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3 years ago

all noted/signed but cher's last one.

3 years ago




Pictures of the Day: 16 July 2012
Offbeat  (tags: animals, environment, humans, protection, pictures, photos )

- 2 minutes ago -

Various pics of the day, from around the world.



Light Pollution on Earth at Night, as Seen From Space
Green Lifestyle  (tags: environment, energy, greenliving, light pollution, photos, conservation, eco-friendly, protection )

- 4 minutes ago -

These images show the varying levels of light pollution on Earth, as seen from space. Canadian scientist Felix Pharand-Deschênes created the images to highlight our waste of energy.


7/16 carrie's news
3 years ago

Here are a few stories you might find interesting. I hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place.


Hugs, Carrie


Carrie's News

3 years ago
Petition To Stop The Wildlife Slaughter In Australia


3 years ago


Africa: What Works - Rebuilding Degraded Ecosystems Through Farming 
Environment  (tags: destructionecosystemsenvironmentwildlifetrees ) 
 Jill - 3 hours ago - 

According to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) some 60 percent of the world's ecosystems have been degraded over the past 50 years


Study: Extinction Debt Accumulated By Deforestation In Amazon 
Environment  (tags: destructionanimalsforestsdeforestationhabitatdestruction,humansnaturetreeswaterweatherwildlifeworld ) 
 Jill - 4 hours ago - 

Now a study recently published in the journal Science indicates that despite decades of severe deforestation, the full brunt of the effects have not yet been felt. According to the study, eighty to ninety percent of the species likely to go extinct..



3 years ago


Kenya: City Needs New Waste System, World Bank Says 
Environment  (tags: pollutionhealthconditionswaterenvironment ) 
 Jill - 1 hour ago - 

The report on solid waste management stated that there are 1.1 billion tonnes of waste per year globally, which are projected to double to 2.2 billion by 2025. This, according to the report, will pose a much bigger challenge.


Africa: Outcomes of Rio+20 Profoundly Disturbing 
Environment  (tags: climate-changehabitathabitatdestructionpollutionwildlife,weatherwatertrees ) 
 Jill - 1 hour ago - 

Members of the Africa Progress Panel recently expressed disappointment at the failure of the Rio+20 summit to deliver meaningful and measurable commitments to combat climate change and its effects across Africa and in other developing regions.

3 years ago

South Africans Please Help Watershed Sterilisation Fund 
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfarehelpAnimalCrueltyanimalrightsanimalwelfaredogs
 Jill - 47 seconds ago - 

Every unsterilied female township dog and cat is in various stages of pregnancy. They are born to die so please help.SMS THE WORD SPAY TO 40776 AND DONATE R20.



Animal Rescuers Become a Sick, Abandoned Dog's Many Best Friends 
Animals  (tags: dogsGoodNews ) 
 Jill - 35 minutes ago - 

Rambo's story. with a very happy ending ..

3 years ago



Charge Animal Killer Raymond Rios With Murder Please Sign !!
Animals  (tags: abuse, law, torture, suffering, dogs, crime, sadness, animalwelfare, pets, police )

- 2 hours ago -

Cooney died a horrible death. She was a sweet loving beagle mix dog who was brutally tortured and killed by her owner Raymond Rios.and even though he confessed to the killing, he was let go because the most he could be charged with at that time was

from ginger 7/16
3 years ago

Hello All,


I've added several more news items. Please crosspost anything you'd like. Here's the link to my news:


Here's some other news items:




Donations Desperatyly Needed 2 Rapair Second Chance Rescue in Kent Uk, Thugs Broke-in Tortuted & Killed 30 Plus Animals ,Stole 4

Animals  (tags: animalcruelty, animalwelfare, animalrights, AnimalCruelty, animaladvocates, AnimalWelfare, abused, habitat, crime, pets, death, animals, cats, dogs, wildlife, slaughter, suffering, environment, conservation, protection, ethics, sadness, endangered )

- 10 days ago -

ON June 4TH-5TH BETWEEN 3:30PM & 8:30AM CrockenhillScar Second Chance Rescue in Kent Uk is aunfunded & registered charity! it was broken-in2, -30 plus animals tortured 2death, 4dogs stolen & still missing! cages,pens,fences,food,power supply etc destroyed

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7/16 cher
3 years ago

Hi! I hope your week has started off great!! Here are 15 articles, if you have the time. THNX!! Please enjoy your day my friends! TTFN Cher~

3 years ago




Big Hug







Also from Buffy





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3 years ago

Please join me in noting/commenting on/forwarding this pereceptive, well-reasoned article, which Kit was kind enough to post.



Accusations of Jewish Self-Hatred and Anti-Semitism Are a Strategy to Hide From One's Self-Reflection
Society & Culture  (tags: activists, americans, culture, dishonesty, education, ethics, freedoms, government, Israel. media, Palestine, politics, religion, rights, society )
Kit -


Anyone who follows the debate over Israel-Palestine knows how automatic and routine it is for one side to label those who disagree with Israel's treatment of the Palestinian people as self-hating Jews, Israel haters or anti-Semites.


7/15 cher
3 years ago

Hi! I hope you are having a superb weekend! Here are 12 articles, if you have the time. THNX!! Please be happy my friends! TTFN Cher~

carrie 7/14
3 years ago

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. If you have a moment, please note, share, and comment if you like. Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place.


Hugs, Carrie


Carrie's News

cher 7/14
3 years ago

Hi! I hope your weekend has started off great! I have posted 10 articles, if you have the time. THNX so very much!! I am off to the lake for the day later on this afternoon! woooo hoooo!!  Please enjoy your day my friends! Love ya!!! TTFN Cher~

cher 7/13
3 years ago

Hi again! Here are another 6 articles, that makes 20 today, if you have the time. THNX!! Please enjoy your weekend my dear friends! TTFN Cher~

3 years ago

Happy Friday the 13th Friends,


I hope everyone is having a good day and looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Here are some articles I found interesting and hope you do too. Please note, share, and comment if you like. Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place.


Hugs, Carrie


Carrie's News

3 years ago

nto 2 pages today...thanx

Hope you have a good weekend.


Here are some new stories and petitions...




nancy's news     

3 years ago

The link has a text in english, to sign you have to click on the link in the text that is in red or click on "Signer" that is second in the menu.




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I wish to be informed by e-mail of the evolution of this campaign



3 years ago

 petition for an ancient monument in Greece, which has been left victim to EXTREME damage under false assertions of care... Here it is:

3 years ago

Hi again! I have posted another 8 articles, that makes 20 today, if you have the time! THNX so much for the support! Please be well and be happy my friends! TTFN Cher~

3 years ago

Hi! I hope you are having a superb week!! Here are 12 articles, if you have the time. THNX!! Please enjoy your day and be happy my friends! TTFN Cher~

Care2 News & Petitions & Forwards July #3
3 years ago
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