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Val's thread 04 29 12
3 years ago

Signed them all dear Val


Enjoy your coffee while working for Care2

3 years ago

All signed. Thank you, Val. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

3 years ago

Thank you Val- will be getting threw these soon!

3 years ago

Noted and all signed thanx for ALL you do Val Happy Days to all

3 years ago

all signed

3 years ago



   Stung by the poaching of a tiger in a jaw trap in Palasgaon range in the buffer zone of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), the state government has announced a host of measures, including release of secret funds to develop intelligence network and

   The face of Australia got some needed protection in some parts of the country. The iconic koala was listed as "vulnerable" in Queensland and New South Wales due to crashing numbers, dwindling habitat and other threats.

   When Christine Jepson started collecting tennis balls for her son, she thought it was just for a week or so

3 years ago

All signed. Thanks Val

3 years ago

Thanks Joan!  

3 years ago

All signed. Thanks Val for posting. 

3 years ago

All noted and currently signed Val Thanx

3 years ago

All signed dear Val

3 years ago

Thanks guys - this is from Anneke


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3 years ago

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

During how long the civilized world has
still to endure the cruel behavior towards animals in Thailand and in Vietnam?

Today the world is horrified by the barbaric methods used in your countries that kill millions of dogs and cats  for human consumption.
Your practices, besides being scandalous, are not proof of intelligence of your people whom you have a duty to educate, but also to punish for their obnoxious acts which throw on Thailand and Vietnam a disastrous shade which contradicts their reputation of country of conviviality, refinement and beauty.

More and more persons who feel concerned by the fate of animals, all around the world, boycott your countries, your images, your Cultures, your musics ...

You and your governments are responsible and have to act against the barbarities made to animals, barbarities which we consider as an insult for our humanity.

We know that in Thailand there is a monstrous and illegal traffic of meat of dog. These poor animals are transported, in hardly conceivable conditions of cruelty, through Thailand and Vietnam to arrive in slaughterhouses of Laos. So, all abuses are allowed on sensitive et intelligent creatures.

These dogs are traveling for days crammed in trucks. They can not get up, drink or eat. Some die of suffocation, serious injury and distress.
When the moment of the slaughter comes, these dogs will be tortured to give consumers better meat, but especially aphrodisiac !
These inhumane methods are unacceptable because we are human beings and we have the duty to respect, human or animal.

Thank you for following this link:

In Vietnam the situation is identical:

By this message, we ask you politely but firmly the prohibition of meat of dog and cat and to establish laws of animal protection. 
Should the opposite occur, we shall continue the boycott of the Thailand and Vietnam.

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3 years ago

thank you Val!!

3 years ago

All noted and signed. Thank you Val.

3 years ago

Up to date- thank you

3 years ago

OK - ran into one of these last night - photo not great since started coming toward us - coiling and looked like a rattle at the end - Can a rattler shed their skin and look like this???



3 years ago

I'm not sure Val, herpetology isn't really my thing- but unlikely mutations happen in ALL species, so I would guess that it could be an unusual rattler... pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides are reaking havoc on reptiles and amphibians- many are already extinct, as far as they can tell.


You may want to send the photo to the Fish and Wildlife Service to confirm if it is a rattlesnake, and if not, what species it is

3 years ago

Wow, well? I just learned there are 28 different species of rattlesnake!!! Had no clue


here is a Western Diamondback Albino

This captive albino specimen is approximately 4 feet in length and lacks the protective camouflage of the typical diamondback.

3 years ago

Be careful Val...hope it is not poisonous...:-0 Huggggs, Barb ) )

3 years ago

Thanks Nyack - I am beginning to think the first one was a bull snake - they look identical at times to a rattler but the head is different - this one definitely had a triangular head - I go out with a 32 now at all times and a rattlesnake kit - Baby gets her first shot on Wednesday - I think the extra heat has brought them out this year - have only seen bull snakes (different looking than the one I saw and small green water snakes up until this summer). 


Thanks Barbara - I am being extra careful - may even start wearing my cowboy boots that I wore in another area of Colorado where I lived and you could hear the rattlers but never saw one.



3 years ago

Hey I commented - hope it returns.