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Val's Petitions/News*
2 years ago

Thanks Dianne - love the fawns and the giraffe's -


From Anneke -




To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: Irelands new Animal Welfare Act




Dear Committee Members, 

We urge you to support amendments to Ireland’s new Animal Welfare Act to outlaw the horrific practices of fox dig-outs, fox hunting, and hare coursing.

We have received information on these and are appalled that such cruelty is still permitted by law in Ireland.




Please don't allow any more barbaric cruelty.




Thank you.




2 years ago

sent an e-mail  thanx

2 years ago

Thank Kelly -




To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;


Subject: HLS

AstraZeneca (Headquarters) UK 
Floors 7-9, Two Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London, W2 6BD
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 (0)20 7304 5000
Fax: 44 (0)20 7304 5151

US Headquarters  USA
Investor Relations
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
1800 Concord Pike
PO Box 15437, Wilmington
DE 19850-5437, USA
Tel: 1 (302) 886 3000
Fax: 1 (302) 886 2972

Sir, Madam:


Huntingdon Life Science is Europe's most exposed animal testing laboratory and have been filmed cutting open monkeys while still alive, punching animals in the face, falsifying experimental test data and flouting regulations on a regular basis.

As a company that claims to achieve excellence and reliability in drug research, I am surprised to learn that you contract experiments inside a laboratory that has had their license revoked and exposed falsifying test data for clients.

I would like to use this opportunity to request that you cease your contracts with this horrendous laboratory and invest in more reliable sources of data research.



2 years ago
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
2 years ago
Subject: Donations to the UF

Sir, Madam:


I’m writing today because I found your name on the University of Florida’s special bragging list- the “honor roll” of generous donors. THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA REFUSES TO STOP ARCHAIC PRIMATE TESTING! I want you to know I’m going to ask my friends and your supporters in the coming weeks to withhold their business/donations to you until you no longer donate to a primate experimentation complex. Imagine the millions of animal lives saved if Susan G Komen For The Cure donated to high tech, non-animal research projects, ensuring more accurate and faster results for humans. You could actually change a cruel world!

How can you donate to animal research facilities when this type of research is available? Shameful! 

No place doing archaic experiments on animals can “clean up their act”- they need to ban animal testing completely at their school. The whole country of Canada has recently committed to this ban in all of their universities, so a single university has no excuse. There’s no work that you do that can make up for supporting an institution using living, feeling, innocent animals for agonizing experiments. I think the only way for you to keep your “good name” is to stop donating money to the University of Florida until they ban primate testing.

Here’s a link to the UF website where Susan G Komen for The Cure is honored for contributing to a university mired in controversy about their animal experiments.


- UF CHOOSES primate torture, most times using 2 and 3 year old primate toddlers, when there are thousands of non-animal alternatives available to teach and use right now. 

- UF broke the law, was sued and lost to activists when they refused to submit their veterinarian records for the primates they have hurt.
The bottom line is that’s what those involved with archaic animal research will be able to say- it must be OK since Susan G Komen For The Cure gives to UF. I think they should pull their money from UF until UF bans animal testing. PLEASE help me ensure that your donations don’t become UF blood money by contacting UF today. A letter from you asking them to stop wasting money on 19th century “science” can make a difference for innocent animals trapped in a brutal laboratory.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this urgent situation, 
2 years ago

Totally upset with Care2!   May take a few days off -


No posts this AM due to C2 issues - am told I need IE8 but no longer available for Windows 7 and Firefox not working at all  - C2 says they are working on it - right!     So for now no emoticons and cannot reply to messages - unsure about other things!

2 years ago

To: ; ;


Subject: Wolf Plans/Montana

Dear Commissioners

I am disappointed with Montana FWP’s 2012-13 wolf hunting/trapping plans for many reasons. Although you plan to revisit the progress of the hunt in December, I want a hunt-trap-free buffer now to surround Yellowstone National Park, specifically in management units 310, 320 and 390. Those units account for a large area of southern Montana from the Absaroka Mountains to the Madison Range and north as far as Great Falls and Lewistown.

For the past 5 years, the wolf population in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem has stabilized at around 130.  Trapping to kill 60% of wolves could decimate the greater Yellowstone population and possibly replicate the 2009 elimination of the Cottonwood Pack.

Healthy wolf populations generate revenue locally and provide jobs in the Greater Yellowstone region. Does Montana truly wish to ignore the economic advantages of the largest growing industry in the region – wolf watching – to appease narrow special interests with a clear political agenda? I expect my comment to receive prompt consideration and result in the revision of your wolf plan.



  Subject: Stop Painful Mutilation of Lambs/Australia

also non Australians!----
The Hon Julia Gillard MP
Prime Minister
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel: (02) 6277 7700
Fax: (02) 6273 4100

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig  
Canberra Office
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Phone + 61 2 6277 7520
Fax + 61 2 6273 4120


Millions of sheep suffer the horrifying pain of mutilation known as "mulsing" every year. The unimaginable painful surgical proceedure involves cutting large strips of flesh from the hind legs of lambs who are about 4 weeks old- mulsing is done to create scars and a smooth skin that cannot harbour flies. Anaesthesia and painkillers are not required during or after the procedure.

The selective breeding of Marino sheep is more commonly practiced in Australia; the world's leading sheep producer and exporter with a national flock of an estimated 135 million sheep, but is practiced globally.

Marino sheep are more susceptible to flystike infestations. Flies are attracted to the moisture and urine that collects within the unnatural folds of skin in Marino sheep and lay their eggs.

The most effective way to stop flystrike is to breed sheep who have less wrinkly skin. 

I ask the Australian wool industry to transition to a less wrinkly breed and stop this barbaric, inhumane, act of cruelty of mutilating defenseless lambs.


2 years ago

Signed , thanks !

2 years ago

Thanks Aletta - am going to try and find the time to do this again more!

From a friend:




Subject: sonars and explosives /US Navy

Mr. Goldstein,

National Marine Fisheries Service



Between 2014 and 2019, the United States Navy hopes to conduct testing and training exercises in the Atlantic and the Pacific that will involve sonars and explosives of many different kinds.


We are saddened to hear that the Navy is considering conducting those exercises involving the use of live explosives and high-intensity sonar.

Do you feel that it is really necessary to conduct this testing that will affect such a volume of marine life? It would be a great pity to see so much of the conservation work the USA has undertaken towards its marine environment over the last number of years being undermined by these proposed exercises. These conservation initiatives deserve to be applauded and have made the USA one of the leaders in marine conservation. To conduct these exercises flies in the face of all the good work and progress that has been achieved to date. 

There is also the issue of sound channels in the oceans that can carry sounds over vast distances, so not only local populations may be affected but also populations in areas seemingly far removed from the testing activities. As these activities could potentially affect endangered species on both the high seas and possibly in the territorial waters of other nations we believe that any other nations that could potentially be affected should be fully consulted, and the findings of any such consultations made public, prior to any decision being made on whether these activities should progress to the next stage.

We would ask you to give serious consideration to just how necessary these proposed exercises are and where the benefits of them lie versus the destruction of marine life that so many dedicated citizens have worked tirelessly to preserve and enhance for both current and future generations.

It is up to the National Marine Fisheries Service to send the Navy back to the drawing board.

The damage it intends to do is simply unacceptable.

We look forward to hearing from you concerning your views on the above.


2 years ago

To: ; ; ;


Subject: Bear baiting/ New Hampshire

John Lynch, Governor of New Hampshire
Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH  03301

John Gallus
New Hampshire Senate
292 Prospect Street
Berlin, NH 03570

Duffy Daugherty
98 Harvey Swell Road
Colebrook,  NH  03576-3424

Laurence M. Rappaport
PO Box 158
Colebrook,  NH  03576-0158

Dear Representatives,

I am appalled to hear that the cruel act of bear baiting is still legal and happening in New Hampshire. Bear baiting involves the hunter setting out jelly doughnuts, cooking grease, honey, stale pizza or a 55-gallon drum of rotting fish in bear habitat to train, lure and attract the bears to come feed at these "stations." Once the season to shoot opens, all the hunter does is sit in a tree above the barrel and wait for the bear to come feed, then he shoots and kills. Hounds are also used to chase and tree the bear until the hunters arrive and shoot the bear until the bear falls to his/her death on the ground. The bear does not stand a chance with either of these methods. I do not understand how this can considered fair, hunting or acceptable in the state of New Hampshire, as well as, 9 other states - (10 if you include Arkansas as this is legal on privately owned properties). 

I am writing to ask that you use your influence as Governor, State Senate and State Representatives of New Hampshire to see that this heinous act of trickery or entrapment is put to rest and made illegal. These bears need concerned advocates to speak in their favor and stand up for what is right. Turning a blind eye to the truth of this barbaric act does not cease the reality of its existence.

Thank you for your time and consideration to ban this activity.


2 years ago

From a friend:

Could you please send this letter from Desanka S. to the Serbian Dep. mentioned below? Thanks!


Emails addresses of all responsible people from the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, WELFARE AND ANIMAL PROTECTION in Serbia:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Subject: Za zlostavljanje zivotinja nephodna stroga kazna

(For animal's torture severe punishment)

Postovani, gospodje i gospodo

Pisem Vam u vezi zlostavljanja zivotinja u Srbiji i molim Vas da preduzmete odgovarajuce mere kako bi pocinioci ovih stravicnih dela bili kaznjeni na odgovarajuci nacin.

Molim Vas da ne uzimate olako ljude koji muce i ubijaju zivotinje samo radi “zabave“ jer je izivljavanje nad neduznim stvorenjima ozbiljno nasilno i patolosko ponasanje.

Pocinioci ovih dela su najcesce mladi ljudi i ako ne budu strogo kaznjeni mogli bi uskoro da povrede, ili cak ubiju, druga ljudska bica - njihove zene, decu, susede, ucitelje itd.

Krivicna dela poput ovih moraju biti strogo sankcionisana kako bi se sprecilo svako nasilno ponasanje u buducnosti jer su osobe koje zlostavljaju zivotinje velika opasnost za zajednicu u kojoj zive.

Svi moraju biti osudjeni na zatvorske kazne, ako to ne ucinite Vi podstrekuje ove pojedince da se i dalje nasilno ponasaju i pocine nove zlocine.

Link sa detaljima o gore navedenom:

S postovanjem   (name, adres)


2 years ago
Subject: Animal torture/severe punishment

Dear Sir, dear Madam,

I'm writing in regard to animal torture and deaths in Serbia and 
imploring you take steps to ensure that severe punishment be imposed 
upon the perpetrators of these hideous crimes.

Please don't refuse to realize that a human being torturing and killing 
animals just for "fun" is only practising to live out his pathological 
violent fantasies.
It's mostly done by young people who are afraid of harsher penalties if 
they'd live them out on humans, but sooner or later the "kick" won't be 
strong enough
to satisfy their desires and they will go to torture or even kill 
humans, too - their wives, their children, their neighbors, their 
teachers, etc..

Mere fines are no deterrents to persons with psychopathic tendencies, 
and you must know that such people are a danger to your community.

If you don't enact laws which punish such outbreaks of violence with 
prison sentences, you will unfortunately have to learn that it's the 
human society itself
that breeds its' own violent criminals and murderers by supporting its' 
scum committing atrocities.

I refer to the website for details : 



2 years ago

All noted, signed and emails sent. Thank you Val.

2 years ago

Stan Castagno is Very Proud of his Betrayal and Murder of an Innocent Animal. If you would like to “Congratulate” him on his Trophy, you may PM him at his FaceBook Profile :

OR, If you would like to send him a Greeting Card “Congratulating” him on his Cowardly Act, his address is as follows:

Stanley Castagno
6788 Riverview Road
Riverton, WY. 82501-9321


Send this letter to :

Mike Ehlebracht
Supervisor of Investigative Unit
Wyoming Game & Fish Department
5400 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyene, Wyoming 82006
United States 

Phone: (307) 777-4600
Fax: (307) 777-4610

“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.” - Arthur Schopenhauer,(German philosopher)

Dear Sir,

Stan Castagno, (registered with the Wyoming Outfittrers and Guide), lured a female wolf out of the protection and sanctuary of Yellowstone Park with a recording of a wolf pup in distress. 
Shot and killed for following her instincts to rescue a pup. How low can you go? 

Tell me and everyone else where is the sport in making an animal believe she needed to rescue a young pup that she knew was not hers. These loving animals are kind and devoted to their families very much like the ones we all have.
Unfortunately she died for having more scruples than the hunter.
If he hadn’t been such a low life devoid of all morality the wolf would be alive today!

Attempting to find loopholes in existing laws does not make this poacher any less a criminal. 
Poaching from a sanctuary is unacceptable .Wildlife safety has beenpromised  in National Parks!!!!

If you even care about animals then arrest Stan Castagno for poaching violations.
He committed what should be regarded as an illegal act to endanger wildlife with the sole intent of killing this wolf. 

This type of sadistic killing must be prohibited! Otherwise, many people will start to think of Wyoming as a very backward state if they continue to allow this type of killing without any legal consequences! 
This man is much more dangerous than any wolf could ever be because he is morally corrupt. 


2 years ago

copy and paste from another group..........

17 min ago

Dear Community Members, There is a care2 member that has copied my petition "Pres. Obama Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the U.S." and has started it yesterday, 10-18-2012 on as her own petition. The title of the petition is "Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States".  This woman has been notorious for COPYING OTHER PEOPLE'S PETITIONS and starting them out as her own petitions. I have made a report to Care2 about this and told them to remove the petition immediately. Please share this message with all animal groups and pages to get this petition shut down, and to put a STOP to this unacceptable behavior. We DON'T NEED duplicate petitions, it Defeats the cause, and most importantly it is an Infringement against myself as being the "Administrator of this petition". THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP WITH THIS PROBLEM!! Respectfully, Mark

I had to modify your post ,Mark sorry.But I agree with you,and I do not want any of her petitions in any of my groups.