in recent years the states of Washington and Oregon have sought to kill sea lions for doing what they do naturally – eat fish. The sea lions are being scapegoated for feeding on threatened and endangered fish populations, including salmon. However, sea lions are only responsible for eating 1% of these fish species, while fisherman on the Columbia River are responsible for upward of 17%. Other significant contributing factors to salmon deaths are hydroelectric dams and habitat destruction. Killing sea lions will not save the salmon.

Help Save Columbia River Sea Lions

1 year ago

Tougher Laws for animal cruelty in U.S.

It is time for tougher laws in the United States for those who torture, maim, and kill animals.
This isn't just for animals it's also for our parents,our children, and their childrens safety.

While this is a much argued topic, there's no denying that there are some cases where people practice killing animals then move on to humans for instance, a man recues animals for the sole purpose of practicing on them and killing them in the process, and then goes into a store to stab a mother (for whom they say he didn't know) while her child was present. Then we have the case of a poor dog named Victory who was found in Texas with it's nose and lip cut clean off and done by the hands of a human who still has not been caught. If he/she could do this to an animal I dread to think what he/she could do to a human.

The point of tougher laws for animal cruelty is to not only give proper justice to the animals but also to remove a possible stepping stone to further acts violence. 

Tougher Laws for animal cruelty in U.S. 

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Stand Up to the Worst Coal Burner in the West
1 year ago

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed to require clean air retrofits at the 40 year old Navajo Generating Station. Although these retrofits will dramatically improve air quality in the region, including reducing haze pollution in Grand Canyon National Park and dangerous smog forming emissions by more than 90%, they promise to extend the life of this coal-fired power plant at a cost of more than $500 million. We’re calling on the EPA to pursue a more reasonable alternative to safeguarding clean air.

Worst Coal Burner in the West
Protect Papua New Guinea’s Nomadic Cave-dwellers
1 year ago

Notorious Malaysian illegal loggers Rimbunan Hijau have diversified into mining in primary rainforests, in East Sepik threatening unique nomadic cave-dwellers and their 20,000 year old ancient stenciled cave art. Support the local resistance and demand an end to indigenous genocide and rainforest ecocide in the name of false development that is little more than pillaging and plundering of cultural and biological diversity.

1 year ago

Thank you for sending the email to protect Papua New Guinea.

Strengthen Fracking Rules On Our Public Lands
1 year ago

11 times? That’s how many times the oil and gas industry met with the Department of the Interior, pressuring officials with the Bureau of Land Management to weaken proposed fracking regulations for federal public lands.

The result? A set of fracking regulations that would make former Vice President and Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney proud.

Not only can companies hide fracking chemical information behind trade secret claims, they won’t have to test individual wells’ cement casings—a critical barrier between fracking chemicals and underground aquifers. Our federal public lands provide drinking water for millions of Americans. This weak policy will put these drinking water sources at risk.

As Earthjustice’s Jessica Ennis told the Washington Post and New York Times, “The Bureau of Land Management caved to the wealthy and powerful oil and gas industry and left the public to fend for itself.”

1 year ago

THANK YOU FOR TAKING ACTION TO Strengthen Fracking Regulations!




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