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Renewable Hydrogen Economy(construction about to begin)
5 years ago
| hydrogen

The renewable hydrogen economy is about to begin construction visit let discuss the detail and plan a new economy and new future for the earth

Interesting group No Body!!!!
5 years ago

Sounds like a future to look forward to considering the mess that we are living in right

5 years ago

Sounds like an environmental ideal I could learn to love, but I do have questions regarding the monopolization of the specified companies and bank. In essence, one company, funded by "us",  wants to completely buy out 7 huge companies, including Google and Apple, use the profits to buy up shares in 6 more companies (including itself), put trillions upon trillions of dollars into ONE bank (ever hear about putting all your eggs in one basket?), then use that bank to pay off loans it made "from itself to itself" (since all 7  companies' funds would be located in that bank, anyway).


While I love the ideal of turning the planet back into a self-sustaining unit, where we again do more good than harm, I truely believe there is something fundamentallly fishy about the money issues involved in this plan.

web site update
5 years ago

donation by paypal has been added to the site

Solar hydrogen economy electricity & fuel levy
5 years ago

web site update
I've working out a monthly donation over forty years to replace oil based fuel and coal fired electricity with solar hydrogen
get it out

web site update
5 years ago

Solar Hydrogen by 2050 logo

A logo for financial members to add to their web site and email signature

With copy and paste html code

(coming in dec 2010- with web site upgrade by Web105 plus new features)

cost- $3,000

Add cause to your "my page" profile
5 years ago

hi Utopians

I've invented the cause "Solar Hydrogen by 2050"

You can join this cause and add the cause to your "my page" profile by clicking on the link below

Together we can make it the number one cause on care2

5 years ago

I like a model where Future Earth doesn't need money.  Think that's impractical?  As recently as 1995 you could trade for everything in Taos, New Mexico.  And still live simply and well.

5 years ago

Hi my fellow solar hydrogen utopians

I've made some changes to the weekly financial reporting of Craig Clark Corporation. To improve the flow of information on the information superhighway. To provide 100% transparency.

I created a new group dedicated to 100% transparency of the financial history of Craig Clark Corporation. It is update every monday. So under my new business model. The financial reporting of the stock exchange business is every three months. Under my new business model I have increase the financial reporting rate to 52 times per year. An upgrade of 1300%

The new group is called
No Body's Cyber-Kingdom

You can find the group by care2 group search or clicking on the group in the "my page" section. just click on No Body's face

5 years ago


There are three types of hydrogen powered economy. 1) renewable hydrogen, 2)nuclear hydrogen 3)fossil fuel hydrogen.

Renewable hydrogen can be broken down into types of renewable energy. Solar which is the type of hydrogen that I support and I have create a non-profit startup web site. To raise capital investment for Solar Hydrogen By 2050. So I would go into detail of solar hydrogen in this article. As you can visit my web site from more details and my business plan at If I have sparked our interest with my past stories.

Why tyres of renewable hydrogen other an solar. Well their wind, geothermal, wave power. They as well as solar have about the same construction cost to meet full supply of the fuel market at about $1000,000,000,000,000 in contraction cost over a forty year period to meet the deadline of 2050. For the depletion of crude oil. I costed out solar hydrogen to meet a future population of 9,000,000,000 by 2050 and 5,000,000,000 hydrogen powered vehicle by 2100. The UN estimate for vehicle ownership in 2050 is at 2,000,000,000 vehicles an average hydrogen consummation over the entire transport(heavy transport plus personal transport).At 1,500 kilograms of hydrogen per vehicle. Or a total world demand in 2100 for 5,,000,000,000 hydrogen powered vehicles at 7,500,000,000 metric tons of hydrogen gas per year. The stable price of renewable hydrogen to cover maintain cost and achieve profitability. Is about $15.00 per kilograms.

Some important facts about hydrogen it has about three times the energy content. When compare the diesel and unleaded on a kilogram per kilogram bases. So you get three times the gas milage when compared to diesel and unleaded per kilogram. A bit of trivia the dude the invented the inter combustion engine, ran his prototype on hydrogen. So the standard inter combustion engine can be modify to run on hydrogen. Current car manufactures all have prototypes of hydrogen powered vehicle. Using fuel cell technology the same technology that NASA has used to provide electricity to the gemini, apollo and space shuttle space vehicles.
Fuel cell tune hydrogen and oxygen into electricity via chemical reaction. And produces a byproduct of water. Burning hydrogen in a inter combustion engine also produces a byproduct water.

Renewable Hydrogen has a lifecycle that start with splitting of the water molecule Via an electricity current. Example solar panels product electricity. Which is used to transform the water molecule into two gas of hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere. And the hydrogen place in store to use as fuel. When the hydrogen consume in a fuel cell or inter combustion engine. It is transform back into a water molecule. So it is 100% recyclable, 100% sustainable technology. With the uses of solar with is based on mining of silicon to an ultra pure level about 99.9% pure element. Silicon is list in the top ten element in the earth's crust based on molecular weight(weight of the atom).

Nuclear hydrogen has the same renewable lifecycle as renewable hydrogen. Starting as a water molecule, with being spilt by nuclear electricity. And return to the water molecule stage through useable fuel cycle. The problem the nuclear hydrogen is nuclear radioactive waste, the possibility on nuclear meltdown. And longer term supply issues for uranium. Uranium is a rare element in the earth's crust and has a total lifespan based on mine-able uranium ore reserves world wide. To translate into about 25 years supply of nuclear Hydrogen at 100% demand and usage for hydrogen gas.

Fossil fuel hydrogen is produce by chemically cracking natural gas hydrocarbon molecules. To remove the hydrogen atoms of the hydrocarbon molecule. Leaving a byproduct of co2. Fossil fuel hydrogen produce as much co2 prefer kilogram of cracked natural gas. But it isn't really an options as world natural gas supplies are due to reach a depleted state at the same timeframe as the depletion of crude oil in 2050.

World wide we have technology to use hydrogen at the level of vehicle manufactures. The crude oil giants have the technology to build the hydrogen gas refuelling station network. But have the only startup web site dedicated to the wholesale production of renewable hydrogen. And then wholesale production of solar hydrogen is the largest startup cost of the hydrogen economy. At $2,000,000,000,000 Too start the corporation size and skills to build the solar hydrogen infrastructure at the wholesale end of the hydrogen economy. At a total construction cost of $3,000,000,000,000,000 over a one hundred year period. But i'm current forty years old so in 2050 I'll be dead. So the depletion of crude oil and it's effects on living standards and the global economy will not effect my life. I have no child or grand child. So my offspring well not be affected by the end of the fossil fuel age(diesel and unleaded plus aviation fuel) but your offspring will be alive to feel the full impact of a society returning to human powered transport via the bicycle and the horse.

thank you for sharing my dream
craig j clark
CEO of Craig Clark Corporation

The doom & gloom of the depletion of crude oil by 2050
5 years ago

The doom & gloom of the depletion of crude oil by 2050

I could write on personal opinion of the doom and gloom scenario of life in 2050 with the collapse of the crude oil fuel industry. And the impacts on life in the develop world. With the end of the transport industry and industrial farming. Plus the inability of cities above 100,000 people to transport food to meet food demands from surrounding family farms. That would return to manual labour farming practices to grow food. An example are the mega cities like Sydney which suck farm goods from out to a radius of about 2,000 kilometres from the centre point. There is no way the farming community and transport sector meet the challenge of grow harvesting and transporting enough food to meet the demands of Sydney's population without fossil fuel. if we do not start on building a replacement fuel supply now. House prices would drop to rock bottom price of zero dollars per house. As Sydney would have hyper inflated price in the the food from the reduction of food supplies by a 100 fold. People would be force to leave their homes in the mega cities of the world. To return to a hobby farm lifestyle to grow the own food via manual labour. The refugees of the cities would have zero assets. having to leave their city homes for zero cash out in a property market that has zero buyers. The Bank sector would go into total meltdown. From the bankruptcy city business and home owners. The number of homeless people walking into the rural society would be about one billion world wide in the developed world. But the third world would be under affected. Their lives would continue as normal they have no access to crude oil. Are all really live manual labour farming lifestyles.

But no one wants to hear unhappy stories about the future

thank you for sharing my dream
craig j clark
CEO of Craig Clark Corporation

The long term goals of craig clark corporation
5 years ago

The long term goals of craig clark corporation

Long term goals for craig clark corporation(non-profit freewill global government) Is up to 2100 build a goal empire with 100% penetration in all national economy. With a main market share world wide in the retail food industry, computer hardware and software plus wireless broadband industry, mining industry combined with a 100% share the wholesale solar hydrogen and renewable electricity industry. To build of global sale bases of one hundred trillion dollars by 2100. With 10% profit at ten trillion with seven point five trillion transfer to select aid agencies. To build living standards in third world and end poverty and turn the third world countries into develop nation as trading partners of current develop nations block. As well as guarantee living standards in the current develop world trading block.

I have huge dreams for the future of our planet. Apart of being schizophrenic is that our dreams are unrealistic and too big for the size of my our head The issue of climate change and the impacts on the develop world are a storm in a tea cup. Next to the depletion of crude oil it potential impacts on the develop world

thank you for sharing my dream
craig j clark
CEO of Craig Clark Corporation

The Atheist's Bible
5 years ago

The Atheist's Bible

The Atheist's Bible is book of untold personal power, freedom and knowledge. Every member of humanity is born with their own individual copy. It's page are written by the individuals dreams and aspirations, their life experiences, their quest for knowledge and their own ability to judge what is right and what is wrong. No two Atheist's bibles are identical. Each individual's bible is as individual and beautiful as each member of humanity is.

The Atheist's Bible is a book of untold personal power, freedom and knowledge if you have the courage to unlock it's pages and explore the limitless boundaries of your own mind.

The fundamental foundation of the Atheist's Bible is the belief in one's self
It is the most powerful book that has ever been written in humanities history

The Atheist's Bible is your own mind

A fundamental belief of The Atheist's Bible- is the power of an individual's mind is more important, than personal popularity or fame


Master Sun is my teacher
Mother nature is my guardian
I'm their warrior of peace
The Earth is my church
The trees are the pillars that hold up my roof
The animals are my angels
Humanity was meant to be the guardians of the earth and it's creatures
Not the destroyers of it

thank you for sharing my dream
craig j clark
CEO of Craig Clark Corporation

5 years ago


The 36 hour Aztec Time System is based on the 360 degrees of a circle
1) their are 36 hours to day, the clock starts at midnight, 36 hours equals 24 hours
2) one hour of Aztec time equals 10 degrees of a circle, one hour of aztec time equals 40 minutes of 24 hour time
3) one minute of Aztec time equals 1 degrees of a circle, 10 Aztec minutes equals one Aztec hour, one Aztec minute is equaled to 4 minutes of 24 hour time
4) one second of Aztec time equals 1/1,000,000th of a degree of a circle, with 1,000,000 Aztec seconds equaling one Aztec minute. one Aztec second equals 240 millionth of a second in 24 hour time.
5) like 24 hour, 36 hour time divides the world into 36 time zones( with 10 degrees of the earth's circumference in each time zone).
The 36 hour(circle based) Aztec Time is mathematical time. That fits in with the metric measuring system
6) the meridian time line for zero hour will be return to Paris, France, were it started.

We will introduce legislation to change the time from 12 hour or 24 hour to 36 hour. Each 10 years for the people to vote on. Until 36 hour time has been introduced world wide

Perhaps an Apple unix programmer will build an Aztec 36 hour digital widget with world 36 hour timezones. An add a bit of fun to time widgets

Example my office hours
(under 24 hour time)
5.00 to 17.00 365 days per year
(under 12 hour time)
5.00 am to 5.00 pm 365 days per year
(under 36 hour time)
7/05/000,000 to 25/05/000,000 365 days per year


The Aztec 36 hour GPS system is more accurate by a factor of 27,700%. It equals

36 degrees
10 minutes
1,000,000 seconds

compared t the current GPS system of,
360 degrees
60 minutes
60 seconds

hyddrogen economy
5 years ago

two words, good job! just wanna ask you something curious me. does a car can run with water ? splitting water into hydrogen and use it to combustion the engine without fuelcell in it? thanks.

hi kurniawan
5 years ago

A bit of trivia on the internal combustion the inventor who invented the internal combustion engine ran this prototype on hydrogen gas. The power requirements(electricity) to spilt water is about 49 kilowatt hours of electricity to produce one kilogram(2.2 pounds) of hydrogen gas. So the power generation ability of the internal combustion. Is below the requirement to spilt water out of a fuel tank and convert pure water into the fuel of hydrogen oxygen at the rate to supply the fuel needs of an internal combustion engine

so for the current technology of the internal combustion engine to use hydrogen as a fuel. We need off site(out of the car) hydrogen generating ability for solar hydrogen farms in the deserts of the world