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Applebee’s fires waitress who posted receipt from pastor complaining about auto-tip
3 years ago

"An Applebee's waitress who posted a receipt with a note from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill on the Internet was fired on Wednesday after the pastor complained to her manager.


Chelsea Welch, the waitress, wrote in an email to Yahoo News that the pastor (who has since been identified as Alois Bell) told Welch's manager at the St. Louis-area Applebee's that the ensuing firestorm had "ruined" her reputation.


"I give God 10%," Bell wrote on the receipt, scratching out the automatic tip and scribbling in an emphatic "0" where the additional tip would be. "Why do you get 18?" (There were more than eight people in Bell's party, triggering the auto-tip.)"


See link for more

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3 years ago

The auto-tip has nothing to do with the service or server.  If the people eating at Applebee's were unhappy about this, they should have compalined to management and not taken it out on the waitress.

3 years ago

I believe the auto-tip was applied to large groups. Waitresses work hard.  And that seems fair to me.  I think the pastor was rude.  I think the waitress was indiscreet to post this on FB. It's all ick to me!

3 years ago

She was wrong to post it with the name showing.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have a problem with her posting it.  I can imagine that after waiting a alrge party and receiving no tip, she'd be highly upset. 

3 years ago

Shoot and it was a St Louis Applebee's, too

Not saying it is right that she lost her job, but enough warning and heartache has ensued by off the cuff postings to facebook and Reditt and Twitter to know that once you post something it can have consequences you cannot imagine.  But also, in this age of digital phone cameras under every salt shaker, this "pastor Bell" should take a piece of advice from Mitt Romney about hidden cameras and mics.  AND if you are going to publlicly make an a$$ of yourself then beware the cameral phone.  To get someone fired is unthinkable.  The manager here is a real piece of work cow towing because this is a minister.  She is the one to be looked into.  Soon, s/he will have no staff at all TO fire. 

3 years ago
Sending a Green Star is a simple way to say "Thank you"

You cannot currently send a star to Mary because you have done so within the last week.

3 years ago

Hadn't noticed it was St.Louis.  Thanks for sending us that weather BTW. 

Did you here about the elephants on I-70 near Terre Haute?

We like to share.
3 years ago

Didn't hear about the elephants.  What happened??

3 years ago

I saw this the other day in the news and had a couple of thoughts.  While I know being a server is not easy and an hourly wage is not alot.  Tips are crucial.  I always tip even for bad service.  The amount depends upon service.

First thought, how do we know the service was good?  Mandating an 18% tip.

Second thought, it appears the bill was broken down into parts.  Each picking up their own service, not one bill, but a few.  While I would not have left nothing.  If he felt 10% or 0% was good then that is what it is.  It's the nature of the business and the job.

The pastor has a reasonable expectation of privacy.  This waitress was way out of line posting the receipt with note.  I would not want an employee who could not hold their emotions in a professional way.  It reflects on the establishment.

The guy was wrong for not tipping.  The waitress wrong for posting.

In the end each of their actions had consequences.

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3 years ago

For a larger group at a table the waitress's time will be consumed by that group whereas she could pick up quite a lot more tips if she were free to work more than one table.  I can see a mandatory tip for large groups.  Many restaurants do this. 


I agree with you on the waitress.  That was just bad form.

3 years ago

I really don't have a problem with a mandatory tip.  However, what if the service is really bad?  Are you forced to pay the tip?  or is it suggested?

3 years ago

I always tip at least a certain percentage even with bad service, unless the wait person is rude or obnoxious lol. I was a waitress when in school and it is such hard work to please many not so nice people. And usually people don't tip because they don't like the food which a waitress has no control over.

3 years ago

I am a pretty good tipper when out because I get it.

I often see like $2 left on a table after a full meal.  I feel like I need to make up for anothers cheapness.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Suzanne, you are right that we don't know if the service was good.  Maybe it wasn't.  But the comment written concerned the automatic 18% tip which is a management decision, not the waitress.  Also wait staff and bar tenders, bus boys, etc.  all share in the tip, as I understand it from people i know who do those jobs.

In any case, there was a problem at a managment level that could have been solved in a different way.

Yes, it is true,. I do know that there are people who leave no tip.  I imagine that those receipts with names might also be hanging on a wall somehwere. 

People here in the midwest seem to have different views on privacy.  I know of a store here in town where they post the names of anyone who bounces a check.  The list is long and goes back years.  Nobody complains.  But of course, that is not the same as being on the internet.  That was way over the line.

Elephants on I-70
3 years ago


"Yes, elephants were on I-70 briefly, but they never ran loose and certainly didn’t exceed the speed limit.

Now they’re on their way again to ... someplace.

Indiana State Police Capt. Dave Bursten said he knew little about the incident, except that a trailer ferrying three elephants slid off the roadway, a trainer took the elephants off to get the trailer back on the roadway, and then the truck left. He didn’t know which way it went."


Yes, elephnats.  I am not sure but I don't think it was part of the big 28 tractor trailer pile-up pictured in the pictures at the link.

More at the link.

3 years ago

I wonder if he used the elephants to right the trailer and get it back on the road.  Handy.

3 years ago

According to what I heard, NO.  They were unloaded under th guidance of the training who was with the truck. 

3 years ago

Well, she could give god 20% then the 18% Applebee's took for gratuity would not be so much of an issue with her...

3 years ago

I guess it bothers me that a minister would act like compassion.  Aren't minister's supposed to be compassionate?

3 years ago

Nancy, I think they are people just like the rest of us.  Although, normally I like you would hold certain professions in higher esteem, maybe not.  Ultimately he was still a customer who was not happy.

3 years ago

I do expect a minister to behave better than that.  Though admittedly, ministers have done worse things.

I also take great exception to this idea (heard more often with respect to taxes) that they give 10% to God and thus shouldn't have to give anymore to anyone.

Sounds more like Pharisees to me.

3 years ago

I also didn't realize god worked for tips...

3 years ago

Buck, you are wicked.  But I didn't know that about God either.

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