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Val's News/Petitions 09 03 12
4 years ago























4 years ago URGENT! More signatures needed!Threatened Wolf species, hunted again?



























4 years ago

Signed those I hadn't signed or missed and up to date. Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Also signed those I hadn't signed.
Thanks for the articles Val
(need a break!)

4 years ago

Noted and signed what I could current Val

4 years ago

Thanks guys - I need a break too!


From Anneke -


To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;



Subject: Fur trade, Philippines



Dear Ambassador,

Domestic cats, dogs, many of them stolen pets, raccoons, foxes, are brutally killed in the most torturous manner in the Philippines primarily for their skin.  As you can see on this video: 

It seems that those involved will go to any lengths to get animals for the trade, making no distinction between strays and pets, gathering any they can find or steal.

The products are exported to other countries, often deliberately mislabeled, and sold to consumers who are unaware that their purchase results from the pain and undescrible suffering of domestic dogs and cats.

More than 50 million animals suffer and die every year for fur, worldwide, including an estimated 10 million domestic cats and dogs.
This level of animal cruelty should not be tolerated in any country.

There is an urgent need for animal welfare legislation to be established in the Philippines, in order to be able to protect these animals from these utterly sadistic methods in which they are treated before they finally are released from these excruciating pains they have to undergo, inflicted by certain 'people' without any conscience nor compassion. Often, pictures can be shown in which this kind of  public is caught laughing at these horrible scenes...




Please put an end to this abominable trade to prevent further unnecessary cruelty and utmost suffering from taking place every minute, every hour, every day..., in your country, the Philippines.  Lets be civilized, feeling and compassionate people, around the world.






4 years ago

Original Message:

please note these urgent stories...and share if you would....thanks much...I am back on here now....

4 years ago

Original Message:
-----------------   leave a protest on the webform against the New Jersey's bear hunt!  The truth:    Sign the history book for Australia's Oceans   let your voice be heard!! Oppose or support important (wildlife) bills (U




      Good news!



    Stop Ikea using palm oil

4 years ago
Frank Pearl: Environment Minister Col. - cc: Coralina and Asocars: Urgent policy formulation ethical control of introduced species.
Air France stop the transport of animals for experiments  


4 years ago


4 years ago



Subject: Maryland, Chimpanzees




National Institutes of Health
Dr. Francis S. Collins, NIH Director
9000 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, Maryland 20892
Phone: 301-496-4000

Dear Sir,

The use of chimpanzees in HIV/AIDS, cancer, hepatitis C, and other human disease research has been limited, inaccurate, un-predictive, and unnecessary looking at 'the results', and has contributed little or nothing to human health.


"There is burgeoning evidence of major, important and widespread genetic differences showing why chimpanzees are poor models for human research, and why they can never be good models," NEAVS Science Director, Dr. Jarrod Bailey has testified.


"Studies have established that chimpanzees in research suffer from PTSD, depression and other psychological maladies. And routine and invasive procedures cause elevations of physiological stress indicators.
Stress affects immune systems crucial for the study of infectious diseases and vital organs such as the liver important for the metabolism of drugs and renders the use of chimpanzees flawed science..." states Dr. Theodora Capaldo, NEAVS President.


Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall has pointed out that over the last 10 years, technology has exploded with new techniques in research. Goodall also said of chimpanzees kept captive for research, "from their point of view, it's like torture."


Those outside of the National Institute of Health system, or institutions and businesses funded by it, are providing compelling evidence that the scientific necessity and use of chimpanzees is a historic fact that can no longer be defended by modern science.
Chimpanzee research is cruel, immoral, unethical, and sadistic and scientifically unnecessary, and we oppose it absolutely.


Let them go to sanctuaries.






please include sources, below, also



4 years ago

To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ;



Subject: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe. Giraffes




Mrs. Nosipho NGCABA
Director General
Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Mr. Zaheer FAKIR
Acting Deputy Director-General
Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa

Dr. Kalumbi SHANGULA
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia

Mr. Teofilus NGHITILA
Director of Environmental Affairs
Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Namibia

Mr. Irvin D. KUNENE
Director, Environment
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Zimbabwe


Dear Madam, dear Sir,


Three sub-species of giraffe are still in serious decline or endangered - the West African giraffe, Rothschild's giraffe and the reticulated giraffe.
Nothing has changed till now despite so many urges and pleas to ban this hunting!


Tourist trophy hunters only need to pay $3,800 and they can shoot as many giraffes as they want. By using high-powered guns and bows.
Speaking of sadistic and unscrupulous cowardly serial killers!!!
Additional research might explain more in this interesting article :


Since 1988 the number of giraffes has plummeted from 140,000 to less than 80,000.
Giraffes are close to extinction and have already disappeared completely in countries like Nigeria, Mali and Angola.

I urge you to protect this gentle, iconic animal of Africa before it is hunted to extinction by allowing this kind of trophy 'activities' ......





Trophy Giraffe Hunting in South Africa with The Hunting Company and Puddin Proof Productions
Giraffe hunting
Giraffe Hunting in Africa Causing Public Condemnation
Hunters criticised for killing giraffes

4 years ago

Noted and Thanx Val Petitions are signed and all current

4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

noted thanks Val.

4 years ago

Firmate la maggior parte. Grazie Val

4 years ago

From Anneke -



Sent: Friday, September 07, 2012 10:45 AM



Dear all,

In 2004 there were approximately 5000 dogs in Oradea despite the officials’ continuous poisoning campaign. Petru Filip, Mayor at the time, accepted the offer from a couple of organizations from the UK to change the killing strategy for one that involved spaying/neutering and returning the dogs to the streets. Later on Petru Filip has become the spokesperson and guarantor of extraordinary results: neuter & return is the only successful program - in Oradea the number of stray dogs has been reduced from 5000 in 2004 to only 250 in 2011.

This stray dogs management program has been initially financed by Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs and North Shore Animal League and for some years has been coordinated and financed completely solely by Mr. Robert Smith out of his own pocket - British businessman and president of the Foundation for the Protection of Stray Dogs, Romania - FPCC-SOS Dogs. Robert Smith has conducted sterilization campaigns (but also educational programs in schools) not only in Oradea but throughout the whole Bihor county. This whole project – the way it has been coordinated and its results (including the educational side) – equals a huge step towards civilization and a crucial example for everyone to follow.

In the meanwhile Oradea has become a model town, nationally recognized, an example of the efficience of Neuter & Return program. It has even been set as an example in the European Parliament and is a milestone for strays management efficiency.

The Oradea project has been implemented as a pilot project with the goal to prove to the Romanian authorities that Neuter & Return the dogs (including the owned dogs) is the only efficient strategy to solve the stray dog population. The purpose of this project had been achieved. But despite having to acknowledge these extraordinary results the Romanian officials have never been interested in applying this program themselves on a national scale. They have even been constantly sabotaging all attempts of implementing a clear legislation to support such programs. As Robert Smith could no longer afford to finance the project, and also considering the reasons up, two months ago he had to decide to retire from it and invited the local authorities to carry on with the investment and management: he offered them everything – the shelter and logistics – offering his own support to some extent but under only one condition: that the City Hall continues the same strategy.

The Mayor Ilie Bolojan (member of the Liberal Party PNL) ignores the extraordinary results of the neutering program coordinated by FPCC- SOS Dogs; he has decided to ignore the legislation in force and the opposition of all animal lovers in Oradea. He has now decided to apply the old method of mass euthanasia of strays dating back 10 years ago that is now illegal according to the current Romanian laws.

It is only logical that a killing program – a proven failure wherever it has been applied – will only fill back the streets with stray dogs and from the ridiculous number of 250 dogs reached with great efforts we will go back to 5000 in probably one year only.

Thanks to Mayor Bolojan, Oradea has now been turned into a town of deliquency, immorality, unlawfulness and cynicism and it proves – once more – that Romanian politicians hold no respect for the efforts, achievements, for us as citizens, for life itself, as well as he their interests for money.

4 years ago

Thanks to Mayor Bolojan, Oradea has now been turned into a town of deliquency, immorality, unlawfulness and cynicism and it proves – once more – that Romanian politicians hold no respect for the efforts, achievements, for us as citizens, for life itself, as well as he their interests for money.

If in a city that has no problems with stray dogs the mayor decided to start killing, the others where the stray dog population is large will be “excused” to adopt the model of the mayor Bolojan. Thus, Bolojan’s decision will pull similar decisions of other Mayors.

These days, we, National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA), already have registered an administrative appeal with the Oradea City Hall as well as we brought this case to court requesting that the resolution in question adopted by the Local Council be dismissed at once and we are now planning to start criminal lawsuits against all the local counselors that have voted for this decision.

Please help us prevent Oradea (our only symbol of a real and civilized strays management program through Neuter &Return) from vanishing behind a mischievous group of interests.

Please send your PROTEST to the email addresses listed below; you can use your own words or the sample letter provided.

Thank you.

All the best


4 years ago
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;




Cc: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ,,,,,,,,,,,

4 years ago


Subject: Oradea project Romania

Premier, Minister, Sir, Madam: 

  Oradea is the town that has had amazing results concerning stray dogs population management by means of the Sterilization & Return program, with the support of organizations from abroad.

In just a few years the stray dogs population has been successfully reduced from 5000 to only 250.

  The Oradea project has been implemented as a pilot project in order to prove to the authorities that STERILIZATION AND RETURNING THE DOGS TO THE STREETS IS THE SOLUTION for solving the strays issue.

Considering that the purpose has been achieved but also the fact that despite these amazing results some official authorities have constantly sabotaged all initiatives to implement a legislation based on this type of programs and again considering the fact that he no longer had the money to keep financing this project, Mr. Robert Smith, the president of FPCC-SOS Dogs and a businessman who has paid money out of his own pocket to support the program, has decided to withdraw from it and leave it all to the Oradea City Hall – the shelter, all investments, the team and logistics and his own continuous support – under one condition only: that the City Hall continues with the same program.

 We are outraged to learn that Oradea, the model town in Romania, nationally and internationally renowned for its successful results in stray dogs management and even set as an example to follow in the European Parliament, has become a backward town of deliquency and lack of civilization due to the illegal, immoral and irrational decision to start a mass killing campaign taken by Mayor Ilie Bolojan (PNL).

We are hereby asking you to immediately stop any attempt by Mayor Ilie Bolojan to apply the decision in question HCL505/28.08.2012.

 You should also know that the international community will react very harshly!

We will inform all international organizations and empowered entities and we will report this outrageous decision and the interests behind it to the European Parliament. We will also do our best efforts to bring to court all the persons involved in this infringement of the Romanian legislation and of humane and animal rights.

  We can not tolerate that the interests of certain groups will prevail over life and law, entirely ignoring the efforts and years of hard work of organizations that have invested their own money and have obtained results that are nationally and internationally acknowledged!


4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Thanks Val

4 years ago

My pleasure -have a nice weekend!


Dear Friends:  many of you may remember that in January 2011 I rallied support for a very special donkey in Iraq that captured the heart of a local colonel and his troops there. Marine Colonel John Folsom befriended the wayward donkey and asked for the help of SPCAI's Operation Baghdad Pups to get the donkey he named "Smoke" from Iraq to the U.S.

Despite all odds and with generous contributions from many caring folks like you, Smoke made the incredible journey from Iraq to Istanbul, Turkey and finally reached American soil. The last stretch of Smoke’s journey was to Omaha, Nebraska where he was to become a therapy donkey working with veterans of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to Operation Baghdad Pups' Terri Crisp, Smoke was "perfect" for the job. 

It is with a great deal of sadness that I relay the news that Smoke passed away from a "short illness" August 15 of this year. For myself and thousands of other SPCAI supporters, Smoke symbolized courage, strength and perseverance. Most of all, however, Smoke symbolized the remarkable bond of friendship forged through his relationship with our Iraq troop members and Colonel Folsom. Smoke brought these brave men endless hours of joy and companionship.


He was....and continues to be inspiration to all who cross his path and hear of his story.

You can read of Smoke's incredible journey when you click on the link below. Smoke was an amazing donkey, full of life and personality. His life ended way too soon. Let us all remember this amazing being for not only his service to our troop members, but his ability to forge a bond with everyone he came into contact with. Smoke was a Force of Nature.....and one that will never be forgotten.

May God Bless and Keep Smoke in Loving and Protective Arms, and may many more animals struggling to survive in war zones throughout the world find the blessings he did in God's Name. 






Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareSPCAIOperation Baghdad PupsSmoke the Donkey Dies of IllnessSAD SAD NEWS! ) 
 Michelle - 2 minutes ago - 

When I got word on Aug. 15 that Smoke had passed away unexpectedly from a short illness I could not fathom this world no longer having this remarkable donkey in it. Smoke should have lived many more years making thousands of therapy patients happy & well.



4 years ago

Thanks Val and Michelle.

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4 years ago

All Petions signed, messages sent, and Noted All Thanx Val and Michelle

4 years ago

Thanks guys! 

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