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links of the new age generation
5 years ago
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hi my utopian seekers to change the world

In this thread add your personal web site and a review of personal efforts and business plans to save the eco system and the planet

see ya
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5 years ago

the is an interesting web site and global movement to replace traditional farming with organic farming. It is an opportunity town based utopians to have a holiday on an organic farm for zero dollars. You exchange free labour(about 3 to 4 hours per day) for three organic meals and a bed. it is an opportunity to learn the science of organic farming or gardening expansed for network and meet interesting people. Most of the organic farmers list in the woofer book for each nation specialize in singles and couples but some many accept families. The work contracts vary from one day to a week. The cost of a woofer book is about $50 dollars for a one year access the woofer network per nation.

you can use the woofer book for national or international holidays

rainbow power company
5 years ago

The company start in the 1980s. Their are hippies and nature lovers from Nimbin, nsw, Australia. They specialize into home renewable energy solutions, using solar, micro wind turbines, micro hydro system and battery banks. Their are one of the first members in this new industry in the early 80s. There have a global market based, their main focus is the pacific ocean region. But they are happy to help all earthlings. They have a strong market based with the pacific islanders

5 years ago

this is an australian company with a global market base. They specialize in recumbent trikes starting at about $5,000 australian up to $10,000 australian

My preferred greenspeed trike is the GTU ute 3B it has a three foot ute body and a carrying capacity of 100 Kilograms(330 pounds). I'm current saving my money to buy the top of the range off the trike with drivetrain of Schlumpf high speed drive and The Rohloff SPEEDHUB 14 speed internal hub, which gives me a total 28 individual gears that can be change like the gearbox on a motorbike. The cost of this trike(GTU ute 3 is in the $10,000 australian range. The reason I like the GTU ute 3B is it has the carrying capacity to carry my weekly shopping. This trike not on their current trike list, but they will manufacture it on individual requests

the link for the GTU ute 3B

I think it's the best option for ditching your car and saving up too $300 per week on the cost of car ownership

woofer hosting for families that are town bound
5 years ago

And idea for town bound families to gain access to free woofer holidays.

Is for town based families to join their national woofer organization as woofer hosts that specialize in weekly long town based holidays for the country bound woofer host family

The idea is that our country cousins in the woofer hosting network can access a free town based holiday. The adults would spend 3 to 4 hours a day teaching you organic gardening and help you to build your garden over a five day week and on the weekend you would show them the main tourism attraction in your town. And you would trade holidays. So one week of the year you would be a woofer host and the next week you would be a woofer family visiting your country woofer connection

you would need a double bed for mum and dad and all the children would sleep in the living room inflatable mattress . It would be like a big sleep over party for a week the kids would have a ball

5 years ago

this is a new web site that I have only just discover. It is a web site for people that are always writing stories. This web site pays people to post their stories on the site. how they generate the revenue via google advertisement on the site and turn into writers fee. I'm unclear about it. But I have load up to 15 stories and my current monthly income from those 15 stories is at 5 cents

The 10:10 Global Initiative
5 years ago

The 10:10 Global site is the HUB site for all of the various 10:10 groups that now exist around the globe.  This initiative started in the UK with Lizzie Gillett and Franny Armstrong, two wonderful and inspiring women who created a film called The Age of Stupid.

This is the info posted on their "about" page:

An ambitious project to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now...

10:10 was initially launched as a UK campaign on the 1st September 2009, but on that very first day we received an email from Malaysia: "Hi! I'd love to start a 10:10 campaign here. What do I do?".

Over 100 enquiries followed in the next few months, until we finally admitted we had to go global.

Since then, 10:10 has taken off in 40 countries, and there are new hubs gearing up all the time.

Find out how it all began, or read on for some highlights of the 10:10 Global journey so far....

Also see a new Care2 group:  10:10 Care2 to join the cause and to participate in discussions about activism, ways to cut your personal CO2 emissions, and to find ways to get friends, family, neighbours, local businesses, charities, join the 10:10 Global cause.

The Phoenix Hydrogen Co-op
4 years ago

The new feature web site for this group "Solar Hydrogen by 2050"

can be found at