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Support Enforcement of Puppy Import Ban
7 years ago


Dear Animal Advocates,

We need your help! A few years ago, the United States was becoming flooded with designer puppies purchased from foreign puppy mills. These dogs were often bred in horrible conditions and arrived here in wretched health, endangering the people and other pets in their new homes.

In 2008, the ASPCA worked hard to help pass a Congressional amendment to the federal Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the importation of young puppies for the purpose of resale. Thanks to this new law, dogs cannot be brought into the U.S. from abroad for resale unless they are at least six months of age, healthy and vaccinated.

There are two phases to implementing laws like this: passing the legislation, then writing the "rules" that will allow federal agencies—in this case, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)—to enforce them. Enforcement of this law has been a problem because the USDA never adopted the necessary rules. But earlier this month, the USDA acted—it proposed detailed enforcement regulations to ensure the puppy importation ban has teeth. 

Take Action Now »

Take Action Now

ASPCA policy experts have reviewed the guidelines, and we support them. Please help us ensure that these proposed regulations are accepted and applied!

What You Can Do
For a short time, the USDA is accepting comments from the public on this issue. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center online today to quickly and easily submit a comment to the USDA, letting the agency know that you support the proposed regulations to stop the cruel import of puppies from foreign puppy mills.

The shortcut to take action is

Thank you for taking action for animals—in this case, animals around the world!

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signed, thanks

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Noted and signed. Thank you Betty.

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