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A Wolves Story{A FUN GAME}
2 years ago

Hello Everyone, How about a story game? These can be really fun especialy when we see the end result......Ok this is how this works I will begin a story starting with a line or two and whereever I leave off that's where you pick up. For example if I write:

Two white wolves were walking in the woods when they saw Dianne and_________

The next Pack/group member would pick up where I left off by writing something like

she look so friendly they approached her and when they did_________

What you write can be as long or as short as you want, of course more than 3 words would be nice but whatever you're comfy with.......At the end of February I will take our story and combine all our sentences and see what we have....You may be surprised how it turns out.......Have fun.........

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2 years ago

One warm summer day a lone Timber wolf walked out of the woods and________

2 years ago

Noted and Thnx for posting Carlene :-0 2/1

2 years ago

Let's try this fun game again and give it till the end of May to see what we can come up with......COME PEOPLE GET IN HERE AND USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!!!

2 years ago


2 years ago

A black wolf looks up to see her cubs.....

2 years ago

Suddenly she heard men approching and led them back into the Den.

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2 years ago

and safely hunkered down her pups till they passed....

2 years ago

the mate who had fallen to a hunter's gun before they were born.  As  the remaining member of a pack of two, she had struggled to keep herself well-fed enough to produce the life giving milk they needed.

     Fortunately for her -and them- the meadow where she had made her den was now abundant with hares and voles; her two daughters and son would learn to hunt here over the next two years, before he left to start his own pack; her daughters would stay with her and one would eventualy find a mate and become the alpha female.

    She doubted that she would mate again.  Raising these three would take her into her sixth year, and, though she would still be fertile, her mate had been her best friend from puppyhood.  She doubted she could hunt in such single minded accord with another wolf.  She remembered the startling green of his eyes, the high proud plume of his tail, the way they shared breath at night as they lay nose to nose.

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and if the above is too much
2 years ago

please feel free to edit.

off topic
2 years ago

Speaking of Voles. Ever since the Wolf hunt here in Wisconsin, mine and other homes have been invaded by Voles because there are no Wolves to eat them. Of course the "great hunters" were mostly from out of State so there homes are o.k. I hope their arm pits are infested with a thousand fleas. 

Big Butteyes
2 years ago

who hunt wolves and feel more manly because  of it should be chased with helicopters and shot at point blank range when they are too exhausted to run anymore.  I'm not usually vindictive - but this would be simple poetic justice.

2 years ago

they passed through the trees so that no one could see them and stood still for a while

2 years ago

watching the strange two-legged creatures who carried sticks  over their shoulders......

2 years ago

they started thinking what strange beings these are when 

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