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2 years ago
| Sue Barko's new and more
Damaged Animal Rescue New Orleans Asking for Volunteer Help

Animals  (tags: animals, donations needed, animal rescue needs help )
Ginger - 1 hour ago -
Thursday morning has brought a clearer picture of the damage to Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO). Per Charlotte Bass-Lily, director of ARNO, kennel roofs were ripped off and must be repaired and replaced.
2 years ago

Thanks Nyack and Ginger.

2 years ago

noted, thanks nyack & Ginger.

2 years ago

From Cal-










2 years ago

Noted and will Pray Nyack and Ginger :-0 Congrats on Rebuilding your Local Animal Shelter in NY Cal

2 years ago
Animals in New Orleans Need Your Help

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, Issac, help needed, humans, protection )
Ginger - 3 hours ago -
Animal rescue organizations desperately need your help to help rescue and care for efforts after the devastation caused by Hurricane Isaac in New Orleans and all along the gulf coast.
2 years ago
Bloomfield Council Informed Of Memphis Abuse At Shelter

Animals  (tags: abuse, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, ethics, investigation, sadness, suffering )
Ginger - 50 minutes ago -
Members of the Bloomfield Township Council heard allegations of inhumane treatment of animals at the township's John A. Bukowski Shelter for Animals during their meeting Wednesday, including the abuse of a pit bull named Memphis...
2 years ago

noted, thanks nyack.

2 years ago

Noted. Thanks Nyack and Ginger.

2 years ago

Noted and Thanx Nyack and Ginger :-0

Help Save Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic Facebook Page

Animals  (tags: Alabama Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics, injustice, help needed, humans, ethics, animal welfare, animal rights )
Ginger - 44 minutes ago -
Over the last three years Alabama Spay/Neuter has performed over 44,000 high quality, low cost surgeries to many people who otherwise could not afford to fix their animals. This may come to an end on October 10th.
State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners: Help Keep Local Wiregrass Spay & Neuter Clinics Open!!

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, Alabama, low cost spay/neuter clinics, animaladvocates, ethics, protection )
Ginger - 1 day ago -
Alabama spay and neuter clinics could be closing. A vote on October 10th will decide whether or not to shut down the clinics. Please sign & forward to anyone from Alabama who you believe will help.


Original Message:




Hello Everybody,


Thank you to everyone who has helped me with my fight to keep Alabama's low cost spay/neuter clinics from being closed down. I posted a petition in my news that someone made to try to keep the powers-that-be from voting to shut them down. Please sign it, leave a comment & foward it. Here's a little bit of what this fight is about that I'll now copy & paste from various websites so that you can get an idea of what kind of comment to leave:


A proposed rule change by the board would prevent non-veterinarians from hiring veterinarians or veterinary technicians to operate a veterinary facility. This rule change would likely shut down the state’s non-profit spay/neuter clinics, which employ veterinarians to provide spay/neuter services. There are four spay/neuter clinics in the state, including the Wiregrass Spay and Neuter Clinic in Dothan.


All four spay/neuter clinics have, since inception, been approved, sanctioned and licensed by the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. A couple of years ago, the Board attacked the Huntsville and Birmingham clinics. In both cases ownership of the veterinary practice was challenged. More recently, while arguing against the spay/neuter clinic protection act (HB156), the Board attacked the quality of medical care. This argument is interesting, since each clinic is inspected and licensed by the Board, along with the veterinarians performing surgeries at each clinic. It is also noteworthy that during debate over HB156, the Board argued to severely restrict vaccinations and testing allowed at the clinics. If quality of care is truly an issue, why does the Board want to limit the ability of veterinarians at these clinics to properly care for each animal?    


The Board has also suggested that perhaps there is no overpopulation problem at all, and that the services provided by these clinics aren’t needed.


In closing, there seems to be a clear agenda against the spay/neuter clinics, supported by a campaign of false accusations, rumors, and innuendo.




Here's the link to my news:





Alabama Considering the Elimination of Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinics

Animals  (tags: Alabama low cost spay/neuter clinics, cats, dogs, AnimalWelfare, ethics, humans, pets, protection )
Ginger - 2 hours ago -
According to the Humane Society of the United States, an estimated 3 to 4 million cats and dogs are killed at shelters across the nation each year. Unaltered cats and dogs only add to this ever-growing problem. Please leave a comment when you sign.
Another Petition-Save Alabama's Clinics

Animals  (tags: Alabama low cost spay/neuter clinics, cats, dogs, AnimalWelfare, ethics, humans, pets, protection )
Ginger - 7 hours ago -
The North Alabama Spay/Neuter Clinic has "fixed" over 2,000 animals since its re-opening in January 2012. We are dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted animals who would otherwise be euthanized.

Hi Ginger All noted and signed where it was Needed, you do such a Wondeful Contribution on behalf of All the Babies Thnx Nyack and Ginger

TAKE ACTION NOW! Ban Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Animals in Pennsylvania

Animals  (tags: shelter animals, safety, killing, animalrights, animaladvocates, animalwelfare, animals, animalcruelty, protection, dogs, cats )
Cal - 27 minutes ago -
End the use of gas chambers in animal shelters and make owners financially responsible for pet care
Ban Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Animals in Pennsylvania

Noted and signed Nyack and Cal :-0 Thnx ..

Also Noted Your News Ginger (Some Good and some not so Good, Will Pray) Thnx for posting All :-0 :-0 :-0 ..

Going back as far as I can


Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners: Don't Force Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics in Alabama to Close.

Animals  (tags: Alabama low cost spay/neuter clinics, cats, dogs, AnimalWelfare, ethics, humans, pets, protection )
Ginger - 1 day ago -
The Alabama State Board of Veterinarians has proposed rules to prohibit non-veterinarians (e.g., nonprofit animal case organizations) from hiring veterinarians and also from owning veterinarian equipment.


Two Middle-Aged Dogs Dumped at California Animal Control



Animals  (tags: dogsdogpetsrescueadopt,shelteranimalssadness ) 
 Diane - 13 hours ago - 

See their Facebook page:

Dear Friends:  Can you join me in helping to get the word out for these two dogs? Can you copy, paste and send a mass email plea out to the rescues below to take in Brownie and Cookie and help them find a home?

Can you share with all of your Care2 friends? TY! Michelle

Please take a moment to network for Brownie and Cookie. The key to saving a life is raising awareness. 

Facebook thread for these dogs here. Identification numbers: A4493545 & A4493546 

Shelter information: 

11258 S. Garfield Ave. 
Downey, CA 90242 
(562) 940-6898 

Monday – Thursday: 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM 
Closed Holidays  

Beagles & Buddies 
2661 Strozier Avenue, 
El Monte, CA 91732 
Phone: (626) 444-9664 
Fax: (626) 443-4787 

Second Chance Cocker Rescue 
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 
Phone: 805-687-4674 

Cocker Connection 
10061 Riverside Drive, Suite 530 
Toluca Lake, Ca. 91602 
Sue: 818-734-0770 

Katrina Dog Rescue 
Sherman Oaks, CA 
Phone: 866-265-5826 

Perfect Pet Rescue 
P.O. Box 24099, 
Los Angeles, CA 90024-0099 
Phone: 310-726-3731 

Pacific Coast Dog Rescue 
1317 N. San Fernando Bl., PMB-127 
Burbank, CA 91504 
Phone: 818-701-0659 
Fax: 818-843-6273 

Shelter Cocker Rescue - Southern California 
San Marcos, CA - San Diego County 
Phone: 760-891-0282 or 408-835-4264 

Ace of Hearts 
PO Box 2357 
Beverly Hills, CA 90213 
Phone: 310-358-3344 

Winnetka, CA 91306 
Phone: 818 772-4335 

Lange Foundation 
2106 South Sepulveda Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA 90025 
Phone: (310) 473-5585 


HELPING REBUILD MY LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER-- A Progress Report--Benefit Race on October 28

Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animaladvocates, animals, shelter animals, animal activism, Hi-Tor Animal Shelterpets, cats, dogs, AnimalWelfare, goodnews, GoodNews )
Cal - 2 hours ago -
On Sunday Oct. 28 right outside the current Hi-Tor facilities at 65 Fireman's Memorial Drive in Pomona a 3 Mile Race event will take place to raise money for the Rebuild Hi Tor effort that is a completely grass roots operation by the citizens of Rockland
LOS ANGELES: The City's Suffering Stray Animals Desperately Need Help

Animals  (tags: animalrights, animaladvocates, shelter pets, stray animals, AnimalWelfare, animals, animalwelfare, protection, pets, dogs, cats, animalcruelty, suffering )
Cal - 6 hours ago -
The ban on store sales of pets from breeders is a small step, but bigger issues, such as the delay in opening a user-friendly South L.A. shelter, see little action.

Signed. Thank you.

I wish those senior dogs were in my neck of the woods, I would take them in a heart beat

I love love love love senior dogs.  I hope someone comes through for them they deserve better then this.

Thank PA Governor for Banning Gas Chambers in Animal Shelters ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, cruelty, death, suffering, protection, pets )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
In 2011 a young beagle named Daniel survived an Alabama gas chamber after 17 minutes of carbon monoxide exposure. In October 2012, Pennsylvania joined a growing number of states when they amended their 1983 law governing euthanasia. H.B. 2630 prohibits
TAKE ACTION NOW! Demand a Screening Process for All Potential Pet Adopters in Los Angeles

Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animals, shelter animals, adoption process, protection, pets )
Cal - 5 hours ago -
Help place shelter animals into loving forever homes by giving them one last form of protection before they leave the shelter. Urge the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control to implement a screening process for all potential animal adop
Help Kinship Circle Rescue Sandy's Other-Than-Human Animal Victims ! Please Help If You Can ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets, suffering )
Cher - 2 hours ago -
Kinship Circle began animal care, then search-rescue, in hard hit New Jersey counties on 10/28/12

All signed. Thank you.

Noted and signed, sent messages current Nyack and Cher :0 Thnx to Everyone who has contributed to this Thread :0


Already signed. Thank you.

Help Pets Affected By Hurricane Sandy at The Animal Rescue Site ! PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets, suffering )
Cher - 40 minutes ago -
You can help! Your donation will support rescue groups and shelters along the East Coast as they provide food, clean water, shelter, and emergency aid to pets and comfort to their families in the aftermath of the Superstorm
Checking in for Homeless Pets

Animals  (tags: animals, environment, protection, pets )
Cher - 4 hours ago -
Join others on Nov 10 for second annual National Animal Shelter Check-in Day

Hi, I'm hoping you can help with a last push so that a bird rescue org. can win this $2,000  contest. The last day to vote is today, Sun. Nov. 11!   They are just ahead by a nose (beak?) and it would be so great if we could help them win the $2,000 prize. Click on link below to the Animal Rescue site and please vote for "A little bird that could.  Thx so much!   This is  the message I rec'd from a friend:

My Friends!

Can you Help Me?
I am involved with an Avian Rescue Group (here in theBay. SF) called MICKABOO
and they are in a Contest which could garner us a $2000.00 prize if we win the contest
ALL WE NEED ARE ENOUGH VOTES TO DO IT !Mickaboo handles birds that shelters would put down - returning them to the wild when possible or caring for them all their lives in captivity if they can't be released.
Mickaboo is also the Unofficial Official First Response Caretaker of "the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" (have you seen the documentary?). Already, this season, Mickaboo has spent 10K caring for the many Avian species we have here, Cranes, Egrets, Hawks - you name it - they care for it! SO WE NEED HELP!
I've never met such impassioned people who give back to their communities like these
folks do and so, I'm asking for a few simple clicks from you . . .
Here's the site link below and when you get there
if we win, and we are neck and neck with another group, we get 2000 Smackeroos!
and will be able to assist even more birds in need
The contest ends on Sunday THIS W/E
from the bottom of my heart,
Thank You!

Thanks everyone - so sad - all this news!

Hope doesn't post twice - thanks everyone - stories so sad!


Voted Diane.

All action taken and just voted

Thank Rachael Ray for Hurricane Shelter for Pets ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
Celebrity chef Rachael Ray donated $500,000 to the ASPCA to help fund an emegency boarding facility in NYC for pets displaced by Hurricane Sandy.
TAKE ACTION NOW! Please Help My Local Animal Shelter Win a Grant to Re-Build It's Outdated Facilities--$300,000 Shelter+ Chall

Animals  (tags: shelter dogs, shelter cats, shelter bunnies, animalwelfare, animals, protection, animaladvocates, pets )
Cal - 10 hours ago -
As you may know, I am volunteering in local efforts to re-build our local animal shelter, the Hi-Tor Animal Care Center, which is in desperate need of repair and is overcrowded with creatures seeking their forever home. Thanks for your support!

Millions of EU citizens care deeply about animal welfare and are sickened to see constant reports of horrific animal cruelty, and look to the EU and their MEPs to help improve animal welfare across Europe.
A London MEP raised the issue about the need for countries seeking to acquire EU membership to demonstrate certain standards of animal care, and so I want to bring to your attention please Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are seeking admission.

As you will be aware, the European Union provides the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and with many millions of euros worth of financial aid each year. I believe the allocation for 2012 was around 107.8m.

My understanding of the provisos attached to these aid packages is that there is a requirement for the recipient country to abide by EU laws which would include the laws related to animal welfare. The Commission has stated that aligning national animal welfare legislation with EU law is a prerequisite for EU membership.

Many international animal welfare organisations cite Bosnia as the country with the most instances of horrific animal cruelty and suffering. One such issue has been reported widely this month, the plight of dogs in their shelters.

I attach this link giving details which animal activists in Bosnia say is typical throughout their country:

Not only are the conditions entirely inhumane in most if not all state shelters, but it is common knowledge amongst Bosnian animal welfare activists that shelters are used to launder money from public budgets. Population control and promotion of spaying and neutering as well as implementation of the animal welfare law is not in any shelter manager's interest because they want and need a constant flow of new dogs so they can justify the funds spent each month from the budget.

In the case of the shelter in Hresa (see above link) activists were not only prevented from taking a severely emaciated, suffering dog to veterinary care (see photograph above) but were violently threatened by the shelter manager.
A Serbian friend who wishes to remain anonymous has stated she heard money had been stolen from the Hresa shelter funds during financial pre election maneuvres.

I have access to images from the state dog shelter in Banja Luka, the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These images show dogs that were killed by injections of bleach and a dog killed by other dogs. I have access to images from Prihvatiliste KS Praca, the larger of two state shelters in Sarajevo, which show horrifically starving dogs and dogs left dead in their pens amongst other dogs.

Deliberate animal abuse is rife in Bosnia: there is the famous case last year in Ilidza in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, where two men put a rocket explosive firework into a young German Shepherd's mouth and duct-taped his jaws shut, setting the rocket alight. The firework caused horrific injuries to the dog's face, but did not kill him. He wandered about for five days before being finally rescued by animal welfare volunteers The dog had to be euthanized. Nearly 200,000 people signed these petitions asking the Bosnian and Herzegovinian authorities to bring the perpetrators to justice, but nothing was done.

There is clear evidence now that people who take pleasure in harming animals are also a potential danger to other people, especially children. All abuses get discovered and publicised widely in the media and internet, and millions of people do not want to visit or trade with countries who treat animals like this as they are simply not trusted, so the authorities should have incentive to take action.

I would urge you please to raise these issues with the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of animals ( I understand that each MEP is invited to participate in these regular animal welfare meetings. It is imperative that the European Parliament discusses the matter of animal welfare with their Bosnia and Herzegovina counterparts and urgently demands a full investigation into the state shelters and animal abuse cases.

The European Parliament states that "The EU has among the world's highest standards of animal welfare". The Eurogroup for Animal Welfare is strongly urging the European Commission to adopt adequate measures to ensure that all pet animals are properly treated to protect their health and welfare. If it is Bosnia and Herzegovina's wish to join the EU it would seem that until their government takes crimes against defenseless, sentient animals seriously they will not be a fit country to be accepted into the EU.

Many thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.


list of MEPs to mail ín blocks, or mail the most important ones!

Thank Westchester County for Creating Animal Abuse Registry ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets, suffering )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
Thank Westchester County for establishing registry of animal abuse offenders

Noted signed and Current Nyack and Cher :0 Thnx

All up to date


Help Us Save Rio Rancho's Humane Animal Ordinance: Take Action!
Animals  (tags: pet store, cruelty, animalrights, investigation, animals, dogs, cats, wildlife )
Krystal - 22 hours ago -
We do not want the Rio Rancho City Council to remove any current standards of care for animal-related businesses, including pet stores, boarding kennels, pet daycare, shelters, breeders, rescues, etc

Noted and signed Current Nyack and Krystal :0 Thnx

Demand Animal Shelter Ensure the Safety of Its Animals ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, suffering, pets )
Cher - 5 hours ago -
Recently, attempts have been made to rescue puppies from a Los Angeles animal shelter. Unfortunately, these puppies were lost in the shelter's drainage system before they could be rescued. Safety polices need to be changed at the Lancaster Animal Shelter
Demand Animal Hospital Stop Turning Away Animals in Need ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, environment, protection, suffering, pets )
Cher - 3 hours ago -
To stop turning away animals who are in desperate need of medical attention and care
Vets who turn away sick and hurt animals

I had the displeasure to work for an arrogant, greedy vet who sent animals packing if their owners couldn't afford to pay for treatment at that moment. It was so heartbreaking that I left the clinic. Karma taught him a valuable lesson, though, when he lost his clinic. Poor animals.

Noted and signed current Monika Thank-You Everyone 9/12

Done and so damn disgusted with ppl

Help My Santa Paws Drive Send Shelter Cats Holiday Presents

Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, protection, pets, Christmas, toy drive )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
I started this online toy and treat drive for animals a while back and would love if you joined us this year.
Helping Owners With Pet Expenses
Animals  (tags: GoodNews, AnimalWelfare, pets, protection, help with pet expenses )
Ginger - 1 day ago -
Helping Owners with Pet Expenses (HOPE) is committed to helping keep families and their beloved pets together and prevent them from having to surrender their pets due to difficult times.
There Is Financial Help for Expensive Medical Treatment
Animals  (tags: Buddy Care Foundation, pets, help paying pet expenses, AnimalWelfare, protection )
Ginger - 9 hours ago -
One reason for animals to be placed in a shelter, rescue or up for adoption is in our present financial state people are unable to pay for the outside of the normal day to day costs for a pet.
Thank Social Change Organization for Launching Pet Adoption App ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, pets, protection, environment )
Cher - 2 hours ago -
In September 2012 the social change organization Do Something launched a campaign in conjunction with AOL called Pics for Pets in an attempt to change the way shelter animals are perceived and increase both adoptions and awareness.
No-Kill Linens for Animals Is Closing

Animals  (tags: no-kill shelter shutting down, forever homes needed, sadness, AnimalWelfare )
Ginger - 1 hour ago -
Urgent, Sanctuary Shutting Down We Need Your Help! Please read.

TY I am current

Support a No-Kill Animal Control Policy in Waco, Texas ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, dogs, protection, pets, cats )
Cher - 6 hours ago -
The city of Waco has recently been making headlines for numerous pieces of legislation, such as allowing the city itself to take over the animal control facility, which will effectively reform the ways in which stray animals are managed.
Applaud Waco, Texas for Waiving Adoption Fees for Animal Rescue Groups ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets )
Cher - 6 hours ago -
Recently, leaders of the city of Waco, Texas signed a contract with the Humane Society of Central Texas and several other rescue groups that will eliminate adoption fees for the animals they take in from animal control. The contract establishes that

Noted and signed current Nyack, Ginger and Cher :-0 Thank-You EveryOne :-0 19/20

Rez Dog Rescue: Help Them Help Animals in Need
Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animals, shelter animals, animal shelters, protection, dogs, cats, animaladvocates, animalrights, pets )
Cal - 1 hour ago -
Rez Dog Rescue is a nonprofit animal rescue and welfare group based on the Yakama Nation Reservation in Washington state. They receive no public or tribal funding...
Rez Dog Rescue

Noted and signed current Nyack and Cal :-0 20/12

TAKE ACTION NOW! Save UK Animal Sanctuary From Unwarranted Closure
Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animals, animaladvocates, shlter animals, animal shelters, protection, pets, dogs, cats, animalrights )
Cal - 4 days ago -
After 64 years of dedicated service to the community's unwanted animals, the Mill House Animal Sanctuary deserves so much more than this. One noise complaint should not have the power to close down this sanctuary and endanger the lives of several animals
Every 10 Seconds An Animal Is Abused. Will You Fight For Them?
Animals  (tags: aspca, pledge, animalrights, AnimalWelfare, abused, animalcruelty, sadness, cats, dogs, abuse, suffering, rescued, cruelty, animals )
Krystal - 5 days ago -
Will You Fight for Them? Take the Pledge. I support the ASPCA in its steadfast commitment to end animal cruelty. I will do all that is possible to help the animals in my community live happy, healthy lives. To the that end, I pledge to:
I Pledge That If a Pet Store Sells Puppies, I Won't Buy Anything There! TAKE THE PLEDGE! Please?
Animals  (tags: puppy mills, investigation, pets, cruelty, animals, AnimalWelfare, suffering, rescued, law )
Krystal - 6 days ago -
Bulldogs on sale! Yorkie puppies available here! Have you ever wondered where all these cheap puppies for sale in pet stores come from? The answer is that they are produced in factory-like environments known as "puppy mills."
Commend Volunteer Pilots for Transporting Shelter Animals ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, pets, protection, environment )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
A large problem that most shelter animals face is being able to find a good home. While there are always individuals willing to provide shelter animals with a home, sometimes the distance between the animals and rescue organizations or potential adopters
Voices Stolen - AVMA Devocalization Policy Will Hurt Dogs And Cats ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, dogs, cats, protection, pets, suffering, environment )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has historically sanctioned devocalization, cutting vocal cords just to stifle a dog or cat's voice. A dangerous, painful surgery even in the hands of qualified vets, devocalization is brutal punishment

Noted and signed current Nyack and Cher :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved with this Thread :-0 28/12

All current Nyack 31/12 :-0 Thank-You

Ban Gas Chambers in the U.S. ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, cruelty, AnimalWelfare, environment, suffering, death, pets, killing, protection )
Cher - 2 hours ago -
Gas chamber in animal shelters are cruel to animals, and dangerous to humans. We ask that you take steps to ban the use of gas chambers in the United States.
Send a Care Package to Shelter Dogs in Puerto Rico

Animals  (tags: GoodNews, AnimalWelfare, Puerto Rico, protection, rescued )
Ginger - 5 days ago -
Putting together a simple care package containing canned and dry dog food & other items & sending it to The Piñones Beach Project Shelter in Puerto Rico can help Lastra and ADLA volunteers continue to provide quality care for the dogs that are left there.
Give a Cat Toy to a Shelter and Hauspanther Will Double It!

Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, protection, cats, toys, shelter )
Cher - 9 hours ago -
The cat-conscious website offers a cool deal for those looking to donate cat toys to their favorite shelter.
URGENT: Romanian Dogs, Need Help!

Animals  (tags: help cry, help needed, food, shelter, animal welfare, suffering )
Ela - 1 hour ago -
800 EUR need be raised to cover 1 month food for adult dogs and pups in public shelter. This is a desperate cry for help. Conditions in the shelter are awful, floors are wet, dogs suffer from cold, help them at least not to be hungry!

Noted and posted and current Fine Ladies and GentleMen :0 .... Fine Thread Directed to Everyonone

TY working on the ones I missed

Thank you, signed.

Now that's a dog.  TY Danuta

Help Save Lives in Texas Pounds and Shelters ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, suffering, pets )
Cher - 2 days ago -
This action is ONLY for residents of Texas. A bill that would help save animals in Texas pounds and shelters is on its way to a vote in the Texas House of Representatives. HB 2981, the Tax Saving Pet Adoption, Sterilization, and Transfer Act,

Sorry Nyack, can't sign the last one.

I couldn't either Wendy! Sorry Nyack x

TX only.  Drats

Victory in Texas: Join IDA in Working to Ban Gas Chambers Nationwide - In Defense of Animals

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, abused, animalcruelty, pets, cats, dogs, suffering )
Candy - 2 minutes ago -
Introduced by U.S. Congressman Jim Moran of North Virginia, HR 208 is a resolution that exerts pressure on all states still using the gas chamber to move away from this cruel & archaic method of killing animals & relegate it to the past.

noted can't sign.

1700 COUNTY ROAD 228, Afton, TX 79220-4907


Animals  (tags: animal shelter hitor rebuild help donate )
Jeanie - 19 hours ago -
In addition to the shelter's basic running and operating costs, the shelter is housed in a building in great need of repair and enlargement. In 2011 alone, Hi Tor took in about 2,400 animals. Make a donation if you can, and please share!
Help Save Lives in Texas Pounds and Shelters ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets, suffering )
Cher - 3 hours ago -
This action is ONLY for residents of Texas. A bill that would help save animals in Texas pounds and shelters is on its way to a vote in the Texas House of Representatives. HB 2981, the Tax Saving Pet Adoption, Sterilization, and Transfer Act, would
Protect Adoptions From South Carolina's Animal Shelters ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, pets, suffering )
Cher - 3 hours ago -
This action is ONLY for residents of South Carolina. We need to make it easier for people to rescue animals--but on May 21, South Carolina representatives will consider a bill that would make it much harder. HB 3492 could make it much more difficult for
Stop NJ's Proposed Bill A3825 NOW ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, suffering, cruelty, killing )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
Legislation ( A3825), just introduced in New Jersey by Assembly Member Burzichelli, would effectively eliminate holding periods and allow shelters to kill animals immediately if the animal is deemed inappropriate for adoption because of the animal's

signed 25/5.thank you nyack

Click to donate links

Nyack, hope it is alright to post these here, couldn't find anything else that seemed suitable. A link to get Purina to give $1.00 to a shelter in each of the 50 US states up to $1000.00 for each.  I have been clicking once each day for Michigan as it is the closest to me here in Canada.  They say....*For each click we will donate $1, up to $1,000. You can click once a day each day until June 14, 2013.

If this You Tube video is seen by 500,000 people the shelter in Poland will get 1000 kg feed for the animals.  I leave the video up in a separate window and just keep clicking the replay button as many times as I can.  180,862 is the total as of May 27th with this post.

And yes I have been frantically signing as many petitions as I have time for, there are just so many recently.

June Is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, protection, pets, cats, adoptions )
Cher - 7 hours ago -
Could you please consider adopting one (or two!) of our loving special needs kitties?

Animals  (tags: Serbia, Europe, ALEX, NO KILL shelter, 600 dogs, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, animals, dogs, humans, investigation, law, pets, protection, society, SAVE ALEX SHELTER )
Desanka - 22 hours ago -
VERY URGENT - WE NEED EMAILS TO BE SENT IMMEDIATELY, from International supporters everywhere! Please help!!!

Thank Nyack - got it 

3 months ago
SHUT DOWN Berger Blanc and All for-Profit Private Pounds in Quebec ! PLEASE SIGN PETITIONS ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, protection, suffering )
Cher - 5 hours ago -
SPA Canada is asking the public to show its dissatisfaction by asking the mayor of Montreal and the Government of Quebec to end all of its contracts with Berger Blanc and to no longer hire for-profit companies to take care of stray and homeless animals