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2 years ago


SignOn Petition: Protect America's Wolves!
Animals  (tags: wildanimals, Wolves, wildlife, protection, society, slaughter, suffering, law, humans, ethics, environment, cruelty, animals, animalrights, animaladvocates, conservation, death, killing )
Michael - 3 hours ago -

Robert Goldman has crafted a substantive petition with howling for It needs tens of thousands of signatures. Please sign and read the entire to inform yourself of the problems with wolf killing.

2 years ago

Animals  (tags: wildanimals, Wolves, wildlife, society, suffering, slaughter, law, killing, protection, humans, ethics, environment, endangered, cruelty, crime, death, animals, animalcruelty, animalwelfare, animaladvocates )
Michael - 4 hours ago -

In 2012, ONE IN FOUR wolves was killed by hunting and trapping. On this page, fact sheet, House, Senate and MN gov Dayton contact links, public comment link, HfW link to report your efforts for coordination. End this killing.

2 years ago

all signed

2 years ago

Oregon wolf OR-16 killed by Idaho hunter

by Associated Press

ENTERPRISE, Ore. (AP) -- An Oregon wolf known to biologists as OR-16 has been killed by a hunter in Idaho.

2 years ago

all done

2 years ago   Germany: should we hunt Wolves in the future? NO!  (vote several times)

2 years ago

Bill would stop Minnesota wolf hunt for five years

A Care 2 news article posted by Michael:

2 years ago

my dear friend
please signed to help the wolves in the war that the U.S. have declared their.
The U.S. Wolves need all the help we can give them

this fw is from my precious  friend Anneke

The american wolves thank you so much

Original Message:


These petitions have to be delivered on a short term!   sign and share as much as possible please

Subject: Update about 'PLEASE STOP KILLING US!  President Obama, Ken Salazar, Tom Vilsack: Stop the killing of the wolves, canis lupus in the U.S.A.' 

There is no victory to report... they are still killing and I will be taking down the petition to send to the President and the heads of his agencies that kill our wolves....currently we have 764 signatures...can you find anyone else to sign? they have killed 1,060 wolves would be good to have at least 1,000 signatures to send to Federal agencies that spend our tax $$$ to kill our wolves... that are held in public trust in our name and help arrest climate change by the self sustaining cascade effect they have on the environment...we are literally funding the killing of the "goose that laid the golden egg"!
Our keystone predators are being systematically slaughtered by our "Wildlife Services" agencies..this is a crime and they need to be investigated ..not only do their "wardens" post sick facebook pictures with tortured wolves they have not called off the hunt and put the wolf back on the endangered species list. Most of the federal employees say they hunt, and in this job they get paid to's all unbelievable...we have to defund this agency! It's up to us to stop the insanity! please ask a friend to sign...
thank you and peace on earth to all beings
Rebecca Vitale Mandich

This message is from rebecca vitale mandich who started the petition "PLEASE STOP KILLING US! President Obama, Ken Salazar, Tom Vilsack: Stop the killing of the wolves, canis lupus in the U.S.A.," 

2 years ago


Reitschen, Germany Benefits From Wolf Tourism
Animals  (tags: europe, wolves, law, wildanimals, wildlife )
Kevin - 5 hours ago -

Wolves were nearly extinct in Germany by the mid-19th century, but now a protected species, they've made a comeback.

2 years ago


Michigan Wolves
Animals  (tags: wolves, MIchigan, poll, hunting advocates )
Alice - 6 hours ago -

This is a somewhat nasty website - bunch of shooters "protecting" their rights to "hunt", fish etc. If you can spare a moment to vote on this poll that will surely be used to advocate for hunting of wolves in MI. It takes but a moment scroll down to vote

2 years ago


World  (tags: UnitedNations, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, animals, conservation, environment, ethics, endangered, protection, wildanimals, wildlife )
Desanka - 6 hours ago -

An International Wolf Day would put the wolf in a positive light, after generations of being unjustly feared and condemned due to fairy tales, legends, fictional movies, folklore, and special interest groups.

2 years ago


Animals  (tags: Wyoming, wolves, trapping, gassing pups, killing )
Alice - 9 hours ago -

IT IS OFFICIAL IN WYOMING! On March 1, the state of Wyoming will open additional lands to unrestricted wolf killing--allowing more wolves to be shot on sight, gassed in their dens and brutally trapped. PLEASE READ COMMENT FOR CONTACT INFO!

2 years ago


Wolf Management Will Include Lethal Removal, State Officials Say | The Wenatchee World
Animals  (tags: wolves, management, endangered, cruelty, protection, humans, AnimalWelfare, killing, law, wildanimals, wildlife, endangered, AnimalWelfare )
Kevin - 4 hours ago -

OKANOGAN -- State officials assured Okanogan County residents Thursday that some problem wolves that kill livestock will be trapped and euthanized this year.

2 years ago


No-Kill Wolf Ban Spurs Nonlethal Options
Animals  (tags: wolves, management, endangered, cruelty, protection, humans, AnimalWelfare, killing, law, wildanimals, wildlife, endangered, AnimalWelfare )
Kevin - 2 hours ago -

In Oregon, where the killing of wolves is forbidden even if they kill livestock, ranchers are turning to more modern ways to protect their animals.

2 years ago


These Are Some Of The Toughest (But Important) Photos I'Ve Seen This Week
Animals  (tags: wolves, Idaho, wolf hunt, slaughter, delisting, Endangered Species Act )
Brian - 1 hour ago -

The Idaho population was above 1,000 wolves before 2011, and a year later, the wolf population was below 500. And the state government wants it to be below 150. WARNING: These photos are graphic.

2 years ago
Aerial wolf hunt in upper Koyukuk River to boost moose numbers

2 years ago


52 Members of Congress Urge Continued Federal Protections for Wolves in Lower 48 States
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, animalwelfare, animals, endangered, environment, habitat, humans, protection, wildanimals, wildlife )
Carlene - 7 minutes ago -

We are grateful that these 52 representatives are standing strong for continued federal protections for wolves

2 years ago


2 years ago


Montana, Idaho Trappers Catching More Than Just Wolves
Animals  (tags: abuse, abused, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, environment, ethics, habitat, humans, protection, killing, killed, wildlife, wildanimals, suffering, death, conservation )
Carlene - 5 hours ago -

In the first year that wolf trapping was allowed in Idaho, trappers captured a total of 123 wolves.But according to a survey by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Department, those same trappers in 2011-2012 also inadvertently captured 147 other animals

2 years ago

Aerial Wolf Hunt in Upper Koyukuk River to Boost Moose Numbers
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, endangered, sadness, wildlife, wildanimals, protection, humans, slaughter, killing )
Carlene - 5 hours ago -

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game pulled the trigger on another Interior wolf reduction program during the weekend.

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