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My world June 21, 2006 1:17 AM

My world is the result of a lifelong search for wisdom...

it led me to hope, to faith and finally to love,

Love where all begun is also the goal of life. Yes this is so,

eternally love unveils it's living passion for life, love and life

are one and all my world...

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Beautiful Francois January 18, 2006 10:58 PM

Thank you so much for sharing the wisdom of the story.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Thank you for appreciating January 06, 2006 1:13 PM

This story was told to me by a ZaZen monk/master with whom I lived at his chalet in the Swiss mountains for a summer/fall season.  [ send green star]
Thank you for this wonderful Thread! January 06, 2006 1:36 AM

Enjoyed reading it and I thank you again.Essie  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Inside-Outside... The Same January 02, 2006 12:15 PM

Indeed, this story must "play" Everywhere!

Wayne Dyer tells a similar story, one which takes place in an airport, as he is sitting waiting for his plane...

I forget exactly how it goes... but you can imagine

Thank you for providing this forum...

I will enjoy returning here, often.

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How is your world? December 07, 2005 7:31 AM

An Arabic story which could play everywhere Once upon a time there was a poor beggar sitting at the gates of a big city near a river, beneath the desert. One morning a strong man, chief of his clan passed there and asked the beggar: "Hey beggar, tell me how the city behind these walls is?" The beggar answered saying, answer first my question and I will tell you how it is there in. How were the people in the city you just are coming from?" – “Well we are very happy to have left this place, for the people were so selfish, never having time, always looking for their own win. And everything was so expensive there. We have been cheated more than once, believe me. It was good to leave for us!" The poor man looked at the chief and told him..."come nearer, I got to tell you something confidentially... you see me, how poor I am, do you think these people care? If they would, would I be here in the hot sun, begging all day long? No, you have no luck, this city is just as the one you left!" Hearing this, the chief went to his clan and commanded them to go on and seek further. Some days later another family arrived. Their father had had no work anymore, as many masters of his profession had settled in his city. As the earning had become too few for fulfilling the needs of his family he had decided to leave and seek their luck in another town. As they left, they hugged the neighbors and friends - and there were so many who came to say fare well that day, for they were much appreciated people. All their friends had to cry and themselves had many tears but what had to be had to be, so they packed and formed their little caravan and left their city. After crossing the desert, passing over a river and passing by little cities they had arrived here at that big city with a huge watch tower and the beggar sitting before the thick wooden doors. The father went to him, gave him a coin and wished him peace asking him: "Dear beggar, tell me how the people of this city are?" The beggar replied saying, answer first my question and I will tell you how they are there in. How was it in the city you just are coming from?" - The father told him their story and how much they had to cry when they left, for they had had many friends there. Suddenly the beggar stood up and hugged the newly arrived guest and told him: "Oh how lucky you are, this city is exactly as the one you left, full of gentle folks, they care for one another and like to make friends. I am sure you soon will have even more friends than you had there! Get in now and feel at ease to become one of the citizens!" The family hearing this felt fine and their sorrows left, they went in and as the poor man had predicted it became true, they soon were most appreciated and loved by the inhabitants of this town.  [ send green star]
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