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Greetings everyone
1 year ago

I'm new to the group and just wanted to say hello!

3 years ago

Osiyo everyone I hope all is well for everyone.....

4 years ago

welcome to the group Sharon R.

4 years ago
welcome to the group Mesa W. hope you enjoy it
4 years ago

welcome to the group Gloria W.

Welcome To The Group
4 years ago

We welcome posts only on none religious or political subjects..Everyone has their own idea on what religion is and how their diety should be worshipped and politics is very similar..Posts on religion may be posted as long as members are not told who or how to believe in or worship and the same goes for politics..

Welcome To the group and please share if you wish or just sit back and enjoy reading the postings..There are many years of posting on various subjects contained in the archive section of the group..

I now spend time on the facebook group I started which has a world wide audience..You can find me on facebook at the group titled Perceptions of a Cherokee Elder..

Make yourself right at home here on the group because a group is only as good as it's members make it..

James Robert Ruunningfox Moss

4 years ago
welcome to the group Kim W and Nora H enjoy  and post anything that you want to
5 years ago


5 years ago

Yes Hi John here Aka queerspirit. I'm following the red road red is my favorite color as well. Native american's are a whole people. The native traditions are so far superior than white man's. I'm white by the way on the outside not the inside.

Red man = Native american
Yellow= Asian

Think about this red favorite color. Yellow is my birth color is that coincidence. I think It's interconnectedness accordingly to buddhist theory. Here is one more U.S. Marine colors are Red and yellow I served 4 years actively. As well 18 over in asia. So you also have native american's who originally came from asia. Isn't wonderful I'm so interconnected.

Thanks for reading

5 years ago
New on "the Road"
5 years ago

Thank you for creating this group as a way for others to share and learn. I am a new Red Road traveler and I joined to be connected with others sharing this journey. Many things are revealing themselves to me and I am learning many things from hawk medicine. Thank you again.

Thank You
5 years ago

Thank you for starting this group. I am new and am here to listen and learn. I am originally from of the many who have always been told that I am "part Cherokee". I can find no genealogical evidence of this, only family tradition, however my family has always lived on Cherokee lands. I have heard that many Cherokee never registered with the government, because of restrictions, and fear of being sent away. I have lived in VA. now for most of my life. While I know I also have English and Scots-Irish blood, more and more I feel the draw of the Cherokee blood that must be there. As a follower of Jesus, I have been sorely disappointed in what I see happening in some churches (not all) in terms of unloving treatment of the wounded who need love, care, and nurture, and I see in American Indian beliefs the same truths I hold dear, that so many seem to have lost sight of. Because of this, my husband and I run a ministry to help people who have been hurt by the church, or who simply need help, and do what we can through a free clothes bank, band, and other avenues. I am here to give myself some additional grounding, support, and also to be of any small help I can to anyone in need. I have been reading the Elders Meditation for about a month now, and have found it to be helpful and truthful, with a freshness I have not felt in some time. And so, I humbly submit myself to sit at your feet and learn. The warmth feels so nice as I stretch my hands out towards the flames! Thank You!

Red Road
5 years ago
This is a new direction on the Path, Red Road that my Creator has guided me to. I look forward to another avenue of discovery into the life of Peace, Honesty, Respect, Kindness and Gratitude. Thank You all who journey with me in the Spirit of the Creator. Cynthia
5 years ago

Greetings everyone. This is a new direction in life for me. I am happy to be learning.


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5 years ago
Dear Everyone,
Alo! (that is hello in Portuguese, pronounced ah'LOW!)
I came across this lovely welcome(I've been a member of this group for awhile--and it warmed me.  I wanted to thank you for it.  It made my day, and I hope all ofyou have a wonderful week!
Great Group to Belong to.
5 years ago

Greetings to all. As I glanced through the list of discussions in this group, I felt rather excited about being a part of this group. Even though some discussions may be closed, it's great to go back into the archives to familiarize myself  in the Native American way of life right from them. Of course, I never really accepted much propaganda from Hollywood films (even though Dances With Wolves was my favorite) and even from our government who I cannot totally trust. I need to hear it straight from the people that I have much love for deep within my heart.

Ha-Ho! Hello!
7 years ago
I am a member of the Ho-Chunk-Gra Nation from the Elk clan. My Native name is TT-TTo-Ni-K
I am a Grandfather and the things I like to do are Worship the Creator, vision quest 4 times a year,sweatlodge,make new friends and pray for my enemies.

7 years ago


7 years ago

I am glad to be here. I have had a fascination with cultures around the world. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

7 years ago


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7 years ago

Siyo everyone! 

7 years ago

Greetings to all new members, please make yourself at home  Please feel free to post on all things indian

7 years ago


I just wanted to say Thank You for the Native American Traditional Code of Ethics.  I have seen something similar, but this is excellent - I have put it up in my office so that I can see it at all times.

Thank you,


7 years ago

Hi there,

I have just joined this group recently and thought I would drop by and let you know a little about myself. I am a 38 yr old female originally from the UK now living in Sotuh Africa.  I have a passion for Native American Indians and am interested in learning the ways/the path. I am not sure when my interested started, but it was from a very young age, along with my interest in the Native American Indian Culture I am also drawn to Wolves and Horses.  I have chosen a different spiritual path to my family and friends and feel close and at peace with Nature.

Have a Blessed Day,


Hello all
8 years ago

Sorry for not stopping in and introducing myself sooner. I have been back and forth taking care of my Mom and recovering from a lovely blood clot in my left lung. I just wanted to say hello and look forward to reading thru the posts.


8 years ago

no worries about posting.  Mostly for reading and learning.  I'm the one that likes to interact but with a teenager son and almost teenager son, both into sports, my life gets plenty busy.  plus I'm working 2 jobs so online time is sometimes nil.

just be sure to say hi once in awhile and along with Jan.

Sunny wonderful warm weather today, in the 70 and icy rain for tomorrow makes one glad for what they have.

8 years ago

Thank you so much Jan and Reg for the invite, My given name is Joyce but my friends all call me Juice [long story] I was born in England and my family moved to Australia when I was 6, I have 3 adult children and 3 dogs 1 cat and a number of goldfish in a pond, I have read much of what has been written here and am touched by so much of it. I may not always post, but do come  to look and learn. Am trying to learn the Spanish but find it very hard, will keep trying. Once again thank you to all that come here and teach. Love and hugs Juice

8 years ago
Sweet_Dreams-1.jpg Sweet Dreams image by Cherokee1peke2Goodnight everyone, hugs Jan and Reg.
8 years ago

12-1.jpg NATIVE AMERICAN image by kasandrra21Hi Everybody,looking back on this post i had forgotten to introduce my self properly, i'm sorry, so if you dont mind i would like to it now.

Our names are Jan and Reg, we live in Australia and we have both been very interested in the Native American culture for a very long time, we have a couple of Native American freinds that we keep in touch with on a regular basis,one in Texas and the other in New Mexico, we Live on a small farm and have lots of animals, three sheep, 2 dogs, 8 cats, ducks, chickens, and wild possums that live in our roof, and lots of wild birds that come to visit us all the time. We are easy going people who love life and try to live it the best we can and to the fullest,

Thanks for listening, have a wounderful night and a safe one, all our love Jan and Reg.

8 years ago


 Saturday, 4:53 AM

Thank you for the invite Terry

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Group History Thank You Terry! Sunday, 9:14 AM

Thank you Terry for your invite to the group!  This is so exciting to me for I have always been interested in native american culture. In my home town, Macon, Georgia, we have the National Ocmulgee Indian Grounds which I have visited many times, including Pow Pows there and in other cities in Georgia.  Georgia is rich in native american history.

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Group History Thank you Sunday, 8:09 PM

Hi and thank you.  I was on my evening walk down by the river and I had an amazing experience.  First my friend lonely goose stopped by to say goodbye.  He has been hanging out  there alone for the past couple of days.  It seems unusual to see a lone goose, it seems I always see them in pairs.  I hope he has found his mate and has flown off on his migratory path with new found hope.  I stopped on the bridge to cast off negativity and fear.  Then to say thank you for all of my blessings: my life, children, grandchild, health, home, another wonderful day on the planet, the sun

8 years ago

Group History New to the Group Friday, 11:25 PM

Hello! Thank you for the invite Terry! I will check back in tomorrow! Hugs!

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Group History  Friday, 11:59 PM

My name is EL and I am honored to be here in this beautiful group... thank you Terry for your invitation.. I look forward to learning so much and seeing you here.

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Thank you for the invite Terry

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8 years ago

3horseswaterreflection.gif 3 horses water reflection image by Pamelia_and_Stormi_SongBirdHi Everybody, may you all have a blessed day and a safe one,

it's 9: am Tuesday morning here, it's going to be very warm 27degrees today and tomorrow we are back to the high teens and rain. have a great day everyone, and make it a safe one. love and hugs Jan and Reg.

8 years ago

Walelu and JanSmiley from

siyo, pouring rain here...... and Monday's almost over.

8 years ago

Greetings Brothers & Sisters

8 years ago
27.jpg NATIVE AMERICAN image by kasandrra21Hi Diane, glad you had a good day, it has been warm here too, and will be again tomorrow, have a wounderful night everyone, love and hugs Jan and Reg.
8 years ago

Smiley from  we had a great day today.  I got a lot cleared out and cleaned up and it's made me feel good.  Our weather was warm today, it was nice not having to walk around the house in socks.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!

8 years ago
40.jpg NATIVE AMERICAN image by kasandrra21Hi everyone, hope you had a very blessed day and may your night be filled with love, peace, and harmony. all our love Jan and Reg.
8 years ago
Smiley from Osiyo Everyone!  So glad you are here!  I'm sitting looking out the window at spring trying to shine in.  New green leaves and flower buds.  Start of a new season.
Camp Fire
8 years ago

Hi and thanxxxxxxxxxxx for welcoming me to your lovely campfire.... so look forward to meeting all, and getting to know all of you... I am sure the coffee is going to be good...

My name is Gaily and I live in South Africa....

8 years ago

39.jpg NATIVE AMERICAN image by kasandrra21Hi Everyone, i just wanted to wish you all a wounderful weekend and a safe and blessed one.

May the warm winds of heaven

blow softly upon your home and the Great Spirit bless all who enter there. Love and hugs Jan and Reg.

8 years ago

Hi, I am Willow and from South Australia.
I am mother of 2 incredible teenagers and I work as a CNA in a nursing home. I love my job
I look forward to getting to know everyone, learning from everyone and sharing thoughts of mine with you all.
Peace and Blessings

8 years ago
Trials and success stories:

Osiyo my brothers and sisters!

I have been gone for more than a few days from this wonderful fellowship! I am sorry for that. I have spent little time on care2 because of the recent high profile investigation I was on, as it winds to an end this Thursday night. It involves five different counties here in Southern California so I have been on the road a lot and not much time for personal time.

The biggest preoccupation was my trip to Mexico for tests to see if I am healthy enough to undergo my third surgery to my head. While Tijuana, Mexico was a nightmare and very exhausting I got some good news. Not only did I pass all my tests, cardiogram, xrays, blood test, etc. I was told my physical condition was amazing for my age. I am truly blessed by the creator. My surgery will be within a month. I cannot believe it has been almost a year since that horrible accident in Michoacan Mexico.

Some of you knew about this recent trip to Mexico and my anxieties over it.  I received an incredible number of well wishes from the good members on care2. I felt your positive energy and I am ready for the next challenge.

I have a little treat for you. Here are a couple of photos of me as a teenager and in my early twenties. I have added a few photos such as these in my "family, friends and ME" album and in my "Mount Athos" album where I visited a few times while going to school in Thessaloniki, Greece.  In Greece Mount Athos is considered "the Holy Mountain" (in Greek, Ayio Oros) I sincerely thank my sweet dear first wife, Angeliki, who is now also a member of this group and my Communication group. Here are a couple of those photos:

Faces of Stephen as a teenager and in my early twenties.

I am in the middle. I am 17 years old in this photo.

I am sorry if I am too excited about these newly found photos, thanks to my Greek wife and our son, Sotiris. My parents home burnt down in the San Bernardino wild fires in 1979 and all the photos and memorabilia  went down with the house.

I will be posting considerably now and I thank you for your understanding of my absence. I will let you know when exactly the surgery will be. I love you all! I wish for all, that the spring will blossom your heart and love will be abundant around you! May the Sky Spirit protect you from the negative forces and peace enter you place in life!

8 years ago

Osiyo Lauren and all our new members..

We are happy you are here with us...Post if you wish or just read because we do not require our members to post unless they want..If you have questions please feel free to ask them and if you do not wish to ask them using your name ask them anonymously..We will try to answer any question you may have but remember just because many of us are American Indian does not mean we know all things concerning American Indians because we do live in the world of 2009 and by living in this era many things have changed and what was once the way of the American Indian is in most cases not the way it is in the modern world..

Many things have changed in my lifetime..When I was young and living in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee/Western North Carolina  my family had running water even though it was in a creek that ran near our house and we did have a toilet even though it was outdoors and bees buzzed around us and our water came from a well and a spring up the holler.. Now in this modern world we live in it is almost unheard of to not have indoor plumbing and indoor toilet facilities..

The last time I was back home I never saw a General Store or black smith shop or anyone riding a horse down the road..Roads now a days are all hard topped and it is hard to find a dirt road even in the out of way places in the mountains..

Time moves along and everything but our Creator changes and what was once is no more..

In this modern world we walk The Traditional Red Road in an updated way but our principles remain the same..We treat Mother Earth with respect and we believe we are the caretakers of all things on Mother Earth.. When we walk the Red Road  we feel we are related to all creation and that Grandfather Creator placed us here to care for all things he made and we love one another..

We consider each member of this group to be our family member and we welcome each of you into our lives as our family member..

We thank each of you for being here with us and we are glad and happy to have each of you as a family member..


Runningfox and Walelu Moss

8 years ago

Greetings everyone...I am pleased to be in your presence and look forward to following this group. I am writing from my mothers hospital room which has given me some time to reconnect with old friends and explore the wonders of the internet. In reconnecting with an old friend, she indicated that she had googled the "red road" to better understand my path. I realized that I had not even done that and in taking that step have found this site.

I reside outside Portland OR with my very special "heartside" who shares in this life path. Together we are working to care for the land we have been given to steward this lifetime. We are an organic farm and offer U-pick blueberries and summer produce.

I offer this message of introduction and gratitude. Blessings, Lauren

winds of change
8 years ago

Winds of Change Meditation
For the Children of the World
On Friday 6th February 2009 a wave of energy will sweep through this
reality. This energy is the “Word of the Aeon” or the “Logos of the Epoch” or
the “Vibrational Pattern of the Age”.
We have the opportunity to ride this wave, the tuning of the tide, the shifting of
the sands and it begins with our children.
If you could please spare a few minutes anytime, anywhere on Friday to set
your intention towards freeing our children from Slavery, Starvation, Violence,
Oppression and Control, Illness and Disease, Mental and Emotional Abuse.
For example visualise the children’s chains falling off and the prison doors
opening, the children walking freely, hungry children feasting, distraught
children being held and nurtured.
See our children from all over the world in war zones living happily, joyfully,
peacefully, harmoniously and naturally.
Make this a positive manifestation. Thank you.
Love, Liberation & Fortitude
George Kavassilas
P.S. Please forward this message to as many people as you can as soon as

Greetings of Appreciation
8 years ago

I would like to sit, be silent and listen the Words of The Elders...but my HeArt is singing barefooted here and want*s to dance ...with fire... with life with all of you
 to play drum or sing a song like this  again...

have nothing else to say except
Thank You for Being in my Life

New? Welcome sit down and warm yourself!
8 years ago
| Blue Label

Welcome to our campfire everyone!  Runningfox created this group for learning and sometimes it's slow and sometimes we can't keep up so if you have any questions, be sure to ask and if you want to add something, please do.  Only no petitions please.

Come in and tell us about yourself so we can get to know ya!! 


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