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4 years ago
Dear Friends:
It is crucial that we collect as many signatures for this petition as possible! Please sign/forward/share with as many friends as possible ASAP! This maniac plans to fight this defenseless caged African lion with a dagger and shield, then kill it with his "bare hands" June 25th in order to boost tourism and prove that Egypt has the strongest army on earth! The lion was purchased from a breeder and has been socialized to people, so it will not stand a chance against this idiot. WE CANNOT LET THIS ANIMAL DIE! ACT NOW! TY Michelle >^..^<

URGENT ACTION NEEDED TO SAVE THIS LION! SIGN! Killing a Lion With Bare Hands Will NOT "Boost Tourism!" / The Petition Site

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- 7 minutes ago -

A man in Egypt plans to murder an endangered lion with his bare hands in an attempt to boost tourism. Al-Sayed al-Essawy wants to hold the event on June 25 and has asked the Ministry of Interior to agree to hold the event in front of the Giza Pyramids.
4 years ago

Sickening, if they can't stop this I hope the lion wins and then no one will ever think this is a good thing again....from a tourism position who would be mentally sick enough to want to go see this????

4 years ago

The lion will not "win!" It was purchased from a breeder and is socialized to people, so will be highly vulnerable. More than likely, the bastard will drug the lion prior to the spectacle. In sum, there will be no opportunity for a "win" or "lose" because this LUNATIC needs to be SHUT DOWN! This "fight" must not take place!


Dear Friends:


Please write/email the contacts below and DEMAND:

a) that the lion be confiscated immediately and removed to a zoo or sanctuary and

b) that the lunatic who purchased the lion is charged with conspiracy to murder an endangered species and be shut down completely from animal ownership NOW AND MOVING FORWARD!



c) Please also contact the tourest bureaus below and guarantee them that the global animal welfare community is seeing to it that a massive boycott of Egyptian tourism is in effect until the lion is removed to safety and this maniac is shut down! TY MICHELLE


Email of the Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf :

Vice Prime Minister

Dr. Yehia Abdel Aziz Abdel Fatah El-Gamal
Tel: 27935000
Fax: 27958048

Ministry of Interior

Mr. Mansour Abdel Kerim Moustafa Essawy
Address:25 El Sheikh Rihan street- Cairo
Tel: 27955005
Fax: 27960682
E-mail :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

D. Nabil Abdalla El - Araby
Address:Kornish el Nile, Maspiro- Cairo
Tel: 25749820 - 25749821
Fax: 25748822

Ministry of Tourism

Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour
Address:Cairo International Conferences Center - Nasr City - Cairo
Tel: 22611732 - 26839968
Fax: 26859551 - 26859463

Cabinet of Ministers

Address : 2 Magless El Shaàb st., Al Kasr El Einy, Cairo, Egypt Postal code: 11582

  Phone : +202-2793-5000
  Fax   : +202-2795-8048

  Email :

The Cabinet, Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)
1, Magless El Shaàb st., Kasr El Einy, Cairo, Egypt,
Postal code: 11582  P.O.Box: 191 Magless El Shaàb

Phone: +202-2792-9292
Fax  : +202-2792-9222

Toll Free Internet Number: 07773040

Tour Egypt travel specialist email:
Tour Egypt toll Free: 1-888-834-1448

Tour Egypt tech specialist email:

Address : 4119 Adrian St. Lubbock, TX 79415 US

4 years ago

Noted and forwarded. Thank you Michelle.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks Michelle.

My Letter To The Egyptian Authorities and Tourist Boards. Please Send and Share!
4 years ago

Dear Friends:  Please modify this letter if you wish, but SHARE IT AND SEND IT! Thanks! Michelle

Dear Madames and Sirs:

I speak for animal advocates the world over, including those in Egypt, when I say that the planned murder of a caged lion by Al-Sayed al-Essawyon June 25th for the purpose of buttressing Egyptian tourism is utterly un- conscionable and must be stopped NOW. The carrying out of this barbaric plan not only brings shame upon your country, but will effectively eliminate any hope of reinvigorating Egyptian tourism now or in the future.

This individual, who purchased the African lion for $4,200, has been given permission by the Ministry of the Interior to "fight" the animal with a dagger
and shield, then kill it with his "bare hands" in front of the Pyramids at Giza. Sources report the lion is currently "in training" for this barbaric spectacle, which is planned to take place three weeks from now.

The members of global animal welfare community demand that you immediately shut down any current or future plans of Al-Sayed al-Essawy to commit violence against animals. We also demand that you immediately confiscate the lion from
this man's property and remove it to a zoo or sanctuary where it can live in safety and dignity.

This lion is in grave danger. It was purchased from a breeder and is familiar with human beings. In the photos below, the lion is inhumanely housed within a tiny,  dark cage and is displaying playful familiarity with this mad man. This lion has been acclimated to humans and therefore stands no chance within the cage against this lunatic.

How this individual was allowed to obtain an endangered African lion, bring it into into your country and harbor it for the purpose of a blood spectacle is beyond the  scope of reasoning. The very fact that this individual was allowed to purchase this exotic, endangered feline and house it in a local community where it receives no proper food, care or hygiene is highly disturbing.

Al-Essawy claims to be able to eat rivets, drag cars with hooks and jump tall buildings. He also claims to possess supernatural powers
. The blood spectacle planned for the 25th is not, as he claims, an attempt to "boost tourism." It is the pathetic attempt of a delusional individual who clearly lacks mental competence to prove his "manhood" and display what he perceives to be "superhuman" powers. In sum, it is a massive publicity stunt. And it has already failed.

Al-Essawy wants the killing of this lion to be an "international event." He has received his wish without even stepping into the cage. His plan to kill this lion has garnered world-wide attention and gone viral. International animal welfare
organizations have been contacted; concerned individuals the world over are flooding Egyptian embassies with calls and emails; petitions against this man are overflowing with signatures. The world condemns his plans to kill this lion.

If the Ministry of the Interior believes that the barbaric murder of endangered species will improve Egyptian tourism, they are sorely mistaken. Visitors to Egypt relish seeing artifacts of antiquity, not endangered animals being murdered by lunatics such as Al-Essawy.

A massive boycott of Egypt and Egyptian tourism is now in place. Thousands of people the world over have either cancelled plans to visit or have vowed to never set foot in your country again. I have read their comments and I passionately join their protest.

The world is watching. Intervene at once and ascertain the safety of the animal in this sociopath's possession. On behalf of concerned citizens all over the world, I urge you and other Egyptian authorities to act NOW on behalf of the lion. Stop this senseless
blood spectacle from moving forward and remove this animal to safety!


Egyptian to fight lion to attract tourism

wednesday  May 25, 2011 - 14:07

Al-Sayed al-EssawyAl-Sayed al-Essawy


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DAQAHLYIA, Egypt: In an unusual move to revive Egyptian tourism, a young Egyptian man has announced he will fight an African lion.

Al-Sayed al-Essawy said he bought the lion, which weighs 280 kilograms (617lb), for 25,000 EGP (U.S. $4,200).

Al-Essawy, who lives in Daqahlyia governorate, has finished the iron cage and said he will train with the lion and will be prepared mentally to face the lion. He said this mental preparation takes more than five hours.

Al-Essawy said he will use an iron shield and dagger to defend himself but will kill the lion with his own hands.

4 years ago

will send. i'm sure the tourism addresses are ok, but is the cabinet intact? i searched forever for the email of the interim leader and couldn't find it.

4 years ago

Signed.  And thank you, Michelle - this info is VERY useful.

big nut!
4 years ago

signed and shared. shameful for not having enough signatures.

4 years ago

Signed. Thank you!

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