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6 years ago
| Val's news and more

Please read and pass on thanks Gail

Original Message:

URGENT ! Need someone to rescue elderly Golden Rtriever from kill shelter in Phoenix, Arizona ! ASAP ! Either a personal adoption or locate a Rescue Group - Golden Rescue or any  other that can take this poor dog. Please don't let his life end like this ! Care link below shows his picture. And details on his story are below. I called Az. Humane Society around midnight when I got on computer and found this ,thinking they would have a Hotline -but no such luck.But I do have a phone number for the facility at SunnyBrook : 1-602-977-7585 extr. 2073(?) no name for contact.This is a beautiful ,old,scared dog. PLEASE ! Somebody help him. I am in Mississippi , so I can't or I would.

I Care -my heart is breaking over this one !,


Original Message:

Please help and if you can't, please forward, thanks.  Alison

Original Message:

Original Message:

Pass along & post of FB is possible, lets find this fellow a new forever home.

Original Message:

I am passing this email on in the hopes that someone out there can rescue this Golden Retriever from a high kill shelter.   He was hit by a car and then left in a kill shelter to die.  Please help if you can.   Pass this on to all animal lovers you know.


Jeri Capaccione

Senior Golden Retriever dumped at high kill shelter-help needed 4:36 PM

Phoenix, AZ - October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and this senior dog should be at the top of someone's adoption list. The beautiful, old dog has no name - he only has an intake number to identify him.

According to shelter notes, he was dropped at the shelter by his owner - a "surrender", although no reason was provided. Right now, this old boy is scheduled to be euthanized.

The shelter evaluators have noted that he is fearful. The person that took his photo at the shelter believes that he may be deaf, which would explain his fearful behavior. Though staff have labeled this dog as fearful, the photographer was able to enter the kennel run, sit with him, and pet him, without incident.

It is difficult to imagine what it must feel like for this dog right now. The over-whelming fear and confusion that he is surely feeling from being in a foreign environment, surrounded by only strangers. To say that he is certainly bewildered and frightened would be an understatement.

Time is of the essence for this old boy. He certainly does not deserve to die in a frightening shelter. It's hard to imagine how or why anyone could abandon their senior dog at a shelter. It's impossible to imagine handing that leash over to a staff member and walking away from your loyal companion, knowing that you've most certainly handed him a death sentence.

Potential adopters or rescues can contact the shelter if they are interested in providing a safe haven for this dog. He is already neutered and estimated to be 10-12 years of age. Contact information is as follows:

* Duanne Wilster, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Westside alternative placement coordinator office 602-372-1158
* Or, the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control Westside, Phoenix, AZ direct at 602-506-2765
* Intake number: I282 / A2901699

Senior dogs make wonderful companions. They ask for little and provide much in return. If you have a spot in your home for a soft bed and a place in your heart for a beautiful companion, please consider saving this dog.

If you are not able to save this dog, please take a moment to circulate this article with his contact information. Please post it to your Facebook account and give it a Tweet. You never know who might be able to help.

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6 years ago

Know nothing about this but posting for Karina...  make up your own mind...


Original Message:


Hi Robyn,


I sent a donation for Princess a few minutes ago & I am forwarding to all my friends & praying others will help with her bill.


Hugs, Henriette




Original Message:


My foster dog, Princess, became very ill not long ago and I had to rush her to the vet hospital.  She had hemorraghic gastroenteritis.  She was bleeding in her intestines.  Bleeding badly.


Princess was saved from the animal control shelter as she was being walked to death's door.  She is staying with me until she can go to a loving, adopting home.  I could not save her from euthanasia then turn around and let her die from a horrilbe illness.  I had no option in my eyes but to get her help.


Her bill came to $1123.  I really cannot afford this on my own.  I have set up a fundrazr account in facebook asking for help.  If you can help with a small donation Princess and I would be so very thankful.


This is the link to my request on Care2: 


Here is the link that goes directly to her donation page on facebook:


This is a link to see the vet bill:!/album.php?id=1774700837&aid=26082


Please share our story and our plea.  I wouldn't ask if I didn't really need the help.


Thank you for caring,



6 years ago

From Karina:


Please circulate far & wide, Rocky needs a forever loving home! Thanks.

Original Message:


Hi all,

PLEASE FORWARD!! Rocky is in a high kill shelter! We can help him and the other babies who deserve a loving home!!!  Thank, Laura

Original Message:
Hi Tamar Love,

Laura H.. left a comment on the following article:


Gorgeous black & tan doxie pup at Bakersfield Shelter - Los Angeles Dachshunds |
Rocky, a male, short-hair, black-and-tan dachshund, is only about eight months old -- he's still a puppy! It's tough to tell from his picture how big he is, but he looks like a healthy mini.




OMG this is a high kill shelter!!!! We need to get Rocky (and as many other babies as we can) out ASAP!!! I will forward!!!





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6 years ago

Also from Karina:





Hello, dear friends!

Please help, if you can...


Hugs, Karina


Original Message:


Original Message:






Please forward this on..


Humane Society of Cumberland County Is Closing November 5th



Humane Society of Cumberland County Is Closing November 5th


They need to find homes for all the animals.


Hope that you are having a good weekend.


Thank you



6 years ago

Original Message:


Original Message:




A news: picture of 2 young men exhibiting a hanged pup and doing obscene gesture, we have to identify them.




About the man who beat and buryed his dog alive: Robyn post a 3 days petition. before the next trial. if it doesn't work we'll star another one. VERY URGENT.




Maximum charges and penalties for Gerald McKinney for dog abuse |







and if you did not sign it: to have justice for the stabbed stray dog in Macedonia.






hope better news this week-end!





6 years ago

From Traci:


Thanks for signing. Now spread the word!


Your name has been added to the 20/20/20 petition to stop the mass extinction of animals and plants on our planet.

Governments are meeting in Japan right now to address this crisis. But we have only days to make sure they know that people around the world are watching and expecting bold results. Let's build a massive petition to make sure they hear our call.

Tell everyone using the tool below:

Tell Your Friends




Will we stop mass extinction?


I've just signed an urgent global petition supporting a new treaty to prevent mass extinction. The petition will be delivered Friday at UN talks in Japan -- check out the email below and sign on here:




Dear friends,


There are only 300 northern right whales left, and 99% of blue whales have been wiped out. These majestic giants are endangered species, and their case is being played out across the world, time and again. In fact, one third of all life forms on the planet are on the brink of extinction.


The natural world is being crushed by human activity, waste and exploitation. But there is a plan to save it -- a global agreement to create, fund and enforce protected areas covering 20% of our lands and seas by 2020. And right now, 193 governments are meeting in Japan to address this crisis.


We have just 4 days left in this crucial meeting. Experts say that politicians are hesitant to adopt such an ambitious goal, but that a global public outcry could tip the balance, making leaders feel the eyes of the world upon them. Click to sign the urgent 20/20 petition, and forward this email widely -- the message will be delivered directly to the meeting in Japan:


Ironically, 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. By now, our governments were supposed to have "achieved a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss." They have failed, consistently caving to industry when given a choice between narrow profit and protecting species. Our animals, plants, oceans, forests, soils, and rivers are choking under immense burdens from over-exploitation and other pressures.


Humans are the primary cause of this destruction. But we can turn it around -- we've saved species from extinction before. The causes of biodiversity decline are vast, and stopping them is going to require a move away from empty piecemeal promises with no clarity on who will pay, to a bold plan with strict enforcement and serious funding. The 20/20 plan is precisely that: governments will be forced to execute strict programmes to ensure that 20% of our earth is protected by the 2020 deadline, and massively scale up funding.


It has to be now. All over the world the picture is beginning to look bleaker -- there are only 3,200 tigers left in the wild, our oceans are running out of fish, and we're losing unique food sources to large mono-plantations. Nature is resilient, but we have to give it a safe place to bounce back. That's why this meeting is key -- it's a watershed moment to accelerate action based on clear commitments that protect nature's capital.


If our governments feel overwhelming public pressure right now to be courageous, we can jolt them to commit to the 20/20 plan at this meeting. But it's going to take every one of us to get that message to echo around the convention in Japan. Sign this urgent petition below, then forward it widely:


Already this year Avaaz, members have played a critical role in protecting elephants, defending the whale-hunting ban, and securing the world's largest Marine Protected Area in the Chagos Islands. Our community has shown that we can set ambitious goals -- and win. This campaign is the next stage in the essential battle to create the world that most of us everywhere want -- where natural resources and species are valued, and our living planet is protected for future generations.


With hope,


Alice, Iain, Emma, Ricken, Paula, Benjamin, Mia, David, Graziela, Ben, and the rest of the Avaaz team




6 years ago

THIS IS URGENT....Less than 24hrs. to act!!!!!!! Pls. sign, share, forward...whatever it takes, thank you!~



Original Message:


24 hours to save Sakineh


Have you heard that Iran could kill Sakineh Ashtiani tomorrow?


I've just sent an emergency message to Iran's allies and key UN powers urging them to intervene and help safe Sakineh's life. Please read the email below and join me in sending a message now:


Dear Friends,


Tomorrow, Iran could execute Sakineh Ashtiani.


Our global outcry stopped her unjust stoning sentence in July. Now we have 24 hours to save her life.


Iran's allies and key UN powers are our best hope -- they could persuade Iran of the serious political cost of this high-profile killing. Click here to send them an urgent call to action and send this to everyone -- it only takes three minutes and we are her last chance:


Sakineh's adultery case is a tragic sham stacked with human rights violations. First, she was to be stoned to death. But the Iranian government had to revoke the sentence after her children generated a tremendous outcry against the farcical trial -- she could not speak the language used in court, and the alleged incidents of adultery took place after her husband's death.


Then her lawyer was forced into exile, and the prosecution conjured up a new trumped-up charge for which she would be executed -- the murder of her husband. Despite this being double jeoprady, as she is already serving time for alleged complicity in this crime, Sakineh was tortured and paraded on national television to 'confess', and was found guilty. The regime has now arrested two German journalists, her lawyer and her son, who has bravely led the international campaign to save his mother. All remain in prison and Sakineh's son and lawyer have been also tortured and have no access to lawyers.


Now Iranian human rights activists state an order has just been issued from Tehran to implement her killing immediately, she is on the list and tomorrow is execution day.


Persistent campaigning led Iran to drop Sakineh's stoning sentence and captured the attention of leaders in countries with influence on Iran, like Turkey and Brazil. Now let's urgently raise our voices to stop her killing and inhumane treatment and free her, her lawyer, her son and the jailed German journalists.


A massive public outcry has the moral authority to stop heinous crimes. Let's use these 24 hours to send a clear message -- the world is watching and we all stand together today to save Sakineh's life and against injustice everywhere.


With hope and determination,


Alice, Stephanie, Pascal, Giulia, Benjamin and the whole of the Avaaz team


Sources:The Islamic regime of Iran plans to execute Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani immediately


Sakineh hanging imminent


Iranian woman could be stoned Wednesday


Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani: A life in the Balance (Amnesty International)


6 years ago

Signed. Thanks Val!

6 years ago

Thank you!

6 years ago

Signed and sended forward as much as I can, put on facebook ... Didn't sleep after this. Hard to  believe that a person can take away the life off another person .....

6 years ago

Welcome to the real world....  it's awful!

6 years ago

Signed, praying and holding my breath for good news.

6 years ago

Signed and i'm praying she will be saved. Thanks Vallee.

6 years ago

As far as I know - she's still alive.  Thanks all. 

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