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'THE HANG EM HIGH CLUB''-justice for Ricoh
8 years ago

  • Target: Superior Court in Raleigh,North Carolina & Sgt.Charles Jones
  • Sponsored by: Dianne Lynn Elko
Just when an animal lover thinks they have seen it all,another type of animal abuser comes along.All of them disgust me,but this one involves the police department in Raleigh,North Carolina,Sgt.Charles Jones and the judge that let him go was Superior Court Judge James Hardin Jr.

Don%u2019t ignore K-9 Corps%u2019 inhumane %u2018training%u2019 November 24th, 2010 by John Grooms in Boomer with Attitude 

And you thought taking joke photos of sedated kittens at Charlotte%u2019s animal shelter was a bad idea %u2026'' Sgt. Charles Jones, a N.C. Highway Patrol trooper who was fired for kicking his canine partner and lifting it off the ground by its neck, will get his job back. Why? A judge ruled that the %u201Ctechniques%u201D Jones used %u2014 now get this %u2014 are no worse than others used all the time by the K-9 unit. So, just howare those brave dogs %u201Ctrained%u201D? According to the judge, the Highway Patrol%u2019s %u201Cmethods%u201D include beating the dogs with sticks, whipping the dogs, and even using stun guns on them. Frankly, I don%u2019t want to hear any defense of those %u201Ctraining methods.%u201D Whatever you could say to justify the dogs%u2019 mistreatment, I simply don%u2019t care to hear it. There is no justification for it,  even if the dog winds up catching Osama bin Laden. Animal cruelty is the province of (excuse my  Southernness here) some of the sorriest assholes humanity can produce %u2014 whether they%u2019re %u201Cpeace officers%u201D or not. The state should put a stop to the K-9 Corps%u2019 practices, and if that%u2019s not possible, then dissolve the K-9 Corps and find another way to catch criminals, for Pete%u2019s sake. ''

8 years ago

already noted story and signed/forwarded petition, thanks

8 years ago

Thanks for posting and happily took action and emailed out to others.  Good luck with your petition.

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