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Val's Petitions/News 05 25 12
3 years ago
| Val's news and more
Dear Friends: The woman in possession of these rescue huskies, two of which are blind, has been videotaped sodomizing the dogs repeatedly in order to force them to defecate. "Ms. Nena Wise" was videotaped by her neighbor sodomizing her dogs as well as beating, kicking and twisting their necks back to the point of almost breaking. She screams at these dogs and abuses them regularly. Sandy McAfee, the concerned neighbor who caught the abuse on tape, has worked diligently to expose the cruelty, posting it on Facebook and gathering media attention, yet the abuse continues! Where has the so-called "ongoing investigation" the York SPCA initiated gone? Nowhere!

Please immediately note the story, sign the petition, and share this post far and wide. I also encourage you to join me in contacting the petition author and offering your support. The York County SPCA has dragged this out for far too long. These dogs are suffering and need to be removed! The video is available for viewing at the petition link. I've seen the stills and they are very disturbing. One dog is so broken after being sodomized he can barely walk. It's absolutely horrifying. THESE DOGS NEED TO BE RESCUED FROM THIS PSYCHO! SIGN & SHARE NOW!

TY, Michelle 


Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareExtreme Animal AbuseBestialityDemand Sodomized Huskies Be Removed FromTAKE URGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 10 minutes ago - 

Incredibly disturbing video shows Ms. Wise sodomizing her huskies repeatedly, one to the point where he can barely walk. The assumption is she does this in order to force them to defecate on demand. Sandy McAfee has tried in vain to demand justice. SIGN!


3 years ago
Nyack, You signed on May 12, 2012.

Your signature has been delivered to:;

3 years ago

Noted and already signed. Thank you Val.

3 years ago

Noted and already signed :-0 Thanx Val and Michelle

3 years ago

Thanks ya'll...



Dear Friends:  I just contacted PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund and made an urgent plea on behalf of the caring members of the Care2 global animal welfare community and the good people of Tennessee to get involved with this horrifying crime and support maximum sentencing for the monsters who committed it. This is the face of evil, folks. Will he go on to kill members of the human species? Maybe. But what he did to that puppy is enough to satisfy MY own personal loathing, the depth of which is not momentarily in sight. Please sign this petition and share it all across the world. TY.







ACTION ALERT: Justice for Our Animals in Tennessee! PLEASE SIGN !
  (tags: tevil sadistic puppy torturers, killers, serial kilers in making, scums, court hearing, crime, legaliation )
- 1 day ago -


Justice for our animals in Weakly County. On the 15th of May a little St Bernard Puppy was beaten and snout tied kicked beaten and then stabbed to death. Preston Odle and Levi Evans will appear in the Dresden TN courts on June 13th 8.30am and hopefully
3 years ago

Already signed. Thnks Val.

3 years ago

signed, thanks

3 years ago

noted and signed

3 years ago

both signed!

3 years ago

Me too, signed

3 years ago

Both noted and signed!

3 years ago

Thanks everyone!    This is from Michelle






Dear Friends:  The California Fish & Game Department is killing the very animals they are charged with protecting. Killing protected endangered species rather than tranquilizing them and returning them to the wild is not to be tolerated. Please sign and voice your outrage against the killing of California mountain lions! Share with friends and cross post! Urge Governor Jerry Brown to uphold state law and force the Fish & Game Department to comply with the protection of these precious creatures!


TY, Michelle FYI:  For information on mountain lions in your state, visit The Mountain Lion Foundation at

URGENT! TAKE ACTION! Animals Petition: California Governor Jerry Brown: Stop the Fish & Game Dept. From Killing Mountain Lions! 
Animals  (tags: Animal AbuseAnimal Cruelty,Mountain LionsCalifonia Fish & Game Kills Mountain LioTAKE ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 1 day ago - 

The California Mountain Lion is an endangered species. California's Dept. of Fish & Game is killing them instead of protecting them. The latest incident was in Sunland, CA. The warden shot & killed a trapped mountain lion instead of relocating it! SIGN!

3 years ago

From Genoveva:


I hope you are all doing very good and ready to enjoy the weekend.


This time I have so many petitions that my only consolation is to say they are all fast and easy to sign. I time myself and it took me only one hour for all these many petitions including reading a bit of the main subject in each, so please just be patient and think on all the good you are doing for all our friends in fur and feathers and more.God be with you and make you fly over the petitions, (so to speak).Hugs, Genoveva


Scotland - Take the Lead in Saving Antarctica - The Petition Site




























3 years ago

She had some trouble sending the message -

Vivisection should be illegal - The Petition Site















Amor y Libertad para todos los animales - The Petition Site  Petition of love and freedom for all animals







































3 years ago

All signed. Thank you Val and Genoveva.

3 years ago

Working on it Val! Thanks

3 years ago

Hey Val,

I just signed all 47 petitions. Actually I was only able to sign 45! Two would not accept my signature because I don`t have a zip code! I live in Norway!

Thanks you for posting on behalf of the animals and environment!


3 years ago

Noted and signed (except 1,3,4,5,7...Change.Org) Thanx Val and Genoveva

3 years ago

All signed. Thanks Michelle, Val & Genoveva

3 years ago

From Michelle:



Dear Friends:  This petition desperately needs more signatures. "Mijo," a beloved yellow lab, was hacked to death with a hatchet by an alleged "man of God" for entering his yard. The dog's killer--a local minister--claims that he feared for his life, yet Mijo's owner says he was a kind, gentle dog whose only crime was to chase after another dog in the neighborhood that fateful day. Law enforcement has not charged the dog's killer for this brutal, unnecssary crime. The onus may very well be on Mijo's owner for not tethering the dog, but attacking the dog with a machete and murdering him warrants a serious inquiry and arrest.


Please sign the petition and share with friends.


Poor Mijo did not deserve to die this way. TY. Michelle 





May 10th, Ortiz found his best friend and beloved dog, Mijo, lying in a pool of his own blood, dying just "inches from his home." Mijo, who'd been slashed from head to toe had dragged himself home where he was found dying by Ortiz.

3 years ago

Also from Michelle:



Man's Best Friend? We have a LONG way to go. The first link takes you to a petition calling for the max sentence for a sociopath in St. Louis who strangled, beat and burned dogs to death using cables, chairs and window sills. A horrific series of crimes requiring the harshest sentence allowable by law. The next link takes you to Slovenia, where dog abuse is rampant. This gorgeous golden retriever was the victim of an owner who cut his leg off so he wouldn't run away. The link below that takes you to a petition for the regulation of puppy mills on the internet. Finally, the last link is yet another petition calling for justice in the horrific puppy torture case in Tennessee that has haunted us all for the last week. Please sign and share all. Thanks dearly, Michelle 

TAKE URGENT ACTION! St. Louis City Officials: Find These Criminal and Bring Them To Justice!!! 
Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyDogs Found Strangled in St. Louis HouseJUSTICE! ) 
 Michelle - 2 days ago - 

In a house littered with gang graffiti rescuers found chains & electrical cords used to restrain & strangle dogs. Skeletal remains of a dog who had been choked to death was found; a trail of dried blood led to an area where a dog was burned alive. JUSTICE
3 years ago

Signed. Thank you Val, Danuta and Michelle.

3 years ago

Noted and Thanx Val, Danuta and Michelle.

3 years ago

Peta was here in San Antonio and had a huge turn out as they do every year. You can't help but Love Peta.   

3 years ago

most signed, some on or Force change and here.

3 years ago

Thanks everyone:


FUn facts:


At the end of the Beatles' song "A Day in the Life", an ultrasonic whistle, audible only to dogs, was recorded by Paul McCartney for his Shetland sheepdog.

Using their swiveling ears like radar dishes, experiments have shown that dogs can locate the source of a sound in 6/100ths of a second.

A cat will never break a sweat because it has no sweat glands.

A cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through. The whiskers act as feelers or antennae, helping the animal to judge the precise width of any passage.

Adult cats with no health problems are in deep sleep 15 percent of their lives. They are in light sleep 50 percent of the time.

At night a cat can gather into the extra-large corneas and lenses of its eyes more than six times the amount of light than humans can. Seeing far better than humans do at night time and tending to focus best at a distance of eight to twenty feet makes cats excellent night time hunters.

Cardinal Richelieu was so fond of cats that he shared his home with 14 of them. Specially appointed attendants cared for them, and upon his death, the Cardinal left all his worldly wealth to his feline companions.

Cats are attracted to automobile antifreeze because of its sweet taste.

Cats are the only domestic animals that walk directly on their claws, not on their paws. This method of walking is called "digitigrade." When cats scratch furniture, it isn't an act of malice. They are actually tearing off the ragged edges of the sheaths of their talons to expose the new sharp ones beneath.

Cats have about 100 different vocalization sounds. In comparison, dogs have about 10.

Cats purr at about 26 cycles per second, the same frequency as an idling diesel engine.

Orange and lemon rinds are offensive to cats. A light rubbing of orange peel on furniture will discourage your cat from using it as a scratching post.

The Persian cat has the longest and thickest fur of all domestic cats. The topcoat may be up to 5 inches long.


3 years ago

Interesting! Thank you Val.

3 years ago

Interesting facts Val Thanx

3 years ago

Sorry I am late, going through them now

3 years ago

No problem Ellen - thanks everyone..  Doing the hangman game to give Nyack a break for a little so is taking my time.

3 years ago

Signed the top 2, Val, husky sodomy (couldn't watch the video)  and puppy killing.  That's all I'm capable of doing after reading those 2 - sorry - can't handle too much of such blatant animal cruelty at once. Trying to cheer myself up with silly "frogdog" now:



3 years ago

Dianne - I can't watch either -


From Marilyn:



I just submitted two news stories on our Military Canines.  Wanted to get them out for Memorial Day, but had to much going on.  Since these stories never were done after I checked this morning, thought I would submit for you guys to take a peek at our AWESOME AND SPECIAL CANINES!  Thanks!  Have a wonderful day, and for those of you wondering why my profile is Missing right now, my Best Friend and Rescue Jessie had Eyelid Surgery yesterday and I am quite busy with her!  Blessings to you all!  Marilyn

A Salute to Military Working Dogs   video
Animals  (tags: animals, military dogs )

- 2 minutes ago -

Short Video on all of our Special and Awesome Military Working Dogs! They do so much for Humans, and sadly never get that kind of Love in Return! This is for the CANINES that are in our MILITARY


This post was modified from its original form on 30 May, 13:39
3 years ago

Dog's of War - Memorial Day Tribute
Animals  (tags: animals, war, military canines )

- 6 minutes ago -

Photos Remembering the Military's Canine Heroes. Wanted to get this out for Memorial Day and after checking saw that no one had done this news. Photos of our Fallen Canine Heroes that also needed our "Thanks"

3 years ago

Noted and all signed including Yipppeee Thanx Val and Mm

3 years ago

Already seen these videos. Thank you.

3 years ago

Brenda - noticed you had.....  thanks Barb.

3 years ago

now I have signed, see, noted ... I need another cup off coffee dear Val

3 years ago

All signed, thanks Val.

3 years ago

PoorMuffin, already signed.

3 years ago

Awwww!!! poor baby R.I.P. Muffin

3 years ago

all signed

3 years ago

Thanks - won't be home all day!  From Dianne Lynn -













Save These Horses--PLEASE SIGN!! - The Petition Site

Animals  (tags: Horses, abuse, AnimalCruelty, animalwelfare, cruelty, dogs, slaughter, sadness, killing, ethics, death )
Dianne Ly - 6 minutes ago -

We must save these beautiful horses from becoming table food--PLEASE SIGN!!




Save These Horses
3 years ago

Noted and signed Dianne Thanx Val

3 years ago

Noted and signed. Thank you Val and Dianne.

3 years ago

Thanks guys!

3 years ago

When you receive e-mail click "Activeer stem" and your vote will be count! Thanks.

3 years ago

all signed- thanks Val

3 years ago

Thanks Val.

3 years ago

Thanks ya'll!!!!

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