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A new thread for the "Observer" dialogue...
9 years ago
| Blue Label

I am opening this thread to keep the "observer" dialogue going without taking up the "Intros" thread with too much other stuff.

Kendra, you are right on about the concept of thoughts manifesting in the physical the more we think about them. I am unsure that I am comfortable with using the word "control" in this context, in the way that you wrote. I find that "refocusing one's energies" is a more accurate and less emotionally-charged phrase. But that's just the way I am thinking about it.


Kat ^.^

8 years ago

It appears manifesting the physical by thought would refer to 'thought forms' or a form thereof.  I have known friends in Africa who claim that if 25 or more people can come together and meditate upon a particular character with enough congruety, that character will appear in real life or 3D!  Now there is no way of proving this of course, and I have no way of knowing if any 'herbal medicines' play a part of that either.  But my friends were all of very good character themselves, one being a Christian Pastor as well.  Interesting stuff.  Especially when you couple that with the Great East Indian Rope Trick, which was witnessed by many hundreds of tourists and finally photographed by movie camera.  The tourists still saw the trick as it was prescribed by the Magician, yet the camera saw the rope stay put the whole time in a coil on the ground!

8 years ago
What is "real"? We work with the concept that there is an external reality, but, is it anything more than our collective opinion to very this? If you are like me, you sense "being", past that is there anything you can certify as truth? We are part of a common force field, thus we are related. Nothing exists unto itself, me thinks. Where I stop and someone (something) else starts, I don't know.
8 years ago

Agreed. We are all part of a common divinity, manifesting Itself in forms, which we/god then utilize to work out the grand design. There is no separation, we are all One in reality.

Namaste, ND