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Agnes :
7 years ago

Yes, u're right, I do like to row my boat . It's a fact for sure. 

And yes, I know what u mean, but I ignore those daily age signs... I only notice them yearly, lol. 


Talking about age, I just remembered that I wanted to post at "Our Corner", a help request from anyone to open that letters game. Finally remembered today . It's there. I guess this one here became not interesting anymore for most members, so we can try another one, if someone gets interested and answers my request.

7 years ago make me laugh again..haha..

my hair turn eyes can't see clear

and I turn fat and more fat too....not need waiting for a year..




I answer you

it's like to row your boat

7 years ago

 I knew it Agnes! I had said that " when i got   better to post 

again, you would start laughing as well.",lol  

 Ok, here we go again . See? I knew I was right about your sister's age.--- A bird had told me ---

When u laugh about something I wrote, it always makes me smile, and sometimes laugh too. No need to answer, cause u know it's a fact. 

And I don't get older day by day !... Only year by year, He he he.-- good to laugh again with you.

7 years ago always make me laugh...



we're all getting old day by day...LOL

but my older sister ..her ID younger than me 10 years

it's're right...

7 years ago

Oooou  ( or whatever the sound is, lol ), I can't get u wrong, Sis. Never! cz above all, we talk from heart to heart, which is a new language, right? (ah! I posted today on our "Corner" )    

Yes, I think it's a fact-- about your sister's age. 

I like to row a boat... Fact or fiction ?  ( I need my dictionary, lol)


7 years ago

my older sister her age on ID card younger than me 10 years..

fact or fiction

7 years ago

Sister Nenon..please don't get me wrong..

that one I reply or answer your fact or fiction


it's fact.... you need to be silent sometime


sorry for my baby English....


7 years ago

Yes, you're right, cause I don't have patiance to lose posts anymore        All I wrote desappeared... 

What's going on here?I need to sleep a lot, or I'll be too slow to think, the following day. Fact or fiction?

7 years ago

It's need to be silent sometime

7 years ago

Sister Nenon..I're getting old for game fact or fiction


You need to  be silent, sometimes. Fact? or Fiction?

I need to  be silent, sometimes. Fact? or Fiction?


fact or fiction game?? we should write about ourself..??


and game I bet you should write about our friends..??

7 years ago

it's Fact..Nenon..

I like to drink water from water fall...and I just took it back from this trip 4L. to drink...LOL

Let's start this again?
7 years ago

I think it's fact, Agnes. 


Well, ( ha ! I managed to change paragraphs with the same kind of writing!-- just hope I'll remember how I did it )

 You need to  be silent, sometimes. Fact? or Fiction?


7 years ago



I like to drink water from water fall.....fact or fiction

7 years ago

Fiction (My favorite color isn't blue.)

My favorite bird is the Black-capped Chickadee.  (Fact or Fiction?)


7 years ago

Yes, Nenon, it is a FACT... I do like to be in my room. It is my 'safe place' to escape to, my 'comfort zone'

Your favourite colour is BLUE.

7 years ago

 FICTION, Erin . 

I bet... I bet...u like to be in your room, for a while.      fact or fiction?

7 years ago

Scuba diving is my favorite activity.  

(Fact or fiction?)

7 years ago

You're welcome, Nenon!

Erin:  I ran a marathon last summer.   (Answer:  fiction)

Nenon:  fact


7 years ago

Ah! thank you Erin. So now I know that "what u said is Fact", for instance. 


I already ran for about 16 miles .   Fact or fiction?

7 years ago

1)  Please write a sentence or a short paragraph that is "fact (true) or fiction (false)." 

2)  Another person will guess the answer. 

     Answer:  fact or fiction (your guess)


     My story:

     I ran a marathon last summer.


     fact or fiction?

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7 years ago

 Hi, Agnes--- Fact.    




I'm not playing this game correctly  ---Fact or Fiction ?




(with your answer, I'll know for sure, lol)

7 years ago

Hi Erin..Fiction..

my hubby he a whining..he use too many words in a day...

he love to talk problem world with me tax tax..etc..

untill night time he still continue with snore..never shut up...

He taugh me this action we called Moto mouth



your cat will have good health...goodluck for him/her


Thanks a lot Erin..

7 years ago

Yes, my cat likes to eat peas.  He rarely gets to eat peas.  I don't want him to get sick. 




7 years ago

Hi JOhn..that funny you..



I and Hubby love to talked all cover the world

we didn't talk by use the words too often

but we love to talked with the mind

fact or fiction


7 years ago

7 years ago

Hi Erin..I got's Fact..

yes..she told people around my area (when I was in thailand )

but I don't like sex and how I can have affair with her husband..?? cat eat peas..vegie cat..??

7 years ago


My cat likes to eat peas.      

7 years ago

my friends she told people around I've affair with her husband..fact or fiction

7 years ago


7 years ago

Half people in the Philipines do exist? The upper half of their bodies can float to some were else and the bottom half can also move from them ? Fact Or Fiction.

here I want to change rule a bit
7 years ago

here I want to change rule a bit to make game easy than before

you can create story..all cover the world to play with friends here

7 years ago

My husband has a tattoo of an eagle on his right arm.

Answer:  fiction

7 years ago

To Agnes.... you are right darling is :  fact

7 years ago

To Alicia ...Fact



my story is fiction..

I copied and pasted from kid storys...faster to write by own


wow this thread sound good..amazing storyhope go well

7 years ago

Sonja was at the hospital with her sick dad, she saw a light she was cold, they were alone.  What she saw it was a nice soul.      Fact  or  Fiction......     To Erin:  Fact        To Agnes:  I thought yours it was a Fact.

7 years ago

to Erin.. Fact

but your story isn't paranormalI don't quit sure this game will go well..LOL

7 years ago

fact         ( here is Erin answered my story)

My husband has a tattoo of an eagle on his right arm.

7 years ago
2 days ago
| fun

When my daughter Mook was five years old, she told me about an angel who visited her ..That Angel want to take my Daughter with her.


fact or fiction

Game fact or fiction
7 years ago
| fun

here you can create a short story of your Paranormal expereiences

Truth or Lie and let your friends guess if it is "Fact or Fiction"

to  have some fun and exciting times with your friends



I don't qiute sure this game will go well...I got a idea from Paranormal group

I think..this will be make fun for us


Rule ....after you wrote a story ...and friend answered...

you can leave the right answer to friend by do not write short story


Story should be Paranormalor as twinlight that..??

Story should really short 1-4 line...if more a few..never mind

hope my friends can understand...and take it's easy.....

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