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Favorite animal images
6 years ago
| Val's news and more

Haven't transferred over the one I wanted to post - but here is Bootsie - like she owns the world...  she's staring at the 50 lb dog thinking that her little 7 1/2 pounds WILL win  out!


Bootsie on chair 10-11-10 005.JPG



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6 years ago

And here is Baby with her large rawhide - a chewing freak... 



Baby with bone 10-26-10 003.JPG

6 years ago

O Val they are so kind and beautifull animals. Thanks for sharing them with us.

6 years ago

They are beautiful!! Thanks, Val!

6 years ago

Thanks guys - do you have any to share?

6 years ago

Bootsie could be Fred's twin sister. If I ever figure out attaching photos............... 

6 years ago

It's a little complicated.  First you have to have them in Your Pictures on your computer.  Then it's pretty easy to transfer over to a Care Album - then generally drag from one spot to another so have to have 2 pages open.  If you want to know more - just ask...

6 years ago

george i do it by clicking on the advanced editor written where you usually type at the bottom right

and then just copy and paste!!

love jade


6 years ago

Val, I want to know more.


I've created a Care album. Now what?


Jade, tried  copy and paste - nowt happened.


Haven't figured out  comments either - if anyone can help  

6 years ago

There are different way depending on what browser you use.  With IE you can copy and paste straight from the Care2 album.  I have Firefox and open up 2 pages at once - on one I find the photo I want and open it and then in the other page I find where I want to post it and drag the photo to the center of the post.  BEWARE!  If you have written anything - copy first because at least for me often I will lose it or write after you post.  Sometimes it goes to a white screen with the photo only - don't despair - it happens to me all the time - just backpsace and make sure the photo is centered then it usually works. 


PS - comments are the same in this case - find the comment you want on one page and go to the person's profile - click on the right hand side where it says "Add comments" and drag as you did above remembering to center.  I always post the comment and then write so I don't lose the words.  I ALWAYS preview first.  Have discovered there's a better chance of it going through. 


If these don't work - tell me what browser you have and what is happening.  Posted this all here because others may have problems too.


Is this doesn't work - let me know and we'll get computer techs to help.  They have helped with many issues.....  they are great!


Hope this helps.  Personally don't understand how Jade does it but works for her.... forget what browser she uses.....  Even with IE you can drag but you can't copy and paste with FF.

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6 years ago

George - you can also get comments and images straight from the internet from free sites such as photobucket without having them n your Care2 album - I didn't know that at first.  My your own photos have to be on your care 2 albums - like photos of Fred...


Here's the link to the photobucket - has lots of stuff and everyone uses it and it's free - you just have to sign up...



6 years ago

Bootsie _amp_ Baby together 11-11-10 004.JPG


I was sure one would kill the other......

6 years ago

Anyone else have photos?

6 years ago

catThis is the little feral cat i've been feeding for six years, last week he just started to come into my kitchen for his food and he will now sniff my hand, he has great fun with my cats in the garden. Val Bootsie and Baby are beautiful, my dog won't let the cats near his dish.

6 years ago

cat Here is Oscar and Cindy they're inseperable, Oscar is the black and white one Cindy turned one year old last week.

6 years ago

Linda, your fur babies are really sweet! Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago

catThis one is Blackie he was a stray that just moved in, he was in an awful state, i got him neutered and deflead. He's been with us five years now and he's so big and very greedy but such a gentle soul. 

6 years ago

Thanks Linda - Cindy looks like a tortoise calico named Calico I had once.  And as far as Bootsie and Baby being at Baby's food bowl - that was a picture never to be forgotten so I took it.  Bootsie is always trying to take territoy over from Baby.  Bootsie's just lucky she hasn't been eaten yet!  Baby has the patience of a saint at times....

6 years ago

aaaaww linda thats wonderful watching the trust grow

i envy you lol!!

love jade


6 years ago

Xmas day 2.jpg


mizzie on xmas 09

that thing isnt stuck on her lol its balancing, i know not too

love jade


6 years ago

Xmas day 3.jpg


mizzie again


Xmas day 5.jpg


mizzie with her xmas dinner

6 years ago

Jade Mizzie is beautiful, when i was young many years ago lol i had a tortoise for years her name was Tammie and they're such amazing creatures.

6 years ago

aaaww thanks she is isnt she shes my little baby , and yeah they are ive learnt so much since i have got her



that was the first day i got her sweet memories



that was the day she was 1







mizzie reading her birthday card

6 years ago

 This is my kitty, Yuki

He's about 3 years now and the cutest cat i've ever seen.





This is flaeckli, cute too but too neurotic ad she doesn't like me




Unfortunately he stopped sleeping so cute, but i caught him on camera back when he did, so it's fine




usually she flees whenever they're in the same room but maybe she was already asleep when he came in


Last naptime so farXD


Here he is yet again sleeping, if ayone can tell me how he manages not to fall down


There are more pics in my album, i just started it today so the size isn't great yet but i'll be working on it


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6 years ago

Couldn't edit my post again...

So i'm writing it here:

P.S.: I like your pics your pets are very cute


6 years ago

Thank you everyone for the photos - they are a joy to see and now we have an image when you mention your pets.....  And Alex, Yuki must have a very heavy brain that keeps her up there?????

6 years ago

Alexandria, you're kitties are beautiful, and Jade Mizzie is so tiny and cute on youre hand it's amazing how our animals grow so quick. 

6 years ago

i was too engaged before to comment:S

I love turtles and i'd love too be able to see one grow up, she has a nice even shell, do you give her Sepia or something like that?


Bootsie looks so daring on that chairXD and with that big dog she should be confident or else she won't be able to stand her ground


Linda, you're amazing by giving all those cute kitten a new home, keep it up and i hope they'll bring you joy all your life




6 years ago

when i got mizzie she was 25 grams and a year later she is 70 ish

she was the size of a ping pong ball and when shes 10 she will be 12" (30cm)

i can wait but i want her to stay soo tiny

she loves rubbing noses with me and lets me kiss hw=er head already its been amazing watching her trust and our love grow


i dont know what sepia is and she wont be that smoth (shell) she gets pyramids so she will look like bowser (well thats the way my boyfriend describes it hahahaha)


she has to have calcium supplements every day apart from 2 days a week and they eat WEEDS!!!


so i have 25 plant pots growng weeds that i have bought lol

i must look like a weirdo to the neighbours


aaaahh well she well worth that obv

love jade


and yuki is soooooo adorable id love to see a cat sleep like that, he mist have allot of trust to have done that

very sweet sleeping habits

love jade


6 years ago

Sepia is cuttlefish, what i meant is basically just the calcium you mentioned^^

I don't know which part of the sepia it is, but it's just a piece of  chalk that they love eating i heard. Their shell's soft and even when they have enough of it.


And about Yuki. It's his 5th home and he wasn't even a year when we got him. Actually everybody wanted to help him, but nobody could. He was the runt and some nice lady had mercy and took him in but her flat was too small. he went to 2 different places with the same problem(in switzerland, having a house isn't very common)And when he came to us you could really see in his eyes that he wanted to stay but doubted he could. So it really IS trust he displays since he could stay


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