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Letter to Chancellor at NCSU about Kiwi and NEGLIENCE
7 years ago

Letter to Chancellor of NCSU about Kiwi

W. Randolph Woodson
A Holladay, Box 7001
Phone 919-515-2191

March 10th, 2011

Dear W. Randolph Woodson : (Chancellor)

I am writing to you as a grave injustice had been done to both me as well as to my little dog "Kiwi" by the
NCSU Veternarian Teaching Hospital and I want to bring to your attention this matter and see if we can work out a workable solution here.

It is not my intentions to sue the NCSU School as I am not a money grubbing person, but I feel that there has to be consequences for the dreaded choices that the staff, Techs. and surgeons made in regards to my little pup Kiwi as well as consequences to those mistakes.

To give you a little insite about me, I am a 53yr. old female living in an Elderly Assisted Living Facility by the name of GardenGate Apartments in Greensboro, NC due to being terminally ill, physically disabled and blind. I have lived here going on approximately 8yrs. now.

I have a little Skye/Yorkshire Mix pup named "Kiwi" who is 8yrs. old, a dog that I rescued when she was only 7months old and weighs approximately 15lbs. This little dog has never wanted for anything, is spoiled rotten, has NEVER missed her shots or any kind of Medical Treatment and has been being treated at my personal Vet. Pointe South Animal Hospital in Randelman, N.C. for about 8 years.
Kiwi, through her own display of courage has given me the strength to continue on thru chemotherapy, interferon treatments, two stokes and many other health issues. I do not know if I saved Kiwi or if she saved me. I think that we pretty much saved each other.
Kiwi is a very loving, brave, courageous little pup with a lot of heart and has everday since the day that I got her been took outside to run, play frisbee and ball. She is a very active little pup! The Elderly people that live here love to watch her play and run and have watched us do so for over 8yrs. on a daily basis.

Kiwi was diagnosed with Bilaterial Patella Fluxation when she was about 10months old and now after years of taking anti-inflamatory medications (Rymidal & Previcox) as well as Trammadol, finally found herself in need of surgery to repair her Patella's. We were hoping that a successful surgery would eventually allow us to be able to take her off of these expensive medications that also can damage her liver.....but now, due to the amputation as well as having patella problems in her existing back leg, this will not be possible.

I am and have been an active memeber of the Care2 Animal Rights Site for a couple of years and it was suggessted to me to Post a Story asking for contributions to be given to help little Kiwi in getting this surgery being that I live on a small Disablility check and would NEVER be able to afford the surgery that she so desperately now needed, that would allow Kiwi to have a better quality of life and less pain.

Several hundred people came forward from the site and at a $1.00 at a time was raised to finally be able to pay NCSU Vets. to perform this Patella Surgery on BOTH of her back legs, for which we started the first procedure on Feb. 14th, 2011.

Due to the ongoing severe neglience, lack of communication, rushing to send Kiwi home after me stressing time and time again that I would prefer for them to keep her longer and was willing to pay them the $40 fee in boarding for each day - they still insisted that I come and get her, and incompentency of all of the Staff involved in Kiwi's surgery, a relatively simple surgery that is performed almost daily at NCSU and that was suppossedly performed by your "Top Notch" Surgeons, ended up in the amputation of Kiwi's right rear leg, because of one disaster after another taking place. This resulted in 3 surgeries due to broken bones and screwes in the plate and pins coming out of her leg. I feel that none of this should ever have happened had NCSU returned my "Emergency" calls that I placed three days in a row, instead of ignoring my pleas.

Also, in the first surgery - the Tech. that hand delivered Kiwi to my front door sat Kiwi down on the parking lot pavement (two very credible witnessess saw this) and allowed Kiwi to bolt and run from her car to my Apartment some 30-50 feet away thus contributing to the bone breaking. This was after I was told that Kiwi would have to remain immobile for at least 3 or more weeks following this surger.....even though the Tech. flat out denighs it now and also once again I remind you, I have two witnessess to this fact. A lady by the name of Elizabeth Matthews (a disable Navy Soldier) (336-297-1047) as well as a lady by the name of Jean Copeland (a 78yr. old retired Nurse) (336-851-0908) who went to help the Tech. with Kiwi -but she got away too quick from them.

Due to all that transpired, the money that was origionally up to pay for the entire surgery of Kiwi's other leg has now been depleated paying for the screw-ups of your NCSU Vets. and I can now not even have this surgery performed on Kiwi's other leg - as there are no longer any funds available out of the donations made to me by the many people on the care2 site explicitly for Kiwi's surgeries on both of her legs.
Furthermore, I am now going to have to purchase a Handicap Cart for Kiwi in order to take the pressure, strain and stress off of her other back leg that now will be compensating for the leg that has had to be amputated. I do not have this kind of money and the cart is going to run around $415.00 from Eddies Wheels, 1-888-211-2700 from


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Letter to Chancellor at NCSU - PART TWO
7 years ago

A Petition on Care2 is presently being circulated around the Entire Globe against NCSU Vets. for them to take accountability, responsibility and to correct this situation. You can view the Story as well as the present signatures (that have been acquired in just 2 days time) for which there are already 392 Signatures and still rising.

I feel that NCSU Vets. Needs to make this right. They waived the third surgery on her leg (the amputation) because they stated that, "given my disability, my lack of finances, & Kiwi's tough situation here they felt that that was the least that they could do". Personally, I do not feel that they did this for the reasons as they stated but more-so because of their guilt and due to their neglience.

Like I said, I do not have the desire to take this to the courts, the Media, or the Papers but I also do not feel that I have adequately been compensated for their neglience either.

Here is what I would like to see take place: I hope that we can come to a workable solution:

1.) That all monies that were donated to me for Kiwi's surgery (on both legs) but that I ended up using up on the first surgery, as well as the broken bone surgery -be refunded back to that I may return the money back to the origional donators. I do not feel that the people who contributed towards Kiwi's surgery from the Care2 Site nor I should have to pay for any of this what-so-ever!.

2.) I want NCSU or NCSU Vets to pay E"ddies Wheels" for a Handicap Cart for my little Kiwi being that this simple surgery has now crippled her for life (and you can't get another leg back) and will be causing great discomfort and pain now on the existing leg (that also suffers from Patella Fluxation) - due to now over compensating for the leg that is no longer there. The Price again is approximately $415.00

1-888-211-2700 from

3.) I want NCSU or NCSU Vet. to pay me the sum of $2500 so that I can in time, provide my lttle Kiwi for the surgery on her other leg at another Vet. (that as I said, we already had the funds for this surgery -but they got depleated paying for the gross, neglient and incompentat screw-ups of the NCSU Vet. staff).

I feel that this is a VERY REASONABLE request to ask of NCSU and NCSU Vets. given all that has took place with the surgery and the neglience of the attending surgeons and staff involved. This just NEVER should have happened! All that I want is to make sure that my little Kiwi is took care of in all of her Health Issues and her Medical needs regarding her legs. After all, isn't that what we all want here for the animals?

If we cannot work something out in this situation, then I will feel that I have no other choice but to find another means of obtaining a solution for this matter - as like I said, all I want is to make sure that Kiwi is took care of here and that I do not have to try once again to come up with the money towards the surgery on Kiwi's other leg........that had already previously been raised up but ended up depleated due to NCSU Vets. not adequately performing their jobs and also having to pay out of my lttle Disability check for a Handicap Cart for Kiwi that she would not have needed had NCSU performed their job right to begin with.

I really do not feel that NCSU and NCSU Veternarian Teaching Hospital in Raliegh, N.C. and the funding that both receive from outside contributors can afford to have their name dragged thru the mud here. It would greatly affect your status as well as the much needing funding that you presently receive.

I will also be notifying the Veternarian Medical Board of North Carolina and filing a Complaint on this Issue:

Please read below the Entire Story, "Minor Surgery Ends in Amputation Of Kiwi's Leg" that has been Posted on Care2 as well as some other sites - that portray the Story of what took place from the very beginning of Kiwi's surgeries to the Amputation. It is also followed by the many signatures that have already been accumulated over just a two (2) day period of time. The Post and the Petition will continue to remain up on the Websites traveling accross the Internet until such time as we can work out a solution here between us.

Kiwi's Story (leading to Petition): "Minor Surgery Ends In Amputation Of Leg! ! ! PLEASE TAKE KIWI ACTION!!!

Kiwi's Story & Petition: "Minor Surgery Ends Up In Amputation of Kiwi's Leg"

Hope to hear from you soon!


Deborah "Dusty" Debandi
3932-A WinterGarden Lane
GardenGate Apartments
Greensboro, N.C. 27407-6274

Phone Number: (336) 294-3630
E-mail Address:

7 years ago

Noted, forwarded and signed. Thank you Dusty.

7 years ago

Noted and signed..

7 years ago

Action taken and thanks.

7 years ago

Noted, signed and forwarded. Thank you Dusty.

7 years ago

Thanks for the post!

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