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round dance darryl la chance
7 years ago me and my indain car

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singer jana mashonne
7 years ago

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7 years ago
7 years ago

This is a very beautiful thread.  Thank you for sharing this.  

7 years ago

Rita Coolidge, Cherokee Native American

Osiyo my Brothers and Sisters in this wonderful group!

I am sure not many people realize that Rita Coolidge is Native American born in Tennessee in 1945 with Cherokee heritage.  She is a well known singer of Pop, Country, contemporary and Jazz. She is proud of her heritage.

Her Native American name is Walela which means Little Hummingbird in Cherokee.

Here is a video called Walela:

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7 years ago
Veteran Native Americans:

Osiyo my brothers and sisters in this camp:

This weekend (as any day of the year) is an opportunity to acknowledge those who have fought for our freedom and peace in North America. It has not been widely published how our native people contributed for our national freedom when Ironically the Europeans came to this land and took that same  freedom from the Native people. We are truly blessed by the dedication of all people who inhabit this land, whether their skin was or is black, "yellow," brown or "red". Everyone is united for that common goal of peace for all mankind.

We can take a moment from our busy schedule to acknowledge all who lost their life in pursuit of a better world.

Here is a moving video which is a tribute to the Native American veterans:

Thank you my brothers and sisters for my freedoms and for your culture that has enriched my life!

7 years ago
Q'Orianka Kilcher:

Osiyo my brothers and sister in this tribe!

I was motivated to make this post as I spent the day with Q'Orianka and her family on Mother's day last Sunday. We met at my future sister-in-Law's residence in West Hollywood. The connection is; Rosie Fort (my sister-in-law) is a make-up artist, as my beloved is,and did Q'Orianka's make-up on the set of her new movie about the last princess of Hawaii and her romance. After all, she grew up on the Island of Oahu in Honolulu.

Q'Orianka is an actress, dancer, song writer and singer. She is a spokesperson for the American Literacy campaign, volunteer for the preservation of the rain forest,
Global youth  Ambassador  woman's rights and much, much more.   She is the first Native American teen spokesperson in history. We must point out that she is a spokesperson for the Peruvian Rain forests. Naturally, her father is from Peru. Her mother is from Germany.

She was 14 years old when she played the role of Pocahontas in the 2005 movie "the new world Pocahontas along with Collin Farrell and Christian Bale in 2005.

Here is a video of scenes which are very beautiful from this movie she stared in:

Q'Orianka is now 19 years old born February 11, 1990 and is vary charismatic. I cannot wait to see her in the movie which has yet to be released as  princess Ka'iulani from Hawaii. She currently lives with her two brothers and step father in Santa Monica, California. Not far from where I live. I hope to see more of "Q" which is her nickname and her beautiful family.

What a beautiful Native actress, so talented and yet so humble. We will be seeing a lot from her in the future.

8 years ago
2002 Winter Olympics:

Osiyo my brothers and sisters in this group!

Perhaps a few of you remember that Utah hosted the winter 2002 Olympics and because Utah is rich in Native American history it was fitting that Native Americans would participate in the Olympic ceremonies. In fact you may not know this but the name Utah comes from the Native American tribe, the Ute Nation.
In these ceremonies five tribes are represented: Ute, Shoshone, Goshute, Paiute and Navajo, the biggest tribe in the US.

Sometimes we forget how our beloved first people are recognized and respected. In 2002 I was barely aware of the spirituality and deep heritage of our first people so seeing these two videos now really touches the heart for me. I believe you too will be moved by seeing part 1 and 2 of these ceremonies.

Part 1

Part 2

May be the Great Spirit keep you in the footsteps of unity, love, peace and good health!

8 years ago
Floyd Westerman:

Osiyo my brothers and sisters in this group!

What a beautiful human, Floyd Westerman was. He was also known as Red Crow. He was a musician, activist for Native American rights and a well know actor playing the roles of Native Americans on both the big screen and on television. He has produced many CD's with Native American music. Among so many credits on the big screen he played in Dances with wolves and Hidalgo, two of my most favorite movies. On television he played in siege of wounded knee, the broken chain and many TV series where an American Indian had a part such as the Pretender, Millennium, etc.


Red Crow died on December 13 2007 at his home in LA, California.  Here is a tribute to this great man!

Let us sing and dance in his honor as he is singing and dancing in the spirit world!

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8 years ago
David Midthunder:

Osiyo my brothers and sisters!

David is of Lakota Sioux decent, raised on a reservation in Montana. He is a spiritualist and loves his culture. He Belongs to the "Native American Loop Group" in Los Angeles, California. He has consulted with the likes of Steven Spielberg on his films such as "into the west".He is a member of the "Medicine Shield Dancers" which travels around the world educating the people on Native American issues through music dance and story telling.

                             This is from the movie "missing" with             
                 Kate Blanchet and Val Kilmer

                                               In the movie "Hidalgo" with
                                               Viggo Mortensen

This is video of scenes with Midthunder. I wanted to post a collage but the song and music in it hurt the ears so I went with this video:

Graham Greene
8 years ago

Graham Greene began his theatrical career as a sound engineer, made his acting debut on the London stage, and won fame as Sioux wise man Kicking Bird in the film Dances with Wolves (1990). The performance earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. In the decade that followed he acted in more than 30 films, including Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995) and The Green Mile (1999), and appeared in such television shows as L.A. Law, Northern Exposure, and Wolf Creek. Greene, a full-blooded Oneida, lives in Toronto and does frequent television, movie, stage, and voice work.

8 years ago

Thank you brother Stephen for creating this thread..

Today in the 21st Century more Native American Indians are living among the general pupulace than ever before..We now have common last names and most of us dress just like everyone else..

Todays Native American Indian is different than the ones who lived twenty five years ago..Many of us are now educated and we know how to handle situations that confront us and instead of idly standing by and taking for granted what is laid out before us and we are told things are a certain way we now check things out..

When documents are presented as being guarantees we now make sure the guarantee is iron tight..

We now read our credit card statements and when we discover an eroneous charge we have that charge eliminated immediately..

Native American Indians now own controlling interests in gaming establishments instead of being the minority holder as was the norm a scant ten years ago..

While the white controlling goverment tried to hold us back we let them believe they were suceeding when all along we were gaining our strength and learning from our ancestors mistakes..

Today when we go on the warpath it costs  millions of dollars to those we go on the warpath against which is the correct way of dealing with a materialistic society..

We are now legally buying back our ancient lands acre by acre and we do vote and pay our taxes and we are your neighbors who are active in all the communities we live in..

8 years ago
| Blue Label
 21st Century Native American warriors:

Osiyo my Brothers and Sisters:

I created this thread for a change of pace since we have focused so much attention on all the negative events involving the first people of our nation. Not for a second would I suggest that those atrocities ever been forgotten, so that would never happen again to our fellow humans anywhere in the world.

In my Movies and Entertainment group I have a thread dedicated to Native Americans in the entertainment world. As my researched evolved I see so many great actors, musicians, artists, poets who are Native Americans. Who have contributed to our American society and the world. It makes me feel proud that these beautiful people are part of the nation I live in and part of.

Take a moment and amidst all the negativity, rejoice in the successes of our native people. The following is a great video honoring: Lawrence R. Baca, John Echohawk and Billy Frank Jr. Pawnee!


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