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Adopt an Orangutan - AweDorable! -Help needed for these babies -See Photo's!
3 years ago
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Orangutan Outreach

Gober and the Twins

Adopt Gober and the TwinsGober and the Twins

Gober is an elderly Sumatran female orangutan who went blind due to age-related cataracts. When she began raiding farmers’ crops, villagers asked the SOCP to remove her from the site. Gober entered the quarantine centre in November 2008. Kept alone at first, in 2009 she was gradually introduced to another blind orangutan, a male…adopt now


Adopt Rickinarickina-220sq

Rickina was rescued in the capital city of Pontianak, West Kalimantan, from a man who claimed that he had encountered a mother orangutan with the baby in the forest, and that the mother was so startled that she abandoned the baby and ran away. The man picked up the baby and in doing so… adopt now


Adopt GunungGunung

The International Animal Rescue team got an emergency call from the local forestry department informing them that a man had found a tiny baby orangutan alone in a tree in an area called Tanjung Gunung. It’s hard to say what really happened, but one thing is for sure: It is highly unlikely that 2-3 month-old… adopt now


Adopt EloElo

Before being rescued by the staff of BOS Nyaru Menteng, Elo was being kept as a pet in a village a few hours from the center. Elo was being treated like the village spectacle, and the little orphaned orangutan had no choice but to go along with the wishes of his “owner” who was… adopt now


Adopt OscarinaAdopt Oscarina today!

When the vet team from International Animal Rescue was called to come and get a baby called Oscar, the first thing they noticed when they arrived in the village was that ‘he’ was actually a ‘she’! So Oscar became Oscarina! The poor little girl had a high fever, her skin was dried up and…adopt now

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3 years ago
The adults are shot and the babies are captured

When the rainforest is cut down or burned, orangutans and other animals living there are forced to flee to new areas. Many times the orangutans have no other option but to enter into areas used by human such as plantations in order to find food. Unfortunately these encounters often end up with the adults being shot and eaten and the babies being captured.

The orangutan is a threatened species and therefore worth a lot of money on the black market. The little ones, with such human-like behaviors and requiring a great need for comfort, become popular entertainment. In Asia there is a big market for orangutan babies. In both Indonesia and Malaysia there is great prestige to be able to afford to have a captured wild animal in your home. It is particularly shocking that many of the people who keep orangutans as pets are the very people who should be enforcing the law.

Customs around the world are in constant pursuit of people smuggling baby orangutans, but few criminals are caught. The orangutan are often smuggled with the large freighters loaded with the very timber that was once their home. Many of them die during the journey and the ones that do survive are in for a lot of difficulties. The new owners are often completely ignorant of the most basic needs of an orangutan. They are fed the wrong food and often get too much or too little. Illnesses, stress and depression are typical of captive orangutans.

It is also common that the orangutans are held captive outdoors in small wooden cages or chained to poles where they are exposed the wind, rain or too much sun. In such conditions, most baby orangutans simply do not survive.

3 years ago

Some of the cutest baby faces I have ever seen!

3 years ago

They are so cute!

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