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5 years ago

It has been suggested that we changed the group name to attract more members....I am open to considering a new name and new goals and a co-host........Feedback please........Johnny Angel

5 years ago


5 years ago

The Golden Gang?

Hi and Thanks to Johnny, Stuart and Martha!
5 years ago

Good suggestions!!! 


We ought to toss out some more ideas, and really get sold on a name that could -> attract more members, Johnny.  Both Stuart and Martha have offered nice alternatives.  I hope some other members help out! 




( off the top of my head,..... )

You just never know what people will respond to,.... *


5 years ago

I've used Silver Tsunamis elsewhere before.

" It's hot & sticky here today"

5 years ago

i think the name should have dignity and and indicate an interest in the whole elder situation including the obvious agism we encounter. i really think elders should and can be a useful and vital part of our society. we are an untaped resource. i'm not good at thinking up names...maybe "elder issues", "grow old along with me"...something that is obtimistic and positive rather than grim. there are so many issues to consider and old age is something we all will have to deal with.

some people don't think appearences count, but ithink they do. there is also the consideration of what avitar to use for the group:

this is nice: i have a little tin with this on and didn't know what it meant.

there are a lot of old people on care2. some are a bit shy about letting their age be known. i don't know why. i'm 72. i would think aging would be a topic of interest to many here and those who aren't so old yet, may have parents who are and EVERYONE will someday have to deal with it if they don't die first.

numbers add up!
5 years ago

Kudos to Rosemary -

My computer doesn't sound nearly as sophisticated as yours,


But you sound gangbusters to me!!!

[age is just a number, that adds up to wisdom of experience!]

5 years ago

well, my computer is aging less gracefully than i am and i tend to be a bit grumpy, outspoken, absent minded, and i talk too much, not to mention my physical aches and pains. BUT, i want to be able to use what abilities that i have and don't want to sit around waiting to die.

5 years ago

5 years ago

i tried to post a picture of my logevity symbol on my tin, but it didn't work. i got it into my care2 photo album...i'm not good with all these technical things.

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Well, well, well, - I hope this is it, Rosemary,.... (?)
5 years ago

Hi Rosemary, - if this is it, then hopefully i've helped.

If it isn't it, then do accept my apologies,....

with love, dot


Photo on 2013-07-17 at 17_28.jpg

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what's in a name?
5 years ago






[more suggestions to come]

Our Virtues and Our Humility [suggestion con't (s) ]
5 years ago

@ Rosemary! (so true, so true)




Years of life mark the generations with particular behaviours of valiance.  Once the world recognizes that life experiences require a valiant attitude, perhaps we'll get the attention of those who seek such virtues.


After all, don't all the comic books regard characters who exhibit bravery in challenging situations become cultural icons for our society, even if they're drawn from our ideals of life rather than the mundane perspective.


Each life is a story of bravery.  And in due course, the decades build our sense of courage, our ability to adapt and respond, and our virtues of compassion towards this life process.


Perhaps we are a bit modest.  Yet, modesty is not what we are encouraging to gather enthusiasm for such a group;  - however valuable it may be.  It is okay to shine with enlightenment, and wisdom, and generosity of spirit. 


The Valiant Ones*

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the Noble Grays
5 years ago

Years ago, while travelling through the beautiful terrain of New Mexico, I found an art class up in the mountains on a ranch.  The instructor was quite talented, and also a kind soul.  One of his classes mentioned the impact of color, and how a painter could be extremely proud of being able to produce a canvas composed of various 'grays' and little else.   He said that the most beautiful compositions were done in "the noble grays" and that few artists could achieve such a successful result~  I feel that our generation is like those 'noble gray paintings' - rare, elegant and uniquely beautiful.  I hope all of you feel the same. 


 love&care2, dot

5 years ago

Dot and all admirers of 'noble gary paintings" : I just donated cement for a cook stove from my butterfly awards specifically thinking of all of us on Dot's love & care network.....Johnny Angel

5 years ago

shades of needs the values of light and dark in a composition. using many colors all of the same value in contrast would be very bland and flat. i like colors and shades in life.  i like many ways of looking at life.

so, even if this group has a generic avitar and the name doesn't change, if no one is posting very often, it is not enough shades of grey to make it interesting.


5 years ago



how's about those 50 shades???


looks like that book picked up some interest,.........(?)


but, - it just isn't the pigment of my preference - Lol


hope your day is rather a rainbow of balancing hues


and emotionally good vibrations~


all Seniors!!!  -  serene and sensational !!!


- some shy

- some sly

- some rarely come by,.....



-----     to be here    -----

a well known 'gray hair' remembered,...
5 years ago

the gray haired says:




are relevant

to time/place/meaning



Johnny Angel, I'm listening,.......


and it seems that we all have

quite a bit of unlimited



rather close at hand,.......




our galaxy is dreamily carrying us

and the spirit is speaking in

the silent night

of a uni-verse


5 years ago

my hair is starting to finally turn grey and white hair, it is funny that so many old people want to cover up their grey and white hair and now there are some young people who are dying their hair white or grey.

yeah, i loke the name "old and wise"


5 years ago

what is happening with the name and avitar of this group. i've never joined a group without an avitar before.

5 years ago

I guess I'm not smart enough to do one....Got any ideas???

5 years ago

that is what this thread has been about. there have been a number of suggested names and i brought up the avitar. no one else has made any suggestions on that, but it should be copyright free. there are other symbols of age and wisdom that might do. i think a photo of and old knarled hand might be good. not sure mine are quite knarled enough!

5 years ago

How about a photo of the co-ed senior softball league I play in?

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5 years ago

The suggestion of the co-ed senior softball league in enlivening. Another enlivening one could be perhaps couples from the 1950s dancing.

5 years ago

i would really like to see something that represents the elder/senior generation in a typical, relatable, and most of all positive light. anyone want to post some possabilities?

last - and - first - an image of change and love
5 years ago

an image that always makes me smile is the wise face smiling gently into the infants eyes  - the full circle of life and appreciation of every stage represented,....

5 years ago

here are lots of pictures most of which shouldn't be used for copywrite reasons and then to agree upon one that has dignity wll be a major feat... well at least there are only a handfull of members to asert their opinion.

i can't get the link to activate, but one can copy and paste. there are lots of plausable possabilities.

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welcome Welcome, and WELCOME FRANK S.***
5 years ago

Frank S.

Frank S.



Add as friend Introduce yourself Invite to group Send green star Block Contact

"Life is not the way it's supposed to be. It's the way it is.The way you cope with it is what makes the difference"

Brooklyn, NY, USA
woo woo, Frank
5 years ago

i've heard this sentiment expressed in different words, but i believe it is true..."it isn't how life deals with you; it is how you deal with life" "if life gives you lemons:make lemonade". but some people are better equiped to cope well and we need to help those less able when we can and try not to judge those who haven't the strength or imagination.


"the best is yet to be"

5 years ago

Not all seniors are gray or silver yet. Some have to retire younger and have the same issues as seniors.

5 years ago

how old are you talking about? agism does make it more difficult to get a job and health reasons can make it difficult too. so, some of the issues with younger people might be similar, but it is an individual matter for all of us. agism or any other discrimination tends to treat everyone in that group the same. i think, at every age, our own outlook changes somewhat and we become in some ways a different person with memories of the younger person as part of what we are; we don't really become less than what we were. i guess dementia can take that away for an individualand that is very sad.

5 years ago

alice, that's my middle name. i was a "jersey girl" for a while in grade school in boonton. i have some of my best childhood memories from there!

4 years ago

is the name of this group still being considered?  it doesn't seem like anyone is really talking about senior centers. i'm sure such centers do a lot to help older people and i don't mean to criticize them, but they sometimes also help to keep elders from being part of the mainstream of their community as they should be. i am more interested in getting rid of agism and ending the separation that exists within our communities. some elders may, for reasons of mental or physical health, have special needs as do many other younger people, but everyone should participate, and be encouraged to, in their community as their abilities allow no matter what their age...children, teenagers, young adults, the middleaged, as well as elders.


AND no group photo?

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4 years ago

this is an interesting article on what the hell we all should call these old people:


it seems someone will be offended no matter what! i don't particularly like all the attention these upstart "boomers" are getting making it seem like we older people don't mind the agism we are subjected to. there are now a lot of boomers coming into this last stage of life and for that reason changes will have to be made. i like "elder"...i think of societies where the wisdom of old people is respected and admired, but not the conotations that being called elderly bring to mind. "senior" seems like denial to me. i AM old and see nothing wrong or negative about doesn't mean that i'm weak and feeble and senile!


so, i think the name should reflect that older people ARE wise and capable without using terms that some find offensive, but makes it clear what the group is about...not easy criteria! i personally like "wise and witty ones" best so far....maybe drop the "ones"..."wise and witty.


any more ideas. oh and if you would like to use my picture of longevity symbol until you find one you like better, go would be better than a generic leaf with "no group photo" on it. a more encompassing group description might also attract more people.

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it's still the same, - roses smelling sweet
4 years ago

frankly speaking

frank's the man

if anyone can

frank's the 'can-do' man


the only age is now

i'm good to go





- the space time continuum takes me down

the road,.....

too too too funny and way too dummy!
4 years ago

shoulda been:

since we're speaking

of the jack man

if anyone can

jack's the 'can-do' man


the only age is now

i'm good to go





- the space time continuum takes me down

the road,.....


and let me remember most of it

( 'cause it sure did take some real true grit)




ops, for the previous post, Jack,

it was suppose to have been all about YOU*

Seniors Age Best!!!
4 years ago


4 years ago

well, now


no-one is getting back to this post~


what's in a name?

  1. a brand
  2. a reputation
  3. a sense of respect
  4. an invitation
  5. an attitude that inspires others
  6. a link to others
  7. a recognizable 'logo'
  8. a familiar term
  9. a word to remember
  10. a nomenclature of importance

Where's the gusto gang.?


Don't get bogged down in the bogged-down distractions,

Let's take a positive action,

and Make Seniors, Elders, the Wisdom of our years, a positive for all people.


Just participate and see what happens,.......       dot


4 years ago

hey, "wisdom of our years" about that for a name? i think all of your list apply and if a picture says a thousand words, what is the generic green leaf saying? to me, it says nobody really cares...

even with a more inclusive name and a good image and trying to do every possible thing one can think of to encourage members to be active, there is no garentee that it will work. i speak from experience and disallussionment from past group experiences, but i think if anyone really cares, they should make, at least an attempt to make it work.

4 years ago

we're off to see the wizard, - over the rainbow,.... :)
4 years ago

    Wisdom Of Our Years



- thanks, Rosemary~





J     Jack, - Congratulations on your Interview!  Please post    a link for All of us, and I hope my work computer can access without a technical difficulty, or a too large down load.




on down the river,



with friends!!!

4 years ago

damn computer lost my post. between care2 and my computer, not to even consider my lack of computer skills, i will go crazy!


look forward to your interview, jack!

"Wisdom of Our Years" is yours, dot...i just lifted from your post, but i like it! the chinese longevity symbol has no copywrite problems and could be used at least temporarily just to get rid of that awful leaf. it has been there for 4 years...come on!


what do you think ,jack? there are a number of suggestions throughout this thread. yo0u could try to get members to vote by sending out a host announcement. i wouldn't expect an overwhelming response as unfortunately many people in care2 are totally discouraged or never intended to be active members and feel no responsibility as member to make the group a good one. i will be very happy if i am wrong in my pessimism!

adding it all up
4 years ago

funny Girl


please please please don't be offended with my response,

as laughter has been my salvation,.....


yet, you do make me SMILE,

with your authentic expressions

and true to life way of saying how you feel*


I smile.


all these new toys are frustrating, - can't escape THAT!


but, no matter, you're getting with it, and doing it

and not letting the 'bastardos' get the best of you!

[at least not in the long run, Lol]



I completely forgot about where the name came from, Rosemary

but I still like it, anyway,....


pessimism can be underrated too, and sometimes it's the

critical minds who figure things out first, - we all add up

- the sum is greater than our parts, teehee -


- suppose to be,... -
4 years ago

- the whole

is greater than the sum of our parts -


and our memories,....

4 years ago

1. "The Age of Miracles"

2. "Old But New"

3. "Are We There Yet"

4. "The Age of the Silver Voices"

5. "As Far as I Can"

6. "The light Shines On"


Here are some titles you might want to mix and play with.

4 years ago

oh dot, i wouldn't be offended by anything you say, because i think i know you well enough to know you are a kind person who i respect. i think to be offended, ones ego has to be over inflated or very fragile. you could possible hurt my feelings. i always say that the only people who's opinion i take to heart are those whose opinion i respect. my daughter is one person who can hurt me the most without even meaning to, but i know she loves me at the same time.


i guess one can be too optimistic or too pessimistic. i try not to take my pessimism too seriously. i mean, i do believe what i say, but i still can see the other side of the picture to some extent...especially after i calm down! glad i can make you smile! sometimes i exagerate my negativity to hopefully shake some people up who seem too passive. that is one of the nice things about being old...i feel more comfortable expressing my feelings and one can get away with it easier by being a grumpy old woman!

thank you jack for the suggestions. i hope you will be putting in your feedback much more if you can. don't let my grumpyness put you off!

When we are young we think about young things......
4 years ago




I like it when we work up a little enthusiasm, a little steam heat, a little involvement,... such as I see happening, now,..........


Thanks for the 'you got me' @ hello, Rosemary, as I am pretty transparent, and unless threatened in some visceral or psychological manner, pretty tame~  Lol! 


The "get 'em moving" methods sometimes do involve every tactic we can muster, and you've expressed experience with the drama of exaggeration, which is kind of fun, and it just might get things done!!!  Probably a route most taken, -for sure, our society at large is exaggerating all kinds of things these dizzy days.


I enjoy the inspirational stuff, but, as you've pointed out, wisely too, might I add, Rosemary, - lots of folks barely tap into such an approach, but still, it suites me,....


The world needs inspiration, I believe.  Certainly, our lives are butting up against every challenge the human imagination can devise, and those who are "un-inspired" are numb enough to do whatever to get whatever, - we all know this.


Artists, Great Leaders, Gentle Geniuses, Monumental Leaders such as Gandhi, and Scientists who seek our salvation, - all of these inspired people effect change.  The thing we so often forget is the "6 degrees of separation" for anyone on our planet.  We never know exactly how any action we make will ripple throughout our world, perhaps to be the moment of clarity to someone struggling with a pivotal problem, and when just about to give it a last thought, - an inspiration has traveled like the butterflies wings to a remote spot and now is heard, as if - for the very first time.


We are all butterflies.

Keep your thoughts as wings upon the mysterious breath of life that brings our consciousness into focus as the morning light gives us new hope for any day.


We never know how our lives will be connected in some most unusual and significant way.


It inspires me!!! and I hope it inspires something good and wonderful in us all !!!

4 years ago

i do agree! and i used to feel that groups, when they were more active and supported, were a great place to express ideas and viewpoints and hear from many others with different opinions without hopefully being attacked or ridiculed. such a forum allows one to consider other ideas which might strengthen ones ideas or change them in some way. having strong opinions should be based on hearing as much as possible and ongoing thinking about ones ideas. that doesn't make one opinionated and changing ones opinion based on thoughtful evaluation of other ideas is not whimpy. i wish there were more people in this group and the few other groups i am in who were interested in expressing their opinions more often. i understand that some members are busy with jobs, family, and other irl things, but like bill thomas said people who talk about how busy they are often are not complaining...they are bragging.

4 years ago

OKAY, i'm voting for "Wisdom of Our Years" as the new group name and using the image of chinese longevity symbol as the group avitar.

anyone else voting? i am one of the world's worst procrastinators, but are we doing this or not. if not, i'm leaving...

4 years ago

i am very much opposed to isolating myself socially into any group, but i can see the usefulness of joining subgroups to further interests or a cause. i just looked up elder/senior groups on care2 and found that their really aren't any active groups and there were a lot of those generic green leaves. interesting because i would guess that most care2 members are elders or are well on their way. with that much passivity, no wonder there is so much agism...we are just sitting on that damn mountain top waiting to we deserve it!~

How about...
4 years ago

The Gold & Silver Coins?

4 years ago

hi martha! it is good to see another face here! i hope you will be joining in some of the discussions. there have been quite a few suggestions throughout this thread during the last 4 months and new ones are certainly welcome. are you voting for your suggestion?

4 years ago

I will stop in when I have the time. I'm involved in more projects at the moment. All members please feel free to take the lead in keeping the discussion going...........Johnny Angel/Jack Seniorest

4 years ago

i think four months is long enough to discuss. it's time to decide on a good respectable name and image that lets people know what this group is about. my feeling is that it should be about the broader issues and interests that effect older members of our society like agism, our role in society, and how to deal with health, retirement,  etc. i joined this group thinking that this was the direction that was being taken. if it is and a new name and image that reflects a broader and more complete image of what it means to be an elder then i will do all i can to support this group and try to find other members who are interested in the same.

4 years ago

Hi Rosemary, yes I'm voting for mine...Gold & Silver Dollars. I also suggested the name, The Golden Gang, a few months ago.

what's in a name - voting contest???
4 years ago

Take Note Jack~


The Group is requesting your leadership

regarding the process of this

"New Name for our group,... "

and would like to know how you

would like us to proceed.


Just a suggestion:

If you have a new discussion

with the names listed we could mark which one we like best

and see how this turns out. 


Perhaps an Care2-Ecard would work, too,.... ???  


Just giving it a plug*

4 years ago

oh poo! my post disappeared. i don't care. whatever happens, we each will do what we will do to fit our particular needs, pure and simple...

4 years ago

well, the name of the group and the description of the group can't be changed now until care2 will allow it, which they are not doing now. the generic leaf CAN be changed. the name and scope of the group can however be decided now and that information could be put on the billboard. i think a statement about censoring should also be made on the billboard. as it is now, this may not be a group that i can relate to, but i wish the group well.

Glitch in Care2, - a copy paste from another thread,
4 years ago

{regarding Rosemary's post on children, this is the 3rd attempt to post*}


right ON!, Rosemary

animals have some of those qualities

- > without guile ( I like to say,.... )

the world can take us from those states of innocence and

*foster fears, *jealousy, and even the destruction of *hatefulness

children are pure, and I've always loved their ways,

and their sincere efforts to communicate with honesty

it's the distractions of competition for survival which seems

to squelch those most attractive characteristics in our humanity

peer pressure can be one of the toughest of competitions

and parents who foster that competitive spirit will see

their children morph from innocence to someone

quite different

our cultures seem to re-enforce this dynamic,

and from what I've observed, most folks go along with the


without questioning "where will this take us, ultimately?"

Change - our hope for the 'best' yet to come
4 years ago

the only thing we can expect in life with any certainty is





I pray continuously for our best.


I must live in faith and know that we are not in control of things,

and that

The "unspeakable" Creator has control, and therefore,

live in the care of the One who conceived my soul.


And continue to pray for the best with faith in this "unspeakable" Yahweh.

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