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5 years ago

I had said elsewhere that I would share some feelings about how I feel the East Coast has been treated through our disaster. 

I will share my thoughts on our wonderous government and their fine assistance.

Fuk you all....

I say we on the East Coast should cease in payments of federal taxes immediately.  They don't want to do right by us. 

Fuk them...fuk them...fuk them....

When another disaster hits... let's see if they get what we got.

5 years ago

Snippits from above article:

"There is only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims: the House majority and their speaker, John Boehner," he said. "This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. Natural disasters happen in red states and blue states and states with Democratic governors and Republican governors. We respond to innocent victims of natural disasters, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Or at least we did until last night. Last night, politics was placed before oaths to serve our citizens. For me, it was disappointing and disgusting to watch."  Governor Christie

"Last night the House of Representatives failed that most basic test of public service, and they did so with callous indifference to the suffering of the people of my state," said Christie. "Sixty-six days and counting -- shame on you. Shame on Congress.

COMMENT from me:

Tell them like it is Governor.  Some day if they are ever in need, I will surely remember that we mattered not.  The people who are in homes that are shells, with no heat, in freezing temps.  No choices, no help.  So much loss, too big to comprehend.  Makes me sick to my stomach.

Fuk FEMA, %#&!*% em all....

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To those of you who think...
5 years ago

I'm pissed.  I can't help but think how so many feel we didn't prepare.  Maybe the pictures just weren't startling enough.  I suppose they were more so to those of us who have walked those very streets and scenes that were shown.  So many were not.  Maybe if we hadn't prepared so well, we would have had people on roof tops needing help.  Maybe that would have made everyone say, help them... I don't know.

How do you prepare for such damage?  How do you prepare for an ocean or a bay or a river  coming up on your home or a tree with trunks the size of a small car crashing through your home?

The damage though alot has been cleaned up will be with us for a very long time.  Lives forever changed in not one town, but most towns.  I am just so disgusted with the general attitude that we were helpless and clueless on how to survive the after.

On my block we didn't see any police or town personnel until at least 4 days into it.   When they came they drove through and left.  We didn't see tree cutters or utility crews until the eleventh day.  The neighbors went out with chainsaws and cleared the streets removing the most monsterous trees from blocking our way out.  Neighbors shared gas and generators and food and water.  We pulled together.  I would imagine that scene was repeated over and over throughout the state.

So the pictures the media chose to show reflected very little of the actual happenings.

So as far as monetary relief from the feds and all of you taxpayers out there, hell yes.  We do it for everyone else.  Now it's our turn.  If I could afford higher taxes which will surely come from the clean up, I would tell you all to shove it up your ass.

A hurricane and a Noreaster in a matter of a week.  I'd say we did pretty damn good in preparing for that.

I am just so outraged that for some reason we must beg for assistance that is so happily and willingly given to others for less than this event.  That it is made to appear we want something more than to which we as Americans give to so many.

Congress they can vote on the Sandy relief bill, they can pass it.  They can turn it down.  It makes no matter.  The truth in how we are thought of with such little regard is in our face.  You can't change that.   Disrespectful and callous.

Ah, FUK IT.....

5 years ago

YOu haven't even touched upon the points I was hearing that pissed me off so is an act of G-d as vengeance upon the Northeast for being so liberal and allowing gay marriage, etc.etc.etc.

Prepared?  I lived in Maryland near a river feeding into the Chesapeake Bay.  My sump pump was on fairly often.  EVERYONE had generators and back up batteries for their sumps. 

Most people can't turn the power grids back on by themselves. And no amount of guns or prayer will do it for them.

I remember living in Rhode Island and Hartford, CT when some noreasters came through.  EVERYONE got out and shoveled and helped their neighbors.  Some one got stuck, it didn't matter if you knew them- you helped push. 

That is a much milder situation than Sandy- by far.  Everyone chipped in.

5 years ago

Nancy, I knew you would show up my faithful buddy. 

I have heard that and much more.  You are correct that I haven't even touched upon half the feelings I have on this issue.  It really makes your eyes open wide.

Ignorance and stupidity.

I have always been a true believer in America and her people.  We have always pulled together in the worst of times. 

I am not such a beiever any more.  With each experience we learn.  I learned there are many judgemental assholes out there who should shut the fuk up.  I always was willing to give people the benefit of their thoughts and opinions.  Not so much now.  Not when they have such dire effects on others who through no fault of their own have lost everything.

I think it is the scale of it all that bothers me.  It is not one or two people who are hurt.  It is 85% of my home.  We are such an overpopulated area.  Does anyone realize how many men, women and children that 85% contains?

This area benefits the rest of the country through the taxes sucked out of us and the little return we get for them.  I seriously think we shouldn't do it anymore.  We wouldn't want to burden others in our greatest time of need. 

Let us keep our funds and take care of ourselves, which essentially is the position we are put in.  When the rest of the country needs stuff, oh well.....

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5 years ago

I think the main problem is too much pork loaded onto these bills. If congress could come up with a bill that just dealt with the issue at hand, they'd probably be done. I can look up any bill in my state on line, and read it and understand it in usually less than an hour. That's impossible with anything from the federal government.


Why is this crap in the bill?


- $336M for Amtrak

- $150M for fisheries in Alaska and the Gulf Coast

- $2.4M for vehicles for US Customs and Border

- $8M for cars and equipment for homeland security

- $150M for fisheries in Alaska

This is one of many reasons why private charities and local communities – NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – should be responsible for disaster recovery. That would mean that money from your current taxes could be used the way you want it to be used, not the way someone from the central authority, sitting at a desk somewhere not affected by the disaster decides is best. I would like to help, but not with this wasteful bill.

5 years ago

I guess people forget about the high rises and population density.  If you live in an apartment, you really DON"T have a back-up generator.  So many have to rely on a landlord.  Renters Insurance does not cover floods, either.  Have to heop the landlord has it.

5 years ago

Dan, I have never been a lover of pork.  I think all matters should be of an individual nature and voted on in that matter.  Straight up yes or no.  It's not that way, never been that way, so why now?

I am not so sure that the federal government shouldn't pony  up cash for such a matter.  When it is too big for the individual, the town, the county, the state in a financial way.  When it is of a natural nature that harmed so many Americans.  I think this is the time for our government to intervene with cash flow to alleviate some of the pressure and pain.

I would like to believe this is a matter of standards and trying to achieve them.  I don't think so though.  This is politics at its best.

Easy to distance yourself when not affected.

5 years ago

Nancy, many of these people had flood insurance.  However, it doesn't cover water that comes up.

Hoboken is a perfect example of this.  Most of those basement apartments are getting no help whatsoever.  FEMA won't even talk to them.

5 years ago

Just one other thought.  The money matters are one thing.  I think what really gets to me is the general attitude not only from government but from fellow citizens that some how we deserved what we got, we are a bunch of cry babies and oh well to bad ... so sad.

I'd love to see some of these people try to make it up this way.  I really would.

5 years ago



You may be right, if I were in the disaster area I might think differently; however, there are legitimate reasons to question this relief bill. I'd like the media to call out those representatives that put the pork in the bill, and blame them for it not passing. Having said that, the bill will probably pass, and we'll continue our merry path into more and more debt, led by the US government. I think there's no time like the present to try to fix some of these problems. The best way to get politics out of these situations is to have less federal government involvement. FEMA does not have a good reputation and many people don't like to see money going through them.

5 years ago

"Nancy, many of these people had flood insurance.  However, it doesn't cover water that comes up."

Do you mean through the sewers? 

5 years ago

Dan- you and I must have posted at the same time above.  Will read. 

5 years ago

Dan, small businesses in need of assistance due to storm damage do much better on their own than trying to seek a loan from FEMA.  They can get much better rates elsewhere.  Loans are all they offer.  FEMA is a joke as far as I can see.

I just find it so interesting that this bill brings up the big question of pork, when every bill is filled with it.  Two democrat states who suffered immeasurable damage.  Nope there's pork in that there bill   I am totally for eliminating pork, but question the timing and location relating to this particular bill.

Let's send money to a place like Haitii where their is no accountability for it.  Let's let two democrat states eat it because.....

Hey, I'm not against stopping relief or continuing it, but let's do it across the board.  Not pick and choose, like seems to be happening.

Nancy, I do believe that is what they refer to as coming up.  Ground water, sewer water apparently is not considered flooding.    I am not 100% but I believe FEMA has a policy of not counting basements as apartments and offer no assistance.  In this part of the world basements are always living space.

5 years ago

OK,  we have back-up sewer coverage for that.  I never would have thought but a friend recommened I get it when we bought our first house.

Regular insurance also has been rpoven recently to not cover the storm surge water damage either.  Some have decided that it is only covered by flood insurance.

I think insurance had been a good idea aat one point, now it is just one more racket.

5 years ago

"This is one of many reasons why private charities and local communities – NOT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT – should be responsible for disaster recovery."

Private charities are wonderful things and of course can and do help.,  However, many of those charities are just as bloated as our government.  Take a look at what some of those charities spend on administration versus charity.  American Red Cross is one of the worst as I have read in the past. 

Local Communities?  How do they get back finanically or phsycially wihtou some help from outside.  There is a reason the untility crews won't out to help.  There is a reason that other types of resources got moved in.

Suzanne, I hear you on that pork and democrat thing. 

5 years ago



Correct about pork being everywhere. You're pointing to bad behavior to justify more bad behavior, I hear that it's Boehner's fault. Why not put the blame on those who put unrelated things in the bill. Call their offices and let them know they're holding things up. By the way, those people are for the most part Democrats.


There always seems to be somebody that gets blamed. It's been 2 months since Obama promised to cut the red tape and get you guys relief. He's in Hawaii now so someone should ask him when he gets back.

5 years ago

You know what Dan, they all have excuses, they all share the blame.  All I know is there are people sitting in shells of homes with no heat in 20+ degree temps.  Inexcusable.

5 years ago

Just for your information, I have spent the better part of the last two days phoning them all...

5 years ago

It sucks big time. The truth is that the government doesn't really have enough money to even cover the current programs, much less a disaster. We borrow (which means the Federal Reserve "prints" money) 40 billion dollars a month. The question is how to set priorities. Do we help Veterans first? I think so. Others think we should focus on Medicare which is being cut by half a trillion dollars due to Obamacare. Others want to help the poor and fund Medicaid. This is an immediate problem and needs to be dealt with but so are all the others. Everyone makes a good argument for their cause, but how do we pay for it? This is what happens when we abandon the principles of federalism and rely too much on the US government for all these other programs.

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