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Wolf Poetry
2 years ago

Hello Everyone, If you have written a poem about wolves or have read a poem about wolves and would like to share please do. I love poetry myself......If you are posting someone esle's poem please make sure to give credit to the writer by stating written by: so and so and if you don't know the author then write Author unknown.

A midnight Song
2 years ago

By the cover of night,you sing your song to the moon.
Knowing shortly that morning will be there soon.
Most people think,it's just a howl and a cry.
To me, it's just beautiful music that you sing to the sky.
Loyality to your pack,is to the end.
And your always willing to help one of your friends,
When night falls,you go out for the kill.
It's just for the food and not for the thrill.
You go out with the pack and hunt like men.
Always returning by morning to your den.
Your with your family every moment of the day.
Constantly protecting your pups from the prey.
So next time you howl,sing very loud.
Your a great family man and should be proud.
We all should be like you,giving our family so much love.
So keep on singing your song,to the stars above.

Written by: 

Rick Cantalupo
The Guardian by Rick Cantalupo
2 years ago

You run like a spirit on a moon-lit night
And you travel the woodlands without a fright
Shifting through leaves like the midnight air
Nobody can see you but you are there
Like a guardian angel you follow the silent trail
Protecting your pack and helping the frail
Your eyes are never filled with hate and detest
And you're always making sure everyone is safe before you can rest
With your ears back and your nose pointed towards the heavens above
You let out a howl and start singing with love.
Everybody then knows it's safe and that morning will be there soon
As they listen to your song while you sing to the moon.
So if you hear shifting of the leaves, don't run and hide
It's just your guardian walking by your side

2 years ago

The Graywolf

Gray wolves are such beautiful creatures and are so misunderstood. 
So many people hate them and would kill them if they could.

They are actually afraid of people and just want to be left alone. 
They are presently endangered species and their future is unknown.

Most of the animals they hunt are injured or weak. 
Deer and elk are what many of them seek.

Sometimes they howl to locate their pack. 
They find each other when another howls back.

Their fur can make them withstand the harshest of weather. 
They do not like to live alone and tend to stay together.

They try to avoid humans as much as they possibly can. 
They mean no harm and are endangered because of man.

They live in the wild and they deserve to run free. 
People need to understand them better and just let them be.

By Stacie Smith

2 years ago

Beautiful Set of Poems Calene Thank-You Sooooo much :-0

2 years ago

You're welcome Barbara

2 years ago

One Last

   One last glance from golden eyes,
   One last song, a howling cry.
   One last wolf stands here alone,
   One last forest that he owned.
   One last breath that he drew,
   One last thought as if he knew.
   One last run through his forest trails,
   One last night as the silver moon pales.
   One last chance to save and give,
   One last hope to help live.
   One last fight and daring try,
   One last glance from golden eyes.

Krissy, 1999

2 years ago

WOLF-First Wild Dog
by Charles W. Russell - 1997

Howling high on a mountain top,
Sending shivers up my spine,
Stands a lonely sentinel
Calling to others of his kind.

The last of a vanishing breed.
His crime -- the need to eat.
His mate has a liter waiting,
For Dad to bring home some meat.

Ranchers say he's a threat
To the little ones in their herd.
But to hunt him to extinction
Is meaningless and absurd.

A way has to be found for all
God's creatures to coexist.
To bring harmony and justice
To Wolves, and Gorillas in the mist.

So, before you condemn him,
Or shoot him -- even worse
Remember the Wolf, like Indians
Inhabited this land first.

2 years ago

"Plea of a Wolf"


Songs of Triumph,
Songs of despair,
My songs are carried through miles of air.

I cry for my sisters,
I cry for my brothers,
I cry for the deaths of all the others.

Why do you fear me?
What have I done?
I haven't attacked you since life has begun.

My instincts are natural,
I have to obey.
My hunts are native and cannot be swayed.

You need not fear,
The fire in my eyes.
All the tales are nothing but lies.

Please listen to,
What I have to say,
To put all these wars at bay.

There have been times when I have saved you,
I have comforted you and have been your friend.
Now it's me you have to fend.

2 years ago

Your poems are awesome Carlene,thank you soooo much

2 years ago

You're most welcome Dianne and thank you......

2 years ago

Marlene Elder

My best friend is truly misunderstood
She comes from nature like the earth and wood.
All the misconceptions about her, she must defend
They can't see, she has the gentleness of the wind.

My friend is mischevious; that's not just a rumor
But it's only her way of showing a sense of humor.
She has love and respect for the human race
Which never seems to be returned; what a disgrace.

My friend has a heart full of loyalty and love
Her grace and beauty were gifts from above.
She loves to frolic and run just for fun
Otherwise it's shade she seeks, to be out of the sun.

There are times you may not see her standing there
But, of your presence, you can bet she is aware.
When I look into her eyes, I see age old intelligence
When others see her, in fear they wince.

I love to watch my friend as she runs so free
Because my friend is a beautiful grey wolf, you see.

2 years ago

Wow! These are wonderful! Very moving and touching!! I love to read poems (wish I could write them better) but absolutely love to read something so powerful and meaning! Thanks for the wonderful posts!!

2 years ago

Thank you Sherri if your roaming the internet and find a wolf poem that you really like you can post it here...Just let us know who the author was and if you don't know the author just put author unknown....OR if you decide to write a wolf poem go for it and share we'd love to read it........

2 years ago

Silent Paws
Gerri K. McCann

Silent paws trotting
on a well beaten trail,
alone in the wilderness,
so young and so frail.

Little yips go unanswered,
the moon is now his guide,
looking for ones just like him,
or have all of them just died?

He sniffs the dampened ground
and senses man everywhere,
the silence is deafening
no howls in the air.

Oh why did he venture
so far from his den,
while his pack fell silent
at the hands of men?

His stomach is growling
but the hunger he’ll endure,
his pack family is out there
it’s their blood he smells for sure.

He stops in his tracks
and raises his head up high,
the terror overwhelms him
as he lets out another cry.

But still there’s no answer
he can’t understand why,
he’ll follow their trail
or he surely will die.

For days now he’s traveled
his spirit and body gone weak,
he lies down in white clover
no more energy left to speak.

Soon the soul hovers
over this tiny, frail pup,
whose future now will be guarded
as his soul travels up.

What right does man have
to take life from a living thing,
that has no way to voice its defense
against a human being?

The wolf is a symbol,
a brother, a friend.
it’s time now for action
before his existence comes to an end.

2 years ago

The Last Wolf


The last wolf hurried toward me
through the ruined city
and I heard his baying echoes
down the steep smashed warrens
of Montgomery Street and past
the ruby-crowned highrises
left standing
their lighted elevators useless

Passing the flicking red and green
of traffic signals
baying his way eastward
in the mystery of his wild loping gait
closer the sounds in the deadly night
through clutter and rubble of quiet blocks
I hear his voice ascending the hill
and at last his low whine as he came
floor by empty floor to the room
where I sat
in my narrow bed looking west, waiting
I heard him snuffle at the door and
I watched

He trotted across the floor
he laid his long gray muzzle
on the spare white spread
and his eyes burned yellow
his small dotted eyebrows quivered

Yes, I said.
I know what they have done.

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