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Julie E's News/Petitions
3 years ago
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Don't Be Chicken! Stand Up for Safety in Egg-Production Facilities -PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: animalcruelty, animalrights, animaladvocates, cages, caged, chickens, eggs, killed, suffering, abused, cruelty, crime, protection )
Julie - 4 hours ago -
A Humane Society investigation of Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. in Texas, the nation's largest egg supplier, revealed the horrifying living conditions of their chickens. These production facilities are breeding grounds for foodborne illnesses like salmonella.
3 years ago
Hunting Bobcats for Fur and Profit -PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!!

Animals  (tags: bobcats, CaDFG, animalrights, animaladvocates, endangered, cats, wildlife, killing, protection, extinction, wildanimals )
Julie - 5 hours ago -
But according to the Los Angeles Times, residents of the local community report that bobcats are disappearing. They believe the animals are being killed by trappers who often trespass on private property.
3 years ago
Are Anti-Anxiety Meds Turning Fish Into Junkies? -TAKE ACTION!!!

Environment  (tags: destruction, pollution, environment, ocean, fish, drugs, research, government )
Julie - 6 hours ago -
"We think this should be a global phenomena because these pharmaceuticals are so widely used and there's not--as far as we know--any good way of cleaning them out of water at wastewater plants," Jonsson says.
3 years ago
Give Panthers A Brake -PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!!
Animals  (tags: Panthers, endangered, animalrights, vehicles, AnimalWelfare, humans, protection, extinction )
Julie - 2 hours ago -
With fewer than 160 Florida panthers left in the wild, this iconic species is one of the most endangered mammals on earth. Frequent car collisions are taking precious panther lives. Sadly, today the panther is restricted to less than five percent MORE
3 years ago
URGENT! Greenland's Sledge Dogs Are Still Suffering -PLEASE SIGN!!! Ty Anneke A
Animals  (tags: dogs, Greenland, dog sledding, animalcruelty, animaladvocates, cruelty, protection, suffering, animals )
Julie - 13 hours ago -
The life of sledge dogs in Greenland has not improved yet. The dogs must be provided water, food and shelter! Robin Hood has developed a reasonable project, that can help the sledge dogs and also young people who otherwise have little future in Greenland.
3 years ago
Demand Bobcat Trapping Be Made Illegal -PLEASE SIGN!!!
Animals  (tags: bobcats, paochers, trappers, CaDFG, animalwelfare, animalrights, animaladvocates, endangered, protection, habitat, wildanimals, wildlife )
Julie - 21 hours ago -
Every year in California, trappers manage to capture and skin nearly two thousand bobcats. The pelts of these wild cats are valuable to trappers as they can fetch upwards of $600 to $1,000 in markets like China, Russia, and Greece.
3 years ago
TAKE ACTION!!! -Ocean Horror Show: Dead Sea Birds With Bellies Full of Plastic Garbage -See Photo-This Is Reality
Environment  (tags: plastic, oceans, death, birds, oeanlife, mammals, destruction, environment, healthconditions, protection, humans )
Julie - 1 day ago -
thousands of dead albatross chicks choked to death on man's detritus, mostly shiny bits of plastic picked up from the nearby Pacific Ocean by their parents, and fed to them mistakenly as food.
3 years ago

Noted and signed current Nyack and Julie :-0 19/2

3 years ago

Noted and signed current Nyack and Julie :-0 19/2

3 years ago

All action taken

3 years ago

signed and FB

slaughter of bobcats
3 years ago

signed, fb and tweeted

3 years ago
AstraZeneca: Please Set the Beagles Free! --PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: AstraZeneca, animalcruelty, cruelty, dogs, AnimalWelfare, animalrights, animalwelfare, animaladvocates, suffering, sadness )
Julie - 41 minutes ago -
used approximately 398,000 animals, including those used by external contract research organisations on their behalf. Approximately 76% (302,480) were rodents, 22% (87,560) were fish and the remaining 2% (7,960) included chickens, dogs, rabbits, ferrets
3 years ago

Animals  (tags: primates, manimalcruelty, death, killed, abused, AnimalWelfare, animalrights, animaladvocates, animals, sadness, suffering, rescue, abuse )
Julie - 9 hours ago -
The investigation carried out by the international NGO, Animal Equality, has brought to light some shocking images of monkeys (long-tailed macaques) held captive in the primate breeding and supply farm, Camarles, in Tarragona, Spain.
3 years ago
Stop Greyhound and Whippet Racing -PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: whippets, greyhounds, racing, animalrights, animalcruelty, animaladvocates, humans, sadness, suffering, AnimalWelfare )
Julie - 9 hours ago -
When these dogs do not want to race any longer many are euthanised due to this. It is unfair to these animals and if many weren't taken in by animal rescue centres around the world the death rates would be much higher.
3 years ago
US -Ask the USDA to Seize Abused Bears -PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: Bears, abused, animalcruelty, animalwelfare, investigation, protection, wildlife )
Julie - 17 hours ago -
Need help now to get these animals to safety, where they can live like bears instead of pacing year after year on concrete. Forced to beg for food and are deprived of all that is natural and important to them. PHOTOS FROM CHIEF SAUNOOKE BEAR PITS
3 years ago
URGENT!!! Save This Suffering Elephant From UniverSoul Misery (Circus) -PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!!

Animals  (tags: Circus, elephants, suffering, animalrights, animaladvocates, PETA, abuse, AnimalWelfare, animalcruelty, animals, animalwelfare, investigation, sadness )
Julie - 22 minutes ago -
Update: As UniverSoul Circus prepares to force Nosey to perform next week in Tallahassee, Florida, actor Cheryl Hines has written an urgent letter to the manager of the North Florida Fairgrounds imploring him to cancel the ailing elephant's appearances.
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3 years ago
Support Cruelty-Free Cosmetics -Keep Helping To Stop This! -PLEASE TAKE ACTION!!!

Animals  (tags: cosmetics, reasearch, animaladvocates, animalrights, cruelty, abused, investigation, suffering )
Julie - 1 hour ago -
Thousands of animals including guinea pigs, mice, and rabbits are suffering and dying needlessly to test these products, even though producing safe, cruelty-free beauty products is possible. It's time to end cosmetics cruelty -- forever.
3 years ago
Stop Torturing Animals For Fur! -PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: sadness, animals, cruelty, death, dogs, cats, animal advocates, animal rights, animalcruelty, suffering, abuse, humans, slaughter, killing )
Julie - 9 minutes ago -
Animals in China are having their FUR RIPPED OFF of them while still ALIVE! They are in agonizing pain and left to slowly die in a heap. Animals feel pain and fear just like humans do, so why is this being allowed and accepted in China?
3 years ago

of course signed, barbaric, sickening xwendy k x

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3 years ago
URGENT! Save Whales, Sea Lions, and Polar Bears: Protect the Bering Sea! -PLEASE SIGN 2 PETITIONS!!!

Environment  (tags: Bering Sea, bears, sea lions, whales, environment, animals, oceans, ecosystems )
Julie - 1 hour ago -
The majority of the fish caught in the United States comes from the Bering Sea. Home to whales, seals, polar bears and underwater canyons teeming with life, the Bering Sea is one of our most productive ecosystems. UNTIL MAY 31, 2013
3 years ago
Stop The "Hazing" Of Sea Lions! -PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: sea lions, hazing, shotguns, animal advocates, animal rights )
Julie - 1 hour ago -
In 2011 the Oregon Legislature authorised a program by which they make use of "non-lethal" hazing methods in order to scare sea lions away from fish ladders at Willamette Falls near Oregon City. Included in these "non-lethal" methods is the firing guns
3 years ago
Sears Stop Selling Fur-Trimmed Items -PLEASE SIGN!!!

Animals  (tags: fur, skinned, stores, clothing, killed, sadness, slaughter, suffering, crime, society, abuse, animal advocates, animal rights, animals, cruelty, animal cruelty, death )
Julie - 2 hours ago -
The fur industry is a sadistic occupation that profits from the torture and murder of helpless animals. It makes little difference whether the animal is wild-trapped, or raised on "farms." ALL of these animals suffer unimaginably.
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3 years ago

Finding a lot that I had missed!

Thanks so much!

3 years ago

signed 26-5.thank you

3 years ago
Hillside Horse Slaughterhouse Prosecution Petition -PLEASE SIGN!!! -Video

Animals  (tags: slaughter house, horses, killing, slaughter, suffering, sadness, animalrights, cruelty, crime, killed, investigation )
Julie - 7 hours ago -
Please sign our petition to ensure that the Food Standards Agency do everything in their power to prosecute those responsible for breaches of the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations of 1995 at the Red Lion Abattoir as shown in footage
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