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3 years ago

The owner of the car should be fined and prosecuted big time! I am so happy the dog had enough energy to make a scene which ultimately saved his life. Now to find him a loving, safe forever home. Thank you Gail. 

Rescued: The panicking dog calmed down after being cooled with wet towels and pulled from the car

3 years ago

Horrible poor dog I'd like to do the same to the owner!

3 years ago

how many times do people need to be told, too be kind to your dog, dont take it shopping in the sweltering heat! leave your pet at home , in the shade with plenty of water. If you have to take the dog, think before you leave, where will I be able to leave the dog? theres a business op for someone, a dog creche' , a nice "pen" with water and a bed in, and only a small charge- 1hr max, enough time to do essential shopping! I would insist only the owner pops the dog into the rest spot, and greets the dog on return, just leaves lead, and driving licence. retrieval of licence, on retrieval of dog!!!

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3 years ago

We had babies and small children left in hot cars here during the last heatwave.  3 deaths in a week!  People are so stupid and need to be told time and again to think before leaving any living being in a car on a hot day.

3 years ago

Thanks Gail.

3 years ago

I use to get upset at people for taking their dogs into stores that were not service dogs. It does not bother me now as I know that the dog is not left alone, locked in a car in the scorching heat. I wish they would just leave their pets at home if they have to stop somewhere. 

I hope people step up and stay by cars that have kids and animals alone in them, and call the police and wait until they arrive. You may have to break a window and or beat the crap out of the owner until the police arrive

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