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massive rescue and saving programs
5 years ago
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being in the on hands investigations and rescue efforts of animals, for many years now.


there is one thing i have found that works the best for the most in the animal to be out of dangers and into the safe hands of others that can aid them.


in 2005 i was involved in the lousiana hurricane crisis for animals, this is where i found out about animal transporting from one state to another.


in the progress of mass animal assistances, this is what i did...and it worked.


1. built a list of ALL RESCUERS/SMALL AND LARGE in every state. providing me email and phone numbers.

2. go to internet and find rescue animal transport groups, where people drive the animals from one place to another. and join up as many as i could


what this did was not only provide me people to call to see if they had room to save an animal, or a specific spieces/breed of animal.  with room at hand to save one more, or numbers of animals, i would contact the transport groups and find drivers to take that animal from point A TO point B


we moved 800 animals to safety in my first 2 years of rescue/transporting. my care2 photos album has them all pictured in them, every animal saved.


staying local to find help will not work, passing animals to friends and family does not work either and is too short term for placements, and fill up quickly.


adoptions to private homes is way too slow and many animals stay stuck or are euthanized due to the time factors of not finding placements.


large/small entities of rescuers shelters are able to fund/get donations/tend to animal needs, with more time to find homes for them in the long run.




grandiedoxies arizona, takes only dachsunds.  I find doxies in shelters every day, and on short time to date of death/euthanizing.  i pull these animals and make for transport to arizona


there is great dane rescue in austin.


border collie rescue in lousisana


pom pom rescue in houston tx


etc etc.


so thru these people all i have to do is find way to get the fur babies to them for care and protections when i find such breeds of animals


greyhounds rescues vidor tx.


then there is all the other breeds of dogs too


pitt bull


small dogs

large dogs

etc etc.


to save more animals is to move them to the shelters that won't kill them and they will find the homes needed for them.  no one person can handle as many or save as many other then this.



5 years ago

Great information Kindle and welcome.

5 years ago

Need help - sent to me:


Original Message:




Eighty Greyhounds Available and in Need of Forever Homes in Lincoln, RI

Eighty Greyhounds Available and in Need of Forever Homes in Lincoln, RI

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5 years ago

Thought I'd post a nice story here -


Another story from the Healthy Pet Magazine published by Hilltop Pet Clinic in Pueblo, CO (not the vet who almost killed her)


Saved Dog Gets His Sea Legs


An incredible dog that was rescued from the Baltic Sea after braving a 75-mile journey on an ice floe is making himself at home on a Polish research ship.  One of the crewmen pulled him from the icy waters.  The ship's captain said that, after the rescue, the dog slept on a blanket in the laboratory.  He then shared a hearty sausage breakfast with many of the still incredulous crew.  The captain said the dog, more often than not, sticks close to the brave mechanic who saved him, but, more recently, he has been enjoying the adulation of others.  Nicknamed Baltic, the dog, who is becoming as friendly as he is furry, has recently been named a full crew member by his shipmates and will continue in that capacity unless someone pops up to tell them otherwise.  All we can say is, "Brave Baltic!"

5 years ago

Here's a great story!!!!






Deathrow Dog Bruce Is Saved and Free! 
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 Jill - 22 seconds ago - 


thousands of dog lovers from all around the world can rejoice at the news that Bruce, the dog seized in Northern Ireland under the breed specific legislation element of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, despite him NEVER having done ANYTHING wrong, is free!