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Spooky's Thread
3 years ago
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Hi everyone.


Nyack invited me to join this group at kind of a fork in the road time in my life...


I had an arguement with someone on one of the news threads that evolved into a war. It was about the non necessity of testing on animals. I personally believe we came far enough tecnology-wise to have alternatives. John's Hopkins,a very respected institution has an entire department devoted to the subject. 


I'm not sure if this is the group to discuss this in if it's an unwanted topic. I have no problem not posting about it here if that is the host's choice.


What I would like is information about places, such as Johns Hopkins, who are working to end the use of live animals in experiments. I know there has to be a wealth of information here, and someone probably knows of a group devoted to the topic.




By the way, my name is Christy. I have 2 dogs and 6 cats, I did have 7,but my beloved recently had to be put to sleep due to having cancer. Her systems were shutting down and she let me know it was time. She and I had quite a bond.




3 years ago

Hello, Spooky Cat, and WELCOME!


I know the person you are speaking of, and not to worry- he isn't a member of this group- You wont find him here.


As far as organizations working to end experiments, I'm sure there is ALOT more than one (even people from NASA protested sending monkeys into space- recently)- Bob Barker is very active getting chimpanzees moved to sanctuaries, as is Jane Goodall- and many other individuals


One of my favorites is:


Physicians Committee for Reponsible Medicine (PCRM)

3 years ago

strange how when we tell these horrific stories to normal people,they say " Pfft,there's nothing that I can do"

so small minded.

We have all seen victories due to our coming together




3 years ago

Hello, Tasunka

3 years ago

Hello Christy and welcome to our group.

Hello Tasunka, good to see you here,

3 years ago

Hello  Tasunka, & Christy. I had a cat named Spooky when I was in my Teens! She's been gone over 40years now!

3 years ago

Hi Nyack, Brenda, Siouxz and Sandi and welcome to Christy. You have certainly come to the right group to try to fulfill your quest.

As Siouxz said, we here at Care2 by "Caring to Make a Difference", have made a difference in so many important areas. I have posted many an article in my thread about trying to stop the use of animals in testing, vivisection and the like.

Recently, I found out that 3 major cosmetic companies, who had stopped testing on animals, were now back to testing. They are Avon, Estee Lauder and Mary Kaye. I used to buy from Avon and Estee Lauder but have now crossed them off my shopping list. I even wrote letters to them, but the only response I got was from Mary Kaye and it wasn't very encouraging.

We have to gather as much information as we can so that we can let others know that it's abhorrant to conflict abuse on innocent animals in the name of beauty or science. There HAS to be an alternative way to test!

Christy, thank you for starting this thread. It shows that you will be an asset to our many causes here in this group.

3 years ago

While everything I said in my initial post was true, I'm not sure how much of an asset I'll be for a while. My heart is in it for sure, right now I am finally getting the chance to see a surgeon after being hurt badly at work on January 24, 2012. Yep, 8 months. Workers comp is horrible in Missouri. I may be looking at finally having the bulging disk and pinched nerve repaired. getting my life back.


This interest of mine regading utilizing other ways to find a cure than testing and maiming animals is new. It's real, but new. Too bad my situation with my health and an arguement with a bully made me wonder about it.


My first cause has always been to end dog fighting/animal fighting. It has been since about 2005. Does anyone remember Gypsy, the bait dog? I was in the position to help send in a modest amountof money to help pay for Gypsy's medical expenses. They had to build her lips and she lost her front leg as well. Y'all seenthe magnetic car ribbons that say "Dog fighting is a crime." They came from Gypsy's rescuers to get the word out and help raise awareness of and stop dog fighting.


For a while I'll be in and out. Getting ready for and having my surgery, rearranging my work schedule, recovering. Ihope you will all bear with me.


3 years ago

Good luck Spooky, I hope all goes well for you.

3 years ago

Welcome!  Happy to have you in the group, Christy, my friend!  As I had posted in another group -- I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers throughout your surgery and recovery. 


3 years ago

Hi Spooky (Christy) I am Barbara E. So happy that you Ventured Our Way! Everyone here is very friendly and accesible I have 3 kitties and 1doggie...Had 10 kitties at one time :-0 Will see you around..Enjoy!!! Barb E.

3 years ago

I wish you a speedy recovery, Spooky. So happy you are finally getting to see a surgeon.


Your thread well be here safe and sound whenever you feel like resuming it- you dont have to stick to one topic- if you want to address dog-fighting- thats a good topic, too.


See you when you are able- no pressure to post anything, ever.

3 years ago

speed recover Spooky

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