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What is your favorite animal?
6 years ago

Apart from my cats and dog i have to say my favourite of all is the orangutans, then the gorillas.

6 years ago

Orangutans are cute Linda!





Orangutan With Frond on Head


have a few extra minutes today....

6 years ago

Cats of all varieties. Took me ages to get one - mid teens - cos Dad wasn't a cat person. Indeed when I left home to go to uni he told me she got ill and he'd had to put her down, which I accepted at the time till I thought about it.

Several cats since then, 2 have met their demise under car wheels, but my all time favourite is Strauss, given to me when aged 3 by friends returning to Canada. At the time I lived up a river valley 4 miles from town and thought he'd constantly head back there, but he was on my bed first night and there he stayed. I still feel bad when 10 years later I left him in the care of friends to go overseas. He died just before I returned 4 years later, aged 18.

Part of that trip also let me indulge in my passion for big cats - hooked after reading the Born Free trilogy as a child - when I did a 5 week African safari. Plus of course all the other wildlife.

Current cat Fred has many of Strauss's qualities though  he's a bit more standoffish. He's losing some of that lately and taking on some of his sister Ginger's (sadly killed by a snake) affectionate qualities.  He's 10ish and going strong. But I really miss Strauss's gentlemanly habit of sitting on my pillow in the morning, gently tapping my forehead with his paw to wake me, with the message HEY, GET UP AND FEED ME.       



6 years ago

Same here George.  All the cats - big and small - tame and wild.  Of the wild ones the Tiger would be number one.

Val R - what is your favorite?

6 years ago

My favorite animal?  That will be difficult because I love and enjoy all of the animal kingdom, but I am leaning toward maybe Wolves, or Cougar(oh such a beautiful creature), or maybe a baby Black Bear (quite cute dont you agree)Or maybe the majestic stance of a 8 point White tail Buck with his brood of Does below him. Or the majestic Lion, like I said a very difficult decision. LOL

6 years ago

Sounds like you Brother Falcon....  me - well it is tough - a stuffed doggie was my favorite for years - but cats are easier to care for than dogs in my situation anyway..  and I know that feeling of a cat on your bed trying to pull the covers off of you and then patting you gently on the head when they decide it's time to get up. 


Bootsie - now 6 1/2 yrs (had since 6 weeks) is very territorial so difficult with the dog but she has never been in a carrier een though we have traveled several thousand miles together and can go on a leash with no problem.  She has been through many trials and tribulations and change - which cats don't like - but sh'es still my Bootsie-Bo... always trying to help me out on the computer...


Bootsie on computer

6 years ago

For me there are many animals that are specials,but my favorite are the wolves that I find fascinating and mysterious,that are also linked with the dogs.

6 years ago

aaaaaww val such a beautiful cat sweet story

me i really struggle choosing , i have trouble choosing what animal to put on my computer wallpaper all the time

but swans give me hope

and i love big cats

and all of my pets

my hamsters (theo and star)

my orville (budgie)

my beloved tortoise (mizzie)

so i could never choose

love jade


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