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6 years ago

Beer for mans best friend was cool but I couldn't handle the baby drinking.

6 years ago

you should watch cute...

they make a baby action like that??.. look like a drunker


Baby Trashes Bar in Las Palmas - Viral YouTube Video
This clip is surprising hilarious and it's going viral. This video got 6 million views in just over 3 weeks. The music alone is amazing. The baby drinks, eats the guests food, then falls out in the middle of the place. It won the short film and audience

Beer For Dogs

Everybody knows you shouldn't give your dog a sip of your beer, but pooches no longer have to miss out - because a new brew made specifically for dogs has gone on sale. Bowser Beer really is a beer made for dogs. But unlike your Stella Artois it won't
6 years ago

I can't help but to love my dear friends on Care2 for they are the flower that brightens my day daily through friendship. Huge Giant Bear Hugs To Everyone.

Jon, Sis...
6 years ago

Yea, Jon, now I see that problems with Pc are common, specially when we deal with pics...       I like your office as it is, natural, different subjects...       Hugs, Nenon.

6 years ago

Nenon, Things happen from time to time with peoples PC. It's ok. Your still special. Huge giant bear hugs......!

6 years ago

Hi all do you think..?? Jon's office ..

should be stand by thread Make friend to laugh out...

I'll go to colse the old one..make friend to laugh, joke

and here we can share everything ...


6 years ago
Could you speak up?

Three old guys, all hard of hearing, were playing golf one sunny spring morning. One says to another, "Windy, isn't it?" "No," the second man answers, "it's Thursday." The third guy, listening in, pipes up, "So am I! Let's grab a beer."

6 years ago

for u guys who are still working, a treat.  Finally could post, Jon, and came to visit again. If u need anything that I can do, Leave a note.  I really liked this office. Hugs. Nenon.    


6 years ago

Oh boy, I'm sorry kids. I've been fighting so much with internet( or care2, but maybe it is my modden. Today, I'm not having anyproblems; I hope it goes on like this.)  Yes, I'm Ms. PC problem. I'll read the other threads now.          Shame on me, cz I offered help, but didn't have the time or patience to wait, lol. Will look around . hugs.

6 years ago

6 years ago

Looks like the water cooler crowd is keeping things buzzing along..


6 years ago

Hi Lynn......That little furbie just might do the trick. Sneaky little fellow...! lol

6 years ago

Hey, Jon! I found the perfect secretary for you. I don't know whether you prefer a female, but this guy will bring you a cup of tea or coffee whenever you want one. He likes his comfort so he'll be wearing slippers to work. I'm not sure whether he'll have a ladybug in his hair every day, or it's just for the interview. Wanna give him a try?

Breaking news
6 years ago
2 hrs ago

Hi Lynn and Henon. I love both those pics. The Birth of A Star is Awesome and Circle around the universe has meaning.



today our Jon..wrote name of Nenon..missed spell...

and he told me..he feel shame for that

and how about me..Jon..??

I am MRS..missed spell....

I don't feel sure I must feel shame for that or not..???hahahaha

don't happy

7 years ago

Couple Charged in Stealing Cop Car for Quickie

A Florida man and woman were charged with grand theft auto late last week, but it's the vehicle and what they intended to use it for that's making headlines. Jonesing for a quickie, Alexander Pratt and Clara Pearson jumped into a Honda Civic which was l
7 years ago

Good Morning..!! Jon..

today I got a weird news

here we go..


Woman bites elderly man in 'vampire' attack

Ellis told authorities that she said, “I’m a vampire. I am going to eat you” and then began to bite him.


7 years ago

Hi Jon..your health is very important...please be carefull a lot

I'm here always make me laugh...

I don't want you more sick because of laugh a lot..


Hi Less...hope Jon's thread make your day ...

Jon's office
7 years ago

I say, Jon--nice office but I truly think that the best worker you have is the little tyke in the pink hat.-----To bad that he looks like he might dump the contents of the wheel barrow in the middle of your office.   I guess you just cannot get good help any where these days!

7 years ago

Kathy I laughed so hard when you Said Global Now I have asthma from laughing at you guys. I needed a good laugh. Ha.........Huge Hugs.....!

7 years ago

alcohol on fire

7 years ago're's hot....

we must join to stop them...they make our earth on

7 years ago

Agnes, that picture you posted is what I'd call 'global warming.'

7 years ago

Good Morning..!! Jon....a cup of coffee??

I think..they must be famous around the area now...

wow..! sexy with marks..

shame on them....make a baby laugh out loud..hahaha

7 years ago

Now that's pressed Ham and bet they don't sit down for a week. lol..... They weren't roasting marshallows either. Ha.....!

7 years ago

Hi Jon..forget the name.....OK..Angel Ltd.


a hour ago..hubby found this news..

he thought it's funny to share with my friends on care2

3 drunk men and jackass's though from them


this make me people this time??

they should exticnt that will be good for the world and the earth


Trio Hot for Help
THREE Toowoomba mates who branded their bums while drinking around a bonfire sparked a major turnout of emergency services. Luke Moroney, 21, Blaire Cooper, 21, and Joel Austen, 18, decided to call paramedics after waking up at lunchtime with hangovers
7 years ago

Well, How about I let you friends come up with a good name that fits everyone here. No, Agnes not Fart Office.

7 years ago

Hi everything you can add it or play with our friends in Jon's

don't get anything here to be serious....make it fun...HUGS.Agnes


Hi're a good! office with a big tank of aquarium

must wear a tie to work...


Hi Jon.....Angels LTDsound is old style

but you love it...let it be...

I still think..Dare to fart...sound like a idol world

OK..Angels Ltd...

7 years ago

Hi Kathy...I think...ou should open 2-3 pages to do that in 1 time

make it's eay for you?..


7 years ago

Can anyone help me?  I can post a link by highlighting its address in my computer browser, then right clicking 'cut', then going to the page I want to put it on and clicking 'paste' from the edit drop down menu.

What I can't do is post information from the News Network.  Can anyone tell me how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

This post was modified from its original form on 05 Nov, 19:56

This post was modified from its original form on 05 Nov, 19:59
Hi Jon
7 years ago

Underwater Office

I redesigned your office Jon, what do you think?

These animals are completely free and swimming freely and none were harmed taking this photo. This space is above and below ground to enjoy the magnificent ocean wildlife as they are meant to be.

I think you and your co workers will be just as delighted.


Please enjoy the buffet everyone while you all take a look around.



Lynn, Jon
7 years ago

Hi, Jon and all here. I think I managed, as I said before.  Change the dates...     Ha!  I think Now U have a good secretary. And Lynn, whatever help u need there, u can ask me, my friend. Just for a little help, i'll look for a meal for you.

7 years ago

Agnes, Non of the Above. I will go for Angels Ltd. cause were angel to those we encounter with.

Ha....Kathy, you can be hire as our clothes designer that has the down home look.

7 years ago

I didn't know why I didn't get the job as Jon's secretary.  In my picture I'm wearing a spotted headscarf and I have a cigarette in my mouth.  Well, when I was going for my interview with Jon, I didn't have a headscarf and I'd run out of cigarettes.  I was looking quite cool. 

Then I saw this picture of me, and then the one of Lynn, I realised why I didn't get the job.

What you didn't know, Jon, was that when I get dressed up, I look exactly like Lynn.  That's your loss!

7 years ago

Hi Kathy....I tried restore it back 29 October..they don't let me

and all my bookmark still gone ...never it new to be

thanks for worry about that.... I missed the link some...let it be




Hi Jon..I see!! you want to practise him and then you'll retire faster..

sound he'll be a next good boss for your company


I forgot your name company

let me think...and you choose one OK..??


joking around

kidding around

where is the money?

funny how I feel

Ha ha ha company

fart alert

dare to fart

stink forever

blue eyes alone

lonely with fart

much more later...

tell me which one you like the most

I'll creat a logo just for you carefull ..laugh till more sick...pity you so muchtake care

Oh..! Coffee??

7 years ago


Did you get your bookmarks back, or have they still disappeared?

If that happened to me, I'd do what Nenon did.  I'd set my computer to an earlier date when I had the bookmarks, using 'System Restore.'

7 years ago

Hey thats my little boss man. He's a good set example. lol

7 years ago

here is a new your assitant....he a hard worker

please be kind to him..he just pratice and to learn to do work with you

be kind

he need money for MILK(FOOD)....his mom didn't give him

that why he must working so hard as in image...see!!

7 years ago

I don't need to guess....hahahaha..

your ex and your mom in law to fired...

because she didn't up to.....what../??

7 years ago

Ha.....Agnes you did the second pic of what I was thinking when I said be yourself or your fired. lol.

7 years ago

this's one I feel...he want to says

you're must up to

good idea with the we go
7 years ago

Be yourself or your fired

7 years ago

I like veggie breakfast. I don't eat pork of any kind. It looks so Yummy........! I love my page here. You ca be who you are and anything you want to be. Rules of the office: Be yourself or your fired, lol. Just kidding. Ha!

7 years ago



Hi Sis..glad your computer can use now..


Kathy..thanks for advice..a few days here all my bookmark gone

just disappeared from my la la land


Hi Les..did you see jon's new secretary?? is breafast for you

down here is veggie breakfast....

if you don't eat meat..

you can one and one give your secreatary..LOL

7 years ago

Hi, Kathy! Thanks a lot. i'll  try it .  missed u friends!  Light, Peace, and... my Hugs .

7 years ago


When I was having problems with my computer, I googled 'reset computer to factory settings.'  Then I just followed the instructions.  I won't tell you how I did it, because your computer may be different to mine.

Hello, group. I think i managed. Please, Jon, can u tell
7 years ago

oh, look! can even change colors ! Came here to the "office" . I hope it goes on working.  I even opened a new group about brazil, to manage to get in touch with u, but i think it didn't work.  Tried to write to Agnes... well, let me cross my fingers --By the way, what I just did, was to change the date of the computer.  Recuperate the system? Please, Jon, can u post this on chat? I have a headache for trying so many things, Lol. Hugs, everyone.  Nenon.

7 years ago

Hi Nenon....So glad to see you here...! I hope everything is ok with your PC. Huge Giant Bear Hugs...!

7 years ago

oh... can u read me? I think now u will. couldn't post on care2 nor even send a message to let u know. The only thing i was able, was to change my pic. the letters were very small, and when i clicked, the screen changed ; even to complain to care2. I won't write more, afraid that msg doesn't go again...

7 years ago

I haven't been able

7 years ago

Les.........ha......that quite true. I have the most wonderfulest friends in the world here on care2. You can't help not to love them. But like the old saying, beggers can't be choosy and you take what you get. lol. Life is full of surprises....and I love surprises. My friends here Rock My World with laughter, smiles, caring and most of all through friendship.

Jon's office
7 years ago

Jon--I can't post either so I guess you will have to take what is given to you--he-he!

7 years ago

Hi Jon...

that's mean I don't need to looking for who waiting in que for you

OK>.you hired her...lady with the blue hair and sexy eyes...

she look you'll change your mind??

if it have more hot, sexy than this one?..let me know..



Hi're look different with that wig

I think care2 problem took long with you..hope it'll fix soon




Fullmoon....she arrived on time...

7 years ago

Thats much better of a secetary with a level mind. She's hired......! lol

7 years ago
Yesss Lynn !!!! Great look ! Hey Jon your new secretary just arrived !  
7 years ago

Hi, Jon... didn't know you have an office, or a bunch of ugly secretaries! Yikes!! I'm not coming to your office in person any time soon!!!!

I'm not getting any mail from this group or a lot of my other groups. I don't know what's going on with Care2. I can't post a picture in most of them either. Very frustrating.

Do you think you'd like this secretary better? LOL P.S. It's me with a wig, different eyes and a different mouth. Come to think of's only my nose!

7 years ago

This threat makes me feel humilated

7 years ago

Oh Lands, Agnes has made my office a nightmare.............. To bad I don't know how to post like Agnes does...

7 years ago

Oh my ... I wouldn't come here    with this secretary !

7 years ago

Jon..if you don't like her ....too much beer and cigarrette

here is a new secretary....hope you like her...tell me


because many secreataries..waiting for que to come

7 years ago

Ha........................... Be nice to my secretary cause she means business even tho she has a bitter beer face look.

7 years ago

7 years ago

Jon's secretary
7 years ago

pizza double cheese
7 years ago

Jon's sign for his office
7 years ago

7 years ago

Well, Hmmmmmmm! LoL....!

7 years ago

Hey have an office !!!!  

7 years ago

Aw thank you Agnes..........!

7 years ago

7 years ago

7 years ago

Congratulation...!!! Jon...


I have too many letter from reader digest

I called them to stop send important letter to me..

they never give up on me....bored...!!!

Jon's office-laugh, Joke-everything you can share here(CLOSED)
7 years ago
| fun

Jon H.

 I wanted to share with you of two letters I got in the mail.One from: Congress of the United States from Charles A. GonzalezAnother from: United States Senate from Kay Bailey HutchisonBoth infromed me that the bill to the senate which would prohibit invasive research on great apes. The bill would also prevent federal funding going to such researh.   This was introduced April 13, 2011 to the Senate Committee on Enviormental abd Public Works.Isan't that cool.......! Yea..............!This includes chimpanzees, gorillas,gibbons, bonobos, and orangutans.      Just had to share this with you. Going to put these two letters in a safe binder.

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