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HINHAN(Owl) February 02, 2005 3:39 PM

HINHAN Long time ago, all the land was joined together forming one enormous continent. There was much peace and contentment in all the land. Then the humans began to become too prideful as they boasted they were above and separate from the earth and the other Wamakaskan. The humans began to violate the earth, and the balance of nature. Only a few humans maintained their 7th Directions. Mother Earth called for her children to come inside of her as she was going to cleanse the surface of herself to restore the balance of nature. Only the few with established 7th Directions heard her call to safety and so they went inside of her. Thus, they were the only ones who were saved from the Cleansing. Then after the Cleansing, the land was broken up into smaller continents and so this is the way the world looks today. Then our ancestors came out of what is known today as Wind Cave which is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. One day, the four-leggeds and everything else that moves had a meeting to address their feelings about being separated from their relatives who now lived on the other continents. They were very upset because the once huge and only continent was now broken up into several continents all over the earth, and this is what literally tore apart their tiospayes. All this happened because the humans violated the balance of nature. So they decided to destroy all the two leggeds from off the face of this earth, as the humans are members of the two-legged Wamakaskan. A magpie from the winged nations was listening in on this meeting. Immediately, he reported back to the winged nations about what was decided by the four-leggeds and the other things which move. After he announced the decision which was made at that other meeting, many of the winged nations also wanted to join in on destroying all the two-leggeds because they too were very upset, as their tiospayes were also torn apart with their relatives also dwelling on different continents. And all this happened because the humans violated the balance of nature. Then an old owl spoke up saying that if all the two-leggeds were to be destroyed, then they would also have to destroy the bears because the bears are also members of the two-legged Wamakaskan. The owl reminded the winged nations that the bear represents Wisdom. And if there is no wisdom, then there can be no contentedness because contentedness is nothing without wisdom. Contentedness is also a maintained 7th Direction. So the winged nations decided to try to keep Wisdom in this world. They held a meeting with the four-leggeds and everything else that moves. The wingeds presented their argument, but the others still wanted to destroy all the two-legged Wamakaskan. Again the wise old owl spoke saying to everyone that a contest should be held between the wingeds and the others. If one of the wingeds wins the contest, then all the two-leggeds would have to be allowed to live. If one of the others wins, then the wingeds will stand back as the two-leggeds are destroyed by the rest. And so all present in this meeting agreed to the owl's recommendation. It was decided that a race would be held around the Heart of Everything That Is, which is known today as He Sapa, or the Black Hills. All the runners were to race around the Black Hills four times and in a clockwise direction. Just as the final lap was about to be completed, a buffalo and a little magpie, were the only participants remaining in the race. The little magpie was getting really tired, so he flew up on top of the buffalo's hump and rested for a while. Just as they were approaching the finish line, the little magpie flew across before the buffalo arrived there. Thus, a little magpie saved Wisdom. After the race was over, another meeting was held. The four-leggeds and everything else that moves, stated that they would live up to the agreement which was made before the race started. But they also added one more item which was that the humans were also responsible for all Wamakaskan. They also stated that if the humans ever abused or neglected this responsibility, that they would also break the pact they made with the wingeds and they would begin their destruction of all two-leggeds at that time. And so everyone agreed to that additional item. The butte which was created on the east side of the Black Hills, as a result of the race, was named after the symbol of Wisdom, which is the bear. And so it is called Mato Paha, or Bear Butte. This butte is considered Wakan, a place of energy, to the Lakota. It is a symbol of Wisdom and the great race which took place around the Black Hills, in which the result was that the humans' existence was won by a little magpie. It is also a symbol of the humans' responsibility to all Wamakaskan. The racetrack around the Heart of Everything That Is, is also a reminder of our great responsibility to all Wamakaskan. When we, as humans, consider ourselves as Wamakaskan and not separate and above the rest of creation, then we are able to hear and communicate with all Wamakaskan, which includes all two-leggeds, all four-leggeds, all wingeds, and everything that moves. In this story, the owl also showed great wisdom in his words, and when he could foresee possible danger, he warned the other Wamakaskan about it. Then he gave advice on how to remedy this difficult situation. By following his advice, wisdom was saved. And so today, the role of the owl remains as one who warns of danger. Some owls also are known to bring news of a serious nature, as well. For example, some owls bring messages that someone is hurt or near death or even that someone is dead.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
HINHAN(Owl) February 02, 2005 3:41 PM

White owls are known to be very wakan and they appear to those who have grossly violated their own 7th Directions. They will confront these people to warn them. The protocol when confronted by a white owl is to turn around and go back to where you came from and pray with all of your heart, mind, body, and soul. It is your responsibility to re-establish your 7th Direction, and make amends with everyone you have wronged. Also, to show that they mean business, the white owls will sometimes mimic your voice and body movements. Sometimes, from a distance, a white owl may even cry like a baby to either scare you or to get you to find it. Should you choose to search for the source of this crying baby, the white owl will lead you further and further into places that are unknown to you. In conclusion, owls provide a special service in our lives, depending on how we are maintaining our 7th Directions.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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