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6 years ago
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, Nenon! 


Happy Birthday Image

6 years ago

Nenon, Happy Birthday....! Your are the Light of the group for it is your special day to be treated as a Royal Queen with red carpets and all. Glamor, friendship, love , joy peace, happiness and what ever the world has to off to make your day as special as you are.

Happy Birthday, Nenon!
6 years ago

Jon, what a lovely tribute you've given Nenon. Those words are so true about our Nenon and you've just about said it all.

So dear Nenon, enjoy your special day and I wish you all the good things that life has to offer!

6 years ago

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Nenon, have a lovely day.

6 years ago

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Best Wishes on your special day,

Hugs Arlie

6 years ago

you know, my friends...This is  a feeling I never had : people so far away, and kindly wishing good thoughts. This is "diferent" and lovely. thank you my friends.

To Dear Sis nenon,,Happy Birthday
6 years ago

happy birthday
6 years ago
6 years ago

thanks again, everyone of you. Heart words, strong and true friendship. and to my   Sis, and Les. By the way, Les ' birthday is around. And some other capricornians -- need to check. warm hugs my friends.

6 years ago


6 years ago

I know I said Happy Birthday twice but three times is better. Happy Birthday Nenon. Huge Bear Hug Squeezes.....! Rolling out the red carpet. You are truly the Queen of the day. I bow to you.

6 years ago

thanks a lot, Rose, Jon, lol : I accept more than 1 Birthdays, lol.   


By the way, I missed Les' and other capricornians. Pam as well?       Patty K. and Kathy P. are next week too.

6 years ago


Wishing you all the best on your special day and all year through.


6 years ago

6 years ago



Nenon !!! 

I wish you a Wonderful Year ahead with much Love, Joy and Harmony !

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6 years ago

Thanks Pam and FullMoon, dear friends. Hugs.

6 years ago

Happy Birthday is your day...

what you make special for..?? can share here...??

Hubby birthday on 14 Jan and my son on 24 Jan

you on 10 Jan...Kathy on 12 Jan

6 years ago

Agnes, I sent you a e-mail. Check it out.

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