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Photo of the day-closed
5 years ago

60 Beautiful Flower Pictures

Check out the Beautiful Flower Pictures at incredible snaps. When I decided to post a flower photographs, I remember a beautiful quote said by Henry Beecher Flowers are the sweetest things
5 years ago

My... that one is beautiful!!

5 years ago

Amazing Photography From Around The World

It's impossible to include all of the best photos of 2012 in one gallery, but these images offer a fantastic glimpse of the year in pictures.
5 years ago

30+ Impressive Collection of Beautiful Pictures

Beauty is a characteristic of a place, person, animal, object that provide a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. And An Ideal beauty is a term which is approved and have some specific features for some specific areas and culture. And this word also
5 years ago
How Sharp Are You - Spot the Animal
5 days ago

Camouflage is a common way for animals to protect themselves from being hunted, or being spotted by what you hunt. In this animal camouflage photo collection, there is an animal hiding in each photo.

5 years ago

beautiful pics

5 years ago


Thank you for these super photos.  I love them so much.  Agnes, Pam I will look at your link.  Finally my profile icon appeared after I clicked on the reload button...

Pam I was at the Nasa the link you gave, ty.

This post was modified from its original form on 22 Feb, 19:10
5 years ago

Hi Marie...glad you like them...feel free to take them to share with your friends

5 years ago


Thanks so much, Agnes.    I had good news 2 days in a row from dk he is at his sister with the Puttytat, his rescued cat for 12 years.    Good to talk to you again.  xoxoxox

5 years ago

Breathtaking Photos You'Ll Never Forget

On Feb. 5, Sony announced the World Photography Awards shortlist of finalists in both professional and open categories. From over 120,000 submissions, this list of 43 images has been curated from submissions spanning 170 countries-- a record number of
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