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New field in medicine- the study of scar tissue
5 years ago
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The think that many disease and medical surgery side affects and be explained via the study of scar tissue growth

Basic definition of scar tissue: Is a type tissue that has a high fat concentration to fuel the regrowth of human cells within a type of scar tissue(organ).

for example

cholesterol could be a source of of scar tissue for different types of blood molecules. Each different type of blood molecule, white blood cells or red blood cells. would have a different type of scar tissue(different type of cholesterol). Smokers would be infected with high level of scar tissue(cholesterol) for the red blood cell. Aids victims would be infected with high levels of scar tissue(cholesterol) for the white bloods

organ transplants. have to fight organ rejection. Which could be descried as the rapid grow of scar tissue that cuts off the blood supply. The clotting of blood in organ transplants operations that cause death within 48 hours. could be describe as the rapid growth of scar tissue within the blood system

Different types of scar tissue via different types of organs. have different growth rates and different growth lifespans

in heart surgery. the growth of scar tissue is slow and the growth lifespan is almost infinite. It is the growth of scar tissue from a heart bypass. That cause heart attack for 100% of all bypass surgery patience's

different types of cancer can be define as different types of scar tissue growth in different organs. Due to microscopic internal bleeding of the organs cells within each type of organ. And each organ has a different type of scar tissue(cancer)

Diseases of the mind, such as stokes and old times. Maybe the growth of scar tissue for the mind as away of fixing microscopic bleeding of the brain cells. This growth of scar tissue is different for blood vesicles and individual brain cells. the growth of scar tissue of microscope bleed of a blood vesicles is rapid and this growth of scar tissue cuts off the flow of blood to individual parts of the mind, which leads to partial death for an entire sector of the mind.

where for old timers we get scar tissue growth a the cell level(the same a cancer growth). which is a slow growing scar tissue, with an infinite grow lifespan. So as the the growth of scar tissue expanses for the point of creation(the first cell to be infected with microscopic internal bleeding). This slow and infinite growth of scar tissue for old timers, cause the human mind to change the primary function of the infected brain cells. from processing information, to becoming offline and listed as being in a recovery or repair state. So as the scar tissue in an old timers mind increases sector by sector. The number of brain cells listed via the operational program of the mind as being offline(in a state of recovery) grows. And as the number of brains cells per sector decrease. The number of disabilities of old timers increases due to an decrease in the number of brains within that sector of the mind, that available to process the programs need for each sector of the mind

Until the growth of scar tiissue in an old timers reaches the level, that the mind does not has the processing power left to maintain control over the human body. which results in death

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the role of dopamine within a schizophrenic mind
5 years ago

the role of dopamine within a schizophrenic mind

The role of dopamine within the normal: the dopamine gland beginning the follow of dopamine every night within the normal mind. it is the role of dopamine to take the processing power of the mind offline each night for eight to ten hour day to daily repair and recovery of brain cells. it is the increased dopamine levels of sleep that create dreams.

In a schizophrenic mind- the mind learns to function with high levels of dopamine over the 24 hours period. These high levels of dopamine within the schizophrenic mind creates the daytime dreaming state. that causes the voices and visual dreams(or a dream over laid of minds digital color data from the eyes). As the schizophrenic mind grows the 24 hour level of dopamine increase. which decreases the ability of a schizophrenic mind to sleep(due to the nature ability of the dopamine gland to fire dopamine s high enough to causes normal sleep patterns.

Many under treated schizophrenics use high quality cannabis(such as skunk) to sleep. In my 20's I was a casual user of cannabis and it would always cause me to sleep. The higher the quality of cannabis the longer I would sleep. For six months when I was 22 I smoke skunk about three times per day and I sleep for and average of 18 hours per day. 10 hours at night and three hours after my breakfast joint and three hours after my lunch joint.

In my personal treatment for schizophrenia. I only desire medicine to take at night to increase my dopamine levels to a high enough level to induces sleep. I smoke cigarettes which cause a small increase in my day time dopamine levels. As a schizophrenic I need high level of dopamine to function normal. And if it was legal and I had cheap access to cannabis(skunk) I would prefer a joint of skunk each night to sleep as my medication

People with normal minds that use cannabis to gain the dopamine levels of a schizophrenic mind. So for people with normal daytime dopamine levels. that uses of cannabis, it cause dopamine levels in the mind to increase to the level of a schizophrenic mind but not high enough induce sleep

the pure schizophrenic mind of child
5 years ago

As a child born with a natural schizophrenic. My natural nighttime dopamine levels were so high, that my level of sleep(as a percentage of mind shut down was so high that I had no dreams during the hours of sleep) and my nature dreaming time due to increase natural dopamine level is during the day. So during the day my natural dopamine levels are the same as the dopamine levels. As of the same levels of dopamine that cause sleep in a normal mind.

Under cannabis(skunk) therapy my dopamine levels from smoking a joint of skunk is the same a my childhood dopamine sleep levels. So under cannabis(skunk) therapy I have a dreamless sleep.

A part of future schizophrenic treatment for natural born schizophrenic. should include sleep therapy that induces dopamine levels to the requirement of a schizophrenic mind to induce dreamless sleep

For people who are born with a normal mind, who have the under lining features of a schizophrenic mind because of heavy cannabis use. Their treatment would be to end cannabis abuse. Which will lead to a full recovery. Natural born schizophrenics are only casual users of high quality cannabis(skunk). As an individual sleep therapy

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the dark side of a pure schizophrenic mind
5 years ago

As a rule people born with a pure schizophrenic are very easy go people and it's take us a long time for us to become angry. But if someone hurts us, it may take many days/hours for us to become angry. And when we become angry we become very angry. And when we are angry we're very good fighters. And can cause a levels of physics of assault in a very short time against the person that has hurt us. or we become so angry that we just blow our own heads off. very few schizophrenic use weapons. we love the uses of hand to hand combat. we are the type of people that don't start fights we only finish them. until our angry drains away with each hit

People that become angry and violent under the effects of alcohol or cannabis are normal minded people that can not handle the dopamine levels our the power level of a schizophrenic mind. that alcohol or cannabis abuse infects on the normal mind. But as people who are born with a pure schizophrenic mind. we learn to lives with the power of a schizophrenic from the first day of birth. So for those of us born with a pure schizophrenic mind we have a life time to learn to live with the power of a schizophrenic mind. so someone who is born with a pure schizophrenic mind has 18 yearly experience with our type of mind before we taste the effects of alcohol or cannabis. which something a normal mind does not have. so the normal mind is twisted by the schizophrenic mind when it is induced in normal people via alcohol and cannabis. some people can not handle the rush of a schizophrenic mind, some can

the morals and ethics of a pure schizophrenic mind
5 years ago

the morals and ethics of a pure schizophrenic

Is the highest level of morals and ethics of many individual born on earth

As a pure schizophrenic my morals and ethics have a high degree of define. We have the clearest view of what is right and wrong. And current society does not support us and does not support our level of morals and ethics. So as we grow up we find more and that the morals and ethics of society is wrong. So a pure schizophrenic has two choices one commit suicide to escape a society that does not support or morals and ethics or drop out of society and refuse to be apart in a society that does not follow morals and ethics of clearly define rights and wrongs

Our we become philosophers that write about our view of the utopian society of our morals and ethics. These view of the morals and ethics of a pure schizophrenic are viewed as being of step with class system of society. There the class system of the develop world or the class system of religion

jesus christ was a pure schizophrenic, buddha was a pure schizophrenic, in the taoist religion lao tzu and sun tzu writing's can be viewed as the teaching of a pure schizophrenic mind. Under our natural levels or moral and ethics

I have face many problems in society because of my pure schizophrenic mind. But now that I'm 39 and I understand the power of my pure schizophrenic mind. I think I'm the lucky one because of the way I was born. An I'm starting like my famous pure schizophrenic to write my atheist/taoist text, which is my web site

the true story of the life of jesus christ
5 years ago

I could write a more accuracy account about the life of jesus christ as a pure schizophrenic and the correct story of the creation of the christian bible. For which the knowledge for this story is lifted out of the"dead seas scrolls"

You know hard core christians of this group hate hearing the true about the life or teaching of jesus. So I only add the story if someone ask me too

5 years ago

Your insights on the subject are intriguing. I'm just a manic depressive,but taking medication for it.My mother was diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic,however,she was very intelligent considering her problems.I can relate with what your saying,from my experience and my mom's as well.Thanks for sharing.

the story of evolution of modern man
5 years ago

In the beginning of the evolution of modern man. There was three pure bloods of mankind. Modern man if the hybrids or half cases of these three pure breeds

Goliath= have the pure schizophrenic with genetics of the highest morals and ethnics the goliath mind is a mind that at the age of 25 to 30 stops sleeping. And the hunger of a goliath mind creates the brutality to become a hunter. The Goliath is a 100% meat eater. the hunting style of the goliath mind is a walking attack style. their can walk until their find an animal that is a sleep or the walk a herd of buffalo over a period of 24 hours. The buffalo would keeping away from goliath under the buffalo's hunger force the buffalo to stop and start eating grass at this point. Goliath is able to close the distance to hand to hand combat to kill the buffalo. After the first kill goliath sets up camp and cooks the buffalo. The smell of cooked meat brings in the large cats to the camp site. then goliath kills the predator cats and expanses their meat meal. The pure schizophrenic mind of Goliath has the morals and ethics the state we walk until we fore fill the hunger of our stomach. The pure schizophrenic mind of Goliath means the can hunt almost non stop of a full month

Berry eater. The berry eater mind is born the generic morals and ethics of a pure natural lover. Their hunger does not create the level of brutality to hunt. But morals and ethics of the berry eater mind gives them the ability to judge and learn via sight the good berries and the bad berries. And berry eaters classifies raw meat or cook meat over five days old as bad berries. The morals and ethnics of a berry eater state that they will eat cook meat as long as their are not required to kill the animal

The pigs of humanity: the pure breed has no generic morals and ethnics. They have no ability of judge or learn the difference between good berries and bad berries and they will eat all types of meat. They are a pack predator. the morals and ethnics of the pigs of humanity will rape anything women and child and each other

The story of creation from the three pure breeds

hybrid: of the pigs of humanity and the berry eater- was create via the rape of female berry eaters from the pigs of humanity

hybrid: pure berry eater

hybrid: of goliath and berry eater. was create via Goliath's moral and ethics to war one on one war against the pigs of humanity. A male goliath of walk across the rape of a berry eater via the pigs of humanity. And kill all of or a large percentage of the pack of the pigs of humanity and free the female berry eater. When the berry eater has found her protector. she follows the goliath and would create friendship and lover teaching the goliath about the berries. In exchange for berries goliath would hunt and cook meat for the female berry eater. This created the first society base on the pure morals and ethics of goliath, which the type of society in ancient asia societies. The religion of buddhism and taoist are religions based on the morals and ethics of Goliath

The three major religion of christian, and Judaism and islam are based on the type of society on the morals and ethics of the pigs of humanity. all three religion support the males as the ruling class and the right of the male of the pigs of humanity to rape women and child of the berry eater. the society of the pigs of humanity are at war with the rebirth of pure goliath's or pure schizophrenic(the devil worshippers of all three religions)

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