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5 years ago

Hello to all.Ty for inviting me.I myself suffer from depression.It seems a times it is sooo hard to get up and get things cleaned.I love to talk on the phone to friends that seem to have the same problem.I have gotten several people that have given me their phone #s so we could talk.At this time right now,my husband and I have no health care insurance.Since I also have asthma and diabetes,it's more to be depressed about.I know that God has a plan for me,but I just wish I could get back the energy I once had.I have to get in the right mood to get motivated.My son of 30 lives with us and he comes home and sort of yells at me for not getting something done.My goodness if I ever did that to my mom,I would get yelled at or grounded.I would love to hear from you all.I love to chat,it brings my spirit up.I am taking celexa for the depression.I use to take paxil but then I tried cymbalta and it really recked up my eye sight.I went off of it and I'm ok now with my eye sight.I know there is sooo many people out there that have mind problems worse thant myself.But I hope we can all be there for each other. God Bless louise

my upside to feeling down
5 years ago

I suffer from reoccurring major depression along with several major anxiety disorders. I am a survivor of child abuse and it has effected every waking and sleeping moment of my entire life. I don't enjoy letting people know that about myself, but I have this constant fear that I will stumble upon someone who is going what I have went through and I want to be a there for them like no one was for me. I almost succeeded in committing suicide twice. Once when I hung myself until I had bruises from the noose and another time when I drank a can of Dr. Pepper laced with pesticide. I was informed that I not only could have died, but the poison could have left me brain dead. I felt so alone. My family didn't allow me to talk about my problems and I didn't even want my friends to know about them. So I kept them locked away inside. I pretended to be at least mildly happy at school and I crawled into bed as soon as I got home. I didn't eat and I walked around the house at night like a zombie. The summer before I started college I joined a volunteer group that supplied children with meals while school was out. I met a 13 yr old girl that reminded me of myself. She sat alone reading or staring off into space, while the others treated her as if she were invisible. I started talking to her about books and I gave her some of my old paperbacks. That was when I decided that I truly wanted to help people like me cope with there problems. This is why I support To Write Love On Her Arms' efforts to fight depression.

to those who suffer with depression
4 years ago

I am 69 yrs. old and have suffered on and off most of my life with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Doctors have had me on so me prescription meds, I cannot remember them all. I was on Prozac for 17 yrs. and just this past summer, finally got off of them gradually. Now I am on Clonazepam and Cymbalta. I live in Canada and Cymbalta is fairly new to Canadians. I am now scared to take it if as Louise K. has stated, that it wrecked her eyesight while she was on it. I have only been taking it for 4 months now and don't have a problem. I remember years ago, my Brother Paul (who passed away 2 yrs. ago from Cancer) telling me that getting of Clonazepam was like hell and took him 2 yrs. to finally feel good without it. He had lots of withdrawal symptoms. I want to say to both Louise and Robin that I understand what you are and have gone through. People do not understand depression and what it does to us. Even my own husband doesn't understand, but does try to. Other people say to me, "Loretta go for a nice long walk and you will feel 100% better". What a joke that is. My new Psychiatrist told me to really get interested in exercising and taking walks with my dog and journalling every day. I am taking my dog for walks and I am writing the good and bad things about each day and how they affect me. It is very rewarding to do these things. I am feeling much, much better and I am sleeping better too. I love to laugh and it has been so long since I have done this and now I am and it is wonderful. So to anyone who reads this, I believe depression runs in families, as it has in mine and with the proper help and meds, you can feel better and want to do things, like go for a walk etc. The journalling has really helped me. I look back a week or two later and read what was bothering me on any given day and it surprises me, because now those things don't bother me. I love you all and feel for you all and wish only the best for you. If you wish to write to me, then please do and I will talk to you. God is love and he is looking after us and testing us each and every day. We all can make our lives better if we try.