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2 years ago
| Sue Barko's new and more
Tell Steak 'N Shake to Ditch Cruel Chimpanzee Ad ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher - 1 day ago -
Tell Steak 'n Shake to pull its offensive commercial featuring a chimpanzee and to STOP using animals in their advertisements.
2 years ago
URGENT! SIGN & SHARE! STOP KANGAROO BOXING MATCHES! Demand Mississippi & Indiana National Guards Ban Horrific Kangaroo Boxing Ev

Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Kangaroo Bxing Matches, Star Family Circus, Act Now To Halt Indiana and Mississippi )
Michelle - 2 days ago -
URGENT! Jan. 19-20 the Columbus National Guard in Columbus Indiana plans to host a kangaroo vs. human boxing match as part of the Stardust/Star Family Circus. Jan. 18-21 The Natchez National guard in Natchez Mississippi with be doing the same. SIGN NOW!
2 years ago

Thanks Nyack, signed.

2 years ago

All done with a UGH this never ends

2 years ago

Noted and Tnx Nyack, Cher, and Michelle :-0 21/1

2 years ago
Tell The Ticket Clinic to Drop Its Cruel Chimpanzee Ad ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher - 50 minutes ago -
Using the form below, please send a quick, polite note to The Ticket Clinic and urge Mr. Gold to follow the lead of other companies by agreeing to pull the company's commercial featuring a chimpanzee and pledging never to use great apes in future ads.
2 years ago
Ask Fast-Food Chain to Stop Using Chimps in Commercials ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher - 1 hour ago -
Pull ad featuring an exploited chimpanzee, and to pledge to no longer use chimps in advertisements
2 years ago
Petition-Google Inc., Google Play, Larry Page CEO of Google: Remove the App "KG Dogfighting" From Google Play
Animals  (tags: abuse, AnimalWelfare, animalrights, dogs, dog fighting, Google, sadness, suffering )
Ginger - 2 days ago -
This app is morally unjustifiable, dog fights aren't entertainment, they are illegal and marketing Dog fighting as a game to children 13+ is just wrong! The injuries inflicted and sustained by dogs participating in dogfights are frequently severe or fatal

Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Jan Fibre, Cats In Antwerp Tortured To Make French, Animal Cruelty is Not Art, ACTION! )
Michelle - 1 hour ago -
Oct. 25, 2012: a horrible scene took place at Antwerp City Hall where screaming cats were thrown meters into the air onto stairs. They allegedly were tranquilized before filming! The event was filmed by a French Studio to pay homage to artist Jan Fibre.

Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Animal Killing is Not Art, Damien Hirst, Stop Damien Hirst From Killing Animals i, ACTION! )
Michelle - 56 minutes ago -
Damien Hirst has killed THOUSANDS of animals in the name of art. Butterflies, cows, sharks, and pigs do not deserve to be killed to make an interesting art exhibit, especially when those that die of natural causes could be used in their place. Stop him!
KILLING ANIMALS FOR DISPLAY IS NOT ART! SIGN! Let Us Put A Stop To This Murderer Katinka Simonse - The Petition Site

Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Animal Cruelty, Katinke Simonse, Torch Gallery, Stop Katinke Simonse From Murdering Anim )
Michelle - 44 minutes ago -
Simonse has tortured & killed animals in the name of art for years. She finds pleasure in torturing animals. She even suffocated her own cat to make a purse out of her. Art is beauty; not killing the innocent. Pressure is needed to shut her down for good.

All done.  Man I want to kick her a.........

Ask Redford Union High School to Bench Cruel Donkey Basketball ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher - 3 hours ago -
Please politely urge Redford Union School District administrators to cancel this cruel event and replace it with a safer, more humane alternative. And please forward this alert widely!

done thanks x wendy k

Thanks Nyack, all signed.

Signed, thanks for sharing. Someone should torment those sadists pretending to be artists and see how they like it.

All signed, thanks Nyack

Noted and signed current Nycack :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved with This Thread :-0  7/3


signed 25/5.thank you nyack

Petition signed

8 months ago
Tell American Humane Association to Protect Animals Before, During and After Filming ! ACTION ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, cruelty, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher - 4 hours ago -

Please write AHA and demand they strengthen their policies, expanding their programs to include what happens off-set and tracking animal trainer practices prior to filming as well. The vast majority of abuse occurs in the training prior


8 months ago
Help Alaska's Wild Animals ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, suffering, wildlife )
Cher - 3 hours ago -

Illegal hunts, dead animals, and criminal charges--does this sound like an Animal Planet show to you?

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4 months ago
Stop Slaughtering Tigers for Entertainment ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!

Animals  (tags: tiger killed, slaughter, abused, animalcruelty )
Angela - 8 hours ago -

Tiger slaughters have been a problem in China for nearly a century,but the last few years it has become a symbol of stature for wealthy businessmen not for their meat - to witness the slaughter as a form of entertainment.This egregious practice must stop


4 months ago

Signed. Thanks!!

4 months ago

Noted signed

3 months ago
TAKE ACTION NOW - Ban Rodeos That Promote Animal Cruelty ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!

Animals  (tags: Rodeo Abuse, suffering, cruelty )
Angela - 5 hours ago -

Many developed nations have already done away with these horrific displays of human barbarianism, but Australia has yet to follow suit. For a country, that is forward thinking to protect wildlife and the environment, is this a grave contradiction.


3 months ago

Signed thanks Nyack

3 months ago

Thanks, Nyack

3 months ago
BBC: Stop Using Our Licence Fees to Fund Animal Exploitation! - The Petition Site

Animals  (tags: BBC Worldwide, Entertainment Industry, exploitation of animals )
Slava - 3 hours ago -

Wild animals shouldn't be exploited in the name of entertainment & BBC should not be using public funds to support this cruel and outdated practice. Please sign our petition to call upon the BBC to commit to end the use of wild animals in its productions.


3 months ago
End the Use of Wild Animal Acts at The Big E ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!
Animals  (tags: animal abuse registry, Circus elephants )
Angela - 9 hours ago -
The Big E- a 17-day event held in West Springfield is the 6th largest fair in the nation. They use wild animals in very unnatural conditions. Elephants under the threat of punishment with a bullhook are forced to give rides.
2 months ago
Stop Promoting Tickets Sales to Ocean Park Hong Kong ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!

Animals  (tags: ozean park animalcruelty, Hong Kong, dolphins in captivity )
Angela - 5 hours ago -

Ocean Parks captive dolphins suffer infinitely,they are used for shows under the guise of conservation and education. Ask Dragon Air and Cathay Pacific, END YOUR AFFILIATION with Dolphinariums and in particular in this case with OCEAN PARK HONG KONG !!!

send green

2 months ago
***URGENT*** Simon Cowell : Pull Next Weeks UK X-Factor Section That Glorifies Captive Dolphins ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!

Animals  (tags: dolphin protection, law, wildanimals, Captive Animals )
Angela - 6 hours ago -

All the love and hard work we put in to send the right messages out about captivity and Taiji will just be blown out of the water when the kids see that Simon Cowell thinks it's ok. We have only a few days to get his attention !!!

send green

2 months ago
Tell Sir Richard Branson to Stop Selling Trips to SeaWorld

Animals  (tags: orcas, SeaWorld cruelty, abuse, abused, animaladvocates, animalrights, animalcruelty, animals, animalwelfare, crime, death, endangered, environment, ethics, habitat, humans, investigation, killing, law, protection, rescued, sadness, society, suffering, wi )
Sara - 1 day ago -

While other progressive travel companies, such as STA Travel, have severed all ties with the unethical abusement park SeaWorld, Virgin Group, founded by Branson, is still offering ticket deals to its customers.

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2 months ago
THE ROYAL HORSE GALA IN SERBIA | Speak Out Against Cruelty to Horses!

Animals  (tags: THE ROYAL HORSE GALA, Serbia, Europe, acrobatic show with horses, AnimalWelfare, abused, animaladvocates, animalrights, animals, cruelty, ethics, humans, law, protection, sadness, suffering, Entertainment Business )
Desanka - 13 hours ago -

THE ROYAL HORSE GALA, acrobatic show with horses, will take place in Belgrade on October 25-26. These horses are forced to perform pointless tricks for the entertainment business. Ask the organizer of the show in Belgrade not to promote animal suffering!


1 month ago
Wild Animals Belong in the Wild, Not in Entertainment ! Give Your Pledge and Sign !!!
Animals  (tags: pledge, wildanimals abuse, suffering, Captive Animals )
Angela - 11 hours ago -
Around the globe, wild animals are captured, taken from their natural habitats or bred in captivity, and endure a lifetime of cruelty and abuse. Some are beaten into submission, deprived of food and water, or trapped in concrete cages.
1 month ago
Animals  (tags: Groupon, circus animals abused, suffering )
Angela - 7 hours ago -
Animals used in circuses live dismal lives of confinement, domination, deprivation, and violent training. It is standard practice to beat, shock and whip the animals to make them perform ridiculous tricks.
1 month ago
Urge Macy's to Cancel SeaWorld's Float in the Thanksgiving Day Parade ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!

Animals  (tags: Sea World Cruelty, Macy's, Thanksgiving Day )
Angela - 10 hours ago -

Despite receiving Information from PETA about SeaWorld's shameful history of denying animals everything that is natural and important to them, Macy's, Inc., is planning to include a SeaWorld float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade !

send green

1 month ago
We Urge USDA - Protect Baby Tigers, Lions and Other Wild Animals ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!
Animals  (tags: USDA Wildlife Services, protection, wildlife )
Angela - 7 hours ago -
IFAW has joined other animal welfare organizations in a legal petition that urges the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ban all public contact and close encounters with big cats, bears, and primates. USDA must now create a rule to protect this animals.