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Questions to ponder...
5 years ago

I have recently been thinking about some ridiculous unimportant things.  However, they are things I question.

Let's use this thread to ponder whatever it is you may question.  Fun right!!!!

I'll go first...

While showering recently this question just kept popping into my head.

Why and who decided woman need to shave their pits, legs and what not (ahem)? 

Seriously, did John J. Womenshouldnotbefuzzy one day declare war on women hair and decide it must be eliminated or something?  I am not so anti this practice in the warmer months for some reason, but in the winter.  It just becomes a pain. 

Anyhow that is where my brain goes at times.    Any answers greatly appreciated. 

Who wants to ponder next?  (I bet I know who it will be )

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5 years ago

OOOOHHHH, I have another one...

Should you be considered a bit nuts carrying on conversations with yourself in Internet groups that just about everyone has desserted?

This one is important....must have answers soon.

5 years ago

Was watching a talk show here in germany and the woman speaking was suprised to hear some youth talking - saying things like they would not go out with others unless they were shaven...  And yes, I do mean there...

5 years ago

Hey, my buddy

Happy, happy to you.  I hope you and yours are well.

Very interesting and somewhat discriminatory wouldn't you say?  I guess they probably wouldn't want to hang with me, especially in the winter.

Oooops, did I say that? 

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Back at ya homey...
5 years ago

Honestly, I bought into the hairless thingy for a bit.  But after awhile, I said fukk it...  It is there for a reason and it keeps mosquitos off me in the summer, and me warm in the winter..   


Whilst others freeze their arses off in the winter, I don't...


5 years ago

Are you saying you have a hairy arse????

This is a serious one...
5 years ago

Been thinking about it...

Why is it when there is a behavior that some in this society detest, but it is not illegal.  Why do we try to price the people out of the freedom to do it? 

5 years ago

Interesting question.  Not exactly sure what you are thinking of but many things come to mind.  First and foermost is guns but I am not sure how that is priced out of freedom.  Then there is cigarettes, smoking, tobacco in general, drinking, using too much gas, etc.  ANd of course, wwaxing hairy arses. 

5 years ago

I was thinking about many of them actually...

Cigarettes is a huge example of this to me.  They ban you from most places to even due it.  In some states like mine they rob you blind with taxes on the product.  Yet, they count on your revenue to inhabit their establishments and to fill the government till.  If they charge so much because they are concerned with your health and those others around it.  Why not just make it illegal?  Because that is not the reason they charge so much.  They know it won't stop it.  They go for the money grab at every opportunity.

5 years ago

everything but pot

5 years ago

Sin Taxes...what the hell does that mean any way?  It's not illegal, so why is it a sin that we should be punished for? 

Don't get me started on that one.

5 years ago

I am surprised there isn't a sin tax on condoms.  Wiat- don't give anyone ideas.

5 years ago

Nancy, you forgot they give them out free, now how are your going to tax free?  Oh, shhhhh

5 years ago

But still..think about know what I know who I mean....

5 years ago

5 years ago

Here is one on a more serious note.... Not intended for debate, but just thought.

As a believer who has been ridiculed by "some" non-believers, so this is something I have always wondered/pondered about.

How is it somehow easier to grasp the concept that everything evolved from nothing, or something that would have had to exist without beginning, then it is to believe in intelligent design, that would also have to exists without beginning, does not both take an enormous, even equal, amount of blind faith..... (And not just biblical, but any and all belief of intelligent design). Much can be said of modern science, although even science is continually evolving, and also has it's limitations, especially in regards to the beginning of life on earth, and before.

I get a headache from just thinking about it lol

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5 years ago


Religion has always been a topic that makes me uneasy.  Not because of the topic itself but because of the negative discussions it often develops in to.

I think those that believe in whatever religion and those that don't believe should not try to force or even question the other in this area.  To me it is a very personal topic.  To each his own and don't interfere with the other.  We know religion though does bring interferance for another somehow, somewhere because they worry what the other does or how they live.  Good people sometimes labeled incorrectly.  It causes problems. 

Something that is supposed to be so comforting and assuring (in my view) becomes the cause of the world's problems.  Unfortunately, because of this intolerance for each other it is many times related to the problem at least.  It's a shame.

I personally, am glad for those who love their religion and it gives them solitude and peace in their lives as it should.  All religions, it doesn't matter to me.  I envy in a way those of such great faith.  I believe there is a bigger force that somehow guides us, but that is just my feeling.   I have never had religion or religious training.  I figured things out in my mind and take comfort in my belief.

When I was growing up my best friends were a Jewish girl and a Catholic girl, both practicing and growing up with their religions.  I label them that way only for purpose of this conversation, I never thought of them in those terms.  Anyway, I was fortunate, I kind of learned from both in a way. 

Being a kid, it wasn't easy really to be raised with no religion.  All my classmates were in some form.  They questioned me and some said some nasty stuff, again in my view.  Maybe they were right, only time will tell.  You know the one about burning in hell and just stupid shyte.  Like I heard on the radio that the "blahblah" family is the only one that doesn't go to church. 

It was hurtful for a kid.  I kind of felt left out, but also realized.  So long as I live my life in a good way, harm noone intentionally.   Treat nature with great love and respect.  Be helpful and pay it forward somehow.  That I thought I would be just fine.  It still works for me to this day.  That treatment, when it happened to me, stuck with me.  I mean I'm relaying it now. 

It was wrong to pass judgement on me then and I knew it.

In a way, I can be more generous to all involved because I don't question what they believe.

Sorry, for the ramble and antipated type-o's resulting from same.

5 years ago

nothing like good ol' after surgery pain meds to get one lost in deep thought lol

Seriously though, even taking out any mention of religion or science, or any belief system at all for that matter, it is still totally mind boggling to grasp the basic concept of "everything originated from nothing", or that of " something that has no beginning, just always was"

Intelligent Design as well as scientific theory, no matter which, both have to accept one of these scenarios, after all what are the other options?

Warning: Thinking causes headaches, just say no to thinking

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5 years ago

I want some of what you had

I know what I believe more than the other.  I don't go to that place really.  I honestly believe there should be a solid answer to that question by now.  I have my belief.  I will not question another on theirs.  I just won't, 

5 years ago

I have my beliefs as well and try to respect that of others, I just like the whole thought process regardless of ones beliefs, rather stimulating, minus the headach of course, which will soon be cured (again) thanks to modern medicine provided to one after surgery lol

5 years ago

FWIW... I personally support John J. Womenshouldnotbefuzzy, sorry, I just had to throw that out there

Some how...
5 years ago

your support of John does not surprise me

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I've always thought about this and have many thoughts...
5 years ago

Do you think death brings about false condolences?

5 years ago

I am not sure what you mean.  People will say things to confort YOU because you are still alive and mourning- even if they didn't actually like the person that much.

Or is it all the people who jumped into the Cam Memorial thread despite not knowing him.

5 years ago

I've always pondered it.  When my grandmother passed away, my father was very involved in politics.  All these politicians came and it was quite a fisaco.

It turned me off.

Every funeral I go to while I get the respect and comforting component of it all.  I just wonder how many of those paying their respects were active participants in the deceased life.

I don't want that...

It seems dishonest to me.

I suppose Cam's memorial brought it up again in my mind but it has been there for a very very long time.

I mean, I  know I am guilty of remembering people in death that I forgot in life.   It just sits funny with me. 

5 years ago

Good Points, gals!

Where's the respect and support while you're living??? If one isn't worthy of flowers when they're alive, why offer them when their gone? Seems hypocritical to me!

5 years ago

Nice to see you Blingbling.


Some of it IS for the living.  That to me is part of the whole funeral process.  It's for those in the family still around. 


Funny thing, speaking of family.  My Aunt died this past summer.  Not my favorite aunt, or even on my list of favorite people.  She was quite a chracter but not always in a good way.  I went out to the memorial service- mostly for my cousins. 


The service spoke of her in very nice pleasnat ways that in many ways did ring true.  But clearly not the whole woman.  We left the service and Mom said to me, well, that was a sister that I never knew.


Were we wrong to go?


Well, at least we were as active in her life as anyone who lives hundreds of miles away could be.

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5 years ago

Bling, it is very nice to see you.  I hope you and yours are doing well.  I know you have had your fair share of late.

It is not that I am condemning people.  I do get the thing about funerals.  Trust me I am married to an Italian.  It's a respect thing, I totally get it.  I even agree with it to a point.

I just don't want it for myself.  No one will see me in death that I have not seen in life.

Does that make sense?

5 years ago

Yeah, I see what you are getting at. 

We had the full funeral/ open casket/ burial for my Dad.  He never said not too.  Mom does not want a funeral and doesn't want ANYONE to see her.  We have convinced that we will need to see her for closure.  I think we have talked her into a memorial service.  Not that she is failing or anything.

5 years ago

Makes sense to me and I whole heartedly agree with you, Suzanne. I don't want that for myself or my husband and I have already made those arrangements with the powers that be.

We're doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances...taking one day at a time and praying for a better tomorrow.

It's good to see you gals also...wish I could be around more but my priorities have changed and   I must stay focussed on other pressing matters.

5 years ago

I have it worked out as well, my husband and my daughter know of my wishes and will make sure it happens.  I will let but a few see me if it comforts them, but that is all.

My best thoughts are going out to you bling...

Man this is a depressing question.  Sorry bout that...never know where one will ponder

5 years ago

Not that she is failing or anything.

Nancy, I am glad she is not.      I mean that sincerely.  My mother had her issues but I miss her issues.  Know what I mean.

I think It is good to discuss clearly and often. 

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5 years ago

I do think often of you and your husband Bling,  sending you the best of all possible thoughts. 

5 years ago

  Blling.  Long time no see.  I hope you are doing pretty good so far this year.

5 years ago

Why are knees and elbows so, well, unattractive? 

5 years ago

They ARE more attracttive than hairy arses.  Not that it is saying much. 

5 years ago

More questions?

Should this group be named Suzanne, Nancy and Beyond?

5 years ago

I suppose you have a point on both issues, Nancy?  Beyond is definitely fitting

5 years ago
Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"

You cannot currently send a star to Suzanne because you have done so within the last week.

Kind of turning into our own chat room.

5 years ago

That's okay.  Kind of nice to discuss whatever without male dominance or pressure placed upon us....yeah right.  Now that's a good one, if I do say so myself.

Been thinking, since I am experiencing this...
5 years ago

What is it about the written word that cause emotions of hatred, love, peace, anger etc.

Seriously, is it a preconceived image before we even start reading that puts us in a certain thought process?  Do we actually read the words unbiased to who has written them or even what the content is?  Do we just misunderstand due to how it is used in a sentence?

I have to admit there are some people I read in certain ways due to a preconceived image or experience at some time with them.  Whether I know they will make me smile or make me say ugh.

For example...

You don't get it.  = you will not have it

You don't get it.  = you're to stupid to comprehend it

Just some thoughts running through my brain.

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5 years ago

I think some just like to argue.  Once you have disagreed with some people, they assume you will always disagree.  Everything you say (or write) will be interpreted that way. 

Plus, some people don't read thoroughly enough or think enough about what is actually said. 

5 years ago

Just think how many things this applies to in our daily lives and doings.  No wonder we are in such a mess!!!

Thanks Nancy...

I can always count on you showing up for the game  

5 years ago

Been to some other groups recently and boy do people love to stereotype and take things out of contesxt.

ANd yet to me, one of the nice things is really being able to discuss and learn from others with different viewpoints. 

5 years ago

If someone types into a group thread yet nobody is around to read it, was it really there?

5 years ago

  I will have to ponder that...

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