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6 years ago

Christ is risen, Alleluia.

As my friend Stephen sent me a reminder of the great feast of Easter, I am doing the same.  In Greek, Christos Anesti!  Alithos Anesti.  He made my day, on that Good Friday.  I study 3 years in Theology at the University, I lost faith and it is back, such is life.  I am not the only one.

Everyone, I wish you the best.  You will have what you need what not you ask. 

Hugs and Peace.

The old Hippie Chic.

Blessings to you!






6 years ago

fff Hello friends, nice day here  just wish it wouldn`t be so cold. The cherry trees have blossom so beautiful to see
Vancouver cherry blosson festival is on right now.Friends i hope you all got my ecards sorry for sending more then one lol care2 was acting up.

I was thinking i might tackle my bedroom this weekend i getting bored the away it is now lol




Happy Good friday for some and happy good Saturday.

Hugs Arlie

Sis, everyone
6 years ago

Hello, Sis and all the friends. I hope I have "peace" to go through the threads. No, nothing wrong, it's just that my time  has been limited, probably cz of hubby . Sis, I feel like posting pics now; could it be any topic? A pond...I'll think about it during Easter. Hugs. Nenon.

but I clean it almost everyday
6 years ago
update maybe friends need to know
23 secs ago
1 day ago

Hi Vicky,


No need to delete anything that you don't want, just move anything that you want to keep over to "Saved".  That way, anything older than 2 years will get deleted by the server update and luckily, you won't have to clean it up on your own(or me, too..I have a lot!!).



12 hrs ago

Hi Vinnie and MM!!


So far, no plans to remove anything other than the 2 year or older messages, so your comments and profile pages will be unaffected.


The saved folder is also unaffected at this time, so you are free to put anything that you want to keep in there and it will be safe!


6 years ago

Hi Arlie, Pam, Marie and Dear friends

raining here and cold..

my hand pain more than 1 month up from cold

weather here funny..I still can't go out

but tulip grow and grow...grass turn green

Have a good time and Happy Easter
peace is pure love be with us always

6 years ago

Just got back home from my long trip lol my hair looks great colored and cut.

Happy Thursday
6 years ago


A big hello to all who stop in today.


6 years ago

Don't worry Be Happy!! 

Marie the only one you know.

PS  I will read what you wrote about god, dear Sis Agnes.

to everyone


Good evening everyone!

Thank you Agnes.  I know you are in so many groups, and Thubten too, some are faster than others... I made an error but I was so surprised to see you there.  I don't go very often.  Not only lack of time.  I sleep about 12 hours and was needed.  As I moved to another shelter it is better and I can go back later specially on weekends.  I was very sick and it is getting better.  They pass a tv I had to buy a converter and antennas.  So an intervenant I know for long as a 'friend' fixed all last night, she is working at night until morning.  She is a great human being.  She helped me a lot when I was in Brooklyn, sending my meds, long story.  I am what I am and I accept myself the way I am.  Not easy sometimes.  Alone in is tough.  The borders are very hard, oh la la.  I will go to the PET Airport soon (can't remember by heart the date) with a guy who is helping by coming with me.  I see that everyone is feeling great and I missed you a lot.  I finally be able to write.   



6 years ago

Good day..!! Marie, Arlie, Erin and dear friends

have a happy week..

hubby celebreat early for my birthday

we went outside and stay night the other town..

enjoy food and shoping..bought lot of food stuff home


peace is pure love be with us always

Hi Marie thanks for thai flower..that's decorate flowers mixed

at Jennie group..not as what you see..

I understand Jennie C..what she did..I told her to deleted it for me..

because have virus on my image I posted...and why I didn't there..

too many groups can't reach all list groups confuse eyes..

and I host in a few groups that keep me busy already...let you to know

thanks to remind me

Agnes --
6 years ago

Happy Birthday (it says Thai Flowers)

MariE    white roses



6 years ago
Hello Agnes, I hope you will come back to the group so interesting Asian Art...
5 months ago

Reposted for Agnes: Thai sculpture
(because several images were 'corrupt' in the thread Agnes started, I saved them to the Artistic and Bent album and then reposted here.)

5 months ago



Can I go to that Album and up load from there ?

To new and old friends
6 years ago

Hi, dear group. Welcome to new members, and our "old" friends. I brought this graphic for you, and will bring more, begining from Easter. I'm behind with my groups --for a change, lol. But I read you, though. Hugs, Sun on your way, Love.   Nenon. 


6 years ago

Yeah, What A Wonderful World!! 

I had good news today, I can stay at the shelter until May 1st, hoping to find a room, more chance, I started today.  You know when you hate and love it is enough to depress... but I keep on going.  I feel better to sleep when I want.  I can have my dinner in a living room alone.  And this is it. Almost time to go the Midninght hour   Easter to me is a day like another one and only to Dave I will share some great affairs.  Thankx all for your good vibs.




6 years ago

Easter Friend Easter image

6 years ago

Easter Very Hoppy Easter image

Hello Group
6 years ago



6 years ago

Good Evening everyone!  Yeah, it is still working.  I don't have choice to come with my laptop to a Cafe.  This one close at midnight and then I go back to the shelter where life is not easy.  Many women are mentally sick and it is very tough . . . But I am still doing so many steps to go back to Brooklyn with Dave.  He is my only Hope.   It is complicated to make our laundry, I did today, many intervenants are always watching everything... so for you believers just count your blessings.  I am exausted and tomorrow Monday I have to phone to find a room or a small apartment for the time I have to stay here. It is raining and I need  

Thanks Agnes to mention my name.  You are the only one.  Some maybe judge, ??  Please send me good vibs to find that room lol.

Marie C with Peace and Love always  





6 years ago





Hello Agnes,  friends,

Happy April Fool`s Day! i did some sewing this morning darn it all its getting hard to put thread through the needle  tie a knot i need to get my eyes checked lol turning out to be nice day here I watched a scary movie last night couldn`t even go to bed after watching it so i stayed up a bit later played my computer games

Hugs Arlie

6 years ago

Good Morning Image

6 years ago

Good day..!! Marie, Arlie, Pam, Sis, Erin 

and dear friends

everyone..!! take care well...

peace is pure love


6 years ago

Hello everyone!  It is cold here too!!  Sun is here but ... We can't change it.  I slept all day, I lost my voice, was awful I need to calm down.  I am at a Cafe and they close at 1:00 and it is April, I wish you all the best!



Marie, the old Hippie Chic



6 years ago



Another gloomy day here with cold. I am not doing anything today just resting.


Hi Anges, so you are having bad weather too. I think that some areas in Canada are getting the iceage other parts of Canada are getting hot weather lol 





Have a great day/evening.

Hugs Arlie


6 years ago

Good Evening..!! Arlie, Pam and dear friends

Hi too..I thought spring cold again after rain with a bit ice

sound getting warm and then cold again..snow again..??..

tomorrow maybe snow..hubby told

I missed my yard...a lot of junk there...


Hi's work well and all old system came back too..

if you remember I talked in group computer shop

that I can't drag blue mark cover image to copy and paste??

after Hubby restroe 1 month back..all turn normal again


everyone..!! make your day....

Peace is pure love..Agnes

tulip my yard showing up 3-4 inch excited to see them

6 years ago

poem with friday

Hi Agnes and Pam, yes i was missing in action yesterday lol i was out all day with my friend didn`t get back to my place until 9:00 ish pm that is. I wish i didn`t i go out what nasty miserable weather i froze all day it was raining and cold even it was raining frozen ice wow how weird. Today sunny and cold. I want spring now lol

Off to catch up on groups and emails,

Hugs Arlie

Welcome to the group Soundslike
6 years ago

52Have a good Friday everyone.

Agnes glad it worked out for you.


6 years ago

Good morning..!! Pam, Arlie, Erin and friends

Have a happy Friday...

Hubby called telus..but internet didn't work still

but I told him maybe restore...yes..went well now...

warm welcome Peace to the group

nice to see you here

Thanks for joing us...make yourself at home..


Sweet Dreams
6 years ago

2Sorry to hear that Agnes.

Hi Arlie!

6 years ago

a short I'm using hubby computer

this early morning..I searched lyric some song

have alarm virus and I got virus on my coputer..

I can't use my computer don't connect internet

just to let you know

have a good time...

6 years ago


biblical brother


I had quite a day this morning was out met my friend she had a doctor appointment afterward went for breakfast. I have good news the building inspection went really well he said in words i get a gold star lol went to my doctor office`s this morning to check on those x-ray test that i had done everything is fine so happy to hear that. Its awful weather again here i look at the weather channel before i left this morning it said rain and milder haha what a laugh i wore a light jacket it was cold out brrr strong winds too. Its bread night here the chruch brings us nice bake breads, buns, sweets so like to get their early lol i laid down when i got home just woke up.

Have a good evening or night,


Hugs Arlie

Hello Agnes
6 years ago

I brought a little fun game for you all to try. My score was 16. It's geared toward U.S things, places so you all outside of the states will have a harder time probably but who know you may just out do us that aren't. Anyhow have fun.


A Think Test This is fun

6 years ago

Good day..!! Pam, Erin, Arlie, Sis and Dear friends..

hope a day make you happy

Pam...I think we can wait a moment..the page isn't slow yet..??

today we went to look that geese again..they're still around and look more calm peaceful..I think this year eagle's nest is their home now..

everyone..!! enjoy your day....

peace is pure love...Agnes

Ann welcome to the group.
6 years ago


Hi Agnes, pretty new tag you shared with us!

I was going to start a new thread tonight should I wait Agnes?

Maybe Erin will like to.



6 years ago

Happy week...!! Pam, Arlie, Erin, Sis

and dear friends..

Erin..I feel for sure..we'll go to plant tree in wild again...

now outside still cold...need more warm than this..


Hi Arlie...good on you completed your house work...


Hi Sis...outside still cold...I'm still here around around care2..

please welcome our newbie to the group

Hi Ann..feel glad you here with us...make yourself at home...





Everyone..!! Take good care well...peace is pure love..

here spring tag I just finished it..

how cute..??

Hope this finds you all much better.
6 years ago

4Hello everyone.

Wishing you all a good week ahead.

It's gotten much colder here to and today I spent a couple of hours trying to cover the plants outdoors from the frost tonight. Take care.

6 years ago

smileys and graphics

Hello, Agnes, Nenon and everyone else that drops in

its a nasty day here rain and cold again! i washed my bathroon and kitchen floors, move out the fridge did behind there, then i washed out my fridge i felt like the energizer bunny Now its time to be on the computer lol time to rest. I know i will be having power nap this afternoon they are coming for buliding suite inspection tommrow. My place is always so clean lol

Agnes you are welcome for the beauitful thoughts for you all. I agree that`s what friends are for. That`s why i moved to get away from the snow you do feel like your in jail lol i think all of us in away our addict to care2 lol I love your spring grahic so pretty.

Nenon, you grahic is cute i am going to add it to my page.

Have a great day/evening

Hugs Arlie xo

6 years ago

Hi everyone,


It's a windy day.  I'm drinking hot chocolate.  Maybe spring will be returning in a few days. 

Agnes, I like your colorful tag.  Will you be planting trees in the late spring or summer?



6 years ago

Hi, Sis, I can't find here cz it is too much to read. I saw some place u would not be so much on line,  or something like that, for a while, during spring,,,  hugs.

6 years ago

Good Night..!! Arlie, Sis, Erin, Pam and dear freinds

Hi Arlie..thanks for your beautiful thought for us..

that what friends meaning about..

spring here I'm waiting for a long time..winter here as like in jail time..LOL

but I'm addict care2...I need cure more with spring time...


Hi Sis..I read your posted that I'll away...? reply here

maybe not...I meaning about spring time come..I'll a bit far


everyone..!! enjoy your day and take care..HUGS..Agnes



Sis, Arlie,...
6 years ago

Good evening, kisses, Agnes, Arlie and others to come. A cute graphic for you. 


6 years ago









Hello friends and everyone, nice sunny day here and warm out. I got some of my chores done this morning got my laundry done went for a nice walk to the store.

Hi Agnes, good to hear your weather is getting warmer great for you to be the yard soon. I can hardy wait to my ride bike. I don`t have nothing to worry about old messages  on care2 i always delete them. I agree friends come go on here it sad that some won`t be coming back! True relationships between friends or best friends are gone.... it shouldn`t matter really what we believed in there`s no harm between relationships I agree!

Off to check my emails,

Hugs Arlie



Dear Sis and dear Group
6 years ago

Hi Everyone: Hope all is fine your way.          Oriental    beauty  graph  .  


 Sis, I do the same, I keep the mails again in the save box, lol.   





6 years ago
Please read share and forward..!!

Care2 personal messaging - announcement by Care2 Support


 Personal Messaging and Server Clean-up




Hello Care2 Members,


Do you use personal messaging to communicate with other Care2 members? ( Do you have messages that are over two years old that you don't want to lose? If yes, please continue reading this post.


In an effort to give our members the best experience possible, we need to begin removing messages that over two years old. Any messages that you currently have stored in your Private Message inbox ( that were created prior to April 9, 2010 will be deleted.


Note: This cleanup process will only impact messages in your Personal Message inbox. This will not impact Care2 Mail.


If you have messages in your inbox that are were created before April 9, 2010 that you want to keep, please move them to the Saved folder. Messages that are in the Saved Folder ( will not be removed.

Starting in April, we will be removing messages older than two years on a regular basis. Please make sure to move any messages you want to keep into your Saved folder.


We want to give Care2 members ample time to save any PMs that are important to them. This can be done by clicking "Save" within the message itself.


We will be removing old messages on April 9, 2012.


Thank you all for your cooperation and please let us know if you have any questions.

6 years ago

Happy Weekend..!! Dear friends

Hi Jon..please take good care very change..hubby get sick now  worry him too..we're all getting old...body sick can be problem

this morning..I dreams about you Jon

you're working valunteer in some church..better soon...Hugss..Hugss..


Hi Serenity..please make yourself at home here..we're all friends world wide

use peace to see you drop in often...enjoy your day...


Hi Deborah..please come and drop to share your day with us here..
love to see you my friend..


Hi here getting warmer..I'll in yard so soon..

a minute ago..turned on care2..have message forwarded from friends

about old messages will to delete

I cleaned up some..and found old tags..I saved it again

some message make me feel tear...our friends care2.. come and go...

I really sorry for my action...often I away from care2..for awhile and come back

relationship between some your best friend...gone.....

I beleived..we're all have our own private to fix it out..

why don't just think..we're good person and friends....friends are friends...

we have not bad plan to harm each other ..right..??

if we can think like that..what ever our own believed, faith or problem is..??

can't harm our relationship between our friendship..right..??

Hi Sis, Erin, Pam and everyone..!! enjoy your day and take care yourself for all of us..

Peace is pure love..Agnes

here a tag I drawed all myself..and added wing, aniamtion at photobucket

I can't beleived it..I drawed cute..!!

if you remember...


6 years ago

Hi everyone....! Had to drop by since I haven't been on the copmputer that much cause I have been battleing the bad case of the flu lately. What a way to enjoy Spring, right. But anyway, Happy Spring to everyone and a huge bear hug to all.

6 years ago

Count Your Blessings!

Hi Everyone...

I love all your pics and super nice messages.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

6 years ago

            Big Hugs To Everyone ~ Deborah B.

6 years ago

woo hoo its friday again almost the end of March wow! this year seem`s to be flying by faster then last year lol sunny here its cold outside. Well one my plants bite the earth so to speak lol dead. I still have four potted plants left for now anyways lol

Big hugs,


WooHoo it's Friday!
6 years ago



Good Night... Good Friday. hugs to All...
6 years ago


6 years ago


Good Day friends,

turning out to be a nice day, i am just staying home. I am happy to say the acid reflux is gettting much better now. I even had a glass of red dry wine for dinner i seem to be fine. It was very fancy place we went too i know this guy already from before. He was so nice.

Hugs Arlie

6 years ago
Good Night
Good Night comments and graphics
Hello dear friends, i was out this
morning got some shopping done got home then went out on a date. Had a nice dinner and we had a good connection talked a lot, laugh. He like me when i laugh what can say lol we didn`t have much of spring the another day today wow it was nice. Finally it feels like spring.
Off to bed soon,
Hugs Arlie

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6 years ago

oiuHello everyone,

It's nice to read all your posts tonight. I've been busy with sping detail in the yard raking, burning all winter's leftovers in the yard. What a mess it was! It's looking nicer and the grass has greened right up this week. The temperatures have been so nice all week. Today it was 87 degree's in Michigan in March! Guess that's why these bunnies are so confused! Hugs and Sweet Dreams everyone.



6 years ago

          good night, Erin !  And good night everyone. I'm looking for the post I just wrote, and still haven't found.   It was on Sis and Val's onions' post, lol. I'll go around again. Hugsssss to all.  Nenon.

6 years ago

Good night, Nenon!  

6 years ago

Good night, everyone! 

Pretty picture, Agnes! 


I hope you're feeling better, Arlie. 


Butterflies  Image

6 years ago

 Did I understand? the topic is closed? Anyway. may sun shine on you. Namaste   . Nenon.

6 years ago

Have a happy Tuesday..!! Arlie, Erin, Friends

Hi Arlie..last night we got snow again...this is spring..??LOL
here picture I took around area yesterday afternoon
Hi Erin..that's beautiful Bird....
me too..waiting for more warmer I want to exercise in yard more..
everyone..!! enjoy your day and take care..HUGS..Agnes


6 years ago

Hello Erin, Agnes, Ariel

its sunny with cloudy periods today and its cold this not normal for here lol if i am right tommrrow is spring i think well not here lol back east in my home town they are getting warm weather sunny. Something is wrong with this picture we should be getting warm weather and sun not them lol i feeling so much better.

Have a nice day/ evening

Hugs Arlie

This post was modified from its original form on 19 Mar, 14:07
6 years ago

Hi everyone, 

It's a warm day.  I'm enjoying the weather.  I'm looking forward to doing some gardening. 


Have a great week!


Downy Woodpecker:  male (red patch)

6 years ago

Hi Ariel ..nice to see you drop here..I didn't know on mother' day..??

thanks for lovely comment...

6 years ago

Happy week.!! Arlie, Ariel, Pam, Erin and friends..

Hi Arlie, Pam..after that.. snow melt warm up .

normal for canada can get snow in summer sometime, some where..Hahaha


this one..angel with spring flower...

I make 3 different images and make slide..


6 years ago





6 years ago

Happy Sunday

6 years ago

happy st patricks day drunk cat

Anges and friends,

Its good you and your hubby went for a walk when it was spring lol now you are back to winter again lol

Hugs to you all


Hello friends
6 years ago

I've just read all your chat from the last time I was in and I want to say a special hello to Monica and Deborah.3

We had bad weather 3 days in a row. About 4 tornadoe's touched down the day after I took the photo in this thread. They were about 100 miles to the east of me and took our about 100 homes. Yesterday we had severe thunder storm warnings issued for a bit. Everyday has been starting out sunny and gorgeous but ending on a sour note as soon as the day gets late.

Have a great weekend everyone. Agnes, thanks for the snow photot! It's been around 80 this week every day. I think we skipped spring and went right to summer. I have gotten a ton of yardwork done this week.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.


6 years ago

Good Morning..!!Arlie, Erin, Sis, Friends

Happy Weekend and Happy St.Patrick's day

yesterday we went to walk outside..a bit warm up

but today snowing now..I though spring already here..??

this picture just took it a minute ago

6 years ago

all new members

6 years ago
im so lucky to have a friend like you happy st patricks day
St Patricks Day comments and graphics


Happy Friday friends,

its nice day here cloudy with some sun. We had somemore gusty winds yesterday. I got email from sister in-law my nephew participated the Canadian Idol contest in was picked  the gala evening was last sat. All the l5 all sang again and everyone voted for their favorite. He did not win but he had an amazing experience, met great people and reopened his interest in singing. I am very proud of my nephew good for him. He does have beautiful voice.

My brother applied  for a pool maintenance company for spring opening of pools, he got the job! good for him  woo hoo. He should know about pools he done his for 25yrs lol if everything goes well he could be a foreman of a crew for Sept. and Oct. closing. My brother is very smart!

Sure Agnes go right a head start a new thread for slide at luna and make frame at edit. I am sure it will be beautiful and lovely. Of coures i have patients lol


I am feeling a bit better Erin, thanks for asking.

See ya all later,

hugs, Arlie


6 years ago

Good Morning..!!Erin, Deborah, Arlie, Sis and dear friends

Happy Friday and weekend


Hi it's friday I almost forget garbrige pick up time..take care sis


Hi Deborah..feel glad you drop in here today

please come to share your day with us to see you around..

we know our friends got problem on care2..some fixed some don't and leaved care2

nice that you've new profile page to connect with your care2 friends again

and thanks for warm wishes all good back to you


Hi Arlie..I want to start new thread for slide at luna and make frame at edit

I's beautiful and lovely..and easy..if you patient for..better soon..


last night sky so clear I watched Venus and Jupiter..

excited me because so clear and bright

we can know because they're look seperate from many stars

I took some pictures of know..?? just a little 2 spots on picture

feel shy to share it...


here my painted angel again..this one popular angel with a guitar

stand on the galaxy in the cute, lovely,


please welcome newbies to the group

Hi Gary, Jujji, Jim...make yourself at home

thanks for joing us...warm wishes

6 years ago


Hello Friends ~

I am finally getting re-organized here on Care2. I may have mentioned that I have been an active member since 2009 but something happened to my account/profile page/friends list and so I had to start all over with a new account and all that goes along with it. So here I am and so happy to see you. I have missed being here. It is now almost midnight so I will wish you a good Thursday.

Hugs ~ Deborah B.

6 years ago

Good night, everyone! 


Landscapes Image

Just a note to my friends
6 years ago

 Almost midnight here. Soon it will be friday! Sunny weekend. 


6 years ago


Hello friends and everyone, talk about weird weather gustys winds all night until this morning then pourning rain and now the sun is out I did my housecleaning this morning wash down my bathroom and the kicthen flr. Something i eat last night for dinner didn`t agree with my stomach i just had turkey soup for goodness sake lol. There`s two new tv shows starting tonight hardy wait to watch them.

Thank you Agnes, its sad that his mom passed and so far away too. I hope so to recover soon

See ya later,

Hugs Arlie

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6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Arlie, Erin and Dear friends

Happy Thursday

Hi Arlie sorry to hear your friend mom passed...

hope he recover in short time..

and you better soon...take care well


here a tag from conni make for me..tulip just beautiful

warm wishes and take care..HUGS..Agnes


6 years ago

Rose  ... belle image

Good day friends,

I just got back home was out this morning doing a bit of shopping good sale on cereals. My guy friend couldn`t come yesterday he called me up told my he just heard that his mom passed way in India he has to go there i felt for him he was pretty upset on the phone. He said when he come`s back he will call me. I got some blood work done too. The weather is so unreal overcast rain mixed with snow and cold. I heard back east they are getting warmer weather what`s wrong with this picture lol more gusty winds tomorrow that`s what is in the forecast. There was alot of damage at stanley park lots of trees down some of these trees are 100 years old.
 Hugs Arlie

6 years ago

Hi everyone,   


It was a beautiful day yesterday.  It's cloudy today.  I finally had a visitor to my new bird feeder, a female Downy Woodpecker. 


Take care!

6 years ago

6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Happy Wednesday...

Erin, Pam, Arlie, Sis, Marie and dear friends..

6 years ago

may st patricks day bring a smile to your heart and sunshine and joy to your world


Hello friends,

the storm has pass leaving damage. Just waiting for my guy friend he said around 11:00 am lol

Pam i can see i wasn`t the only one with windy weather. Thank God for you all the funnel never touched the ground. Your photos are awesome and scaring looking.

Thanks Erin, i am didn`t get blown way lol


I off to get ready,

Hugs to you all,


6 years ago

I am at a shopping center the best in Montreal, when I left by bus it was raining a lot and it is warm so I will see later when I will get back to the shelter if I have my bed.  

Thank you for your warm talking to me, you are very kind and unselfish.  So nice to have friends like you, Pam, how wonderful lady you always were to me.  Thanks again, my friend.  And everyone and all. 



6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Pam, Erin, Arlie and dear friends

this early morning snow a bit..will melt soon..

Hi Pam ..tonardo pass soon..take care...good shot for the picture....

Hi Erin..glad you like them..

here I make a new one just finishes it

everyone..!! Have a happy week with peace of mind..HUGS..Agnes

6 years ago

2Hello everyone,

looks like Arlie wasn't the only one with windy weather. We had tornado watches and then finally a tornado warning. This photo I took from my basement just shortly before 6 P.M. this evening. Lucily for all of us in the area the funnel never touched the ground. Take care everyone, be safe, be happy and sweet dreams.


6 years ago

Hi everyone, 

Don't blow away, Arlie! 

Cool tag, Agnes! 


Good Night Image

6 years ago

Good Day friends,


 Gusty winds here today not as bad where i am in Vacnouver its bad. All ferrys have been canceled. I went to get some milk this morning i thought i was going to blow way in the wind lol like this goodness it wasn`t raining or it would look like this lol


its tax time again this morning i got my tax in there man come`s here does the taxes for everyone, its so nice of him to that for us all.

I am watching my stuff on my balcony that it doesn`t blow way.. i hope get this posted before the power goes off again lo l

I got a call from my east indian friend he`s coming out to see me tomrrow it will be nice to have visited with him its been a while.

Ok i going to stop rattling on get this posted.

Hugs to you all,



6 years ago

Good Morning..!! Sis, Pam, Erin, Monika, Jon

and Dear friends Happy Monday...

spring is here....

Have a beautiful week
6 years ago

6 years ago

Postcards Image


Thank you dear Erin, I snagged your Image, I can't stop yarning,,,  it is warmer today but still snow.  I have some errands and will eat because of my hypoglycemy sorry for the faultsl 

Did you remember to set your clocks ahead?
6 years ago

4I remembered and woke up early anyway. So much for sleeping in this morning. Guess I will have to take a granny nap

Hugs to all and have a beautiful Sunday.



Welcome...Drop by...Chat...How is your day? 22(CLOSED)
6 years ago
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Welcome...Drop by...Chat...How is your day? 21 <----Last thread.


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