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Lynn G.'s Thread #21
3 years ago

Naki’o The Bionic Dog Pawsitive Spokesdog For DisABLED Pets


Naki’o's life started out with very little hope. His and his litter mates were found in the cellar of an abandoned home in the middle of a harsh Nebraska winter. Their mother hadn’t survived. Naki’o was stuck, frozen into a puddle. Due to the frostbite, Naki’o lost all of his toes, the tip of his tail,  part of his nose and ears. One of the back legs was particularly damaged.

Christie Pace, a veterinarian’s assistant, has always had a soft spot in her heart for animals and was looking to adopt a fur baby. When she saw Naki’o's story on PetFinder, she set up an appointment to meet him. She adopted him at 8 weeks. As a four-pound puppy, he could get around on his leg nubs fairly well, but as he grew, Christie knew he was going to need assistance.

They tried various wagons and strollers to help him get out more, but it wasn’t until Christie saw a dog in a knee brace at her clinic that she got the idea for prosthetics for Nakio’s rear legs. She did some research and contacted Ortho Pets, a Denver company that specializes in pet prosthetics. She raised the money for the first of the artificial limbs, and when the people at Ortho Pets saw how well he was doing, they donated the rest.

“When we saw how good he was doing with his back leg prosthetics and how he was struggling to use his front legs it was very simple to say, ‘we gotta keep with him.’ He could do much better with all four prosthetics on,” said Martin Kaufmann, owner of Ortho Pets.

As seen in the following video, Naki’o is thriving as a bionic dog!

Christie knew Naki’o was special from the beginning, but she didn’t realize her dog  was the world’s first to have four prosthetic legs. She and Naki’o are now sharing their story to inspire others and to promote the adoption and care of disABLED cats and dogs.

Photo courtesy of Nakio’s Facebook page.

Naki'o's Video
3 years ago

The full article plus a video showing Naki'o running and jumping on his prosthetic legs (paws).  He is so cute and happy!

3 years ago

"People who really love their dogs are kind and giving people.  We are the ones who don't freak out because our dogs gave us a kiss. Or ate off our plate. We don't leave our dogs out in the heat or the cold. And when we lay down at night, our dogs are on the bed, or at least snuggled close by, safe from the dark and dangers that roam in the night. We love all the dogs we have had in the past, and especially the ones we have now."

3 years ago

Fabulous veterinary work for Naki'o bionic paws, Naki'o copes really well , so pleased for him

great news.

here is a clip about cats and boxes, no-one is sure of the exact reason cats love to hide in boxes but they love a game of hide and seek in them , this owner shows how he loves his cat, hope you enjoy the clip x wendy k x>>>>>>

Rufus Tower: via @youtube  on click to donate

3 years ago

Wendy, thanks for the link to cats and boxes. It's a never-ending game with cats to jump in and out of a box. No explanation for it but so cute to watch. Maru is among them. He adores boxes and there are many videos of him playing with boxes, no matter the size.

3 years ago
May 10, 2013
ACTION!Lolita the Orca is One Step Closer to Being Freed
Lolita is an orca who has spent more than 40 years in an unacceptably (and illegally) small tank at the Miami Seaquarium where she has been entertaining curious onlookers. She has been alone since 1980, when her orca companion Hugo committed suicide by ramming his head into the tank wall. In the latest development, Lolita may finally get the chance to rejoin her family.

Scientists have agreed that captivity is a terrible form of torture for social animals like orcas and dolphins. These animals' physical and behavioral needs can never be met in captivity.

For today's Daily Action, as a final nod to "Be Kind To Animals Week" read Lolita's story and watch a powerful video from the people fighting for her freedom.

3 years ago

Shih Tzu Survives
Shih Tzu Survives Brutal Beating, Embraces New Family
Bentley came to us after a devastating kick to the head that left him with a dangerous brain hemorrhage and a broken jaw. He could barely stand or move his legs, but after careful treatment by our hospital staff, Bentley was finally able to walk again. Now he’s enjoying a new life with an ASPCA volunteer and her four-legged family, including another canine cruelty survivor, Cloudy. See a family portrait of Bentley, Cloudy and their feline sibling. Read more...

3 years ago

Sandy Cat Adopted
ASPCA Happy Tail: Sofie the Sandy Cat
Brittney K. visited the ASPCA Adoption Center in search of a feline companion for her resident cat, Wednesday. She decided to adopt a cat named Sofie, who had been rescued during Hurricane Sandy. Meet the happy family.

3 years ago

IPhone at the zoo. This is so cool....

3 years ago

My Best Pri-Mate

Little girl and Orangutan are best friends. Beautiful story....

3 years ago

So sad to read about the abuse the little shih tzu suffered , we animal advocates, will never understand people who can be so wicked. Glad the poor little dog is in safe caring hands now. Same for sofie so pleased she has a loving home,

Nice story re- the orangutan and little girl, but wise move literatly ,

great idea the chap had to put the phone behind a mirror, some fab close up's of the assorted primates and orangutan's loved the baby,

here are some babies for you to watch and smile at, thanks for the great stories Lynn, hope you like this >>>>Hold Up! Meerkat Sighting!

xwendy kx

Thanks so much, Wendy. Loved the video!
3 years ago


Sanctuary Under Attack: 26 Elephants Massacred


Poachers shot the elephants from an observation tower used by scientists and visitors for decades. Read More >>

3 years ago

Cute Koala Babies
Apr 30, 2013: Did you know that Koalas aren't infact "bears" at all, but rather they are marsupials, or pouched mammals!
3 years ago

Thanks good to see you here lynn.

3 years ago

Rhino Their Friends Turned Into Foes, Mozambique’s Rhinos Are No More


Bears Off the Endangered List and Into the Line of Fire? Grizzly Bears Could Be Targets in 2014

3 years ago

Polar Bears Polar Bear Trophy Hunters: Kill Now, Get Permission Later


Killer Whales It’s Killer Whale-Watching Season, but Where Are Their Bodyguards?

Man and fox live together
3 years ago

After Cropper the fox was injured during a fight with a dog, he was near death. Luckily, Mike found him and he recovered beautifully. Now the two are besties.

Read more:



3 years ago

Thanks Lynn and everyone.

Hi, Sandi. Big hugs!!
3 years ago

Last summer Care2 brought you the story of a pit bull who saved his owner not once, but twice. Gloria Benton’s husband John was leaving for work when...
read more


Written by Claire Morgenstern When it comes down to it, all moms are alike — they all want their young ones grow up into healthy, thriving adults. In the...
read more
3 years ago

e9b8ac3b641cf60a52e82f2b741e5059.jpgfor all you dog owners.

3 years ago

Aw, that's so cool, Sandi.  Thanks a lot.

Lynn's Thread
3 years ago

Thanks for all the cute sweet pics & stories Etc. you share with us Lynn & I really love all the bird & animal & happy pics!!! The one about the elephants is breaking my heart though!!! Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!

3 years ago

Lovely stories Lynn, love the card from Sandi , I am with you Wendi re-elephants, here is a different rescue, I have always liked bats, but never found them as cute as this >>.Baby Bat Orphans (Video)

hope you have a great week Lynn xwendy k x

3 years ago

 a picture of Legion at best friends in Utah.Legion

3 years ago

Thanks, Sandi. Does Legion have a story to go with the picture?

There are so many stories that malign pit bulls but the ones I have known are very sweet, affectionate furkids. My grandson has a sable colored pit and if you want a bath, just go near her! lol

3 years ago

He's that pit bull that was chained to a wall. His story can be found at care2 under pitbull  chained to wall stops a murder I don't  know how to put the link in. story as by Layra Simpson or something like that sorry. you can also put in the search bar Legion at best friends.

From Australia....
3 years ago

THANK YOU, Adelaide!

Adelaide residents march through the city, calling for an end to live export
Photo: Cuddlechops

After a week filled with tragic reports of Australian animals suffering the cruelties of live export, on Saturday caring people in Adelaide made some news to be proud of. A passionate group marched peacefully through the city, telling Australia's political leaders once more in no uncertain terms: no ban, no vote.

Thanks to our friends at Animal Liberation SA and MOP for organising another successful event, and to everyone who attended!

You're setting a high standard, Adelaide. Each time you're called upon to stand side by side for animals, you go above and beyond. Other Australian cities are inspired and proudly continuing the call against cruelty, with upcoming rallies planned in Canberra and Sydney.

And the best news is: you are making a real impact for animals. The live export industry is in decline, thanks in large part to compassionate Australians like you. Now it's up to all of us to keep up the pressure, and keep fighting for those who can't fight for themselves.

Remember to sign up for our SMS alerts, so you can make sure you never miss out on opportunities like this to speak up for animals!

Thank you for all you do.

Jesse Marks
Community Engagement Manager
Animals Australia Action Network

3 years ago

I just want everyone to know that after reading his story he is safe a best friends now.

3 years ago

Thanks, Sandi. I'll look into Legion's story.

Thanks to Sandi for this story!
3 years ago
Pit Bull Chained to a Wall Stops a Murder and Now Needs a Home

Read more:
Got the Monday blues?
3 years ago
May 13, 2013
ACTION!Bats Can Help You Get Over The Monday Blues
Mondays are always the hardest day of the week. Care2 has a cute video for you to watch to get over the Monday blues.

Many baby bats are orphaned each year. One woman in Australia has been looking after hundreds of these orphaned babies. She nurses them back to health until they can be released back into the wild.

For today's Daily Action, watch this video of some of these baby bats being rehabilitated.

3 years ago

I'm so excited to share this news: we saved Rufus! Just days ago this adorable Beagle puppy was scheduled to be put down, and now he has been reunited with his family.

Thank you so much for signing my petition to Orange County Animal Control -- Rufus was my friend's dog, and was going to be killed until I delivered my petition and more than 180,000 signatures. When the Animal Control staff at the county shelter realized that so many people like you and me wanted to help save Rufus, they responded right away and promised that they wouldn't harm Rufus until the controversy was over.

Our outcry was even picked up by TV reporters, who covered the story and Rufus' safe return back home. Here's a heart-warming picture of their reunion:

Rufus' story has shown me how critical it is for animal lovers like us to step in and protect pets from harm. That's why a 7 year-old Sheltie named Jack needs our help right now: just like Rufus, Jack is a sweet dog that could be put to death unless we help him. The petition to save Jack is taking off on -- will you sign the petition and help prevent Jack from being euthanized?

Thank you again for helping save Rufus, and for everything that you do.


Julie Wheeler

This is my Care2 Petition
3 years ago

I would appreciate it if you would all take a look at this, sign and perhaps leave a comment on the site. Thanks so much!

Put An End to Dog Fighting in Car Trunks - ForceChange

3 years ago
550 Elephants. 1 Bloody Civil War. How Did They Survive?
When Mali descended into armed self-conflict, the Mali Elephant Project stepped in to safeguard the country's rare pachyderms.
elephant conservation civil war anti-poaching

A desert elephant walks in the north of Mali, known as the Gourma area, on May 26, 2010. Inhabitants of the Gourma region of Mali organized vigilante brigades, and even attached global positioning systems (GP on the pachyderms to protect them from poachers in the region. (Photo: STR / AFP / Getty Images)
3 years ago

Thanks Lynn. signed all. I hope anyone who reads Legions story knows he now safe and has a forever home at best friends.

3 years ago

Thanks Lynn, signed.

A Heartbreaking Story with a Happy Ending!
3 years ago
Photo of the Day
3 years ago


Red Fox, Canada

Heading to the Canadian Arctic on the shores of the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada, I had one day in Churchill before we would catch a small plane to the remote cabins on the tundra to photograph polar bears. A friend and I borrowed a local truck and toured around the Churchill area looking at the historic sites and watching for polar bears. As we drove past the massive grain terminal I spotted this hybrid red fox hunting among the piping. He paused, very comfortable with our presence, and posed for me—as interested in us as we were in it

3 years ago

Emerson looks so happy now.

3 years ago
May 15, 2013
ACTION!Tell the Navy to Protect Whales from Deadly Sonar and Explosives!
The Navy wants to conduct training and testing with sonar and explosives that could kill more than 1,000 whales and other marine mammals over the next five years. Mid-frequency sonar will bombard whales with noise so intense that it can cause their internal organs to hemorrhage; high-powered explosives detonated by Navy ships have the potential to fatally injure lungs and other organs.

There will be more than 5,000 cases of serious injury and literally millions of incidents in which marine mammals are harassed or harmed. And these numbers come from the Navy itself!

Yet the Navy refuses to put common-sense precautions in place that would protect whales during routine training -- even though taking such steps would in no way compromise our national security. For example, the Navy could avoid key habitats where whales are known to migrate and raise their young.

For today's Daily Action, tell the Navy to protect whales from sonar and explosives tests!

3 years ago

Add your voice

Sign The Petition

We need YOU and 250,000 other concerned people across the planet to take on this issue with us: wild creatures belong to the earth, not to the few deranged individuals that think animals are for killing, and for killing alone.


Bold Visions Conservation is YOUR representative. We will fight these departments on your behalf, and we'll fight with every resource available. We will start with the New Mexico Game and Fish Department, and use what we learn to work with groups across America to stop barbaric trapping, once and for all!

Thousands of animals are suffering unthinkable pain and anguish, EVERY DAY. As you read this, hundreds of animals have their foot, shattered and mangled in a foothold trap, or are slowly choking to death in conibear traps.They're frightened beyond hope, and in horrible pain. Their savior will show up in a day or two or three, to murder them, and finally end their anguish.

The people whose job it is to manage wildlife for ALL PEOPLE use their position purely to help that small population of trappers: it's time they heard from the rest of us!

Please Sign the petition and visit the Bold Visions Conservation website:

3 years ago

Thanks Lynn, signed.

3 years ago

Signed and reposted.

From the Born Free Foundation
3 years ago

Final curtain?

Since we began, Born Free has campaigned to end the exploitation of wild animals in circuses.  Such archaic 'entertainment' is cruel and old-fashioned.  But Parliament has just announced that...

 Read More


3 years ago

Image (c) Lauren St John



Here's another outmoded form of 'entertainment', forcing dolphins - intelligent, sentient creatures - to perform in dolphinariums.  Although India, like the UK, currently has no captive dolphins, some people want to change this. 

 Read More

3 years ago


Big news for elephants

It's a catastrophe, with ivory poachers now invading a world heritage site, having already killed tens of thousands of elephants in CAR*.  But we're fighting back, with a vital ivory crisis conference in Republic of Congo, and 20 wildlife criminals arrested in Cameroon.

*Central African Republic

 Read More



3 years ago

Report: 5 Years After Listing, Polar Bears On Thin Ice

On Thin IceFive years ago this week, polar bears were protected under the Endangered Species Act. It was an epic victory following years of tenacious work by the Center for Biological Diversity. But our new analysis finds that polar bears continue to face a difficult future as global warming worsens, sea ice disappears, and the government apparatus meant to protect these magnificent bears shows itself largely indifferent to their fate.

Our new report On Thin Ice sets out five crucial steps needed to ensure polar bears have a future. These include upgrading the bears' status from "threatened" to "endangered," aggressively cutting greenhouse pollution, reducing short-lived pollutants like methane and black carbon, and protecting Arctic habitat from oil and gas drilling. Scientists predict that, without help, more than two-thirds of the world's polar bears could be gone by 2050, including all polar bears in Alaska.

On Wednesday we launched a new lawsuit to get more protections for these great bears of the North.

Read On Thin Ice, learn more about our lawsuit in our press release and take action at

May 17th - Endangered Species Day
3 years ago

Celebrate Endangered Species Day -- Share Our Free E-cards

Sea ottersTomorrow is Endangered Species Day -- and a special one, too, since it's falling on a landmark year for the world's strongest law to protect biodiversity. The Endangered Species Act richly deserves to be toasted on its 40th birthday: Over the past four decades, the Act has repeatedly demonstrated its effectiveness. It's prevented extinction for 99 percent of the species under its care, and an estimated 227 species would likely have gone extinct without it; the Act is a wild success.

But that doesn't mean it's forever safe. Like the species it protects, it has to be shored up. Ever since the Act's passage in 1973, industry-influenced politics have threatened its implementation and attempted to weaken its substance through a death of a thousand cuts. We continue to defend and strengthen this vital law, and Endangered Species Day is the perfect time to recharge our (solar) batteries for the fight.

To help you help us in that mission, we've made a batch of free Endangered Species Day e-cards for you to send everyone you know. Plus, we have a brand-new Wild Success website to help you celebrate and take action in honor of the Act's 40th anniversary.

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