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Dogs suffering extreme weather in NY Since Jan 1
2 years ago


***URGENT*** HELP NEEDED IMMEDIATELY, Please share w/everyone, everywhere!
There is a Breeder in Sprakers, New York [Montgomery County] keeping dogs & puppies outside in the frigid cold. They have NO hay, NO bedding, some have ICE COLD Plastic Barrels, chained to the barrels, all penned within electric fencing. Puppies getting zapped by the elec. fence. Over 100 dogs there, many are small
[Chihuah...uas & similar] some young puppies out there in the cold as young as 8 WEEKS old!
This is the Breeder, location and contact information: NOTE: As of today, I was told she took her site down and changed her email address.

Kathy Weich
569 Rappa Road
Sprakers NY 12166
Phone: 518-673-5456

This person also runs a another location/Breeding Operation in Canada.

Here in the Northeast we are into a bitter COLD week, Zero & Sub Zero Friday night we are expected to be at -13, that's MINUS 13 DEGREES. Some of these dogs/puppies are NOT going to make it, they will NOT survive these cold temps.

All Media/News Stations have been notified by many, many people, all Police Depts/Law Enforcement also are aware...Police were there last night, they are not going to do ANYTHING!
People are continuing to contact Police, Vets, News Media, News Papers, SPCA's, Shelters, Rescues, the County DA, The Mayor, etc. PLEASE make calls & keep making calls! So Important!
Because the Police will not do anything and these helpless animals are not being seized [as of yet] Eric is taking desperate means to try and save as many as he can by 'buying' some of them, mainly young puppies & seniors mostly at risk of death by freezing.
He needs HELP NOW, TODAY....He is asking for donations, any amount works, it all adds up, PLEASE share this and make a donation today! These innocent animals do NOT deserve to live like this, they do NOT deserve to die!
2 years ago

Posts  on the page of the person trying to help dogs.

E Bellows21 hours ago via mobile
This is a post that just came through...I just got off the phone with Brian Shapiro at HUSUS -- his concern at this time is all the chatter, emails, phone calls - his words" clogging up the lines"" and making things move even SLOWER. The attorney General him self is on this case, as well as an OPEN investigation by LE being monitored by SPCA and HSUS - the media was advised that this is REAL and agreed to cover it.- Brian, asks ""please, let everyone know we HSUS are are this, and all the chatter is making our job harder""

22 hours ago via  mobile
Posted by Assemblyman Jim Tedisco
Many of you have contacted me since last night about this case in Sprakers, NY (Montgomery County) where about 100 dogs are being left outside in the freezing cold with plastic barrels as shelter. I’ve reached out to state and local law enforcement on this and they tell me that the minimum standards of the law are being enforced. That’s not good eno...ugh. This is why the Governor needs to sign anti-puppy mill legislation (A.740A/S3753A) I co-sponsored, and that was one of our priorities for NYS Animal Advocacy Day, to enable local governments to regulate puppy mills and pet dealers. If the state refuses to protect those who have no voice then our local governments should have the ability stop these puppy mills which keep our four-legged friends in such deplorable conditions. Call Gov. Cuomo TODAY at (518) 474-8390 and tell him to sign the puppy mill bill which is on his desk right now. And if he won’t sign it, I’ll be calling for a veto override of the puppy mill bill which passed the Legislature by a wide bi-partisan margin. Thank you all for continuing to keep me informed!------------------------------------------------------------------------
Comment: N.Li -I just call the ny of agriculture and marketing at 518-457-3502 and spoke to Jackie. She told me that they got a call yesterday and is working on it and they are out today looking at this puppy mill house. Everyone keep calling this number to save these dogs!!! I juSt call gov cuomo office to sign the bill. All the way from Verona, Wisconsin!!!!   ///  JR: I'm a vet tech they are all limping been following this very closely this is not ok.                <---- note: limping!
2 years ago     NEWS VIDEO

Comment on blog:
D.J.Gary funny thing is that Gov Cuomo sends out a freeze report!!" Too bad he doesn't include dogs in puppy mills  16 hours ago

New York Agriculture and Market Law section 353-b-Appropriate Shelter for Dogs Left Outdoor

So along with overlooking the living conditions and lack of proper shelter but during the police visit it was determined that even though she has 60 + dogs, there are only 47 rabies compliant dogs on the property. In addition to that she ha...s no breeders license from Ag & Markets, this from the online search at NYS Ag & markets. She a freakin puppy miller and that county is loaded with them, and only one person in the entire county has a breeding license. Figure that, so why aren't any laws being broken. Why is this ok? Why are the dogs still suffering, we have a army ready to care for these dogs...

This is a forum about the situation in Sprakers, with an article written by a neighbor saying her and her 9 yo watched them remove two dead bodies... I am going there at 11 am tomorrow to protest, and bring food and blankets, and my camera, not sure if they will let me feed or give the blankets but I am going to try I have to do something I can't just sit in my warm home and watch from a computer anymore...

2 years ago

Been to Eric's page and liked and left a comment. 

2 years ago

Reposting  Message From assemblyman:



Under New York law "torture" or "cruelty" to an animal "includes every act, omission, or neglect, whereby unjustifiable physical pain, suffering or death is caused or permitted." NY CLS Ag & Mkts. Sections 350, 353.

It is a felony punishable by up to 2 years in prison, in fact, in New York to commit "aggravated cruelty" to animals which is "when, with no justifiable purpose, he or she intentionally kills or intentionally causes serious physical injury to a companion animal with" conduct "intended to cause extreme physical pain"; or which "is done or carried out in an especially depraved or sadistic manner." NY CLS Ag & Mkts. Sections 353a. 
Specifically, dogs are not supposed to be left outside in inclement weather. A night where the temperatures plummeted to 20 below zero would surely qualify as "inclement".  Dogs left outside in inclement weather must have "ready access to, or the ability to enter, a house, apartment building, office building, or any other permanent structure". NY CLS Ag & Mkts. Sections 353b. The "housing facility… must: (1) have a waterproof roof; (2) be structurally sound with insulation appropriate to local climatic conditions and sufficient to protect the dog from inclement weather". 

This is going on since Jan 1 or 2 to my knowledge.  News, officers, a vet, HSUS knows about it, ASPCA knows about it, they all know.

             Is this ok and everything is as it should be?  Is this wrong? 

I only know that there were people arriving  willing to help, that they moved  trucks and crates and all that could be necessary if dogs could or need to be moved, that there were homes willing to foster, that helpers as always, answered to the  called.  Helpers are still  at hand if they are needed.

To follow case:

2 years ago
Sharing from:
Eric Bellows
shared a link.                                                                  Jan 5/2014
Matt Albert from NY Citizens Against Puppy Mills ( ) and Rich Rosenthal ( ) from The Lexus Project are working on helping the dogs of Flat Creek. They will be going before th...e judge at 2:00 at the Montgomery County Supreme Court. We ask that if you are going to show your support please remember to be polite to everyone. What matters is the animals not egos and opinions. This has nothing to do with humans but is a matter of life and death for the animals. The facts are all clear as day. The weather will be horrible once again starting now and will get colder through the next few days back to well below freezing.
2 years ago

You fight for them.

sounds like the "breeders"that sold me a pup from a 15 puppy litter, all of them died, mine at 2 from a brain tumor. ..Lucky that Pennsylvania has a lemon law for puppies, I got them closed down. ..with you.

am working with the people in Phoenix who are sheltering the dog that was blinded intentionally, Boca.

people are so cruel. I noticed that word in her address.

2 years ago

Horrible! Thanks for sharing.

2 years ago

I live in Europe and when I watch the news about US estreme weather all that comes to my mind are the poor animals who don't have a home to be safe from the cold

2 years ago

 Dogs were immediately supported by activists, people offering  to foster, HS (don't remember if it was HSUS but most be), Aspca, Rescues  and organizations. They were all ready to help. The Lexus Project lawyers work the case and was seen in the supreme court for what I understood. Decision was to  let SPCA removed oldies and pups and leave  16 or 17 dogs in the property. Owners were given some tickets, were asked to make improvements in the mill and to keep dogs inside (as law determine)when temperature goes below 29  grades (if I am  not wrong with numbers) That some dogs be returned  depends on the improvements done to the facility. In court everything  was depending on the opinion of vet but her recommendations were never heard. Nobody asked  for them. Yet, it's clear that the need for a change was obvious and that  made  possible that the dogs could be helped... It  seems that the owners of the puppy mill  are mature people so we cannot discard some ignorance related to the law there.
After revising  dogs, it was determined by profesionals that young dogs are semi feral and would not make good house dogs as they are used to live free and run free in a big open area. Personally, I think that would be ideal if the owners themselves decide to "fix" all dogs and just stay with the  adolescent ones even if they need to receive help to feed them and to offer them vet asistance. I think that place could then be seen as a sanctuary instead of a puppy mill. But this is what I think.  Let's see what they will do. They had too many animals for what the law tolerates. Law in NY is more strict than we think. Other thing if it is enforced or not. But they have a good law there related to breeding and selling dogs plus the bill that Mr. Cuomo signed. Dogs are ok. Pray that they  decide to not reproduce dogs anymore!!!!! It would be a miracle but it would be such a great one!

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