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Ask Gov. Schwarzenegger to Release Human Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan with Time Served
8 years ago

Sixteen-year-old human trafficking victim Sara Kruzan was sentenced to life in prison without parole when, in a desperate act to escape captivity, she shot her pimp. When Sara met G.G., the 31-year-old man who would become her pimp, she was only 11. G.G. groomed Sara two years before he raped her.  By then, his control was complete and he forced her into prostitution.  Sara and the other girls who G.G. exploited were out on the streets from 6pm to 6am, every night.  Twelve hours a night, seven days a week, for three years, Sara was raped by strangers so G.G. could profit.  After three years, she snapped, and she killed him.

Now 32, Sara has spent half her life in prison as a model prisoner, and has asked Gov. Schwarzenegger for clemency. Sara was arrested and tried in 1994, before anyone was using the term "human trafficking" and when the country was still struggling to understand issues like domestic violence and pimp control that give one person coercive control over another. So there was no expert witness at Sara's trial to explain how her years of repeated rape, trauma, and abuse had affected her actions. There was no expert to tell the jury that with counseling, support, and care, Sara could heal from her traumatic past and grow to be a strong and moral woman.

Sara's clemency plea has been submitted to Gov. Schwarzenegger, and the decision of whether or not to release her with time served rests solely with him. Sara Kruzan deserves hope.  She deserves hope that she didn't survive being raped and sold for three years for nothing.  She deserves hope that the darkest chapter of her life has passed, and a horizon lies ahead.  She deserves hope that she can change, grow, and flourish as a woman. But in life without parole, there is no hope.

Tell Gov. Schwarzenegger that human trafficking victims deserve support and care, not prison. Ask him to release Sara with time served.

Tell Amazon to Remove the Pedophilia
8 years ago
8 years ago

Justice for 16 month old Audrina Claire Hepburn and all child abuse victims.

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Commit to End Child Deaths from Malnutrition
8 years ago
8 years ago 

8 years ago 

U.S. Children's Constitutional Rights

Dear Representative

U.S. children are granted basic human rights as citizens of this country at birth.   Under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, these rights include the right to be protected under the same laws that protect everyone inside of our borders.

Children are people, and U.S. citizens, from birth.  They deserve "equal protection" from personal injury just as much as American adults do.  

That being the case, why is it that we drop these citizens from our protection as long as children are assaulted in their homes, at school or at the hands of a guardian or caretaker?  

Why do we allow state child protection law language to exist 'on the books' that permits child assault, and with only vague, sometimes unenforceable language restricting its use?  

Per Child Maltreatment 2007, the U.S. annual report on statistical data about child abuse in our country:

- 3 kids die every day from abuse and neglect.
- 78 percent of these kids are under 3 years old.
- 44 percent of these kids (nearly half) are under 1 year old.


- An estimated 794,000 children were found to be victims of abuse or neglect in fiscal year 2007, representing a rate of 10.6 per 1,000 children in the population.
- An estimated 3.2 million referrals were made to CPS agencies in 2007, involving the alleged maltreatment of approximately 5.8 million children.

This is unacceptable.  The social repercussions of allowing this to continue spread far beyond just the repeat of violent patterns in their own households later when these abused kids become parents themselves.    The body heals after maltreatment, but sometimes the mind doesn't.

Please help to rewrite these laws so that they stop stripping children of their U.S. birthright to live in freedom from fear of bodily harm.    Children are citizens at birth, and deserve 'equal protection' from birth.    Assault is assault, no matter how old the victim is.

Start with The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA, 42 U.S.C.A. §5106g), which serves as a set of minimum requirements for state child protection laws.   Fix CAPTA.   Include all forms of 'common sense' abuse in the list of prohibited forms of maltreatment.   Spread the safety outward to all of the other states, which must abide by CAPTA's terms.

Please help us do this so that we may save more abused and at risk children from harm's way, and so that we may do more to encourage healthy, safe familial relationships.


[Your name]

8 years ago

 Carol, thank you for posting and letting us know about Katlyn. Everyone Please.... Please sign this petition for Katlyn.


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