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How to make, cut frame, optomize??#2
7 years ago
| fun

here is link to pass page


found this one...maybe old for some friends...

have many style to choose

here is link


you can choose style at left side

Effects by date  



7 years ago
7 min ago

Thanks for the site, Agnes. I only made one, but I had fun doing it!!

7 years ago so fast..I feel this fun site and so easy to make it

you found a good one for your image....

7 years ago

this site..have more frame and animation

here we go

7 years ago

WOW !  Great ! Love your graphics !


Thanks for the infos and the sites  , Agnes  

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing Agnes, I love your pics and your`s too Lynn.

7 years ago

Thank you, everyone! 

6 years ago

6 years ago

Beautiful, Sis.  This is so different! How did u make the drawing? did u draw, or copied someway?

6 years ago

why I reactive this one

I'm looking for my construction optomize or cut frame image

to show Arlie how to..??

but I can't find it..LOL

here link that I found....I think..I still miss it some

never mind

How to make cartoon art images with glitter on


how to make slide at lunapic


How to make, share what you make??


How to make Mandalas6


Tags, and help each other how to make it ?5


Tags, and help each other how to make it4


Tags, and help eachother how to make it ?3


animated and learn how..?2


for Member who love tags, animated1


6 years ago

Thank you Agnes ! 

here construction to cut frame or optomize image
6 years ago

why it's we love to play images and animation

love to stock it in our computer and download to share on line

a small image that can have memory about 1MB or more

that too big and waste room for our computer and downlaod to share

if we can do skill often for our cut memory down

you can turn pro for many kind of animation

when you find image animation on line and have size memory too big

you can take that to cut down memory at lunapic..


after you add animation on

glitter, star, water effect, Reflecting Water, Groovy Rainbow, Kaleidoscoper

some image animation will have much memory too big

normaly for animation

  • Reflecting Water
  • Groovy Rainbow
  • Kaleidoscoper

we can cut frame down or optomize image

please follow red number on images

( I did construction before..but I can't find them??)

6 years ago

6 years ago

delete away frame number1-3-5-7-9-11

by clcik at X follow red number

6 years ago

and cut it deleted 2-6-10

6 years ago

please change speed at 50-70 or normal100..then save to you computer

5 Image

6 years ago

here my image have memoried only 207KB from 850KB

you'll see image have memoried down 650KB

but still keep beautiful animation on??

6 years ago

a bit advice for glitter....sparkle

your image glitter, sparkle normaly will have only 3 frame or more than that

you can use constructon to cut 1 frame down in the middle if have 3

but if that glitter have too many 11 frame you can do the same thing

glitter should use speed super fast to keep image look excite and cute..

here I cut frame in the middle out

now have memory only 187KB from 198KB

6 years ago

here I cut frame out from my Kaleidoscoper

that have memoried 781KB

I cut until have only 221 KB now

6 years ago


you don't need to cut follow all the number (speed)as you want to can play with and see how is going??

but that construction will show you some to cut frame

to optomize image to less memoried or how to speed your animation?



remember..!! important..keep frame number 0 always there

often when you cut frame 0 away

your animation will turn blank or transparent


6 years ago

if you can't understand please ask..very welcome..


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