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Val's News/Petitions 09 24 12
4 years ago
| Val's news and more

From Anneke -



Please protest!!!!  Include links as well in your Turkish letter...




Translation:  Dear Mr. Prime Minister and Members of Parliament,

I am a frequent visitor to your country and support the tourism 
industry. The reason I travel to Turkey is because of its tolerance, 
compassion and sophisticated view regarding so many important issues. 
Most impressive of all, is the recent progress that has been made by 
caring individuals in the private, charitable animal protection 


Because of the continuing efforts to improve the 
implementation of the 2004 national spay/neuter and release law, the 
animal protection groups have made your country the leader and a model 
of the region.

Please do not end the progress that is being made!


It is too soon to  change the law by requiring local municipalities to capture the stray 
street dogs because there has NOT YET been enough training of local 
veterinarians in proper surgical techniques, and there has not yet 
been enough training and financial support to build HUMANE shelters -- 
which are necessary to making this effort a success!

The private charitable organizations are continuing to help train and 
support the improvement of the public shelters, but the municipalities 
are not yet ready to assume this responsibility.


The premature  amendment will result in the suffering and unnecessary deaths of 
hundreds of thousands of dogs.

The native dogs in your country are beautiful, unique [genetically] 
and a national treasure.


Please protect the street dogs but do NOT ALLOW them to be destroyed by improper capture, cruel confinement and 
careless dumping to remote and inappropriate areas - where the animals  will starve or be subjected to abuse!




4 years ago

To: ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: Turkey: 2004 Spay/Neuter and Release Law


 Sayin Basbakan ve Millet Vekilleri,

Ben ulkenizi cok sik ziyaret eden ve turizm sektorunuzu destekleyen 
bir kisiyim. Turkiye?ye seyahat etmemin nedeni, ulkenizin bircok 
konudaki sabirli, merhametli ve olgun yaklasimidir. En etkileyici olan 
da hayvan koruma organizasyonlarindaki insanlarin cabalari sonucunda 
bu alanda kaydedilmis olan gelismedir. Hayvan koruma gruplari, 2004 
yilinda cikan ?kisirlastir/asilat/yerine birak? yasasinin 
uygulanmasini saglamaya calisarak Turkiye?yi bolgesindeki lider ulke 
konumuna getirmislerdir.

Lutfen,  kaydedilen bu gelismeye son vermeyin. Henuz kamu 
veterinerleri   operasyon teknikleri konusunda yeterli egitimi almadan 
ve insani barinaklar yapmak icin yeterli egitim ve finansal kaynak 
olmadan,  kanunda sokak hayvanlarinin toplanmasini emreden bir 
degisiklik yapmak icin cok erkendir.

Hayvan koruma alaninda faaliyet gosteren sivil toplum kuruluslari,  
kamu barinaklarinin daha iyi kosullara kavusmasi icin yardimci ve 
destek olmaya calismaktadirlar. Fakat ne yazik ki,  yerel yonetimler 
henuz bu sorumlulugu almaya hazir degildir.  Sozkonusu kanun 
degisikligi yuzlerce kopegin aci cekmesine ve gereksiz yere olmesine 
neden olacaktir.

Ulkenizdeki yerli kopek irklari genetik olarak biriciktir, guzeldir ve 
milli servettir. Lutfen sokak hayvanlarini koruyun ve onlarin yanlis 
yakalama, gaddarca hapsedilme ve uzak ve yasamalari icin uygun olmayan 
alanlara atilmalarina izin vermeyin.





Municipal 'shelters' :






4 years ago



Cc: ;


Subject: Spay neuter clinics



Tammy S. Wallace
Executive Director
8 Commerce Street – Suite 910
Montgomery, AL 36130-5330




Dear Madam:


Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners will vote on Oct. 10 whether to continue to allow low-cost spay/neuter clinics to continue to operate in the state.

A proposed rule change by the board would prevent non-veterinarians from hiring veterinarians or veterinary technicians to operate a veterinary facility. This rule change would likely shut down the state’s non-profit spay/neuter clinics, which employ veterinarians to provide spay/neuter services. There are four spay/neuter clinics in the state, including the Wiregrass Spay and Neuter Clinic in Dothan.

A bill that would have allowed spay/neuter clinics to hire veterinarians to oversee spay-neuter services, and some routine veterinary care such as vaccinations, and testing for heartworm and leukemia, passed both houses of the Alabama Legislature, and was approved by a conference committee, but House Speaker Paul Hubbard, R-Auburn, never brought the bill up for a final vote, effectively killing it.

Barbara Seaman, a board member of the non-profit Wiregrass Spay and Neuter Clinic, said shutting down the spay neuter clinics would be a disservice to the community. Seaman said many low-income residents who ordinarily would not bring their pets in for spaying and neutering and basic shots would be unable to do so without the support of a low-cost clinic.

Seaman said closing the clinic could result in a overpopulation and an abundance of feral animals running loose without shots. Seaman said this could cost municipalities throughout the state in higher animal control costs.

Since opening in 2009, the clinic has performed more than 20,000 spay/neuter surgeries.

We politely urge you to keep the low cost spay neuter clinics opened; it's the most humane, animal friendly solution possible and will save costs on the long term.

Thank you for your time.



4 years ago


To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;






Subject: NatGeo, UF


Dear National Geographic Society,


4 years ago


I'm writing today because I found your name on the University of 
Florida's special bragging list- the "honor roll" of generous donors. 
I want you to know I'm going to ask my friends and your supporters in 
the coming weeks to withhold their donations to you until you no 
longer support the University of Florida!

No place that does archaic experiments on animals can "clean up their 
act"- they need to ban animal testing completely at their school. The 
whole country of Canada has recently committed to this ban in all of 
their universities, so a single university has no excuse. There's no 
work that you do that can make up for supporting an institution using 
living, feeling, innocent animals for agonizing experiments. I think 
the only way for you to keep your "good name" is to stop donating 
money to the University of Florida until they ban primate testing.

Here's a link to the UF website where you are honored for contributing 
to a university mired in controversy about their animal experiments.


- UF CHOOSES primate torture, most times using 2 and 3 year old 
primate toddlers, when there are thousands of non-animal alternatives 
available to teach and use right 

- UF broke the law, was sued and lost to activists when they refused 
to submit their veterinarian records for the primates they have hurt.

The bottom line is that's what those involved with archaic animal 
research will be able to say- it must be OK since The National 
Geographic Society gives to UF. I think NGS should pull their money 
from UF until UF bans animal testing. PLEASE help me ensure that your 
donations don't become UF blood money by contacting UF today. Your 
letter can make a difference as a voice for innocent animals trapped 
in a brutal laboratory.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these innocent suffering animals,

The University of Florida email contacts,,,,,


4 years ago


Original Message:














   tell Congress to End Chimanzee Experiments   US.













4 years ago




Animals  (tags: Animal WelfareAnimal CrueltyHelp Baily the Dog,Arthritic Dog Baily Deserves A ReprieveURGENT ACTION! ) 
 Michelle - 5 days ago - 

Please ask the judge to give Bailey a reprieve. Bailey is a 12 yr old arthritic lurcher cross who has about a year to live. He has been offered a new home as was stipulated in the first ruling. The next judge changed his mind & wants Baily PTS. HELP HIM!



Bailey's Story:

"Please ask the Judge to give Bailey a reprieve. Bailey is a 12 year old arthritic lurcher cross who has about a year to live. He has been offered a new home as was stipulated in the first ruling. The next judge changed his mind and has said Bailey must be destroyed. He has been sentenced to die under the Dangerous Dog Act because his owner has been irresponsible.


His current owner is a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties and an alcohol problem. Bailey thought it was his job to look after her when she was in a vulnerable state and had been drinking. On two occasions he protected her when he thought she was at risk. This surmounted to him nipping people on two occasions on one of these occasions he was wearing a muzzle that was damaged. After the first incidence Bailey was put on an order to be muzzled and on a lead at all times. Because his owner failed to adhere to the order he nipped a second person and was removed later by the police. During his removal from the house when his owner was not there he showed no aggression toward the police and did not resist arrest.

Bailey is currently in police kennels and has been found a rescue space with an elderly responsible couple away from his owner. They are prepared to do whatever the judge says to save him and let him have a final year of life without him worrying about protecting his vulnerable owner. Bailey is an old man and he is crippled with arthritis, he cannot walk far at all. He has been sentenced to a destruction order and this is going to final appeal in July 2012 although we are still waiting for a court date. Please will you sign the petition to ask the Judge to let Bailey live and let him go to his new home where he can eventually die in peace? 

Bailey has been in kennels since January and his health is deteriorating. He is not in good shape, he is just an old dog. He has passed all his behavioural tests with both the police and the behaviourist."

4 years ago

Noted and signed Petitions Thnx Val, Anneke and Michelle ..

4 years ago

Thanks Barbara and all who don't post -


Help Make Endangered Species a Presidential Issue in November

4 years ago

COuldn't watch this - horrible - but here's the link...

4 years ago

There are quite simply no words for that Val. I pray this little dog gets loved and fussed over for the rest of her life.


Petitions are signed too, thank you.

4 years ago

From Anneke -



I just want to share this update on the Thailand dogs, saved from the dog meat trade; International Organizations didn't show 'much' interest in helping these poor animals, too many of them died anyway...Very sad, it ment such great news at first....Here is the link, the video doesn't contain shocking images...  Please share, Soi Dog Foundation is desperately looking for medical and financial assistance, and volunteers!

4 years ago

From Anneke -



sorry, wrong Governor's mailaddress!

  will be accepted also!



Original Message:


For this ACTION, this is what YOU can do to defend the innocent, ecologically vital and beautiful wolves of Wyoming:
1. Csll and email Wyoming Governor Matt Mead.










This is another sample letter  ;   please post letter also on:





Subject: Justice and the Truth/ Wyoming                (kept it neutral!!)



Wyoming Governor Matt Mead.




In this truly massive state, there are fewer than 350 beautiful and amazing wolves. Too many cattle ranchers and sport killers can't stop demonizing and lying about them.

Wyoming has approximately 1,300,000 cows and calves. The state has barely 500,000 human residents. In 2011, Ken Salazar's US Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed a mere 35 cattle losses attributed to wolves. That's the total for the entire state! 35 cattle. Period. These statistics are similar in the nearby states of Idaho and Montana. Tens of thousands of cattle die every year due to weather, disease, birth complications and eating poison plants, for which ranchers receive zero compensation. Depridation by wolves and other wildlife is relatively minimal! Not only that, but ranchers are fully compensated for the few confirmed losses by wolves, including some they lie about. Get it? It's simply about "control", about a perverse desire by heartless and violent American wildlife haters to kill, to kill innocent wolves for no reason other than "tradition".

Regarding elk, that are hunted for food and sport, the state of Wyoming's own wildlife division reports that there are more elk in Wyoming today than existed BEFORE wolves returned to the state. Elk may be harder to hunt as they are now more wary with wolves back on the land where they belong, but the elk are healthier and more numerous with wolves in Wyoming! And similarly, according to each state's own wildlife division statistics in Idaho and Montana, elk are more numerous, with wolves roaming free in those states, too!  Again, wolf demonization and persecution is not about truth and justice, it's about "control" and "tradition" for these American wolf killers.

The United States keeps telling itself what a great nation it is.  It will not be a truly great nation until the perverse and violent American "tradtion" of persecuting and slaughtering the continent's native wolves and wildlife is finally and permanently stopped. The United States will be on its way to being the great nation we say we are, only when the mindless torture and mass killing of America's innocent wildlife stops. It's long overdue that our supposed leaders heard and acted upon the humane, respectful  and wildlife-loving majority opinion that has evolved in the hearts and minds of decent Americans. We are demanding that America finally and
4 years ago

Thanks Val

4 years ago
To: ;








Mayor David Webb and City of Altus:



It has come to our attention a demonstration was recently held to assist you and the council in making a decision concerning the discontinuation of the use of the gas chamber to 'euthanize' unwanted companion animals that are either not claimed or are sickly or not deemed appropriate for adoption.


It is also our understanding that the animals disposed of for this demonstration were sedated and that a higher concentration of gas was used and that the demonstration did not show the actual distress that the animals suffer in this type of euthanasia.


Sadly, it is our understanding that several of the dogs used in the demonstration had either been spoken for by rescue organizations or had rescues working on finding placement for them.


So hopefully, their unnecessary deaths will result in some good by a decision by your community to end this inhumane practice!
Many people think that animals quietly go to sleep and die in shelter gas chambers.


But the reality is: it’s a horrific and cruel method of euthanasia. The animals are placed in a warm or hot box without sedation. They have no idea what is happening to them and are terrified. The hiss of gas starts and they get dizzy and panic. The 25 or more minutes it takes to end their lives can be complete torture.
Historically, this inhumane method of killing was used by the Nazis, and to this day is not allowed even for the punishment of our most severe serial killers.
What Animal Organizations Say About Gassing ?
American Humane Association has stated, …euthanizing shelter animals by carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide is inhumane to the animal and harmful to humans.


American Humane Association considers euthanasia by injection (EBI) to be the only acceptable and humane means of euthanasia for all shelter animals.


The Humane Society of the United States stated, carbon monoxide (CO) gas is, without question, an unacceptable method of euthanasia in states where shelters can legally obtain and administer sodium pentobarbital.



The Association of Shelter Veterinarians has stated, ...the use of carbon monoxide for individual or mass companion animal euthanasia in shelters is unacceptable due to significant humane, operational and safety concerns.


Please read their document available online at:

This outdated and cruel practice needs to stop.


Please put an end to the gas chamber at the Altus, Oklahoma and use only humane methods if absolutely necessary.
Also, consider implementing no-kill by working on spay/neuter, educating the public on responsible pet ownership, and proving low-cost vetting and food assistance for those in need, so it will be easier for owners to keep their pets.
Thank You!


4 years ago

South Dakota's mountain lions need your help today!  

post-it saying The South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Commission has proposed new hunting plans that may decimate the state's only colony of mountain lions. We've submitted our petition to stop the hunt but we still need you to send an email.

Time is running out: only 24 hours left! 

Your email needs to be sent by noon tomorrow, Wednesday, October 3rd.  Please add your voice to all those who have already spoken up for America's lion by taking action today!

Stop the Mountain Lion Hunt in South Dakota!

To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;




Subject: Mountain Lions/Black Hills/South Dakota



Commissioners, dear Sir, dear Madam:




South Dakota's Game, Fish & Parks Commission has proposed a mountain lion hunting season for the winter of 2012-2013 (2013 Season and Quota) that will kill between 70 and 100 lions in the Black Hills alone.


The entire South Dakota lion population may already be lower than that.




-We object to the proposed increase in the mountain lion hunting season quota for 2013 


-We object to the use of hounds for hunting in Custer State Park.


-We object to an unlimited yearlong quota for recreational (trophy) lion hunts in the prairie.


-We are asking for management of the Black Hills population as a "source" or "stable" lion population, not a "sink."


-We demand that the state cancel all mountain lion hunting seasons until new peer-reviewed management plans, population studies and models of South Dakota's lions have been completed and presented for public review! 


Thank you.




4 years ago   Please support Edwin Wiek of Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT)  in his struggle with the Thai Authorities!!! They are now trying to ruin him financially too, by starting illegal judicial nonsens procedures against him!  The petition has an English text!


   Please sign and share if not done so!  Thousands of Turkish people are fighting for the stray dogs!
4 years ago

Hi Val sent Letter to the Right Link hope this will help some :0 :0 Concerning Edwin Wiek !! ..

4 years ago

Signed. Thank you Val.

4 years ago

Ok sending emails out first then going through the rest. 

4 years ago

Caught up to here val    hugsss


4 years ago

All noted and Done Thnx Val Thnx for the Lovely Photo Roxy

4 years ago

Thanks everyone!  Care2 is SO slow lately - hardd to do things -




Petition will follow!   Also under FAAC   Samle letter:




To: ; ; ; ;


Subject: Cats/Cecil County/MD/Animal Code 209



Dear Commissioners;



You as Cecil County Commissioners are holding work sessions regarding theAnimal Code 209.


This code includes regulations for humane animal housing, anti-tethering laws, and gives our future Animal Control
contractor the authority to fine and prosecute during cruelty  investigations.

Unfortunately, the wording fails to define certain animals under this
ordinance, specifically outdoor cats being labeled as nuisance animals or animals at large.


At Large (209-604) and Public Nuisance (209-603) sections of Chapter 209 .


Under this code, all of the counties maintained TNR colonies and owned indoor/outdoor cats would be targets
of mass rounds ups and subsequent mass euthanasia.


We know this was not the intent of the majority of the Commissioners when passing 209!!

Therefore, we politely urge you to remove felines from Code 209-603 and  209-604, please!!




The tax payers have paid out-of-pocket to TNR and feed these colonies both on private and public land when our funded SPCA would
not do anything to help. 


Nonprofits and animal advocates have also offered aid to the community for years by spaying and neutering at low-cost, helping injured animals, fostering, and
conducting pet food banks in the county.


For you as Commissioners to include cats in these sections of this  ordinance at this time it would be devastating to all that has been done


over the years to save so many lives.


Please don't let this happen!


Thank you very much,




4 years ago

Lovely photo Roxy.

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Know I posted here earlier - poof - isn't here -




To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: Irelands new Animal Welfare Act




Dear Committee Members, 

We urge you to support amendments to Ireland’s new Animal Welfare Act to outlaw the horrific practices of fox dig-outs, fox hunting, and hare coursing.

We have received information on these and are appalled that such cruelty is still permitted by law in Ireland.




Please don't allow any more barbaric cruelty.




Thank you.




4 years ago

Thank you Val

4 years ago

My pleasure - Nyack - try to do what I can!  Yesterday had a chance to be here more - still lots to do and am on crutches - will message you -




To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: HLS

AstraZeneca (Headquarters) UK 
Floors 7-9, Two Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London, W2 6BD
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 (0)20 7304 5000
Fax: 44 (0)20 7304 5151

US Headquarters  USA
Investor Relations
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
1800 Concord Pike
PO Box 15437, Wilmington
DE 19850-5437, USA
Tel: 1 (302) 886 3000
Fax: 1 (302) 886 2972

Sir, Madam:


Huntingdon Life Science is Europe's most exposed animal testing laboratory and have been filmed cutting open monkeys while still alive, punching animals in the face, falsifying experimental test data and flouting regulations on a regular basis.

As a company that claims to achieve excellence and reliability in drug research, I am surprised to learn that you contract experiments inside a laboratory that has had their license revoked and exposed falsifying test data for clients.

I would like to use this opportunity to request that you cease your contracts with this horrendous laboratory and invest in more reliable sources of data research.



4 years ago
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


4 years ago
Subject: Donations to the UF

Sir, Madam:


I’m writing today because I found your name on the University of Florida’s special bragging list- the “honor roll” of generous donors. THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA REFUSES TO STOP ARCHAIC PRIMATE TESTING! I want you to know I’m going to ask my friends and your supporters in the coming weeks to withhold their business/donations to you until you no longer donate to a primate experimentation complex. Imagine the millions of animal lives saved if Susan G Komen For The Cure donated to high tech, non-animal research projects, ensuring more accurate and faster results for humans. You could actually change a cruel world!

How can you donate to animal research facilities when this type of research is available? Shameful! 

No place doing archaic experiments on animals can “clean up their act”- they need to ban animal testing completely at their school. The whole country of Canada has recently committed to this ban in all of their universities, so a single university has no excuse. There’s no work that you do that can make up for supporting an institution using living, feeling, innocent animals for agonizing experiments. I think the only way for you to keep your “good name” is to stop donating money to the University of Florida until they ban primate testing.

Here’s a link to the UF website where Susan G Komen for The Cure is honored for contributing to a university mired in controversy about their animal experiments.


- UF CHOOSES primate torture, most times using 2 and 3 year old primate toddlers, when there are thousands of non-animal alternatives available to teach and use right now. 

- UF broke the law, was sued and lost to activists when they refused to submit their veterinarian records for the primates they have hurt.
The bottom line is that’s what those involved with archaic animal research will be able to say- it must be OK since Susan G Komen For The Cure gives to UF. I think they should pull their money from UF until UF bans animal testing. PLEASE help me ensure that your donations don’t become UF blood money by contacting UF today. A letter from you asking them to stop wasting money on 19th century “science” can make a difference for innocent animals trapped in a brutal laboratory.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this urgent situation, 
4 years ago

Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Noted- thanks Val

4 years ago

THANKS - FYI - I am totally frustrated with C2 right now - so may take a few days off -


No posts this AM due to C2 issues - am told I need IE8 but no longer available for Windows 7 and Firefox not working at all  - C2 says they are working on it - right!     So for now no emoticons and cannot reply to messages - unsure about other things!

4 years ago

Noted & signed. Hope Care2 gets things working proparly cause it's really fustrating. If it's fustrating for me being a mere member I can imagine how fustrating it must be for you and others woking so hard to keep these petitions & group going. I have been denied my password, to sign petition or sign the same petitions over & over and only one or no signature showing. Take care & Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Sorry for venting here on your thread. Wanted to express myself on feeling for you.

4 years ago

I wish more people complain to Care2, then maybe they will do something about it. Don't bet on it!

4 years ago

I was ready to quit the other day but they got it working - it id frustrating Marian - things have to go quickly to get it all done - I run other groups too and very difficult when there are issues - so don't worry about venting!

Agree Brenda!

Ice on foot again - turning yellow again just after doing a little on my foot.

4 years ago

To: ; ;


Subject: Wolf Plans/Montana

Dear Commissioners

I am disappointed with Montana FWP’s 2012-13 wolf hunting/trapping plans for many reasons. Although you plan to revisit the progress of the hunt in December, I want a hunt-trap-free buffer now to surround Yellowstone National Park, specifically in management units 310, 320 and 390. Those units account for a large area of southern Montana from the Absaroka Mountains to the Madison Range and north as far as Great Falls and Lewistown.

For the past 5 years, the wolf population in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem has stabilized at around 130.  Trapping to kill 60% of wolves could decimate the greater Yellowstone population and possibly replicate the 2009 elimination of the Cottonwood Pack.

Healthy wolf populations generate revenue locally and provide jobs in the Greater Yellowstone region. Does Montana truly wish to ignore the economic advantages of the largest growing industry in the region – wolf watching – to appease narrow special interests with a clear political agenda? I expect my comment to receive prompt consideration and result in the revision of your wolf plan.



  Subject: Stop Painful Mutilation of Lambs/Australia

also non Australians!----
The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7700
Fax: (02) 6273 4100

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig  
Canberra Office
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Phone + 61 2 6277 7520
Fax + 61 2 6273 4120


Millions of sheep suffer the horrifying pain of mutilation known as "mulsing" every year. The unimaginable painful surgical proceedure involves cutting large strips of flesh from the hind legs of lambs who are about 4 weeks old- mulsing is done to create scars and a smooth skin that cannot harbour flies. Anaesthesia and painkillers are not required during or after the procedure.

The selective breeding of Marino sheep is more commonly practiced in Australia; the world's leading sheep producer and exporter with a national flock of an estimated 135 million sheep, but is practiced globally.

Marino sheep are more susceptible to flystike infestations. Flies are attracted to the moisture and urine that collects within the unna

4 years ago

Flies are attracted to the moisture and urine that collects within the unnatural folds of skin in Marino sheep and lay their eggs.

The most effective way to stop flystrike is to breed sheep who have less wrinkly skin. 

I ask the Australian wool industry to transition to a less wrinkly breed and stop this barbaric, inhumane, act of cruelty of mutilating defenseless lambs.


4 years ago

Thank you for posting my words, directly from my petition Val.

I only wonder why you hadnt bothered to post my petition?

Stop Painful Mutilation of Lambs

This post was modified from its original form on 14 Oct, 10:31
4 years ago

If you are talking about the above post - it was from Anneke - I just copied and pasted - sorry -

4 years ago

Signed above Petition Nyack Thnx for posting Val YOU ARE TOPPSS IN MY BOOK Hugggss and a couple of these two xx's

4 years ago

All signed. Thanks Val.

4 years ago

All signed. Thanks Val.

4 years ago

Your Welcome Val Petitions signed Thnx

4 years ago

Starting a new thread!

4 years ago

signed on another site!

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