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3 years ago
Tell Amazon.Com to Stop Selling Endangered Whale Meat ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
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Cher - 6 hours ago -
Among 147 illegal items advertised on Amazon Japan were whale curry, whale bacon, whale stew and whale hamburger.
3 years ago

Sorry for the double post.  My fault

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The Dolphins of Taiji - PLEASE HELP!
3 years ago

The Dolphins of Taiji - PLEASE HELP!            

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1 day ago                            

In Taiji, Japan, Dolphins are being senselessly slaughtered, in a way that will haunt you forever. I've seen the 'Current Killing Methods', used by these fisherman.
I was physically SICK when I saw it, and cried. Yes, a grown man who rarely cries, was broken, and gutted by these abominable acts of sheer, murderous, cruelty.

The Official method of killing, used in the Taiji Dolphin Drive Hunts, was a spike, driven into the cervical region ("neck") of the Dolphin, severing its Brainstem. What I saw, were steel rods, slowly driven into the Dolphins heads, whilst the 'Killing Corrales' filled with their blood.

Prior to the current method, these 'select' group of Fisherman, slit the Dolphins throats.

They are Hunted. They are Herded. They are Trapped. They are Killed.

How could you NOT want to help end this?

How will YOU tell YOUR Children, that the Dolphins are extinct?

It started in the 17th century.. Let's END it in the 21st.


Stop Japan Dolphin killing town from opening marine park to fund slaughter
3 years ago

Stop Japan Dolphin killing town from opening marine park to fund slaughter            

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2 days ago                            

Care 2 Action Alert today - posted for those who might not have rec'd it or missed it. .

With the love of this gorgeous being, many have a quest for swimming with the dolphins, which has become big business for the hungry money-makers, like those in Japan.  Unfortunately, the town of Taiji in Japan is trying to encourage tourists to swim with the dolphins for the mere pleasure of generating funds for its establishment, which is just a ploy for killing more dolphins. The Cove, as it is known, is an area just a short distance from where tourists can swim with these majestic creatures.  In fact, they are proposing to open a Marine Park in the Cove while still continuing their practice of dolphin killing in nearby Hatakejiri bay where the waters are pink from slaughter. The sad part is that just a short distance in Hatakejiri bay, the waters are turning red as dolphins are lured there and slaughtered.  This cruel and inhumane practice dates back more than 400 years with locals claiming that such traditions is no different than the slaughter of cattle for food. Opening the Marine Park is being condemned as exploitative to lure more of these gorgeous creatures to Taiji except that the mammals do not belong to this cruel town.

Sick, totally  irrational and abusive, I say.

3 years ago
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