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Native American Indian Web Sites
12 years ago
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This topic was the idea of a good friiend who is also a member of our group Margareta D who lives in Sweden and she also provided the foillowing link which is very informative and interesting..

Please use this Topic To Post A favorite Native American Indian Web Site..Please limit your posting to only one site because the thread would soon become too big..

Thank You Margareta for this outstanding suggestion..

12 years ago

I received this message from one of our group members... I checked out the site and it is great...Thank you Martin for recommending it...

Martin Dodge wrote:

You may find this site of interest to you:

Martin Dodge
Native Village
12 years ago
Hello, I'd like to recommend Gina Boltz's "Native Village", I find the site very interesting: "NATIVE VILLAGE website was created for youth, educators, families, and friends who wish to celebrate the rich, diverse cultures of The Americas' First Peoples. Each week we offer readers a current events publication: NATIVE VILLAGE Youth and Education News or NATIVE VILLAGE Opportunities and Websites. Each issue summarizes today's happenings in Indian country and is written in an easy-to-read format. NATIVE VILLAGE also houses additional resources and information to enrich all lives on Turtle Island. Please visit, and sign up for our update reminders. We are always glad to make new friends!"
Good tales and information on the Cherokee
12 years ago

I found this site to be cool

Bless you all my dear friends.

lets try again *^_^*
12 years ago
From an old Photo album
12 years ago
at Black Hawk's Native American History site made by a man from Lapland, Sweden. One of the sidelinks is a
Photo gallery
Black-&-white photos of daily life, and portraits of many Native Americans by the Swedish immigrant John Andreasson (1869 - 1948)!
Black-hawk has added some photos of his own, too, from a visit to Nakota friends.

This site has many pages to look at and see also the sidelink to The Sapmi/Saami people (>English) living in the north of Scandinavia.

12 years ago


I couldn't follow the Owl's nest link, but I really liked Evening Rains site.

I have a website

Dian AKA Diyeni

12 years ago

Guess I should use

12 years ago

Here's the one to Owl's Nest

12 years ago

This is the link to where I got all the Cherokee words and names from there is still a good number of words there in the dictionaries so you may want to check it out.

The plight of the Pine Ridge Lakota
12 years ago

This site talks about Alex White Plume and his quest for sovientry.

Native American Indian Genealogy
12 years ago

Tracing your native roots? Here is a good place to start.

12 years ago

Thank you, Runningfox. and All, for all the great Links!!

I've added them all to my Favorites!! 

Maire, aka

Cosmic Rhino ] :< )

for children
12 years ago

indigenous children of the americas

a new challenge to assist, encourage & enable

How Sequoyah developed the Language
12 years ago



A beautiful web page
12 years ago
in French - but the old times photos talk for themselves.

La nation Sioux - with clickable photos to enlarge!
and the pictures have resonable sizes to download, even in their biggest version. Like this - only 30,7KB

Crazy Bull

Many fine pages to look at! Music, Pow-wow(modern, too), Spirit, etc

Native American Indian Web Sites
12 years ago

This one is from my heart.

I created it myself.

Also Thanks/Wado for the other links as well.


(Nikki Jo) 

10 years ago

I'm a member of this place

Full of Site Links & Stories
10 years ago
Sites I Like & Use
10 years ago Welcome to our web site, dedicated to all First People of the America's, and Canada, better known as Turtle Island. This is a child friendly, educational site about American and Canadian Indians. FREE NATIVE AMERICAN (INDIGENOU MUSIC, ALL THE TIME, IN STEREO. The Gathering of Nations Native American Powwow Web Site features: BIG Sale with FREE SHIPPING, GON Internet Radio - FREE ALL Native American Indian (indigenous) Music 24x7, Over 6,900 Native American Indian Photos and Pictures, Free Native American Screensavers, Free Native American Wallpaper, Native American Events and Powwows Calendar, Educational Information, Native American Art, Free Native American e-cards & much more! The Gathering of Nations is a Native American Indian 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded in 1983 to promote Native American, American Indian (indigenous) culture & tradition, and dispel stereotypes created about Native American Indian and indigenous people. Among many contributions to the Native American community, the Gathering of Nations founded and funds the Academic Scholarship Foundation for Native American Students and hosts the annual Gathering of Nations PowWow, Miss Indian World Traditional Talent Presentations, and Indian Trader's Market the last full weekend of every April at the University of New Mexico Arena in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The aim of this site is to provide a resource for others who are interested in Cherokee language and/or culture. I have lots of others on my desktop and will try to post from there with those. Am at work. Smoke & Prayers to All, Cha'kwaina
New Mexico Huge Beautiful Pottery
10 years ago
Large Pottery Thumbnail
Click on picture for more detail
My personal favorites are
10 years ago
    Native Web

10 years ago
Wado for all of these wonderful links everyone!!

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