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Results after our Petition against the slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands
8 years ago

Boycott Denmark and the Faraoe Islands until the Faroes stop their slaughter against pilot whales. Maybe you remember the petition to “Stop the consumption of whale meat in the Faroe Islands.” 60.000 people signed the petition. We pleched that Andreas Morlok (from ProWal) and Jürgen Ortmüller (from WDSF) will personally hand over the petition to the Government of the Faroe Islands. In August 2010 they visited the Faroe Islands and Denmark. They gave the signatures to the politicians. The two whale defenders uncovered numerous scandals surrounding the whale slaughter during their stay in the Islands. The residents of the Icelands told them that in July the slaughter came to a head when pods of whales numbering several hundred animals where herded into a very small bay only 10 x 20 meters in size. There the animals, which even included pregnant cows suffered until the next morning. The undercover anglers could have bought fresh pilot whale meat in restaurants, although the whale meat is supposed to be only for private consumption and is not meant for commercial gain. During the several hourlong conversations with Pal Weihe scientist facts came to light that left the activists speechless. The two whale activists, who pretended to be anglers, chartered a speedboat and sank electronic devices emitting sounds that imitate the call of an orca in the waters of the Eastern coast of the Faroe Islands. Pilot whales are deadly afraid of killer whales and stay away from them. This way the pilot whales were discouraged to go near the islands. Since this action not a single whale was sighted near the east coast of the Faroe Islands and no whale was killed in this area. Maybe you want to have a look to the press releases: and to the pictures with the whole story in English language: and the following sides. If you want to support us, please join our email-action: Please don’t buy products coming from Denmark or the Faroe Islands and spread the boycott call around the world. We want to invite you to join us: Please visit us here in facebook and post your opinion We will send every comment of this page in periodic intervals to the responsible parliamentarians of the whaling. So they can read how the world thinks about this murders and they are able to see how our movement gets stronger more and more. Thanks for all your efforts Monika

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