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Membership Drive-Please Invite Your Friends
8 years ago
| Blue Label

If you want to help your friends be informed about fast developing news re: NWO plans and strategies the powers that be are implementing as we speak please do them a favor and invite them to our group so they can see for themselves.

8 years ago

The importance of empowering your friends with the scoop on the NWO cannot be measured.

You may never know how greatly the truth can impact them and their safety from the NWO.

If you are afraid to invite them to this group because you don't know how they'll take it then perhaps you should give them the benefit of the doubt and let them decide for themselves if they take the threat of the NWO seriously.

Please invite your friends and let them decide if they want to join our group and absorb the knowledge already shared here.

8 years ago

  Boyz & Girlz, Its that time again, if you havnt invited your friends do it now. If you have invited them and cant figure out why a lot of them didnt join it could be because they never got the invitation. That happens with a care2 glitch in their invite system but the second time is the charm, trust me been there done that.

The "invite your friends" button is on our group home page, just click on it and its pretty much self explanatory.


Biker  Wild

8 years ago

Will send them a message and they will decied if they want to join, I like very much to see them here too.

8 years ago

I got over three hundred friends!  How do I invite them all?  Will do it if I can send it in one big note .... Is it possible to do that?

8 years ago

Thanx Abo, hope to see some of your friends here too!

Northern, Try clicking on the "Invite Your Friends" button at the upper part of our group home page. Its self explanatory.


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